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Keovar wrote:
I've been able to use TokenTool to extract all the images from a PDF, map and otherwise, but the resolution is fuzzy. Are there settings you can recommend to preserve more clarity in the images?

I'm afraid I don't; the resolution of the image in the PDF is what it is. Map Align (or your graphics program of choice) has some upscaling options, and I've read about AI-based upscaling options though I haven't tried any of them myself.

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I use PDF-XChange Editor Free Edition as my PDF viewer, but though it can see and save the interactive maps from my AP PDFs well enough I often utilize TokenTool to extract the base map images.

For scaling and aligning the maps afterwards I use Map Align (Fantasy Grounds forum login required). While it was written by a FG user, it reads and writes plain graphic files and I have no problem importing the result.

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One of the guilds of Katapesh is the Gladiators' Guild. It plays an important role

in Book 4 of Age of Ashes.

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I don't believe there's any way to get the official maps in PDF except by buying the AP in PDF form, but if you check the Community Created Content topic in this very forum you will find a number of well-made fan created maps for Age of Ashes, several of which I've made good use of in MapTool.

thewastedwalrus wrote:
Hopping on one of the grange's food boats to Absalom or Diobel to get some better equipment seems like a pretty sensible thing to do if they have money but not enough gear.

That's what my players did near the end of Book 3, took a ship to Absalom for a shopping trip.

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The Reflection of Light specifies that it is heightened to half your level rounded up (similar to a cantrip). You use your Spell Attack proficiency bonus + Charisma mod to hit.

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I can't speak for everyone, because party size and composition are going to make a difference, but the group that I am DMing AoA for is totally reliant on the party's Forensic Investigator/Medic's ability to keep the martial characters from going down during combat.

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Terevalis Unctio of House Mysti wrote:
Does anyone know when Herolab will have it out for sale?

There hasn't been an official announcement, but Secrets of Magic and other major Second Edition books have been added within a couple of days of the book's release date.

If you look in the "Adventure Paths conversions: join us!" topic, you'll find Ediwir's link to the first part of the War for the Crown conversion.

When we were getting started with PF2 I ran a mini-"campaign" for one of my sub-groups using material converted from PF1/d20. In the process of doing the conversions I searched out and evaluated every quick-and-dirty treasure conversion guide I could find. None of them worked; items were especially problematic.

I ended up doing the "total all the loot in any given part of an adventure, compare it to the expected loot from that level range and adjust" method.

AceofMoxen wrote:
Thanks. After looking at some other advice, it seems like APs are still hard mode, so I'm going to start with my five players and the normal number of enemies. I think I still need to add 25% more treasure.

That's exactly how I started out. After the first two chapters I decided to add the Free Archetype variant for the PCs as well, and so far (most of the way through chapter three) I've been happy with the decision.

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I would think the Consecrate Ritual would be appropriate.

My credit charge was charged twice for this order. I have disputed the redundant charge with the credit card issuer.

Given the greater drag and trickier balance of bludgeon-head arrows, what about an accuracy/range penalty instead of damage?

TheGentlemanDM wrote:
"If the result of your spell attack roll for a Striking Spell would be a failure, it becomes a success instead. If the result of a saving throw against your Striking Spell would be a critical success, it becomes a success instead."

How is that going to interact with the Incapacitation trait?

Hikuen wrote:
Does anyone happen to have made a map of Voz Lirayne's bookshop?

psycoris did one; it's in the dA linked a couple of posts above yours.

In my campaign I ruled that Clustered Shots applied to Hardness, though that's more RAI than RAW.

I let a character doing Recall Knowledge say what they remember out loud as part of the same action, if they choose to. In practice, this means that in most combats when I tell the player what the character recalled, the player goes "I say that".

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No. The example on page 299 of the CRB makes that clear: "For example, if you added fireball to your repertoire as a 3rd-level spell and again as a 5th-level spell, you could cast it as a 3rd-level or a 5th-level spell; however, you couldn’t cast it as a 4th-level spell".

Given that Quickened Casting is a 10th level feat, once a day, and two spell levels below max, I'm not expecting to see anything in the way of a Spam Spell option.

My players would endorse the Healer's Gloves and Type I Bag of Holding.

