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Ravenlute wrote:
The only level of training you will need to care about is that which is produced by your own Settlement

Not quite, there is a system in place to support feats you can't train in a settlement. Here's a quick example with encumbrance feats:

NPC settlement : Training = 0, Support = 4 (you cannot train them at all but if you train them elsewhere, the settlement will let you use it up to level 4)

Crafting Settlement : Training = Support > 4. I don't know what the higher level is but if you live there, you'll be able to both train encumbrance and use it at its max level.

Also, when I looked at encumbrance 5, there was an extra line in the tooltip saying that my NPC settlement was not supporting it.

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I'll start crafting in my NPC settlement as soon as I can safely transfer items between my DTs.

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So crafting buildings will become invulnerable PvP safe haven?

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So carrying crafted armor to another settlement will have to wait for caravans?

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I have the same problem, typing "Keeper" gives no results. I do get something when typing "Circle".

I like the Scout idea. Losing Uncanny Dodge and Improved Uncanny Dodge for more sneak attacks is probably a good tradeoff. Opening with a charge + sneak attack, then subsequent rounds 5 foot step + full-attack. The 10 ft movement + sneak attack with the whip's 15 ft range isn't bad but prevents full-attacks so I wouldn't use it as much but I can see cases where it's be nice.

I'm not too sure about the Lore Warden though. Armor Training 1 gives me full speed with a medium armor, which allows acrobatics to work. And a Mithral Medium Armor makes Evasion and Improved Evasion work too. You are basically trading that for knowledge skills, +2 CMB/CMD and Combat Expertise, a requirement for Improved Feint and Improved Dirty Tricks. I really considered maneuvers but they usually prevent full-attacks so I changed my mind.

Your build is definitely more stealthy/skill-based so I can see why Shadowdancer is interesting for you (hide in plain sight, darkvision, uncanny dodge take 2). I have a more "brute force" approach so stealth isn't on my skill set.

Thanks though, I'll reuse the Scout for sure!

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I've been toying with this build for a while now and wouldn't mind having opinions/comments/advices from this board.

The general ideas revolves around whips, intimidate, damage dealing and debuffs. I basically wanted to have more versatility out of a melee build. The 5 levels dip into fighter are accelerating the BAB progression for whip feats but also bring other goodies (medium armor & shield, armor/weapon training, extra feats).

Str +2
Intimidate +2
Sacred Tattoo (I'm not a big fan of Orc Ferocity)
City-raised (Gives whip proficiency and levels of Fighter brings martial anyways)

Ability score
Str 18 (+2 racial)
Dex 14
Con 14
Int 10
Wis 10
Cha 10

1. Thug 1 (Skill Focus (Intimidate), Frightening)
This brings my Intimidate to +9, success = at least 2 rounds of shaken.
Whip doesn't threaten and is useless vs armor but can trip/disarm at 15ft.
Otherwise a backup weapon can be used (shortbow, rapier, whatever).
Sneak Attack +1d6.

2. Thug 2 (Weapon Training (Whip), Evasion)
The rogue talent gives Weapon Focus for free

3. Figther 1 (Power Attack, Whip Mastery, lots of proficiencies)
Now that whip starts to really be useful. It still does not threaten but at least it is a reliable source of damage and doesn't trigger AoO.
Power Attack is self explanatory.
I can now use a Spiked shield to threaten with a shield bash.
I can also trade Evasion for Medium/Heavy armor.

4. Fighter 2 (Enforcer)
Since a whip can deal non-lethal damage, Enforcer really extends the shaken duration of a demoralize check. And 4+ rounds of shaken = 1 round of frightened, thanks to Thug's Frightening.

5. Fighter 3 (Dazzling Display, Armor Training)
Dazzling Display gives a full-round option but it is mostly a requirement for Shatter Defenses.
Armor Training + Mithral Breastplate = High AC + Evasion at full speed.

6. Fighter 4 (Improved Whip Mastery)
Now that whip threatens at 10 ft.

7. Fighter 5 (Shatter Defenses, Weapon Training (Flails))
BAB is now +6/+1 so 2 attacks on a full-round. First deals non-lethal with Enforcer for shaken, second causes target to be flat-footed (only to me) until the end of my next round. Then sneak attack at will.
Weapon training gives a boost on attack/damage.

