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Thanks for the answers.
For me, at least, PFS isn't relevant. So no problem.

Is the Two-Headed Troll a legal choice for the Goliath Druid's 6th level wildshape ability?

Is this Monster a template of the standard troll and as such not legal or can you choose it?

Sunsilk, produced by a silkworm species native to central Kelesh and closely guarded by the Sarenite church, takes on a golden glitter after it has been left to cure in the sun. Though it is light and flexible, when multiple layers are pressed together, its myriad thin fibers inhibit weapons and can slightly help prevent slashing or piercing weapons from causing harm. Clothing made from sunsilk grants its wearer DR 2/bludgeoning. Sunsilk can be incorporated into any suit of armor without hampering the armor’s other qualities, typically as an inner layer of soft lining. Sunsilk adds 6,000 gp to the cost of the garment or armor.

I found the sunsilk special material and have some questions about it.

- While it states it can be incorporated into any suit of armor, I guess the "one material per item" still applies, right?
- If I wear magic armor and sunsilk garments, does the DR work?
- Do the DR of sunsilk and Quilted cloth armor stack?
- Does clothing made of sunsilk count as armor or could every monk benefit from sunsilk garments without losing his monk AC bonus?

I'd assume the only of the above that works is the sunsilk garment for monks but I wanted to be sure.

Thanks for the answers.
I have a fighter (brawler) who, between no escape and step up and strike, gets AoOs quite often and I'm thinking about multiclassing into brawler now to get flurry and wanted that cleared up before I make my decision.

So normally 1.5x Strength on AoOs I understand it.
How about some wierd case where I get to make an AoO during my turn or even during my flurry?

I make a combat maneuver as one of my attacks. As I do not have the improved maneuver feat I provoke. The opponent uses his AoO for a maneuver without having the feat, too. That way I get to make an AoO during my flurry. Still 1.5x Str because it's an AoO? Or 1x because it is turing my flurry?

Monks and Brawlers get full str bonus to damage when using flurry even if they use a two-handed weapon.
But do they still count as using flurry on other creature's turns?

Which damage bonus does a Brawler get on AoOs when he wields a two-handed weapon and used flurry on his turn?

Just to give another idea besides slayer: I played a gestalt Archaeologist/ Samurai order of the hammer some time ago and I had a blast.

One of the advanced armor training options is steel headbutt.


Steel Headbutt (Ex)

Source Armor Master's Handbook pg. 15
Training Link Link
While wearing medium or heavy armor, a fighter can deliver a headbutt with his helm as part of a full attack action. This headbutt is in addition to his normal attacks, and is made using the fighter’s base attack bonus – 5. A helmet headbutt deals 1d3 points of damage if the fighter is wearing medium armor, or 1d4 points of damage if he is wearing heavy armor (1d2 and 1d3, respectively, for Small creatures), plus an amount of damage equal to 1/2 the fighter’s Strength modifier. Treat this attack as a weapon attack made using the same special material (if any) as the armor. The armor’s enhancement bonus does not modify the headbutt attack, but the helm can be enchanted as a separate weapon.

This leaves some things open.

- what adds to the damage in addition to 1/2 strength?
- is the steel headbutt part of some fighter weapon group?
- is it condsidered a natural attack?
- can you do it while wearing a dwarven boulder helmet?
- if you use power attack, how much bonus damage does the headbutt do? +1 as an offhand attack/ a secondary natural attack; +2 like a onehanded weapon; or nothing?

This is not about rules but about fluff.

There are two ways for a follower of Lamashtu to sire fiendish offspring, a mask and a feat.
Would you think it sensible to fluff either a tiefling (for a PC) or a half-fiend (for an NPC) as the product of several generations of breeding involving followers of Lamashtu with either the mask or the feat (or both) with fiendish mates?

Example PC: My parents were Followers of Lamashtu and their unholy rites lead to my being a Tiefling. I managed to escape and are now out to hunt those deranged followers of that mother of beasts.