The Arcane casters would add the Hat of the Magi as well as a Wand of Mage Armor, and the array of Staves available at 6th level tend to have something for nearly every arcanist. The Divine casters would add the Staff of Healing. For characters without enhanced vision who want to stay discreet in the dark, the hour per day of Darkvision granted by Goggles of Night has proven quite useful. Finally, Rings of Energy Resistance are ever-popular.

I had a Barbarian PC who picked up a Necklace of Fireballs more or less on a whim. When I the party encountered a Black Pudding, he was terribly happy he'd made the investment. He gave the leftovers to the party Bard and bought a fresh one.

My players have an odd relationship with the Ring of the Ram. They keep them, they end up not using them, and they end up selling them after they level up once or twice.

The Pathfinder's Pouch made it into the Lost Omens Character Guide.

When I ran Iron Gods I used the Export Page to Image function of my PDF reader to create JPGs of the maps (player view, grid on) then cropped and scaled the result to use in MapTool. That might not have been suitable for printing out for mini-scale use, though.

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The Spell associated with a Bard's Muse is automatically one of the spells that a Bard takes at first level, but it doesn't add to the number of first level spells they get in total; that's the same way that a Sorcerer's Bloodline Spells work, for example.

At 11th Level, a Bard has 3 spells of 1st through 5th level and 2 of 6th level, with one of their spells at each level chosen as their Signature Spell.

As presented, it don't look like Minor Magic is primarily meant for attacks; after all, there are plenty of utility cantrips that could be useful to a Rogue even if the Spell Roll/DC doesn't scale.

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As far as other people's work to look at goes, the only other PF2 Monster builder that I'm aware of is the one from this thread. I've been using it to build monsters for converting a PF1 module.

It displays fine for me (Windows 10, Firefox 32-bit).

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The Sorceress in my game likes to hang back, so her third action is often either repositioning with a Stride or using Reach Spell.

I'm in the process of converting some PF1 modules to PF2, and using the 1.1 version for getting new monster statblocks ready. It's a fantastic tool!

Quandary wrote:
AFAIK, the "can Refocus without any special effort" only applies "If you don't already have" a Focus pool, so if you DID already have a Pool, the RAW doesn't seem to grant new Refocus method. I had strong impression having multiple tradition's Focus spells was supposed to allow using ANY of their refocus methods to Refocus, but RAW isn't doing that now. This applies to each multiclass' special Refocus method.

From the sidebar on Pg 302 of the core book: "Focus Points are not differentiated by source; you can spend any of your Focus Points on any of your focus spells. Likewise, when you Refocus, you get back a point as long as you follow the guidelines of any abilities that granted you focus spells."

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Redditor darthmarth28 has posted a PF2 Google Sheet here.

Okay, then.

This is all DM stuff, I really should spoiler it:
So the task here is getting the PCs headed for Scrapwall (because that's a lot easier than rewriting the entire rest of the AP. :D )

If Meyanda mentioned Scrapwall, you can try having the town council get increasingly nervous over the course of 2-3 weeks about her threats, and make the reward offer from the start of Lords of Rust to check out/deal with any potential danger to Torch ("Just in case"), in addition to Joram Kyte's request to contact Dinvaya (he should have no trouble convincing the party cleric to do it as a professional courtesy, right?)

If Scrapwall didn't come up, it gets trickier. Garmen Ulreth probably knows that Meyanda came from Scrapwall and might sell that information to the town council - if so, you might want to knock 500 GP off the reward offered to the PCs. ;)

Peter Acs, what happened in your game with Sanvil Trett? If he's still active I could totally see him getting in touch with Meyanda and trying to sell her on an alliance with the Technic League. Mind you, if she's as honest with him as she was with the PCs it will be a setup so that he can find out about this Hellion entity, who is obviously a threat to the League.

The downloadable character sheets are linked in this blog post or there are a number of fan made ones being touted in the General Discussion section.

There's a lot of "partial caster" space that can be covered by Multiclassing Sorcerer.

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Put me down as another who wants to see the Kineticist and Gunslinger first, though I am interested in seeing how PF2 handles the Witch and Summoner.

Ramanujan's idea of the Synthesist as a class sounds good to me as the Shifter done right.