8. Thug 3 (Brutal Beating)
Sneak Attack +2d6
I can also forgo 1d6 of sneak attack for sickening debuff.

9. Thug 4 (Combat Reflexes, Strong Impression, Uncanny Dodge)
Finally making use of the whip's threat range.
Strong Impression gives a boost to Intimidate

10+. All Thug levels, improving sneak attack and critical feats for more damage/debuff. At level 13, BAB is +11/+6/+1 so the combo becomes (provided everything hits): Enforcer + Shaken / Flat-footed / Sicken + Sneak Attack. Eventually Sneaking Precision can also apply one critical feat effect (Tiring/Exhausting Critical) when target is hit twice by sneak attack in a round.

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I usually avoid posting things like this but the first thing I thought when reading "WotT" was "Wizards of the Toast".

I'm really sorry...

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The tabletop rules for crafting allow some post-production improvements. You can either craft a +1 Longsword directly or take any already crafted Masterwork Longsword, pay the price difference and upgrade it to +1.

Is PFO will allow some sort of upgrades like that?

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T7V Jazzlvraz wrote:
it sounded as if recipes may be one-use consumable items

That would be interesting, it would prevent monopolies and market flooding. That and non-crafters could benefit from selling recipes.

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I was expecting more activity from "free agents" but hey, I did find myself a home!

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Anyone else like me is still looking for a home? Write up a description of what you are looking for and let the settlement recruiters sway you :)

So here goes:
I'm planning on having a Half-Elf Ranger as my primary character and a Gnome Arcane Caster (Wizard, Sorcerer, I may even consider Bard) as my Destiny's Twin (well, Half-Elf, Gnome and Ranger will have to wait so probably Human or Elf Fighter and Human or Elf Wizard at first).

I'd like to focus my Ranger into exploration, resource gathering and PvP. Basically roaming the wild, looking for goodies and skirmishing whenever necessary. The caster will focus on turning those resources into crafted goods, play the market and probably help defend the settlement with buff spells.

Alignment-wise, I see my ranger going True Neutral and my Caster more on the Lawful side. It's not a hard requirement though, I can easily fit whatever alignment the settlement requires (not CE though).

I'm really not into "roleplaying", so settlements with fancy backstories and all do not appeal to me.

Also, I'll be a casual player (having kids does that to your gaming schedule), on EST time zone.

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Since escalations spread to neighboring hexes, can two different cycles overlap in the same hex?

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Bluddwolf wrote:
Yes, guard duty is boring if nothing happens. Guards may be expensive to hire as well. I believe most guards will be working for their own settlements, so the pay may be in other forms than just coin. The sense of purpose for providing such a service to your settlement is also a reward unto itself and will alleviate the boredom (possibly).

Guard duty is also boring if something does happen. Bandits will only engage when they know they'll win. So as a guard, the odds will always be against you. I fail to see how losing most fights will attract a lot of people.

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If you're into crafting and logistics, being a merchant will probably be a lot of fun.

If you're more into PvP, banditry also seems like a good option.

But I wonder what's in it for guards? They'll be constantly under pressure to lower their price (merchants are greedy) and they'll either walk alongside a caravan and be bored out of their mind OR be outnumbered by bandits (who always have the initiative).

I seriously doubt it will be a fun job...

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Nevy wrote:
Without a class able to cast continuous heals, will there be any way for a group of smaller players to sustain fighting, let's say, a zerg of enemies? If so, how?

Let's not forget that healing works both ways. If you have a dedicated healer on your side, the zerg probably has a few of their own. So the odds of beating them is much worse than if you had limited healing on both sides.

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Like anything, the balance between threaded gear vs crafting market will probably evolve through crowdforging.

I'm assuming that threading items is a good compromise to have at first, to attract people from other MMOs. Once the population reached critical mass and players get used to the idea of:
1- Not having the best-in-slot gear and
2- Lose part of their stuff on a frequent basis

Then I think the threading mechanism could be slowly throttled down, to increase market opportunities (if need be).

