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Orthos wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:
Orthos wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:

(2) At 18, Impus Major is in the, "coronavirus doesn't hit us as hard" demographic, while at 52, I'm in the, "You're a 52-year-old white male with asthma? Yeah, you're dead," demographic.

Okay when precisely is the age threshold that becomes an increased risk factor? Both of my parents are 59, but mom insists they're not old enough to be in any more of danger than me at 35. All other factors - minor respiratory allergies, high blood pressure, etc - are the same, more or less.

As they're leaving today to go on their two week out of state visit to the grandkids this came up in discussion, but dad not only wouldn't cancel the trip, he quickly scrambled to reschedule when their original flight was cancelled.

It varies week-by-week and depends on what media source/medical source you want to listen to.

I've heard everything from "over 50" to "over 70", so I'm just playing it safe.

Given their only source is Fox....

Anyone who voted for Hillary...

At least that's what I assume Fox News is telling them.

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NobodysHome wrote:

AT&T Update: Road closed for 1.5 days now, AT&T employees spotted: 0.

That's one more than I thought would show up.

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Vanykrye wrote:
Tacticslion wrote:

Okay. I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

Discord GMing tonight.

We're cool. We're aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall cool.

Sure I spent the weekend too sick to prepare, and, yes, I have a player who it literally pushing at the boundaries of the rails every chance he gets (and also generally annoyed with the NPCs, because clearly he's the most powerful being on the planet and their plans matter little in the face of his own), and, yes, my ADD and dyslexia seem to be on in overdrive, and, yes, I slept poorly last night, and, yes, I am absolutely not in the mood.

But. I can do this. It's aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall cool. Dang it.

Just picture CY fencing with a harmonica in his mouth. Naked. See? You'll be fine.

I'm going to be internet famous.

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Freehold DM wrote:

Does this make me an Influencer? I guess I gotta get an Instagram account now.

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We made it up to 14 degrees today!

Which means Bob Lindmeier f~%!ing lied to me!

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We're below freezing for the first time this fall.

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Tacticslion wrote:

NH (and/or anyone else): I’m thinking about a formula, but I’ve forgotten the name of it... and the math of it...

The basic problem is such:

I can create a single cone of X size (in this case 500 ft., but that doesn’t really matter).

I want to have a single cone “on top” as it were.

I can use any number of cones to create other shapes below, but they need to have a bigger area and to be just as wide as the widest point for each step below the one above and be solid from below.

As an example, I can’t stack a cone on top of another cone. I can stack it on top of four cones: three in a tight triangle and a fourth inverted and fitting the previous three (as an example - I’m pretty sure that’s the “tightest” I can make layer 2). Layer three must be bigger in area than layer 2, but should be as small as possible.

I remember seeing someone discuss this (rather, something like it - I think they used pyramids) once in a geometry class I took, but geometry (like chemistry) was always super annoying to me, soooooo... I don’t think I’ve ever used this since.

Is there a simple formula you know? Or will I have to just do really annoying shape work?

(I’m going to about 60k feet - so one-hundred twenty iteratives - I’m just hoping for a non-manual way to tell me how many I’ll have by then; In an effort to prevent widening, I’m cheating a bit, and allowing “increasing stacking” - so I can actually use the filled in triangle of section 2 twice; use the square I got for section 3 [made of four cones with a cone in the middle] thrice, and so on. Fundamentally, however, that shouldn’t change the basic formula beyond regular adjustments. Though given my current state of mind, I dunno, guys. I might just epic fail.)

He's speaking in tongues, again.

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Frankly, I'd rather see images of interracial porn then Boris Johnson.

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NobodysHome wrote:

Hello, John!

You know, I should REALLY know NOT to click on a Ted talk called, "Why Societies Collapse", but of course I did. And yes, it's as depressing as you'd expect it to be...

Is it because they elect a racist moldy pumpkin wearing an expensive suit being operated by Don Bluthian mice bent on over throwing the human race from within.

Because I already figured that out.

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I f~#$ing HATE Hy-Vee, just saying.

Doktor Weasel wrote:
SteelGuts wrote:

I don't care about Seoni new outfit the old one was just over the top sexualised, but it is a shame for Sajan. He looks less Shoanti now, I think.

However some of that PG thing just wrecked my favorite monsters: Ogres were way better before. Now they look like generic cannibal monsters, but no more consanguinity or mutations, that's a shame. Same for the Succubus, who looks like a Tieffling courtisan rather than the lust demon.

