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Lord Fyre wrote:

With the passing of Carrie Fisher, I am thinking of adapting Starfinder to play in the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

The characters would be members of the Rebel Alliance.
(Still working on a plot.)

Fringer - Operative* (or Operative/Mechanic multiclass)
Noble - Envoy
Scoundrel - Operative*
Soldier - Soldier
Scout - Operative* (or Operative/Soldier multiclass)
Tech Specialist - Mechanic
Force Adept - Mystic

* - Different Archetypes
(Technomancer would not be used)

Jedi - Still need to figure how to model these classes. I would need more information on the Solarion.

I find that arming a Mystic with a plasma sword and taking feats that allow projectile deflection works well to emulate the Jedi.

Neuromancer wrote:

Tupari - now made with 10% real Tupo berry juice!

Available in both levo and dextro amino acids

As adults we sometimes indulge vices for a myriad of reasons. Given the nature of the setting of Starfinder, I like to offer the player characters a wider selection of intoxicants than just "Dwarven space ale". Here are some of the things the PCs at my table have come up with.

Snails - These are mildly hallucinogenic, shifting the perception of color and smell slightly. A favorite among Vesk. (I'm not sure where we got this from but it's a running joke at our table that the party Vesk likes to "get slow")

Magnets - Only effective on Androids and SROs, think Bender with a refrigerator magnet on his head.

Throw some more ideas in here and i'll let you know if they make it to the table.

I was thinking today, would if be feasible/viable to have an app that would sort all of the Starfinder rules, races, classes, items, etc., to allow players and GMs to access information without having to scour various books or PDFs? Maybe have it tied into the Paizo account so that only the information that has been purchaced is included when that person logs into the app? I mean, it's a game about the future so it kinda makes sense to me.

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Envall wrote:

Since souls stay the same, soul identification system.

Your ID is made of your Soul Number
Should be easy since god runs the market.

so you're suggesting a (puts on sunglasses) soul-cial security system?

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Yakman wrote:
Cyrad wrote:
Yes, you're correct. The item's bulk still counts towards your carrying capacity. And you can draw the item as a swift action.

it was very helpful in our first play session.

i'm going to have to start keeping track of what i'm sticking in my mouth.

I would suggest that out of game as well

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The NPC wrote:
Remember, they're smart rats. So call them Nimhs.

I laughed when I read this because I had already named an NPC Racso

True, but there is First Contact. It gives just enough for comparison and it's a free pdf, so even if it doesn't meet al your needs you still get your money's worth.

I have, and it's fairly easy the way I do it. I start by chucking multiple attacks out the window for everything but the big solo monsters (I'm looking at you dragons!) and have them use full-attack actions for more than one attack, just like the players and with the same penalties. Hit points I try to follow the guideline of +25%, unless it seems crazy for that particular monster. Next I add armor if needed and go by that instead of what is listed, otherwise it's KAC=AC and EAC=AC-1, with certain conversions/creations varying as necessary (meaty foes KAC+2, EAC-2, and vice versa for brainy foes.). If the creature uses weapons i try to make them on par with what the party has, plus one or two lootable items on a case by case basis.

I only have a few done so far, including an ogre turned into a construct.

I've noticed that the term "assault rifle" is absent from all text, but there is an "assault hammer". I plan on having some fun with this.

I had a thought concerning the automatic weapons, consider installing a "limited feed setting" which only allows bursts of X number of targets. Wether or not this setting is changeable in combat is up to the GM, but should be a full round or standard action.

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Descrud wrote:
What, specifically, don't you get?

At the risk of looking out of touch, i just don't get why people are so concerned with what other people have going on in their pants/bedroom. I don't get why people feel the need categorize others and then use it against them. I don't get why someone would want to transition (nor am i saying anything negative about it), or why another person would criticize that person for it. I'm very much a "I mind my business, you mind yours" kinda person, and I respect and support anyone's right to life, liberty, and their pursuit of happiness. I guess it's like having friends from overseas and you just don't quite get their customs and social cues, try as you might.

tl;dr: I'm trying to understand it and be supportive at the same time

Maybe a "craft all the things" book with tables and rules for weapons, armor, vehicles, etc., in a similar vein as starship building?

