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As adults we sometimes indulge vices for a myriad of reasons. Given the nature of the setting of Starfinder, I like to offer the player characters a wider selection of intoxicants than just "Dwarven space ale". Here are some of the things the PCs at my table have come up with.

Snails - These are mildly hallucinogenic, shifting the perception of color and smell slightly. A favorite among Vesk. (I'm not sure where we got this from but it's a running joke at our table that the party Vesk likes to "get slow")

Magnets - Only effective on Androids and SROs, think Bender with a refrigerator magnet on his head.

Throw some more ideas in here and i'll let you know if they make it to the table.

I was thinking today, would if be feasible/viable to have an app that would sort all of the Starfinder rules, races, classes, items, etc., to allow players and GMs to access information without having to scour various books or PDFs? Maybe have it tied into the Paizo account so that only the information that has been purchaced is included when that person logs into the app? I mean, it's a game about the future so it kinda makes sense to me.