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If you needed the Dimensional Anchor effect use quickened shackle as a 6th and then activate as a standard.

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It would just be a modified version of the chase mechanics in which you as the GM place obstacles for the PC (s) to circumvent to follow the NPC. Instead of failure leaving them trapped behind an obstacle they would either

a) lose time ducking out of view and might need to use survival or start running (penalties on future checks) to keep up

b) gain suspicion from their target (penalties on future checks)

After a certain number of failures the target would be aware of them and either lead them into an ambush or start running to escape them.

The obstacles could be simple or complicated as you choose, just think of a couple of basic skills and DCs and then allow the PC to describe how they plan to follow him as they will possibly come up with other ideas for bypassing the obstacle.

More of the skill checks will lean towards

Bluff (to blend in)
Diplomacy (talk your way around people who are suspicious)
Climb (avoid certain spaces)
Acrobatics (jumping or keeping balance)
Knowledge local (that alley goes to X so you can walk around instead of following)
Perception (to keep him in sight in crowds)

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You would only be considered Large not Huge as they are both effective size increases which only stack with actual size increases (Such as enlarge person, righteous might and other effects that increase your actual not effective size)

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Mutation warrior is also not legal hasnt ever been see acg restrictions

Edit actually I am incorrect it is now a actually legal for pfs interesting

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As written the npcs are actually quite deadly merely optimizing spell selection was enough to reduce my party to unconsciousness.

Lead off with glitterdust into the rogue sneak attacking the front line followed by well placed scorching rays use Azaz as more of a disabler grease and shocking grasp (delivered via scorpion)

Before you know it the pcs will be on the back foot and struggling to deal with the combat. If you really feel that they will have no issues with the npcs then you could make small changes but remember that everyone is still low level and dice rolls actually drive the outcome far more than CR changes.

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Building around bad luck is difficult as some people have such terrible luck that even if they need to roll 2 nat 1's to die they will still manage it.

You have to consider that in the end the game is stacked against the players as eventually you will fail a check all you can do is have options so that even if you roll terribly you wont instantly die.

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There are still a large number of important utility spells on the divine casting list for example condition removal is a very large component of the "healer" role which while you can pack some wands and scrolls you will still be short some very key defenses for high tier play.

Examples include Freedom of movement (negates grapple and paralysis monsters) Spell immunity (negates common spells you might be targeted with), death ward (helps alot with energy drain)

Going without divine support is a choice but should still be considered a risk

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Actually all of the scenarios in that series after number 1 are actually fairly reasonable for newer players, the first one is actually the most nasty of the lot and has caused quite a few deaths.

We didnt have as many issues when I played part 1 but that is all about party make up and amount of risks people take, as we made a few gambles that would have cost us if the GM rolled high fortunately he didnt.

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As an immediate action it is not actually possible to use while flatfooted (thus if you go from full to dead in the surprise round the boon cannot activate).

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In general I dont really understand the cause for concern with the ruling, it was a possibility from the moment it came out if it caused issues with balance (which it apparently did as the only "viable" EK's or MT's are apparently early entry ones which is news for me and my 2 normally leveled EK's which both work fine).

I did think that it was nice of the Paizo staff to allow people to trial what early entry would be like, but in the end it did seem to cause a large amount of balance issues (as you can see by the number of players effected).

I will admit I play significantly less than I used to (around once every few months for PFS), I still run at least once a month on average so I do get in some PFS.

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You would also require immunity to polymorph effects as they also shut down regeneration

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You may wish to reread the appropriate text from the prd again as JJ's clarification has been put in place

"Wizards who select a bonded object begin play with one at no cost. Objects that are the subject of an arcane bond must fall into one of the following categories: amulet, ring, staff, wand, or weapon. These objects are always masterwork quality. Weapons acquired at 1st level are not made of any special material. If the object is an amulet or ring, it must be worn to have effect, while staves, wands, and weapons must be held in one hand. If a wizard attempts to cast a spell without his bonded object worn or in hand, he must make aconcentration check or lose the spell. The DC for this check is equal to 20 + the spell's level. If the object is a ring or amulet, it occupies the ring or neck slot accordingly."

Note it no longer says wield merely that you must hold your bond in 1 hand

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I will probably rebuild my original rogue from when I started pfs

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The party I am running for is all Dwarves

Currently looks like

Dwarven Ranger 1/Brawler X (Trap Finder)
Dwarven Foeslayer (Fighter)
Dwarven Cleric of Angradd (with me changing favored weapon to Dwarven waraxe from Greataxe)
Dwarven Wizard

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I dont think there are any unique builds, considering the size of the campaign everything has been done before, the point is to find something you enjoy and play that.

