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Holy cow, OSRIC stuff now on paizo!


Heathansson wrote:
What's the cr of the draugr?


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Any chance of getting a ToC preview for this?

There's already one posted on Drivethrurpg

Just click on the "Full-Size Preview" button.


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Ashiel wrote:
An E6 game with the slow progression, I think, would give many of the low-magic fans exactly what they're looking for.
Forgive my ignorance, but what does E6 mean ?


Can we get a hint of what this is supposed to be about? Or in otherwords, to the uninformed, what is Old Margeve?

I'm considering buying this in a couple of months. I'm curious if I do buy the physical product, will it be from the updater fully Pathfinder compatible PDF.

Mine is signed by Ed Greenwood... <.< >.>

Sarunia is almost the epitome of this idea. Steam tech is on the verge of becoming commonplace, the base classes are changed to reflect a magic rich world and feats allow even fighters some control over magic.

hunter1828 wrote:

We have made minor corrections on 4 pages in Albion Armitage's Astounding Arsenal:

p.6 - 75% human instead of 95% human
p.16 & 17 - changed "dryad" to "nymph" in the random encounter table final entry.
p. 39 - changed the critical multiplier from x3 to x2 on the warbrand

If you have already purchased the adventure, you should soon get a notice from Paizo that an updated version is available for download.


Have these revisions been updated to the POD document as well?

Of course. Here I went and ordered Arcane and Divine this month. If I would've waited a little longer I could've gotten the discount.

Pathos wrote:

Out of curiosity...

Is it possible to prepay for a shipment or use something like a pre-purchased gift certificate?

Yes. I have put in and have multiple outstanding pre-orders using gift certificates I bought for myself.

Pathos wrote:
Oh well... I was hoping to be able to make a "Dire Cockroach".

Just convert over the Giant Cockroach from Forgotten Realms Underdark. That should work in a pinch.

Goth Guru wrote:

The anchorite looks cool. Is that going to become cannon?

I can up with similar ideas for the effects of Chi drain, because of the legends. The Avatar cartoon had that kind of effects when someone overexerted themselves. Also multiclassing such as the bounty hunters.

In Sarunia, it outright replaces the monk.

TeShen wrote:
As to sub-ing in for Avatar, maybe... it would require some kind of limit, though, on one 'bending form' obviously unless one were The Avatar... and linking other powers to the particular bending styles. If I were just picking this class up for a regular campaign, I'd probably want the bending first, since they are rather versatile.

A limit is already in place.

The following text is included with the Air Bender, Earth Bender, Fire Bender and Water Bender chi abilities.

"This is a base bending ability and it is mutually exclusive with all other base bending abilities."

And be sure to check out my anchorite. It may well inspire you.

Check out Sarunia.

InfernosReaper wrote:
CWenzler, Creator of Sarunia wrote:

Enjoy your PDF. ;)
I don't know how I can properly thank you, though, so all I can say is "thank you very much."

It brings joy to my heart to help out a fellow gamer.

No worries on proper thanks, simple thanks is enough. ;)

I went out and bought a new filing cabinet yesterday to make room for Super Genius print outs.

InfernosReaper wrote:
This one really struck my interest because it's a new way for me to do below level 1 games. I'm curious as to what they do differently from what I had in mind. I really must buy this when I have more than $9 in my bank account(If only I could find a way to profit from my all my homebrew material for D&D/Pathfinder). Anyway. Someday you shall be mine $2 PDF I can't afford. MWUHAHAHA!!! or something like that...

Enjoy your PDF. ;)

Some channeling feats here too.

RE: Ninja. See Anchorite.

That is all. lists today as the release date of this book. Hopefully orders will be shipping real soon.

My vote goes for Super Genius Adventurer's Handbook, Vol. I.

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F. Wesley Schneider wrote:
Who were you all expecting?
Tia Carrere. Am I the only one?


F. Wesley Schneider wrote:

Oh come now folks, this is nothing new to our playtests. The playtest doesn't start until the PDF goes out, and the PDF doesn't go out until the new message boards go live, and the new message boards don't go live until Gary and Ross get here to turn them on around [whenever-they-get-out-of-bed], eastern time.

So lets take the Tinker Bell approach to this, lets everyone clap real hard and see if we can wake up the webteam to start the playtest.

I do believe in playtests. I do believe in playtests.

This needs a like button.

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I'm more curious as to what happens to Super Genius Games. The impression I get from the press release above is that Hyrum left SGG. Where does that leave Owen?


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Not hoodoo?

No, voodoo.

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Competition, competition, competition. It's supposed to be the way guys operate, though I don't understand why. I love to hear compliments from anybody, doesn't matter who.

My guess is that some people don't know how to take compliments, so they cannot share compliments with others.

You're a studly puffin....and I'm straight. ;)

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That cat is dead...

Long live the cat.

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I wouldn't want to live forever as a jellyfish, of this I am certain. As for living forever as a human, only if my loved ones could live forever as well.

Tuck Everlasting

Mmmm....California rolls.

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Gooooooooooooooooood morning Fawltyhouse!

Starting off today pretending yesterday didn't happen. Got a meeting in a half hour and a few paper tigers to slay for it. Here's hoping the day goes smoothly...

Probably a good idea. Every day is a new opportunity.

Anyway, how are you doing otherwise? Did you notice that I got my wizard class up?

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Twin Agate Dragons wrote:
Paging Urizen to Facebook.
Now why would I want to do that?

I left you a message.

Urizen, you've got my full blessing to use Twin Agitate Dragons to your hearts desire. I am abandoning my Twin Agate Dragons alias due to not wanting to be associated with it any more due to the flack its gotten from you.