I think that being more conservative for players is okay, but some monsters should keep the atrocity/maturity they deserved, in the core representation.

I am afraid when the art of Noctila & Sorshen are going to come out. They both use lust power.

And it is not for the sake of it, just that if you want to have some mature thematic and monsters, it should be ok for these few monsters to be represented in terrible ways. That is what make them monsters and opponents.

I remember a time when Goblins hide for trying to catch and eat childrens... Now they eat pickles for god's sake.

As stated earlier, Sajan was always Vudrani. But yeah, his new shirt looks weird. Overall I prefer the older art. Although I do think Seoni was absurdly over the top in her sexualization, and I find the new art to be an improvement. Such over the top cheesecake sometimes feels a bit insulting to me honestly. It sometimes feels like some exec somewhere is figuring the fan-base is just a bunch of adolescent boys who are easily swayed in their purchases by boobs. No, I don't think that was ever Paizo's intent, but it can be off-putting.

Ogres are still inbred with mutations (from the new bestiary): " Ogres practice incest regularly, believing that it makes for stronger familial bonds, and most ogres are misshapen or mutated from generations of inbreeding." Also lots of mention of their cruelty and how they mentally scar their captives. The artwork is a bit different, but I'd chalk that up to different artists unless we start seeing them portrayed differently...

I for one welcome our new Shakespearean Ogre Overlords! A little drama with our backwoods cannibalism never hurt anyone!

Except for maybe the person being cannibalized.

Bluebell Golden Nostrils wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:
Be the unicorn.
Think bolder. Be the Mabelcorn.

The unicorn is scarier.

Freehold has seen it.

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Oh s@*$, he made a f@~@ing swear! M*&###!%!%%!, I didn't expect that!!

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I can attest that shower drinking is The Beezneez.

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Drejk wrote:

The new bed is here!

Tonight I'll be sleeping on a new bed!

For the first time in... Well, forever...

All hail Drejk's new bed! Which will go splendidly with hailing Drejk's (no longer) New Mattress!

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Of course, it would've been clear if you had a sarcasm alias, just saying.

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Orthos wrote:
Freehold DM wrote:
Orthos wrote:
NobodysHome wrote:

Anyone here go to a prom in the last 20 years? What did it cost you?
I didnt attend - proms have dances and that was a big no no for religious reasons - but our school didn't charge for entry from what I heard from classmates, they made the money on selling stuff throughout the year and setting out a tip jar and asking - not requiring - attendees to drop in five bucks or so.
You gotta be kidding me.
I'm more surprised you haven't heard of that before. There's a fair few branches of Christianity that prohibit dancing between anyone but married couples as it's "inappropriate" or "lascivious" behavior otherwise.

They obviously haven't seen twerking yet.

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I would sell you all for one week without rain.

And a cheeseburger.

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I miss the days when I only had one Endgame thread I had to hide.

I, for one, welcome our new second edition overlords! May their rule be long, and action packed!

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All Yesterday's Parties wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:

So, nothing, eh?

A community member for nearly ten years and no one is even a little bit interested.

You people realize I've driven 18,000+ miles across country, I've been complimented by a Beatle, Dave Matthews, 2 presidential candidates, AND Sir Mix-a-Lot.

But you're right, I'm probably not that interesting...

And that's just a fraction of my life, who knows what else I know, or have done.

It can be really difficult to think of good, compelling questions. And I am certainly no Bernard Pivot.

Difficult?... Compelling?... Um, think of it more like Barbara Walters and less like Comicon.

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I didn't find anything dark or disruptive.

Gotta love super obvious local news headlines.

"Heavy fog COULD affect morning commute"

No s&+~!?!

Freehold DM wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:

Next week is supposed to be colder than it has since 1996, which was insanely cold! Wind chills easily between -60 to -80.

Looks like I need to upgrade my gear.

that...that's impossible!

That's the tundra for ya!

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Drejk wrote:
Tequila Sunrise wrote:
Scintillae wrote:
It's a project we're doing in economics - scenario is high unemployment across all sectors, high inflation, and falling GDP. Their job is to recommend policy to fix this without increasing national debt.

I'm not an economist, so I have no idea how possible this is.

But my immediate thought was Kirk hacking the unwinnable kobayashi maru scenario.