I personally enjoyed my ST based brother of the seal, although 1 rounding both the King AND Queen of the Storval stairs in 1 full attack was a little disappointing after all the reviews I heard about the difficulty of that scenario I was hoping for something a bit more solid for the final combat.

The problem for me being after 20 something characters I am running out of non-optimised builds to try.

Tempted to run a Melee summoner who only summons his eidolon in emergencies (never calls it).

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Heroism +2 to hit (10 min/level)
GMW +2 to hit (1hr/level)
Haste +1 to hit (1 rnd/level)
Cat's Grace +2 to hit(1 min/level)

your now at +17 to hit (+14 with the long term buffs on)

Turn off Deadly aim when you need to hit tough targets

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The easiest way to prevent permanent spells becoming an issue is to ban blood money, then they still have to pay for the spells, and most wizards wont as they are generally secretive and want to protect their secrets.

For the rest of it in general its because wizards dont care enough to bother, while it might sound easy to spend 10 minutes each day preparing spells to be what is effectively a airplane, it probably is much more difficult in practice, plus you would have to travel to all of these places, be sure that no one has remodeled the teleport chambers recently (or you can seriously get lost). It is just too much risk for the wizard for no gain for him. Which means it would never work in a capitalist society, it might work in other societies in which the wizard is expected to give his expertise to the collective, however in that case why would you be a wizard? you are taking on all this extra risk for no reward.

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I think 100 Players went in and there was 35 goblin boons given out (however that I believe also includes the GM's)

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I do think for the benefit of those GM's who dont attend such events there is a little spoilers sheet that summarises the events of those sorts of things, as it was kind of challenging to have to GM scenarios that referred to the Grand Convocation and the events therein without any idea what actually happened.

Personally I dont mind the location specific specials as long as there is a cheatsheet of what happened in Canon so we know exactly what is going on.

I did manage to find some information on the GC by reading up on previous blog posts, but a downloadable pdf that is easy to find would be more useful.

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I have not seen any overpowering threat in any of the Season 6 mods I have played/run, I still run the same sorts of PC's I ran in previous seasons (Dragon Disciples, Fighter/Rogues, Str based Monks, Eldritch Knights).

Nothing so far has caused me to worry about my PC's safety, I am still quite confident front lining with an AC16 Fighter/Wizard (thats with Mage Armor on).

I havent played the Tech scenarios yet, as I am enjoying my tech through the Iron Gods AP I am playing in, I dont want any knowledge of technology to skew my views on the AP.

I am also quite surprised at out fast the Emerald Spire levels are (one level was over in 30 minutes due to us apparently not being murder hobos).

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The Big things you can UMD

Barkskin DC23 for +2 AC 30 mins (2 PA buys 5 copies on 1 scroll) (Wisdom 12 required or DC27 Check).

Heroism DC 25 for +2 to hit and saves 50 mins (2 PA buys 2 copies)

Heal DC31 for +110 HP and Removing a massive list of conditions (expensive but extremely powerful if you lack a divine caster) (Wisdom 16 or DC31 check required for the ability score).

The DC30 Emulate an alignment check would normally be useful, in PFS however evil items are in general unavailable, (Example being Demon Armor)

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First your Deadly Aim Calculation is wrong Deadly Aim is -5 at BaB 16 as it goes -1 at BAB 1, -2 at BAB 4, - 3 at BAB 8, -4 at BAB 12, - 5 at BAB 16 and -6 at BAB 20

Second you did not include Point Blank Shot (which would actually give you +1 to hit and Damage)

Third you have not taken either Improved or Greater disarm which would still apply to the check even with a ranged weapon.

For Example Fighter Ranged stats you should have

BAB + 16
DX +5 (24 DX is basically Mandatory at this level so this should be +8)
(Get Improved and Greater Disarm for + 4)
Weapon Training +3 (Get Gloves of Dueling for another +2)
GWF + 2
Weapon +2 (Why is your Weapon only +2? either have the Cleric GMW it up to +5 using Bead of Karma, or buy a higher bonus)
-5 Deadly Aim
+1 Point Blank
-2 within 30 feet

Total +22, could be (+34 with the listed items above and thus auto pass)

Optimisation rant, ignore if needed:

The question would be why someone who is against a level 16 fighter has a CMD of only 33, CMD's at your level should be in the low 40's to 50's

Also your Current attack chain would leave alot to be desired, you would be +22 with your primaries?

