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I have been reading up on wildshape for a new PFS druid, aim is to be a focused wildshaper with a domain and possibly some summons for if I need a flanking buddy.

My biggest issue at the moment is there is a dearth of Huge Animal forms (mostly Cats and Rocs as I was looking at Lion and eagle shamans), would it be legal to use the smaller or larger form (in the case of rocs) and just roll back the weapon damage dice (or up it in the case of the smaller form), or am I just limited to the large sized creatures (meaning that Rocs arent even a legal wildshape choice and thus why do they appear on the druid form list?)

I am currently working on a monk build, I will be going master of many styles so I trade flurry of blows for other features, I was wondering if it is possible to later on pickup the two weapon fighting tree (TWF, imp TWF) to gain the ability to hit with both unarmed strikes?

I wont need double slice (due to monks unarmed strike always giving full strength bonus, which is part of the unarmed damage progression which I dont give up). This will be for a PFS character so it will need to be completely legal to take those feats.

If im a monk (master of many styles for example) who trades flurry out for other abilities, am I able to take two weapon fighting later on (when I have the prereqs) and regain the ability to fight with 2 unarmed strikes?

Obvious things

1. I would have only monk BaB because its not flurry so I dont get the artificial boost

2. I get full ST to damage with both sets of attacks (as monks unarmed strike forces both damages to be full ST)

3. The primary question would be is it legal to two weapon fight with unarmed strikes?


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Say im a Synthesist that for some weird reason decided to splash druid for 1 level would my Eidolon suit prohibit me from having an AC? or would the fact that me and my Eidolon are technically 1 creature for all intents and purposes allow me to have the AC?

This is a purely PFS question hence why its in here

I have a few questions about how these spells work as polymorph line skills while reduced in power from 3.5 have seemed to gain alot more complexity on what you actually get from them.

If I chose a Large Vampire (say an Ogre Vampire) would that be a legitimate target for UA II? and if so what attacks would I get? I figure I lose energy drain, but I should get 2 slams and a bite at 1d8? or is it still 1d6 as per UA I?

Similar questions for MP III as im tossing up between them is there even a huge monstrous humaniod thats an allowable choice? if not is there a good form that gets a decent amount of abilities?

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I am building a sorc/DD for PFS play (keep this in mind when answering the questions below)

1. Can a crossblooded (Draconic/XXXX) sorcerer become a dragon disciple? (the obvious XXXX is an elemental bloodline matching my draconic one for free energy substitution)

2. The robe of arcane heritage would it apply to eldritch heritage feats taken by a sorcerer (im not worried if the answer is no, just need to know so I know which levels I qualify for certain things).

3. Bloodline spells, do you still attain them for the DD levels? (ie at level 5 I start leveling in DD, do I gain bloodline spells for character levels 7,9,11 from the draconic bloodline?)

I am making a sorcerer and im multi classing into fighter, I am aware this will slow my spell progression but im hoping to find a PFS legal method to make back the lost CL (so while I dont get new spells my old ones gain damage/duration etc).

I need it to effect all spells of my class, or at least all spells of 1 school (evocation).

Will be Sorc 3/Fighter 1/Sorc X

Normally I would use magical knack (as it is specifically designed for this) but I read the PFS additional materials and this trait is specifically not allowed.

I can always buy an orange prism Ioun stone (30k) later on but I would like this to be a bump to my CL later not 30k used to cover the cost of a 1 level fighter dip.

I have 1 available trait and 1 available feat at level 5 (im not worried about CL loss till then anyway but if there is a trait to fix it ill take that). I currently do not have a faction picked as all of them look tempting for different reasons

I have a few questions regarding arcane strike and some other rules

First does arcane strike work with natural weapons?

Second does arcane strike stack with enhancement bonuses?

Third can you take power attack if you only have 13+ St during certain periods of time (for example while wildshaped, or another pretty much all day condition)?

Fourth does an amulet of mighty fists work with natural attacks or only unarmed attacks?

Basically im making a sythesist melee caster hybrid, my biggest concern is trying not to be too overpowered in a standard PFS party.

Planning on single one handed weapon (deliberately dropping two handed damage) using half elf alternate racial feature to get bastard sword proficiency.

By not using multi weapon fighting/lots of natural attacks do you think I would prevent myself from being too overpowered compared to your standard front line fighter.

Also from what I have read so far it seems my armor bonus from a chain shirt would stack with the natural armor bonus of the eidolon for my standard AC (as my gear is uneffected and the eidolons natural armor is applied as a modifier to my own armor class).

Standard bipedal eidolon with improved Strength and improved natural armor at level 1.

stats for summoner
Half elf (weapon proficiency)
St, Dx, Cn, int, wis, cha
10, 14, 10, 14, 10, 16+2 (standard 20 point, will focus on disables, buffs and summons, and possibly ranged combat when eidolon is unavailable for whatever reason)

When eidolon active at level 1 stats are
18,12,13,14,10,18 (with +5 to hit and 1d10+4 damage with bastard sword)

getting enlarge person, lesser rejuvinate eidolon.

I am unsure however if this character will be too powerful for the average PFS party, im not worried about being a little stronger than average but I dont want to be an antifun build for the rest of the players