I'm still trying to decide if the Arcanist has enough space in PF2 to warrant being its own thing, but it's telling that my group hasn't had a Wizard in play since Arcanist was published.

There are certainly people who have converted Iron Gods to 5e, at least up to a point; I've seen discussion both here and when doing searches online for GM resources to check out. In particular, searching for the names of prominent NPCs (and monsters like Robot types) in the AP have turned up links to 5e conversions.

On the other hand, these were campaigns meant to be run in 5e from the beginning, so any adaptation of appropriate classes got done in advance and not in mid-AP. Still, they might be worthwhile looking into for ideas.

My group hasn't braved the west end of the Engineering deck yet (in favor of exploring the Habitat Pod and Security Deck first) but I'm planning on also treating Page 50 as correct.

Edge93 wrote:
Ediwir wrote:

The Demonic Bloodline actually says a lot more than you’d imagine:

The same update added a feat that lets Sorcerer heighten bloodline spells.
All Demonic Bloodline spells can be heightened.

No other bloodline does that.


(X-Files theme intensifies)

All but the 3rd level Draconic bloodline spells can be heightened, as one of my players noted with delight when we got to the last chapter of Doomsday Dawn.

kitmehsu wrote:
I wonder if skill boosting magic items will mirror the ability score bonus one by boosting your proficiency one step. So that a magic item makes someone able to perform the skill if incompetent with it, gives a small boon to most characters and nothing for those already legendary with it.

Oh, I like that a lot! Elegant and useful.

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I really appreciated that suckage was relative in the Playtest, and am skeptical that any way to get generally better will work as well.

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Spells per day in general, but Sorcerers in particular. In PF1 you could get some extra mileage out of lower-level spells because they scaled with caster level. In PF2 a caster is far more dependent on their higher-level slots for serious combat.

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While I wouldn't have minded a FAQ-style update to finish off the official Playtest period, I can understand while the actual final product has taken over the developer attention.

In my Playtest game I have two PC Goblin Sorcerers, one Arcane/Draconic and one Fey/Primal with a Rogue Multiclass. At 17th level (the last chapter in Doomsday Dawn) the Arcane Sorcerer is using Bracers and has an AC/TAC of 37, and the Primal Sorcerer is using magic Armor and has AC 38, TAC 36. I'd call it a wash, myself.

I had a player make a Goblin Sorcerer (Fey Bloodline) with Intimidating Glare; the Demoralize-then-Cast technique works pretty well for him.

My players also love Demoralize, especially the one playing a Goblin with Intimidating Glare.

Point Out also gets used sometimes, mostly by the casters with See Invisibility.

They've used Take Cover occasionally.

In Pale Mountain's Shadow the Monk's player used Long Jump to deal with difficult terrain and obstacles.

In Lost Star the Paladin with a shield stood in front of the Fighter with the two-handed reach weapon and did Assist (He'd taken Cooperative Nature). It worked OK, actually. Naturally, by the time I ran Mirrored Moon both players had completely forgotten about the technique.

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I have been encouraging my players to fill in the player surveys about anything they dislike (or like!) about the playtest. Sadly, I'm not sure any of them besides my wife is interested.

Captain Morgan wrote:
They left before day 7, so the Night Heralds didn't catch up with them. Obviously I could have made them catch up anyway, but I want to move on in the playtest and frankly wasn't stoked about running multiple NPCs with different abilities. I've found that encounters that involve separate pages of the bestiary are just awful to run from PDF. I'm dreading part 3's various undead combinations, TBH. I can probably solve some of that by copy/pasting into word, but then I lose action icons. If anyone has suggestions for how they handled it, I'm all ears.

I've been opening the Bestiary PDF in multiple tabs in Edge (I don't use Edge much otherwise) so I can switch between different pages easily.

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I like the idea of making Clerical Channeling a Spell Point function; one less thing to track and less dependent on a secondary stat.

Sorcerers still lag, especially non-Arcane ones (though proficiencies have a lot to do with that). Full Spontaneous Heightening as soon as meaningful would help, along with either giving them more worthwhile things to do with Spell Points and/or more casts per day.

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One thing that I have found really helpful is that a couple of awesome fans, Caio Henrique Di Giaimo and Gustavo Malek, have been annotating the Rulebook PDF with the updates as they come out. Here's the link.

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