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Sunsilk, produced by a silkworm species native to central Kelesh and closely guarded by the Sarenite church, takes on a golden glitter after it has been left to cure in the sun. Though it is light and flexible, when multiple layers are pressed together, its myriad thin fibers inhibit weapons and can slightly help prevent slashing or piercing weapons from causing harm. Clothing made from sunsilk grants its wearer DR 2/bludgeoning. Sunsilk can be incorporated into any suit of armor without hampering the armor’s other qualities, typically as an inner layer of soft lining. Sunsilk adds 6,000 gp to the cost of the garment or armor.

I found the sunsilk special material and have some questions about it.

- While it states it can be incorporated into any suit of armor, I guess the "one material per item" still applies, right?
- If I wear magic armor and sunsilk garments, does the DR work?
- Do the DR of sunsilk and Quilted cloth armor stack?
- Does clothing made of sunsilk count as armor or could every monk benefit from sunsilk garments without losing his monk AC bonus?

I'd assume the only of the above that works is the sunsilk garment for monks but I wanted to be sure.

Damage Reduction seldom stacks, so you would only take the highest DR available no matter which source it is coming from.

Sunsilk Quilted Cloth armor would have DR 2/Bludgeoning against melee attacks, and DR 3/- against ranged attacks.

Sunsilk lined Adamantine Full Plate has only the DR 3/- from the Adamantine... the Sunsilk lining does nothing in this example.

Sunsilk clothing counts as clothing, and a Monk wearing Sunsilk would still have his AC Bonus.

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