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6 posts. Alias of captain yesterday.


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NobodysHome wrote:
John Napier 698 wrote:

Hello, everyone!

My Mother's Birthday is Tomorrow. She will be 72.

Hello, John!

And happy b-day, John's mother!

And see? If I'm not being political, no one except John posts here!

So, how's 'bout that Sportsball team that is doing so well/poorly by cheating/playing well/bad/good management?

Yes, yes, we all get it, something, something, Tom Brady.

Edit: g!#&~!n Patriots.

You racist pricks make me sick, every last one of you!

Especially Monty.

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Jeez, show some variation with the aliases.

It's all Quibblethis, or Quibblethat! Well I for one quibble your quibbling.

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Perhaps you mean "you are so finicky" or maybe "you're so finicky" but it's impossible for me to own finicky, so I don't think you mean what you're saying there.

There's a cautionary tale buried in here somewhere, I just know it.

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Are you sure you wanted me to know that...