Ok, hear me out and maybe help me out. I don't quite get it, I'm trying but I'm not there yet. That said, my games will typically take a "mind your own business" attitude on the matter until I feel I get it.

Wrath wrote:

It all began with the death of Aroden. His own prophecy predicted his death and he couldn't prevent it or it would break his own power.

However, Rovagug, trapped though he was within the heart of Golarion, reached his power as it and perfected the moment of Arodens death by 1 day.

It was enough to tilt the axis of balance and begin a collapse of space and time as a synchronised unit. The error began small, barely noticed by even the most powerful of creatures, but through time the error began to manifest in strange ways.

Events that were for all intents and purposes co synchronous in time and only separated by space, seemed to occur across months of separation to those living them to those hearing of them later.

The collapse of the Wardstone barrier at the world wound occurred within the same month as the first goblin attacks on Sandpoint that lead to the rediscovery of xin Shallast, the lost rune lord city. And yet for those who experienced those events it felt as if years separated those events.

Eventually it was Pharasma who saw the danger. This new twisted reality would rend the chains to contained Rovagug himself. If the great destroyer were to escape, all creation would be destroyed. Pharasma is the last great power, for even gods must eventually present before her grace and face judgement for their deeds.

Calling on the energy potential that lingered from Arodens death, she reached out and excised the entire section of space time that had been affected. But like a cancer, she couldn't risk even the slightest memory of Rovagug and his twisting reality to remain. Her excision spanned more than just those years directly affected by the events discussed above, she cut a thousand years either side of that boundary and used the edges to wrap the corrupt and wounded planet of Golarion in its own cocoon of shattered space time.

Absalom is the pin, a single tear from the death goddess that had to be shed in order to seal the final hole where the edges were re sewn. It sits at the tip of a...

I think I'm going to use this for my game. The PCs may never discover it, but it's so good and doesn't presume mortals to be strong enough to cause such an event.

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My group is interested in vehicle chases and crafting. Maybe some kind of vehicle and weapon/armor crafting tables similar to the starship building tables? I know it's not for everybody, but I think there might be enough players out there that would like to see a "craft all the things" book.

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Deadmanwalking wrote:
VampByDay wrote:
Deadmanwalking wrote:
Imbicatus wrote:
This is only going to happen if the enemy is using a wounding weapon, which is unlikely as npc damage is based on cr, not equipment.
This part is factually incorrect. NPCs who use equipment at all use it exactly as PCs do.
Sorry, but your statement is factually incorrect. In the first Starfinder society scenario, (The commencement), there are enemies with tactical batons. A tactical baton in their hands deals 1d6 damage, but in a Pcs hands, it does 1d4

And the Sarcesian in First Contact says it does 1d810 damage with their weapon, too.

But all the other enemies everywhere do appropriate weapon damage exactly as PCs. My assumption is that the facts I mention above are typos (or, as others note, possibly legacy issues in the case of the 1d6 batons) rather than damage being defined by CR. Which wouldn't make a lot of sense given that several statted enemies of the same CR all do very different amounts of damage.

I don't care how impractical it is, i want a d810. Aside from that a new limb is only 100 credits, even the Black Knight from holy grail could get a grip and get back on his feet at character creation.

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Torbyne wrote:
i would really have liked to see automatic do more of "reduce the penalties for multiple attacks by 1 at the cost of double ammo cost or reduce penalties by 2 against a single target for triple cost" but that ship has sailed and we are stuck with it as is. There might be something there though if you get multiple PCs to overlap their fields of fire and mag dump into the same targets? Most enemies seem to have enough HP to soak up 5 or 6 shots pretty easily for the early game so you would need everyone to buy in or stack up things that add bonus damage dice into your attack to make it work.

My favorite Borderlands quote "You don't need to be a better shot, you just need to fire more bullets"