Example NPC: When the Party finally reaches the high priestess of Lamashtu after fighting through hordes of lesser followers and fiendish animals they find her guarded by her favorite offspring, a half-find Gorilla.

Ranger (divine marksman) / magus (eldritch archer)
Ranger (divine marksman) / Warpriest
Paladin / arcane bloodrager (primalist)

No, not me.

Dave Justus wrote:

Bloodragers are of course CHR based casters, although they don't have the kinder social skills as class skills (usually easily obtainable with traits though) and usually the image one thinks of with them isn't 'party face.'

The first Bloodrager I played called himself a samurai, behaved like one outside of combat and was rather face like. He just had anger management issues in combat, that's all.

And besides traits there are alternate racial traits to get class skills (for example Fey Thoughts) but I don't know whether those are PFS legal.

Liz Courts wrote:
Removed some posts and their responses. This is a public forum, and statements describing how you used a spell to create a "willing girl at basecamp" for your character are 100% not okay.


Go big weapon and take cornugon smash, hurtful, intimidating prowess instead of the TWF feats.
Take either the anternate racial trait or the race trait for the bite attack.

And think about the spirit totem line instead of celestial. Your dead ancestors coming to aid you is pretty awsome. Unless you are fighting lots of undead.

With a high pointbuy a daring champion cavalier/ magus might be nice.
You could even make him bladebound with a rapier to bypass the reduced magic item availability.

Another option would be druid/sacred fist warpriest. You get full casting, monks's ac bonus, swift action tricks.
If you want to cast turn into something little that can fly, if you want to melee turn into something big and strong and use unarmed strikes or natural attacks depending on the form.

If 3pp is allowed I'd look into Aegis/divine caster or perhaps aberrant aegis/druid for wildshape + tentacle action.

Thanks for the answer.
I realized its a third party monster and contemplated selecting a different one. Air might be nice as it has good SLAs, too.

Good to know about the claw damage.

As to how I want to use the creature: I mostly want to have it use its SLAs and breath just to increase my action economy. Instead of casting call lightning myself I can now summon my guardian spirit and have IT cast call lightning, use its breath or other SLAs.

No suggestions at all?

I gave my level 10 hunter the Summon Guardian Spirit feat and now I am thinking about which base creature to take and how to build it.

My first take:
A lightning mephit with the ill omen and call lightning SLAs.
Combined with its natural lightning bolt and shocking grasp as well as its lightning breath it has some potential unless the enemies are resistant/immune to electricity.

Which other base creatures would you suggest (fey or outsiders that can be taken as improved familiars)?
The template can be found here, below the imp guardian spirit.

Which feat would you give the guardian spirit for the 2 HD it gains when summoned via SNA4?

The Guardian Mephit SNA4:

Lightning Mephit Guardian Spirit CR 5

N Medium outsider (air, electricity, extraplanar)
Init +9; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +5

AC 21, touch 16, flat-footed 15 (+5 Dex, +1 dodge, +5 natural)
hp 32 (5d10+5); fast healing 2
Fort +2, Ref +9, Will +5
DR 5/magic; Immune electricity
Weaknesses vulnerability to water

Speed 30 ft., fly 60 ft. (perfect)
Melee 2 claw +6 (1d4 plus 1d4 electricity)
Special Attacks breath weapon (15-foot cone of lightning, DC 14 for half, 3d8 electricity)
Spell-like Abilities (CL 6th)
At will—guidance
1/hour--shocking grasp
1/day--lightning bolt, Ill omen, call lightning

Str 12, Dex 20, Con 12, Int 8, Wis 13, Cha 18 (+1dex level)
Base Atk +5; CMB +6; CMD 21
Feats Dodge, Improved Initiative, +1
Skills Bluff +8, Diplomacy +8, Disguise +8, Escape Artist +9, Fly +16, Intimidate +8, Perception +5, Stealth +11 (10 skillpoints to spend)
Languages Auran, Common

I'm not sure about the breath weapon but it should increase by two dice, one for the higher level and one because it is a standard action with instantanous effect.
How about the lightning damage on the claws, is that an ex or su ability? if so it should increase to 2d4.