Your Primaries as a fighter at level 16 should be much higher at +30 with both Rapid shot and deadly aim on, This makes the Disarm actually much less effective as you are talking 1d8+30 damage amd disarming them vs +30(2 Arrows)/+30 (Rapid) /+30 Haste from boots of speed) /+25 / +20/ +15 against the same target for 1d8 + 30 each arrow, vs AC 35 you should have 4 hits on average for a total of 4d8 + 120

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readying an action ends your turn, and then triggers the ready, so it would not be possible to ready 3 charges even though you have 3 standard actions.

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Bonekeep 3 really was not that hard with prior preparation and understanding of what you have come up against in the earlier bonekeeps

The boss was solid but due to a well timed combo from me and the Paladin combining a Litany of Righteousness with a Imbued Aura + Crit from a Scythe Wielding Barbarian on the final boss (after hitting him hard earlier but leaving him quite comfortable on his HP pool).

We had a Sacred Shield Paladin for the litany, LG Cleric of iomedae with 6 scrolls of heal (me to give the Barbarian a good aura so he can benefit from litany), Barbarian and a Wizard. Yes we had a 4 player party but honestly 4 players really does not matter in this one and 6 would be overkill

The problem of course is that the first Bonekeep had the advantage of using stuff PC's had not seen before, the second one had a few new things the third basically just reused elements of 1 and 2 with a few small things that PC's are supposed to be prepared for.

Tactics Quite a few Spoilers hence the Spoiler Tag:

Enervate was never going to be effective against a party of 9th level PC's as we were all immune to it due to communal Spell immunity it is the most overused 4th level spell for NPC's, the other spell chosen was Confusion (I dont recall that one ever coming up).

Mass Hold person was a moderate issue, but due to me as the cleric being under freedom of movement and having 5 scrolls of remove paralysis (in a bag of holding just containing useful scrolls, and 6 PoP 1's) we had very little issue dealing with the condition

Green Slime is countered by Fire (which we dealt with using a 9d6 fireball (which the GM decided pretty much would destroy the whole lot), Restoration fixed up the Barbarian after the fight as he was the only one hit.

The Rogues were a moderate annoyance, the wizard was tossing up using his obscuring mist, but their damage was too low to drop the barbarian and their to hit too low to hit anyone else.

The Rat Demons were from Bonekeep 1 so people had already prepared adequate defences against them.

The brain spiders were much the same as Bonekeep 2 just fewer in number and easy to deal with

Black Tentacles was beaten with Liberating Command abuse (Delay till just after NPC caster, Cast LC as a swift, draw Pearl as a move activate Pearl as a Standard, end turn, Cast LC as a Immediate taking my swift from next round to give the PC 2 chances to escape at a +18 for no action on his part)

Magic Circle negated the greater command (as the room is too small to spread out)

Remove fear negated the Mummies fear auras, and no one failed against mummy rot.

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18000 for +3 weapon/50 for ammunition cost = 360gp hence its 360 gp per arrow

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Its actually mostly so people dont use create water to try and fill a creatures lungs (making it a suffocation effect) rather than a cantrip level spell.

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I have had it run both ways, and sometimes it can become quite difficult to fight the entire dungeon complex at once (as combine 4-5 fights makes the ECL of the encounter increase by +4 to +5 which if the fight was already supposed to be difficult could make it lethal).

I have also had this happen to PC's who are prepared for it (and with Hold Portal, and other simple spells to delay the extra combatants) it can actually make for a very fun encounter.

However you also have to consider that if you bring the entire complex into the one fight your adventure length will drop from 4-5 hours to about 2 hours (the time it takes to resolve the mammoth encounter) less if the Party is unprepared for such a large fight.

In home games this works quite well, for PFS its kind of a challenge as the rules as written obviously allow the NPC's perception checks and unless there is a specific reason they cannot join the fight (ie must guard this object), then they probably should be joining in, even if this increases the CR to a much higher level.

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The bloodline power version is the best option as it cannot be negated by a dispel magic (followed by a CDG against your unconscious body)

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There is very limited downtime, entirely dependent on the GM you would have a very hard time getting use out of the class features of the Archetype you want to use, I had to be nice to my parties Golem Constructor for him to be able to get use out of his (and he had the ability to produce constructs in 1/4 of the normal time).