Thanks guys, I was looking at "level up" steps to follow and couldn't find anything. The answer was right in my face in the feats Prerequisites paragraph. That phrase in particular:

A character can gain a feat at the same level at which he gains the prerequisite.

I don't know if it's been answered somewhere else, I didn't find anything.

Here's the scenario, I have a fighter with 12 Int going on level 4. I wish to get Combat Expertise as a bonus feat, which requires Int 13. So can I increase intelligence first (level 4 increase) and then select Combat Expertise or do I need to meet the requirement prior to leveling up?

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Fulfillment tool shieldmate tooltip wrote:
Invite a friend with another Pathfinder Online account to be your shieldmate. Once the invitation is accepted, both accounts unlock a special bonus: All characters on both accounts gain the Shieldmate Mark. Any time two or more characters with the Shieldmate Mark are in a group, all characters with the Shieldmate Mark in that group gain a minor combat enhancement. You can only offer or accept one shieldmate invitation.

That pretty much confirms what Nihimon just said. Your whole account gets the Shieldmate Mark when you either issue an invitation that has been accepted OR you accepted an invitation yourself.

To get the party bonus, two characters need to have the Shieldmate Mark (it doesn't need to be you, nor a player from the account you invited).

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Having a unique ID as a key would allow duplicate names but then becomes incredibly hard to use in-game:

id_12345 = "John Smith"
id_67890 = "John Smith"

/tell John Smith Hi dude! => ambiguous, which John Smith exactly?
/tell id_12345 Hi dude! => Would work but is really impractical

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I would much prefer an in-game mechanism. Once a leader quits, that mechanism could be used to replace him. And if he doesn't quit but does a bad job, you can always challenge him.

Let's say any form of challenge lasts for a week. If within a week, the current leader does not show up, he simply forfeits his position. Challenges could be 1v1 fights, elections or whatever imaginative system the devs can think of.

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So basically, what I suggested was already put on paper. Glad to hear it :)

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Bluddwolf wrote:

In my experience with MMOs this is how the typical system works:

Forming a Company / Corp / Clan / Guild:

1. One person purchases a charter
2. Person then collects the signatures of nine other characters
3. The Group is now formed
4. The holder of the charter is automatically the "Guild Leader".
5. Company Permissions, Titles, Functions, etc are then set by the GL.
6. The GL is usually the only person with admin power, and the highest
rank anyone else usually receives is that of a Director.

Whatever form of government that is used is Operational Practices (how it will be run), not Organizational Structures (how it works).

The only way around this is to make the system either based on Unanimous decisions or by popular vote. The obvious pitfalls for those are that it is either nearly impossible to get things done, needing 100% of the vote; or you don't always do what is best for the settlement because it was voted down.

That's what I'm saying, all games pretty much offer the same bland structure. I'm merely suggesting to jazz it up a bit. But unlike previous games, I don't want this to set in stone for eternity. I want options for members to do something about leadership when they feel it's necessary.

Steelwing wrote:

Eve corporations are theoretically share based in as much as when you set them up you issue a number of shares and these can be held by as many people as you have shares.

Going to war requires a share holder vote.

Having said that. It is not possible to sell shares in Eve nor in practice do shares get distributed widely (normally only the corp leader and sometimes the directors get shares)

I would say I would welcome such an idea if they actually make it have meaning. This would indeed means shares being made saleable and tradeable. It would also require the payment of dividends.

I always felt the EVE system was lacking too. Having to manually track incomes/expenses to figure out monthly profits. Then for a 5% dividend, figuring out how each individual shareholder received and manually transferring that money to them. It was just too painful so people didn't bother.

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@Proxima Sin

That's exactly how public companies work in real life. Hostile takeover are rare though because companies try to limit the number of available shares on the market vs the ones they already control. Issuing new shares is a good way to inject more money but also dilutes equities, it's a trade off they have to manage.

I see trade hubs being good candidates for this model. A settlement that doesn't want to accept too many strangers could finance (with or without partners) the construction of a trade settlement to redirect customers elsewhere. That settlement could then focus on trade infrastructures, giving dividends every so often to the shareholders and using the extra cash to lower taxes so they attract more people. If that settlement ever gets attacked, the shareholders will have to step in to defend their interests.

