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So, we decided to play a goblin crew through S&S, and... it's a struggle (so many things need Wisdom...), but we've made it through to 2.1 without any deaths so far.
Our crew of 3 are:

Mogmurch (Me)

Both Fight & Burn decks mixed into the set.

What do you reckon, are we insane?

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Sunless Citadel Maps

Opening for Discussion.

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Sunless Citadel Maps

Opening post to follow later, opening to dot in

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Have good memories of running this back in the early days of 3rd Ed. Quite happy to see it re-emerging through the Tales from the Yawning Portal - so I thought I'd give it a run on here (even though you don't get to hear my silly voices in PbP, which may have been a large part of the appeal first time around...)

A quick question first up:
I can either run this straight (as in new characters - from 1st level) or run it as part of Adventurers League play (in which case it's Tier 1 - 1st- 4th level)

If running via AL since the adventure is designed for 1st level I'd be inclined to prioritise characters from the lower end of the spectrum, though if there's less than 6 submissions, I'll just take whoever signs up. Although if I understand correctly if you manage to exceed Tier 1 during the adventure you have to drop out at that stage.

If I'm not running as an AL game, then I'd be running with standard D&D 5 point buy for attributes. 1st Level characters. I have access to all the official books (incl. EE Players Guide) for options and provisionally accept UA article rules, though reserve the right to force you to rebuild if any of them prove problematic down the line.

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Sunless Citadel Maps

Discussion Thread

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Sunless Citadel Maps

Beneath the Fetid Chelimber

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Hi All,
I fancy DM'ing some 5e, but don't want to commit to anything super long-term at this time.

Anyone up for some Adventurer's League? If so is there any preference for which adventure? I'm playing in DDAL #01-03 Shadows Over the Moonsea, so that's off the table for the moment.

NB: I've not run an AL or PFS stuff before (and PFS gives me a headache) but AL seems fairly chilled out in it's working so I'm happy to give it a shot.

NB2: I'm based in the UK, so posting times will be offset from all you US folks, I'm hoping that as a GM this isn't too disruptive, as it should (in theory) mean everyone has plenty of time to post between GM posts, but if a lot of back and forth is required it may slow things down. Not sure what I can do about this, but making you aware.

I will generally make Saves and Init rolls on your behalf to keep things moving a bit quicker, and in general I will generally assume that if 1/2 of the party choose to do something the party as a whole will do it.

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Sunless Citadel Maps

Opening for discussion

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Sunless Citadel Maps

Opening up Gameplay thread for dots etc.
If you'd rather introduce yourself you can do so IC as either in Sandpoint, or just arriving either as part of a merchant caravan, or on your lonesome. Probably better to establish connections before going too far along though.

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The Idea
Using the Setting and rules for Monte Cooks' Numenera to run Paizo's Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path.

The adventure will be adapted and possibly little resemble the original. Pathfinder creatures do not exist in Numenera, so I will be substituting, editing and fiddling quite a bit, while keeping the main plotlines in place. Given Numenera abilities can be disruptive, I fully expect the game will go off the rails a fair bit.

All the current Numenera options will be available. I also have access to the Strange and Cypher system book, if someone really wants an option from one of them. Though I'd probably rather keep it to Numenera options.

While Cypher system gives players all the rolls this may be slow on PbP. I'm sure there will be some refining, but I think I may roll some rolls (Defence, initiative) on behalf of players and let you spend Effort retroactively, and tell you whether it's a success or fail, but not the difficulty/TN, so you will have a little more info on whether to spend Effort than usual, but it shouldn't be gamebreaking.

For those unfamiliar, Numenera is a semi-medieval setting in the far future of Earth. There have been 8 prior worlds, dominated by great civilisations who have risen to godlike powers through technology but then fell to destruction. As a result there is a fair amount of weird left behind, largely not understood by the current folk, though some scholars and experts have a limited understanding of this ancient artefacts.

I think Numenera works better with smaller numbers of players, I will probably run it if I can get at least 2 if they seem dedicated enough, obviously that doesn't leave much space for anyone to drop out. I'll be taking no more than 5 initially.
While I've listed this as an Interest Check, I'm pretty sure I'll run it if the interest is there, so feel free to post characters.

New Players?
If anyone doesn't have any familiarity with the system, I don't mind helping you through a character and rules.

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Sunless Citadel Maps

Opening up as new arrivals to Sandpoint, if you'd rather your character be a pre-existing occupant, place yourself somewhere in Sandpoint and post your activities

You're all travelling for various reasons, signing onto the merchants caravan as it brings supplies for the Swallowtail festival in Sandpoint, a broken wheel a few miles back delayed the caravan and Beros, the large caravan leader is nervous that they're going to be late to set up for the festival, though you're making good time now.

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Hello all,
I'd like to try a bit of an experiment, Rise of the Runelords via D&D 5th.

Not guaranteeing that it will be completed, but I'd like to give it a shot, looking for five Adventurers to take on the task of seeing if it can be done, and how different (or not) it feels run through the lens of another system.

All races and classes from the Players Handbook - I'll allow Aasimar from the DMG too (yes you can use variant human traits). I may have missed something, but I'm not aware of any other official races/classes having being released as yet, if you know otherwise feel free to enlighten me.

Attributes will be points buy or standard array (15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8), points buy to max 15 as per core rules (racial modifiers apply afterwards as usual).

A few additional backgrounds will be in the campaign info tab (hopefully), most replicating + expanding campaign traits that where different enough to standard backgrounds

I would prefer if you did Equipment via the packages, though I'll be flexible for you to swap things out for a better background fit.