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Sydney Australia has had 4 Eyes of the Ten Tables that I am aware of at this stage (I played one and GMed one).

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Well there is the holy word Bomb, in which a cleric focuses every possible increase he can into holy word to attempt to kill opponents of a higher HD than himself

Gifted Adept +1
Spell Specialisation + 2 (+4 with Spell perfection)
Orange Prism socketed + 0-3
Moon Circlet +2 (very situational)
Strand of Prayer Beads +4 (10 minutes Duration)

Giving a maximum of +14 to your caster level allowing you to force a save or die against creatures of your level +4 (which generally includes end bosses of campaigns)

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The Resonant power has 4 options -1, 0, +1, +2 with the added +1 from the stones normal power this becomes +0, +1, +2, +3 Meaning your caster level varies from +0 to +3.

The text was written without realising that the +1 from the Ioun stone means you never have a negative modifier to your caster level (and thus would risk losing the spell).

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I have occasionally had to scrounge for components after being captured as a Wizard (at least till we got to my gear and the obligatory 15 spell component pouches that I always carry once I start getting to the level that steal combat maneuvers are a thing).

Having just 1 pouch is an unnecessary risk (much like having just 1 spellbook).

Its interesting as a level 1 wizard insisting the party go via the kitchen first so you can use grease on the encounters before you recover your gear.

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I personally enjoyed the running of the town, plus we had to look up several of my clerics abilities

Dont Remember Which level of Thornkeep this was but might be spoilerish:
as I used one of them on an NPC who looked like he was suffering some kind of fear effect with regards to returning to Thornkeep (to give him another save against any ongoing enchantment effects and the GM rolled a 20), Fortunately my ability did not apply (as the effect was Necromantic in origin) or I might possibly have broken the module within the first 20 minutes.

It took us more than 1 hour to reach the town of Thornkeep for Part 1 (which I enjoyed immensely as it meant my half-orc got to run along beside the horses the whole way to Thornkeep).

However this is why I prefer to do AP parts and Modules with home groups rather than at conventions, as you do have to cut things to get it all to fit within the timeslot of the convention.

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That one the party stumbled across during an argument as one of them said "we should just use passwall" after 10 minutes of trying variations of Hakotep, which then triggered the walls being removed.

The last dungeon actually went quite well with very few deaths, the last battle was a significant challenge (although I had made a few changes to the participants to ensure my party would not have too easy a time).

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I am not convinced monks need help in the damage department, I played a monk in PFS (and beyond in a few different AP parts), and I have had no troubles contributing and in most cases being the primary damage dealer in parties.

My monk in a single full attack killed the king and queen of the storval stairs (at high tier), thanks to our wizard dimension dooring me into full attack range and our bard providing bard song and heroism. I do not see how people can complain about being able to do 3d6+30 on each of 7 attacks (4 primary 2 secondary 1 tertiary).

Since hitting level 12 my damage has scaled even higher.

Pounce as a whole is not required and its presence tends to encourage more of a "rocket tag" mentality to combat which means combats are shorter but far more brutal for both sides, which caused several issues recently with certain combats that I have run, due to the fact the offensive potential of the party far outstripped their defences.

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Because the game has to be reported so the system knows the player has played the game with a PC (and thus cannot replay without GM stars)

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WBL assumes that you use a certain percentage (15%) of your wealth each level in Consumables which are supposed to be replaced by loot, hence loot should always be greater than your expected WBL difference between the two levels (also taking into account the occasional raise dead).

Also a large number of the items on your list are unneeded for a level 13 PC, also all of them can be replaced by buff spells (short/med/long term durations).

In general all you really need at level 13 is a +1 weapon and +1 armor +2-4 stat booster everything else is optional depending on what you want to focus on.

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Your missing oils of bless weapon x 2 (for creatures with regen/good) and oil of daylight (for deeper darkness)

Dark Archive 4/5

Actually they seem to have improved significantly with sizing maps recently, the Recent books of the Mummy's Mask AP have 5 foot squares (even for a map that when printed takes up 81 A4 pages), and it still looks amazing on a single page.

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I tend to just describe what is happening in a chase scene without ever showing the PC's the Cards, ie if it says something like "Fruit Stall", Drive/Intimidate I will describe the party approaching a vendor and give them the options you can try to steer your cart around him (Drive check) or just plough right through expecting him to get out of the way (Intimidate Check), or they can come up with their own solution (some of which involved the PC using the Mask to bypass them with use of the SLA's)

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Depends entirely on what you are using the monk for, I have run a PFS monk capable of soloing the whole adventure (not sure how fun it was for the party for me to take out both bosses in 1 full attack). He was an offense built monk rather than a defensive wall (as honestly AC will only get you so far).