Mercenary settlements could also be good candidatess. They don't care who owns them, as long as they have someone to fight against for money. If a targeted settlement decides to reverse the tide by buying shares from the mercenaries, then why not?

In any case, I wouldn't set the settlement governance at creation to never change it again. I would allow any leader to switch to any system, provided they have the right to do it. A democracy could't turn into a dictatorship unless the majority votes for the change. A dictator could always change to democracy (because he's all powerful) but that would erode his control over the settlement.

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This totally falls into the "nice to have" bin but I'd like to see different governance styles for settlements.

An obvious one would be total dictatorship. The settlement leader can set any law/rule/tax/war he wants, whenever he wants. He may of course appoint people below him with specific roles but overall, the membership has nothing to say on anything. It would also be nice to have a failsafe mechanism for members to challenge the dictator and possibly dethrone him (in direct 1v1 combat or maybe XvX).

Another system would be direct democracy. Giving a single vote to each member and passing every law/rule/tax/war under vote. This would involve each and every member but would cause long delays (I wouldn't expect votes to happen at a precise instant but having like a 24h window where people can cast their vote).

The last idea I had was to manage settlements like a business. Any player (member of the settlement or not) could buy equities. They could then vote for a board of administrator that would lead the settlement. The board would be elected but they would have to appoint any "executive" to do the day to day management.

As a side note, I wouldn't bind any of those systems to a specific alignment. As see a LG paladin organization setting a dictatorship system so they act with a military chain of command just as much as I see a CE settlement setting a direct democracy so anyone can decide to add/remove laws whenever they feel like it.

I believe such systems wouldn't be too hard to implement (mostly iterations over the basics) and could add a lot of meaningful interactions. Like crafters in a democracy organizing a lobby to lower taxes, minions in a dictatorship preparing a revolution in secret, two big neighboring settlements investing money to finance a 3rd "trade" settlement they could then control remotely.

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Tork Shaw wrote:
Someone covered this a wee bit further down - apologies for not crediting them: This only covers the core level spell-set. Its very likely that rarer spells will appear only as drops/faction rewards/other rewards, but for new players the acquisition of what you might call 'base' spells and expendable abilities should be as simple as it is for a Pathfinder wizard. Note that in the Pathfinder TT game only non-core spells are difficult to come by. Wizards can take any core spell (level appropriate) they want when leveling up. We will end up with a similar paradigm in PFO except that it may be possible to buy scrolls of unusual spells on the auction house as well as having to earn them yourself.

Maybe that's the part I was missing, the expendable analogy with scrolls.

In TT, the first time you get a scroll, you can scribe it in your spellbook. This consumes the scroll. After that, you can decide to use that spell as many times as you want, provided they all fit in your daily alotment. BUT, if you happen to find a second scroll of that spell, it gives you an EXTRA use of that spell if you ever need it.

I was previously under the impression that further copies of an expendable was useless. If they indeed work like scrolls, giving you an extra use of that actions, then I see the economic potential.

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I might be wrong but I remember something about having enough staminna for 3-4 actions per round. Since a round is 6 sec., that gives you plenty of time to click buttons with your mouse instead of the keyboard.

As to why we need more than 12-14 active buttons, well I guess it's both a matter of preference and situation. I'm sure we'll have out of combat actions like long term buffs or gathering skills. Those are buttons you don't need in combat.

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avari3 wrote:

20 buttons to mash swapping into 36. Ugh. That's about twice what I consider ideal. That many buttons is just flat out unhealthy imo. Asking for RSI.

It's a cheap way to disguise boring combat.

There are 2 things to consider:

First, Stamina will limit the number of buttons you can click per round. So extra buttons will be circumstantial at best.

Second, to get all the buttons active, you'll need to be fully equipped, making you a tempting target.

Players will have to ponder if an extra button is really worth the risk of losing the associated equipment when dying. I'm expecting hardcore PvPers focusing on a limited set of buttons that synergize well together while limiting the equipment they put at risk.

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Tork Shaw wrote:
MOST expendable feats are designed to be just as accessible as weapon feats, so they need to be pretty readily available.

