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Fuzzypaws wrote:

I think Alexander is a 5th level, Hawkeye is a 10th level, Xena or RotK movie Legolas is a 15th level, and Cloud as of Advent Children is a 20th level.

I am completely okay with flashy awesome moves, and feats that defy Earthly physical reality. It's a supernatural setting with dragons and demons and flying meteor flinging wizards. Reality starts checking itself at the door around 5th-7th level.

I think EVERYONE should benefit from magic gear and NO ONE should require it.

I think extra damage dice should come from level and that magic weapons should be about properties rather than pluses. They won't get rid of pluses because legacy but do it in a more interesting way. Maybe what a +3 sword does is it lets you reroll an attack roll and take the better result 3 times a day; that'd still be awesome and useful but not mandatory.

Kind of sounds like what you want is 13th Age. Heck, now *I* want to play 13th Age.

You'd probably want to remove at least some of the FOUR(!) +2 increases you get every 5 levels if you removed the soft cap. That's a lot of extra stats.

It seems you can go full Brawler, which I like.

Humans kind of already have "Free, Free, Fixed Boost, Fixed Flaw," Except the two fixed stats are always the same stat. You can always fix your flaw with your free boost if you want to in any other race.

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I think all the regional and race-based weapons that are just "X but different" (or worse, "X but better") should be folded into one weapon. So, for example, you'd just have Greatsword (with an entry saying Elven Curve Blades and Katanas are fine skins to use, depending on where you got it). Then you could have a feat related to mastery of a weapon to unlock some of the bonuses those special snowflake weapons got, or even the bonuses of feats that are no longer General Feats.

For example, mastery in the Greatsword could give you the old Elven Curve Blade extended crit range. Greataxe could get some cleaving damage, Shortbow could have Point Blank Shot, and Dagger could get +1 damage when attacking a flanked foe.

If you want the flavor of a different weapon, make a different mastery feat (with the caveat that only one mastery feat applies at a time, either as a hard limit on taking them or decided when the item is made/found). For example, maybe you make an Orcish Bloodletter dagger feat that gives it +1 Bleed damage, or a Weeaboo Cutter Greatsword feat that gives your glorious Nippon steel some totally undeserved DR piercing.

Antony Walls wrote:

Looked up: Charge

Not found
Quickly scanned feats: Not found
Later searched PDF: Found "Sudden Charge" for Fighter & Barbarian.

Previous ability to charge is class-locked, the player of the groups Gnome Paladin (heavy armour with a movement of 10) extressed anguish and disgust whilst his character waddled from almost fight to almost fight.

I know here may not be the best place to point it out, but any character can move twice their speed and then attack once in this system, and they don't even have to go in a straight line. Sudden Charge just gives an additional action before or after that.

As for feedback, could the PDF get hyperlinks? I am a big fan of hyperlinks in PDFs wherever possible.

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The magic soft-caps you are mentioning are not going to balance things any better than hard-caps do. People will use magic until it becomes detrimental, then they'll just wait until it's okay to use again, just as if they ran out of spell slots. This doesn't fix the 15-minute adventuring day.

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My main issue is the existence of 2nd-level Class Feats, when you only get one at level 1 and 3. What the heck, Paizo?

Perhaps instead of having consumable items at all, you should have resonance-powered magic items, or even "x-times per day" items, so people don't have to keep buying more.

A Roguelike game I play (Tales of Maj'Eyal) does this to good effect, replacing consumables with Infusions, character-attached "items" that give you the healing and mobility every character needs without fiddly inventory management - instead they just have a relatively long cooldown so they can't be spammed in combat and additional cooldown penalties for using too many in a row (and a limit on how many a character can have available at once).

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Or do we have to manually find changes in the "what's changed" PDF every time we are trying to make something?

Singularity wrote:

No!!!! Please don't add Stamina to Pathfinder 2nd Ed (PF2e).

I'm a Starfinder GM, and have been totally frustrated by not being able to significantly hurt any of the PCs during Dead Suns. (PCs need to be hurt sometimes, in order to give them a sense of mortality.) I can usually get a couple of them to lose some or most of their Stamina in a single combat, but as soon as the combat is over they rest for 10 minutes, spend a resolve point, and viola! back to full health.