Trollblood Elixir.
Heals 50hp and reattaches lost limbs.

Thanks for all the answers.

Thanks so far.

There has to be a vermin with the right size in the bestiary to turn into, right?
Or can I turn into a small version of some medium sized vermin ?

If I cast a higher version of xx shape and still be of a size allowed by a lesser version?
If so, do I still get all the benefits?

If I cast vermin shape II which allows tiny and large vermin, can I tun into a medium vermin which would be allowed by vermin shape I?
If it is possible, would I still get web, which needs vermin shape II?

In other words: Can I use vermin shape II to turn into a medum spider and get the web ability?

Half Elf with the arcane training alternate racial trait and a divine caster class. He can cast divine spells and counts as level 1 for using items corresponding to one arcane caster class. Such as wands. Sure that's not really casting arcane spells but close.

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I have no favorite class yet. I'm too much drawn between wanting to play martials and realizing that they suck compared to casters.
So now I "playtest" various caster classes.

My base assumption is to take the hp. After that I check whether the FCB is worth it. If not I check whether I need this one more skillpoint. If both are no, I stick with the hp.

Has it been cleared up whether fireshield can defeat darkness?
The problem is: Fireshild is of higher level than darkness and states generaating light but lacks the light descriptor.

Some more oracle ideas:

Oracle of battle (Gorum): Gorum found this womanizer who wasted his potential hedonistic idle time. So he cursed him with uglyness by means of the wasting curse and granted him the battle mystery. His hopes were that the man would take to war when he can't get women anymore.

oracle of life (Sarenrae): A patient in some kind of hospital was careless, left a candle burning when he went to sleep. He knocked the candle over in his sleep and the hospital burned down. Sarenrae, godess of fire, redemption and healing saw this and interfered. She saved the man and healed him, but in a way that he will ever retain his burns in the way of the blackened curse, granting him the life mystery so he can redeem himself by doing the healing the dead hospital crew can't do anymore.

Prestitigitation used to dry clothes after crossing a river in a cold climate. No reason to risk catching a cold.

Scythia wrote:
Char-Gen addict wrote:

Somehow every time I try to plan out a warpriest build I only get to the point where I try to find useful blessings, get frustrated and trash the build.

In my opinion blessings, as a class feature, are more lacking and bad designed than rogue talents.
The difference being that some blessings are actually useful. :P

Are there any that are useful from level 1 and stay useful later on? Most seem useless until you have quicken blessing.

Somehow every time I try to plan out a warpriest build I only get to the point where I try to find useful blessings, get frustrated and trash the build.
In my opinion blessings, as a class feature, are more lacking and bad designed than rogue talents.

I might need to change the stats slightly, decreasing cha and increasing int because the PrC prerequesite includes two skills at 5 and with only int+2 skillpoints of the cleric that would mean having no few other skills.

However the decision between ranger and fighter ends:
Do not take the archer fighter archetype

Divine strategist would be a possibility.
The caster support ability might come in handy if some status needs to be removed via a caster level check. Like remove disease or neutralize poison.
Not sure yet.
In any case, thanks for you advice.

I'll think about it.
But my thought was that being able to hand out improved evasion to the whole group (divine barrier) three times per day in a games that has dragons and all kinds of giants including air and fire as enemies is worth it

How I would like to play a teamwork duo sometime.
Not only using teamwork feats but generally build towards being an effective pair.

Somehow I seem to be the only one wanting to do that in the groups I'm playing in.