I will not be using XP, you will be levelled at appropriate points, which may or may not coincide with the recommendations from the RotRAE, depending on if you seem to be struggling/steamrolling.

I hope to be starting this after the easter weekend, so probably 7th or 8th of April. I will prioritise character choices based mostly on background stories well-integrated into the area (download the players guide for an amount of background info if you're not already familiar), with "party balance" being a tie-breaker.

Will prefer 1 post per day, but I'm not a taskmaster, in combat I will GMPC if it's been 24 hours since your last post and your turn is up, feel free to add basic combat tactics to your characters profile if you would like. NB: Initiative will be pre-rolled and then grouped ready for you.

Any questions/interest?

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I admit this was in part due to our stubborn reluctance to give up, but we were playing a 3P game with Ranzak, Lem and Feiya.

The game just went wrong from the start, the first check someone needed a 5 on 3 dice (1d8+2d4 iic) and failed with 3 ones, then it just went worse. The Aquatic Dragon (forget the actual title) kept hitting us repeatedly.

Ranzak was the first to fall, his massive handsize proving his downfall. myself as Lem went next, fighting some monster I should have beat easily and rolling abysmally, and finally Feiya died.

The scenario was 3rd one from the S&S basic set.

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Sunless Citadel Maps

Out of game talky thread...

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Sunless Citadel Maps

In the Kingdom of Talingard, many crimes may send you to Branderscar Prison, but the sentence has but one meaning. You are wicked and irredeemable. Each of you recieved the same greeting when you arrived. You were held down by rough hands and branded upon the arm with a runic F. The mark signifies 'forsaken' and the painful scar is indelible proof that each of you has betrayed the great and eternal love of Mitra and his chosen mortal vassals.

Condemned, you face at best a life of shackles and servitude in the nearby salt mines. Others might await the "gentle" ministrations of the inquisitors so that co-conspirators may be revealed and confessions extracted. Perhaps, some of you will be spared this ordeal. Perhaps instead you have come to Branderscar to face the final judgment. In three days, the executioner arrives and the axe falls or the pyre will be lit. Through fire or steel, your crimes will be answered.

You have all been chained together in the same communal cell dressed in nothing but filthy, tattered rags. Manhandled and mistreated, any finery you once possessed is either ruined or long lost. No special treatment has been given any prisoner – male or female, commoner or noble – all of the forsaken are bound and imprisoned together. Your feet are secured by iron cuffs tethered by one long chain. Your arms are secured to the wall above by manacles. A guard is posted right outside the cell day and night. Little thought is given to long term accommodations. At Branderscar, justice comes swift and sure. Escape seems hopeless. You have all been well searched and every attempt to conceal anything on your person has failed. And if you could somehow slip your bonds and fly out of this prison, where would you go? Who from your former life would want anything to do with the forsaken?

Despised, alone and shackled – all that you can do now is await your doom. For each of you, your old life is over. For each of you, hope is a fading memory. For each of you, justice will be fairly meted. And who can blame fair Talingarde after what each of you has done?

...Introduction time and apologies for the cut and paste job, I'll try to do less of that in future

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Recruiting characters for playing the Way of the Wicked Adventure Path from Firemountain Games.

Please post your characters, you don't have to create a character profile until you're accepted, I don't know how many are still interested as I lost track on the other thread, but priority will be given to those who posted up on the I want to Play WotW thread.

Please see the following notes.

No more than 6 players.

Please download and refer to the WotW players guide (for traits etc), (I'm at work so can't provide a link at the moment), with the following notes:

Focus/Foible (choose one stat at 18, one at 8, others are 1d10+7 in order)or 25 pt buy, please either roll or point buy, don't roll and then chicken out.

See the Class/Race notes in the players guide, I'm not outright disallowing anything by Paizo (assuming a legal alignment is available - Anti-Paladin's be any-evil), 3PP need to check with me first and let me know all relevant rules. However firearms are not in use in Talingarde, and I am not changing this to make them more accessible, so I do not recommend a gunslinger (same applies to exotic equipment for Ninja/Samurai).

I am not expressly disallowing Chaotic characters, but if you are unable to work within this alignment to work as part of a team, you will find yourself facing difficulties. Good is still disallowed.

+2 skill points per level as per Players Guide is in play.

Don't bother picking equipment, but if a piece of equipment is core to your character build, let me know and I'll incorporate it into Brandescar somewhere (this includes components/bonded objects etc)

Again, re-iterating Players Guide, you do not start with any animal companions/mounts/eidolon's etc

2 Traits, one of which has to be your Crime, if you would like an alternate crime, please let me know and I'll do my best to work with you.

House Rules
I don't track Experience, for AP's, you will level up pretty much when the AP expects you to. I may also removing some encounters if I feel they are just "padding" to get you some xp (PBF games are slow enough without filler).

I sometimes issue Plot Points in face-to-face games, for inspiring roleplaying - I'm undecided as to whether to the same for a PBF game. I don't hand them out like candy, but they let you either auto-succeeed at a roll, force an opponent to auto-fail at a roll or change one minor game element (such as give an npc a personality trait/background element or add a feature to a room etc).

Other Notes
I am based in the UK (GMT), so may well post at odd-times for Americans, I aim to post at least once/day (probably around 9pm GMT), and will try to progress the game if it seems to stall.

Anyone who hasn't posted will be assumed to go along with the rest of the party. If someone hasn't posted for 2 weeks without letting me know they'll be away, I'll begin to look for a replacement player.

I've not run an extensive PBF before, so feel free to offer advice and bear with me.