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Yuugasa wrote:

So the super in our apartment building quit about a year ago and was never replaced, till just now(well probably, if it works out). In lieu of a super the residents of my building ended up stepping up when things started falling apart.

We have a construction worker who skillfully uses a small bulldozer to plow the parking lot, a dude who knows how to do electrician work fixing various problems, a little old lady upstairs who feeds us all nice things randomly and I plunge everyone's toilets when they clog for no reason cause of the s@#*ting plumbing. What's weird is how it came about, in that as far as I am aware there was never a conversation about doing these things.

People just stepped up and helped each other out. It's strange how once one person starts helping you and your neighbors the positiveness builds naturally. For myself I hate plunging toilets but I'm good at it and my neighbors helped me out in so many ways so many times it just seemed like the thing to do.

I'm not sure it's a situation you can create on purpose but when it happens it feels great getting sucked up into other people's kindness and helpfulness.

Really gives me hope for humanity.

You just described the first act of every episode of The Walking Dead.

All I know is, in Germany, I'm a God.

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Flexes pecs.

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I'd hardly think Freehold is the type to read comic books.

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There is no problem that can't be solved by running on a beach in slow motion next to Erika Eleniak.

What was the question?.

Does anyone have their copy yet.

Seltyiel Fangirl wrote:
Okay, does someone have a Quentin Tarantino alias for the occasion? Captain?

This is close enough, they pretty much look alike anyway, almost like twins even.

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Perhaps my shtick should be keeping my pecs perpetually oiled and running in slow motion.

How dare you sir! My vole is neither hyper, nor sarcastic!

He's kind of ironic, in that I asked for a puppy. And he might be alluding to something, I don't speak vole, so couldn't tell you what.

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You mean not everyone has hundreds of aliases.

That seems odd.

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If there is, I will find it.

How's about a race to 500?

Edit: besides, Wibbly Wobbly was made 120 some aliases ago, try to keep up. :-)

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But then I gotta deal with tape or adhesive. Honestly, I'm better off making a road trip to Thegreenonesarethebestmangamer's neighborhood and hitting as many "wellness clinics" I can find.

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Limeylongears wrote:

You want a Captain Hasslehoff avatar.

Oh, yes you do.

The face is easy, the pecs might need some human growth hormones work.