If most expendables shall be "readily available", there won't be a huge market: too much offer for very little demand. Expendables will just become junk loot.

By selling expendables through NPCs you at least get another coin sink to control inflation.

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Wurner wrote:

The item would be consumed by someone learning the expendable. I don't see that it would necessarily 'flood the market' more than anything coming from other faucets, like coin, crafting materials, crafted items...

"have a chance" could mean any probability greater than 0 and less than 1. It can be balanced.

Expendables are only consumed once per player. As soon as every single player has consumed one type of an expendable, all further drops of that type are useless. In other words, without a proper sink, any drop chance above 0% creates an inflating system...

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In PvP, any expendables the player has slotted have a chance to appear as additional loot if the implement they were slotted in was not threaded (the original character does not forget the expendable, it is merely copied into a loot item).

I'm not sure I get this. When you die, even if you didn't thread the expendable, you don't lose it. So there is no expendable sink? They will just multiply until the market is flooded with them?

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1. I can live without special characters. Allowing accents will accomodate for french, spanish, swedish alphabets while still preventing arabic, cyrillic and chinese ones... If you can't make everybody happy, just go less headaches. I'm french speaking and I can tell you it's very common to not have access to accents, it's really not a big deal (at least for me).

2. Surnames like McDonald, O'Brian, D'Artagnan or De Maisonneuve can be achieved with simple prefix rules. Prefix need to be capitalized, can include apostrophe and optionally a trailing space. So the system would end up being "Name" + "Optional surname prefix" + "Surname".

This would still allow "Marty" + "Mc" + "Fly" and "Drizzt" + "Do'" + "Urden" so I guess GW validation will be needed whatever the system...

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It's my first time participating so I was all proud to get to work with my mo this morning. Apparently, there's a set of rules to follow and you're supposed to be completely shaved on day one. I've been called a cheat a few times today, lol!

All that to say that 1. I'm already in a team and 2. it sure is funny!

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Ryan Dancey wrote:
A lot of people want to play a solo experience in a multiplayer world and when the solo content ends, they quit.

And surprisingly, other people want a multiplayer experience and can't have it until cap level so they quit even earlier. That's pretty much my story with TOR.

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I would be happy with a skill check giving me an arrow pointing in the general direction of my target. That would be both lightweight for the database and serve the purpose of "actively" tracking something. Improving the tracking skill could enlarge the search radius and/or the arrow precision and/or skill usage time and/or skill refresh.

I would also add some specific knowledge of the target to be known beforehand. Tracking specific monsters/NPC would require the appropriate Knowledge skill. Tracking another character would require a bounty. I would even allow tracking players when they are offline so we can ambush them :D

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Funny cause I do not interpret "meaningful human interactions" as requiring more than one human.

If I play Solitaire, I do interact with cards. And each time I move a card, I make a meaningful choice as to what is blocked/unblocked.

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EVE allows manual reputation overrides. If alliance A cuts a deal with alliance B to set mutual blue flags, then they can enter each other space/installations. This of course involves real people from alliance A talking to real people in alliance B beforehand. So technically, both A and B can keep their NBSI policies while allowing "trusted" visitors in. The matter of deciding who's trustworthy and whose not is left to alliance diplomats/authorities.

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The runaway favorite is Twice-Marked of Pharasma, which has been selected 976 times!

That's a surprise as nothing was said about what it is... right?

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I wanted to play a True Neutral character since day 1 but got slightly rebuked by the auto-LG mechanism. I mean, to remain completely neutral, you had to engage in unprovoked PvP for a CE counterweight. That's not what I had in mind for a neutral character...

With Stephen's clarification, I can avoid both PvE and unprovoked PvP, turn off the auto-lawful and stay neutral. That's good news!

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A Game of Thorns -> A Game of Thrones.

Time Keeps On Slipping, Slipping, Slipping into the Future! -> Lyrics from "Fly Like An Eagle"

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LordDaeron wrote:
I would like to see a beholder's lair or something like that too

Unfortunately, Beholders are not open game content and Paizo does not own the copyright. So beholders, mind flayers and probably lots of others are not part of the Pathfinder bestiary.