And my plan is it to use the scalykind 1st level power to deny opponents their action. I ready for their turn to begin and use it. If they fail their save they are fascinated (and are deals nonlethal damage). Even if being attacked should break the fascination, their turn should be over.
It is a "free" SoS effect usable to take captives. At least at lower levels. But most 1st level domain powers are rather lacklustre later on.

Venemous Stare (Sp) wrote:
As a standard action, you can activate a gaze attack with a 30-foot range (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 300). This is an active gaze attack that can target a single creature within range. The target must make a Will save (DC = 10 + 1/2 your cleric level + your Wisdom modifier). Those that fail take 1d6 points of nonlethal damage + 1 point for every two cleric levels you possess and are fascinated until the beginning of your next turn. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier. This is a mind-affecting effect.

-Power attack: You might be right on this
-Not dumping cha: I plan on saving the party from elemental effects by using channel energy with divine barrier so I wanted to retain cha for channel uses/day.
-Roll with it: It is a campaign trait allowing you to treat critical hits from giants as non-crits. Once per day or 2/day for dwarves. We get 2 traits + 1 campaign trait + 1 trait for a drawback. So I have to choose a campaign trait and this was the most fitting.
- I have the dragon subdomain of the scalykind domain which gives a dragon breath at 4th level. Why I took it was a mix. First it fitted to being a cleric of Apsu, second it gives an ability at 4th after which I leave cleric. Third Apsu doesn't have the best of domains. And to get the divine barrier feat it had to be Apsu. It's for his followers only.

Apsu's domains:
Domains Artifice, Good, Law, Scalykind, Travel
Subdomains Archon (Good), Archon (Law), Construct, Dragon, Exploration, Judgment, Toil, Trade

Divine Barrier wrote:

Source Inner Sea Gods pg. 210 (Amazon)
You have trained in the art of blocking breath weapons.

Prerequisites: Channel energy class feature, worshiper of Apsu.

Benefit: When you are within an area effect that deals acid, cold, electricity, or fire damage, you can expend one use of your channel energy ability as an immediate action to shield yourself and all allies within 30 feet. You and allies within your shield only take half damage if they fail their save against the effect, and those who make a successful save take no damage from the effect.

We are about to start our Giantslayer game (finally) and I plan to play a Skyseeker.

The party will be all dwarf with perhaps a gnome as a face.

My build will incorporate:
- Ranger (Trapper/Dungeonrover*)
- Cleric of Apsu (Travel + Dragon)
- Skyseeker

I will start Ranger 1, then go Cleric 4, Skyseeker 4, a second level ranger and continue with skyseeker.

As everyone will be dwarves I thought it the perfect occasion to play a Xenophobic, so I decided to take it as both an alternate racial trait and a drawback.

Build detals:

Racial traits: Xenophobic, stonecunning, Mountaineer, Darkvision, hatred, Greed, Hardy, slow and steady, defensive training

Traits: Roll with it, Glory of old, Rich Parents, Magical knack (cleric)
Drawback: Xenophobic

Strength: 14
Dexterity: 13
Constitution: 16
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 16

Level 1: Power attack
Level 3: Divine Barrier
Level 5: not planned

Abilities (With Choices):
Ranger 1: Favored class (Giant)
Cleric 1: Domains (Travel + Skalykind (Dragon subdomain))

Gear: Chainshirt + armored kilt, quickdraw shield, dwarven waraxe, silver dwarven boulderhelmet, cold iron boarding axe, several holy symbols, some alchemical gear, masterwork thievestools, traveller's anytool.

Anything I might have missed? Any gaping holes in my build?
Any pieces of advice regarding feats?

The party will be rather melee heavy but I guess I'll stick to this build. He will have some versatility in the form of his spells for situations in which our melee power will not work.

Monk of the Seven Winds Dip Power 2, Dip Versatility 0, Power 1 Versatility -1: Trading Stunning Fist for an additional attack with a blade is nice, if you have a dip build that is dependent on unarmed strikes while not being a Monk or Brawler. The bonuses to attack, damage, and AC from Sirocco Fury are in no way, shape, or form worth losing Abundant Step over.