Have the unemployed eat the homeless. Solves two problems at once.

That's what The Man wants.

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gran rey de los mono wrote:
Captain YesterGate wrote:
gran rey de los mono wrote:
Hawaiian pizza is terrible. Pineapple shouldn't be eaten, especially on pizza.
That's just what Big Coconut wants you to think!
If you want to keep me away from your food, put coconut on it. I will stay as far from it as I can. While I dislike pineapple in general, I loathe coconut.

Now you're just feeding into the propaganda put out by Big Mango!

NobodysHome wrote:

Oh, goodness! Looks like there's a chance it'll hit 65°F today! Oh, WHY didn't I listen to that sales guy and buy air conditioning!

Good god man! Where's your coat!! Aren't you worried about hypothermia!!!

I for one welcome our newly woken Runelord overlords!

May their reign be fair and merciful!

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Cheapy wrote:
And, in response to all the responses of my previous question, I would posit that we've already broken the forum's sanity.

I've been around for almost 8 years and I'm doing fine.

Yup, never better!

Rotates head counterclockwise 360 degrees to the right.

Celestial Healer wrote:
Morning, all. What did I miss?

No worries and milking.

I for one welcome our new Azlanti overlords!

Perhaps I should send pictures of all the abundant parking instead of our obnoxiously huge yards.

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If I put a bunch of toenails in the microwave, will the radiation grow them into loyal minions.

And further, will the resultant copyright infringement lawsuit from Antonio Banderas give me super powers.

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Just a Mort wrote:

Report made on FAWTL bug. Please submit more complaints there.

*Jigglypuff used Gyroball!*

I guess we better start picking out names for the next FaWtL.

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Apparently, marking where lines go before Captain Yesterday shows up to tear s$%* up isn't the thing kids these days are doing.

No problem, just don't b@+%* at me when your phone line cuts out.

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Yes, there's also that, gotta keep regular, yo!

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Ah yes, spring in Wisconsin, when our weather forecast calls for 1-8 inches (of snow).

Forecasts like that really show you how little we still know about weather.

And that I'm so glad I didn't take the harness off the sled yet.

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Just a Mort wrote:

What the heck? I went to check out what class I am and turned out as a bard.

Let me tell you I have nothing in common with that sap Elan from order of the stick.

And I did not dump int!

Apparently I'm a Druid.

I'm not all that surprised.

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49 forecast for tomorrow.

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I would sell you all for two days above 60 degrees.

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Just a Mort wrote:

My VC said that paizo is coming up with some announcement and asked us all to keep an eye out for it.

Tequila, that doesn't sound good at all :(

Did they finally land Tom Cruise to answer FAQs while trying to sit on a couch.

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4-8 inches (of snow) forecast, with 40 mph wind gusts.


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Freezing rain and ice today! Should be interesting.

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Tacticslion wrote:

Thanks to all you. You’re Swets.

I’ve not had time to respond to anyone’s PMs and haven’t even had the chance to read them. (Forums went down, yo!) But before I do, while I have the moment, I wanted to encourage you that I really really am okay. It’s a hard season, but that’s life. :)

Heart y’all.

Whew! I was about to declare it a Lionsgate!... Surely, that one isn't already taken...

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What you need is a Goatgate!

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Sissyl wrote:
There was a gategate incident some time back, no?

Who told you about Gategate!

Damn it! Looks like we're going to have to add another gate onto it.

Who told Sisyl about Gategategate? More at eleven!!

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Scintillae wrote:
Terrinam wrote:
lisamarlene wrote:
Tequila Sunrise wrote:


Never heard of such a fusion. And why is there an N at the end?!

Anyhow, sorry, can't help. Berry pie seems like it might go well with vanilla cake, but that's a stab in the dark.

It has an "n" on the end because of turducken.
Doesn't "turducken" have an "n" at the end because it's a portmanteau of "turkey" and "duck" and "chicken"?
Yeah, but we also put "-gate" after everything because of Watergate despite it being the name of a hotel. Modern lexicography is stupid.

That sounds awfully dismissive of lexicography! What are you trying to cover up!

More on Lexicographygate at eleven!!

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We might get up to 30 by next weekend.

I for one welcome our new Taldan Overlords!

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What you didn't realize is four different neighbors called the cops on you for being a homeless guy rooting through the neighborhood trash.

Lucky for you, they were all delayed by traffic.

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