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Your apprehend mechanism sounds like a good way to grief bandits, disrupting their play style every time you pass by them.

There are already mechanisms in place to counter banditry. You either declare a war on recurrent bandits so they all become fair game. Or you set laws in the hex you control to kill them on sight.

If you are not in your own hex and you are not at war with them and still persist at attacking them unprovoked, then your are acting as judge, jury and executioner. It might be lawful but it's certainly not good.

Sure bandits will steal wealth, but they also close doors to many settlements, that's a harsh punishment already. And sure caravans will get robbed but why were they not sufficiently escorted in the first place?

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Yep, I mixed up quote tags. I was not quoting AvenaOats but Being, my bad. It's been more than an hour so I can't edit it...

Now with proper quoting :)

Being wrote:
If DudeRanger doesn't have the bounty on Lololol he has no business attacking Lololol unless he wants to get a bounty on his head as well.

I understand this is the way they want to implement bounties. And it might end up being a good way to do it, who knows. All I'm saying is I have reserves about whether this system will:

1. Address the grieving issue by ensuring gankers that only a handful of players are actively pursuing them instead of the whole server.

2. Appeal to players who wish to be bounty hunters.

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Andius wrote:

If there is a group of 10 ragged bandits and I ride up with 20 well armed and trained soldiers in gleaming armor. They aren't going to attack. They will either run or thumb their noses at us since they know we can't do anything without taking an alignment hit.

Of course if we just ride off then they will continue to sit there until a trader and his three guards show up and then kill him.

I would rather be playing Darkfall. Sure it's a cesspool but at least I can do something about it without being flagged as evil myself.

The secret here is to be upfront with ragged bandits and declare an official war on them. The long term solution is to colonize the hex and set laws to engage CE at will.

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AvenaOats wrote:
We already know that a bounty is restricted from the known cohorts of the criminal. We can infer, then, that the owner of the contract can share his property with his own cohorts.

It would indeed make sense to infer that anyone grouping with Gleaneagle would benefit from both a share of the reward and the limited reputation loss. But this is not explicitly written in the blog.

AvenaOats wrote:
Example: TN Ranger 'Gleneagle' takes a bounty contract on CE criminal 'Lololol'. Gleneagle uses the bounty hunter perks and his ranger skills to determine that Lololol is hiding deep in CE territory. So Gleneagle assembles his A team and makes an incursion to enter CE territory to neutralize Lololol and collect the bounty.

Ok, what about DudeRanger which is also a bounty hunter? He happens to be right beside Lololol but can't attack him despite the bounty. This makes no sense to me. The reason to put a bounty on someone is to make sure the target is tracked down by as many people as possible. Limiting bounties to a single player and his group sounds more like an assassination contract then a bounty one.

Goblin Squad Member

I'm a bit concerned about the new bounty mechanics. The "exclusive owner for a limited time" part pretty much says you can't hunt bounties with a group. So if the target is part of a roaming bunch, you have to take them all by yourself? I fail to see people joining me into my hunt when they can't have a share of the bounty and lose reputation for attacking unprovoked players.

And what's the point of putting a bounty on someone when the target can be assured that only one guy at a time is pursuing him? The whole point of bounties is to make sure that wherever the target goes, he needs to be on its guards.

The way it's currently described, the whole system pretty much protects bounties from hunters.

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Please oh please no mini-games! In most games, they are just distracting players from the fact that crafting sucks.

To make crafting not suck, it has to be more involving. Crafters need to study markets, manage production, secure material supplies, organize logistics for both supplies and crafted products. You can do it by yourself, with guildies, with contractors. You can do it safely in a trade hub or be more opportunist by risking going to remote places where demand and prices are higher. You can specialize into high-end products with low volume and high profits or generalize into mundane stuff with high volume and low profit.

The possibilities are numerous and doing all that requires a lot more than clicking on a "craft" button.

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I'd like a progression within a creature type.

Fey could go from pixie to nymph.

Plants could go from assasin vines or violet fungus to treant.

Undead from zombies and skeletons to ghouls and wraiths.

So on so forth...

It would give a particular area a consistent feel.

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J'imagine que vous êtes basés en France? Ça complique les choses pour les québécois côté horaire...

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