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Anyone else like me is still looking for a home? Write up a description of what you are looking for and let the settlement recruiters sway you :)

So here goes:
I'm planning on having a Half-Elf Ranger as my primary character and a Gnome Arcane Caster (Wizard, Sorcerer, I may even consider Bard) as my Destiny's Twin (well, Half-Elf, Gnome and Ranger will have to wait so probably Human or Elf Fighter and Human or Elf Wizard at first).

I'd like to focus my Ranger into exploration, resource gathering and PvP. Basically roaming the wild, looking for goodies and skirmishing whenever necessary. The caster will focus on turning those resources into crafted goods, play the market and probably help defend the settlement with buff spells.

Alignment-wise, I see my ranger going True Neutral and my Caster more on the Lawful side. It's not a hard requirement though, I can easily fit whatever alignment the settlement requires (not CE though).

I'm really not into "roleplaying", so settlements with fancy backstories and all do not appeal to me.

Also, I'll be a casual player (having kids does that to your gaming schedule), on EST time zone.

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I was expecting more activity from "free agents" but hey, I did find myself a home!

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I am interested in a crafting settlement.

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Soldack, some guilds I can think of off the top of my head might interest you:

Full Metal Syndicate
Deepforge (if you're a Dwarf)

Each seems to be having heavy or primary focus on crafting.

Keepers of the Circle encompasses multiple interests in their Rings, but you'll find plenty of crafting there, too.

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Neutral-Good Brighthaven will have room for crafters. The current governing company is The Empyrean Order (TEO), but the settlement concept aims to include other companies as well as independent characters.

Judging from the map, we'll be up to our chitlins in iron ore.

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I believe both of you may find one or the other of these appealing. Though the settlement itself may offer the strongest match, our company is trade oriented enough that we have a strong place for crafter/gatherers and more than happy to sponsor your citizenship.

Lawful Neutral Settlement Dagedai

Lawful Neutral Company Audacity

Please feel free to respond or PM if you are interested.

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We're excited for you to come make your home with us CaptnB!

Soldack, I highly recommend Brighthaven as a great home for a crafter. The Keepers of the Circle also hope to make our settlement a great place for crafters to hone their skills. Our Ring of Iron will be dedicated to the crafting arts and are always looking for more members. There are also some crafting dedicated Chartered Companies you might want to check out.

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If your Heart is Good and Lawful Sensible Security is your Bailiwick, Fidelis awaits You! Another friend among friends. Come check us out :)

Explore other Lawful or "one step" options at the main page. There are countless opportunities, for all roles, whether you are a ladder climber, PVPer (even just curious), PVE lover, or a more reserved soul.

Check Us Out!

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It seems more details would help the advice...

Neutral Good, Wizard, Crafting legendary artifacts (No idea if that is even a possibility lol)

May want to have a wizard tower POI near the settlement if that is a possibility.

BrightHaven sounds correct to me but I wanted to see as many options as possible. I know we have a long time till this is a thing...

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Soldack Keldonson wrote:

Neutral Good, Wizard, Crafting legendary artifacts (No idea if that is even a possibility lol)

May want to have a wizard tower POI near the settlement if that is a possibility.

BrightHaven sounds correct to me but I wanted to see as many options as possible.

Well, if you're looking at all options;

Outsiders is a Neutral Good Company / initial settlement, but allows each user to pursue their own aims rather than focusing on a particular role (e.g. crafting).

Last I heard it will initially be possible to build any POI type in any open hex... you could build a farm in the middle of a lake... you just wouldn't get any benefit from doing so. Thus, you should potentially be able to attach wizard specific features to ANY settlement.

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You may also want to consider Phaeros, with The Seventh Veil. They are pretty interested in all things wizardly, and have other NG members I believe.

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Phaeros will indeed be investing in training facilities for those wanting to follow the path of the wizard, and we are intending to make a home for those who want to craft too. And there will certainly be a lot of people in the NG alignment bracket as well.

By all means come and have a look at our threads (see the link above), have a look at our website, or PM a member of The Seventh Veil if you have any questions you would like answered.

I should also point out that Brighthaven is the settlement to be founded by TEO, who are our friends and allies, so once we know more about the logistics of it, I am sure we will be working out a way to cross train at both settlements.

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These responses are tremendously helpful.

It is overwhelming the large number of great communities rising up for this game!

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If you plan on being a crafter, what better place to set up than the settlement planning on playing as PFO's premier trading hub? More info here. Although you should note Aeturnum is now a section of the nation of Xeilias; besides that most of the OP there should hold true.

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I'm planning on a human Druid, with a gnomish Crafter as my DT.
The TN Druid will be focused on exploration with a goal of interacting with escalations, and on spell casting rather than shape changing.
The Crafter is planned to specialize in refining, and will be training as a wizard when crafting isn't an option.

I'm interested in RP with both characters, and have Good tendencies.

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Froggalpha, there's not a lot of activity since the Land Rush began in earnest, but The Viridian Circle may be of interest to you.

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