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Hey Mark was wondering if I could get your thoughts on a rules interaction. If an arcane archer fires an arrow imbued with antimagic field at a wizard with a mythic globe of invulnerability that can negate level six spells what happens? (assuming the arrow hits)

So I'm about to start a campaign with only 3 total players and, was wondering what your ideal three man party would be?

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Also what Anzyr is suggesting is totally nonstandard. Cool yes. Clever yes. Something that would come up in normal play? Nope

What I'm saying is that you can build 20th level characters that can deal with anything publisbed. I mean yes you could build a monster that would automatically win. But that would be a nonstandard monster (which should e ist if people are playing in a nonstandard way.) Cthulhlu how ever is a standard monster which means he is fair game to get killed.

Standard enemies will never stand up as written against people who are using non standard ways to fight them. Yes cthulhu is scary. But he has stats so if he exist as written he can die. If a dm wants to change him to be a bigger threat who is prepared with counter measures that is fine. But that is not how he is written.

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See that's the problem. He isn't written as having done any of the planning he could have done. And since we are looking at him as written he is very killable. He is still a challenge if you try to attack him in standard ways. In fact attacking him in standard ways is almost suicide. So you have to attack him in non-standard ways like Anzyr suggest.

Also when you add mythic tiers in it's realitivly easy to build a character that can only fail his save on a 1 and only get hit
by a 20. While being able to deal enough damage to drop cthullu in one round

With Anzyr on this one. Anything with stats is inherently killable. Cthulhu has stats. Thus he is killable. Anzyr's plan doesn't seem like the sort of thing a level 20 wizard would have available to him.

Any thoughts on how the mythic rules effect combat balance?

What would your top 5 dream projects to work on at Paizo be?

Well back to idle speculation while we wait for clarification on this issue.

Hopefully now that Mark Seifter is on the development team we can get an answer soon. Especially how this is a question that no one is really worked up over getting a specific answer. Just a clear consistent ruling is all we want. A drama free FAQ request seems to be just the thing to do first.

I was going to make a snarky comment about how we don't have to value anything that Sean says now that he is not with Paizo. So imagine my surprise when as soon as he can stop toeing the party line he becomes much more helpful. Instead of getting the standard this is the way things are and you better like it, we get the curtain pulled back. I hope this new more personable SKR sticks around

Yeah the mythic rules are the thing that is the problem not the actual adventure path itself. Though it doesn't help all the extra goodies that are thrown around.

Hi James, was just wanting to get your opinion of how knowing the exact latitude and longitude of a location works with trying to teleport there?