Why not good for a brawler? If you take a slashing weapon from the close weapon list (like the rope gauntlet) you get the close weapon mastery damage.

Not criticising the rating, just the statement of not being good for the brawler.

I think I'll just drop the concept.
The discussion going on in the rules thread about this thread shows, that too much is questionable about it.

And, most likely, it is "too OP" for the group I was planning it for.

Good catch on the rope gauntlet, I agree that it is flavourful.
I only checked the fighting fan on d20pfsrd where it is p or s.

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I like to combine the flagbearer feat with the improvised defence trait.
As long as you have your flag (which is an improvised weapon) in your hand and don't attack with it you gain a +1 shield bonus to AC.

Scott Wilhelm wrote:

Well, technically--to the letter of the rules--a Klar is not a Spiked Shield, and so the Bashing Enchantment upon the Klar stacks just fine, and the base damage will be 2d6.

I did not intend to use a spiked shield, just a normal shield. So the stacking of shield spikes and bashing is of no consequence to this build.

I only brought it in because I was looking for ways to use dex to damage.

That's sadly from a not allowed book for that game.
But thanks non the less.

Imbicatus wrote:
You would need to use a light shield or worship gorum for Shield-Trained if you go finesse-based. Shields are also heavy, so encumbrance may be a problem if you dump STR, and you will need to get the shield ACP to 0 to overcome the finesse to-hit penalty.

You are right.

And as you need a slashing weapon for slashing grace that will not work. I could only get dex to hit.

Scott Wilhelm wrote:
Char-Gen addict wrote:
The klar, which qualifies for slashing grace is not in the close group

The Klar IS in the close weapon group. Light Shields are in the close weapon group, and the Klar counts as a light shield

Klar wrote:
A traditional klar counts as a light wooden shield

While the klar counts as a light shield it still has its own rules. And those rules say it is a one-handed weapon and put it in the heavy blades group. I do not want to bend the rules enough to claim they are both light and one-handed weapon and they are both heavy blades and close weapons, one from its own entry the other from being treated as light shields.

Sure, you are right. Ist starts with +3/+1 but only increases by +1/+1. My bad.

Bashing and lead blades do not stack because they are the same kind of bonus. A virtual size increase.(See FAQ)
As they are the same bonus either both (not at the same time) can apply to a brawler's shield or none. And there is no indication in the rules that they do not apply. Not as written, that is. As it is a strong martial option RAI might well be no.

BTW: I got the bonus damage wrong. It's only +4, not +6. Thanks Cult of Vorg

The weapon master weapon training only nets +1/+1 while the brawler nets +3/+1. So 7 levels Brawler archetype get me +6 damage +2 to hit while 7 levels weaponmaster + gloves get me +4/+4. Same levels invested but one more feat on the weapon master side.
And the brawler's bonus is added to all weapons in the close group including unarmed strikes while the weaponmaster only gets it for one weapon.

Davor wrote:
If there is a situation where, based on feat acquisition, the fighter could be overpowered, at what point would it be balanced around fun, utilitarian options?

To reach that each bonus feat selected would have to have significant impact like giving a whole feat chain PLUS one of a selection of utility options.

At level 1 Joe Average, the fighter selects weapon focus as his fighter bonus feat, knowing that it will increase to further versions of the feat should he ever qualify. As utility addon he selects (from a list that has not been written yet) the soldier training boon. This gives him 1/2 his fighter level on profession (soldier) and 1/4 his fighter level on saves to stay awake on watch.
At level 2 Joe selects Shield focus which, again, will increase during his career. As a boon he adds Leader of men which gives 1/2 his level on diplomacy and 1/4 his level on his leadership score.

Such a system would be necessary to make the fighter balanced and give him fun utilitarian options.

- This was a quick shot without any playtest -

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