Our Mystic was totally frustrated. She had nothing to do. Medpatches? Who needs them? Medicine skill rolls? Only for diseases... I finally homebrewed a rule that the Mystic could "cure" Stamina instead of HP on a case by case basis.

I don't think that was a good solution, but at least it gave the Mystic something to do, at least until we made it to Eox. (But that's another story.)

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE... No Stamina in PF2e.

Funny, my group was regularly running out of stamina and losing HP in pretty much every fight. Since our only healing was a few potions, our soldier was complaining about low health through most of the asteroid dungeon, and our operative actually died to a trap.

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The sidebar on page 305 does say "Striking multiple times has diminishing returns. The multiple attack penalty applies to attacks after the first, whether those attacks are Strikes, special attacks like the grapple use of the Athletics skill, *or attacks from spells.*"

Ed Reppert wrote:
As others have said, a pdf of the rulebook should make extensive use of hyperlinks both between areas of the book and from the ToC and index to the relevant page. And give powers their own description section. Also agree with drakkonflye regarding mathmuse's contstruction of spell descriptions. Although I might word the description of the effect of the fear spell a bit differently: "You plant fear in the target. It becomes frightened (magnitude based on its Will save) and may flee."

+1 for more hyperlinks in all PDFs. Having to manually find the spell after seeing it on a list is really fiddly, even with ctrl+F.

And there needs to be some kind of back button, so you can resume browsing where you left off after clicking a hyperlink, but that might be more of an issue with the PDF reader...

What do you mean you can't use Shield? It protects you, and seems like it would be a pretty good option to not die.

Though I agree that disparity seems odd, and maybe Paizo didn't think of spellcasters also deciding to use mundane weapons when they have cantrips.

Does being immune to lucky hits also allow a monster to be immune to the penalties of being really bad at resisting an effect? For example, the Ooze cannot be crit, but would it take more damage if it failed to dodge Electric Arc by 10 or more? What about spells that only do their main selling point on a crit fail like the save-or-sucks?

Excuse me if this is something obvious, but my GM and I have gotten to the first combat, and we're not sure what Recall Knowledge we would have to roll for the sewer ooze. Is it something listed in the Bestiary, or is it in the handbook, or is it just always Nature?

Also, are we expected to get similar results to knowledge checks in PF1, or how does that work?

Is being a spell-like ability that has an effective spell level enough to qualify as a spell for feats and traits that affect spells such as Elemental Focus? N. Jolly's Kineticist guide sure seems to think so, but I've seen other materials that did not list these kinds of feats as a consideration.

Is there any sort of official ruling on this?

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What's the reasoning behind not allowing replaying scenarios with different characters in PFS? Often the order you do scenarios in makes little cohesive sense anyway, and each repeat would be in its own little alternate timeline, as are all plays between different players.

Please don't call the actions "Stride" and "strike". That will just get confusing. For example, another system I play has "shift" and "swift" actions, and the two get confused *constantly*.

If bows keep the ability to be fired without "reloading", perhaps they should have a severe range donut keeping you from attacking within their "first" range increment (which would have to be reduced), while crossbows can be fired at close ranges to make up for reloads. After all, Reach Weapons have a donut even though they only have ONE extra square of range.

It feels like Society play is going to replace "mandatory" CLW wands with "mandatory" Heal skill feat taxes (in that it's frowned upon to not take the option), if that's where the non-class healing comes from. Which seems slightly worse for player agency.

Casters' low-level spells need some scaling, too. It always feels bad when your 1st level spells become entirely useless because the DC is just too low for anything to fail. Not to mention Sleep, which is good for about 1 level before being unable to affect anything that might theoretically threaten you.

Please tell me that if you have kept the open-ended Craft, Profession, and Perform skills, you'll be better at codifying which ones will be used in adventures.

It is really annoying in PFS to make a character with no guidelines on which subsets of each of those skills (save Perform for bard types) will ever even DO anything, until you reach the point in the scenario where the GM says "Does anyone have Profession: Barrister? Oh, nobody thought of that one? Okay, never mind."