Its all a matter of what you are up against, playing in any printed campaign as written a monk is more than viable, playing a campaign with GM improvements a monk might not be able to keep up with other classes (but even then all melee classes will have issues in these sorts of campaigns).

I am also planning to play a monk in an upcoming Wrath of the Righteous campaign, because our GM said specifically that optimisation will not be heavily required to be able to handle the encounters (so I will be a 15 point buy monk as the primary tank and frontliner).

My only annoyance with the monk class is the inability to get greater trip without having combat expertise (but that is just an issue with all feats being written to require all prereqs of previous feats).

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Lou was complaining about a random encounter, although that table does specifically say that because it is for a large range of character levels and as a GM you should be careful about which ones you throw at your party, the Deathweb however is a random encounter and should be only used against PC's towards the higher end of the level spectrum for the book (with Vital Strike and PA running its Bite +12/4d8+21 which against 4th level PCs can autokill on a crit)

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It is extremely difficult for the party to have any reason to fight Udjebet, I merely had her act like a another patron of the library (as discussed in her stat block), the PC's were initially curious but after discovering she knew very little about what they were looking for and the magic rings she was looking for seemed unneeded to them, they tended to leave her be.

Even though they passed the sense motives it merely showed she was hiding something which merely lead to the Shadowdancer trying and follow her through the city and when she spotted him, she went into a nearby alley and waited for him to come around the corner then used her Gaze, he passed and ran for it, she then decided it was no longer safe in the city for her as her cover was blown completely.

Dark Archive

Try not to over think the encounter vs the Scorched hands they are a serious TPK threat, when I ran it the entire party except the oracle was unconcious in 4 rounds, as I had Idorii delay for people to be effected by glitterdust

Dark Archive 4/5

It can be disruptive to the table, not to mention it will quickly become boring as the majority of encounters cannot handle those sorts of PC's, Generally its best to have other options and only pull out tricks like this in extreme cases (in which the whole party will die if you dont).

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The trait gives them a small amount of extra gold (not every item is a relic) in the end it gives them around 5% extra gold than their WBL would normally allow (as this is not game breaking and it costs the PC's a trait it is fine)

Dark Archive 4/5

Is it sad that I read this as "kill services" for 2 minutes, and was already writing a reply about how that is your job as a pathfinder?

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Celestial Plate Armor is a specific magic item that most likely does not exist in most campaign worlds, I know that in the Mummy's Mask game I am running I have specifically told the PC's that Specific items from other AP's are not necessarily available to them and it would be a case by case issue.

You must remember that Celestial Plate Armor is not just a type of armor it is actually a very specific suit of armor crafted for a single person with a massive history and backstory and should not be just available for anyone to buy from ye olde magic shop.

Hence customisations such as making it Mithral is kind of irrelevant as the item is unique, and the unique item is not Mithral.

Also the rules text you quote as saying these things exist uses the words "variants of these armors may exist using different types of armor", in no way does that say that this item must exist in every campaign, what it means is ASK your GM if you can have something like this and that there are ways to calculate the cost of said item.

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Mathwei ap Niall wrote:

Don't forget you can recharge the Staff by burning a few extracts of enlarge person. By the time an alchemist can afford this item the will have 1st level slots and Boro Beads to burn to make sure they can always use this power whenever they want.

I dont have the ACG but I am pretty sure it uses normal recharging rules, which requires 1 slot of the HIGHEST level spell in the staff, not the lowest per charge to a maximum of 1 charge per day (which considering it most likely uses 3 charges for that spell would not even give you enough charges to do it a 4th time in a 1 day scenario).

"Staves hold a maximum of 10 charges. Each spell cast from a staff consumes one or more charges. When a staff runs out of charges, it cannot be used until it is recharged. Each morning, when a spellcaster prepares spells or regains spell slots, he can also imbue one staff with a portion of his power so long as one or more of the spells cast by the staff is on his spell list and he is capable of casting at least one of the spells. Imbuing a staff with this power restores one charge to the staff, but the caster must forgo one prepared spell or spell slot of a level equal to the highest-level spell cast by the staff. For example, a 9th-level wizard with a staff of fire could imbue the staff with one charge per day by using up one of his 4th-level spells. A staff cannot gain more than one charge per day and a caster cannot imbue more than one staff per day."

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