Crap, why did I buy THAT?

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Even at lower levels it is possible to get 4, 6, or even 10 items at a time (some multiple of two, though). It seems much more common with high levels of mining skill. Also, since the mix is more often 2 or 3 or 4 different items sets, that's much more apparent than one item set labeled "True Iron Ore(8)"

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Gushers will be a special class of node that can produce large number of resources over a prolonged period. They require a special toolkit to exploit properly, and can only be harvested by the person that discovered them. So an enemy group could deny you access to the gusher, but they can't take it away from you and harvest it themselves.

The harvest period hasn't been clearly outlined, but should provide time for you to return to your settlement to pick up a toolkit (or have someone bring one) and still manage to harvest significant resources.

We may need to establish another term for "bonus" nodes (with more than half-a-dozen items produced) and get it into use soon, before more confusion arises.

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Rich node

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Rich node is easy to remember and very clear in intent. :)

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New Tests- Local rank 7, Nature Rank 6, History Rank 6

100 Goblins. Pheonix Pass:
Coins: 1s 11c
Bags: bitter
healthy 2
smelly 3

Broken goblin weapons
Goblin armor scraps 2
Short bow

Intro Kits: Acolyte's battle focus 2
Holy symbol
Rogue 2
Trophy charm

Lesser Tokens: Curing
Dodging 7
Freedom 5
Reposting 6
Striking 6

Recipes: Apprentice Smpkestick
Pine Bar +2
Pine Haft +1
Silver Boadhead Arrow

100 Goblins. Pheonix Pass. No Knowledge Feats:
Coins: 77c
Acolytes Battle Focus
Apprentice Charged Wand

Bags:Dreamy Stuff
Fiery Stuff 2
Healthy Stuff

Broken Goblin weapon
Goblin Armor Sraps

Introductory: Spellbook
Trophy Charm

Lesser Token: Curing
Dodging 3
Freedom 7
Parrying 4
Riposting 2
Striking 4

Pine Light Shield 2

Recipe: Student's Tool Kit

Runespun Robes

Short bow

100 Razmiran Cultists:
Coins: 3s 15c
Destroyed Peasant Furniture 3

Fragments: Battle 3
Learning 8
Secrets 7

Greater Tokens: Fast Healing
Strength 2

Infused Dragoon Leaves 2

Lesser Tokens: Awareness 10
Curing 16
Dodging 6
Freedom 2
Mind Blanking 9
Parrying 6
Riposting 10
Striking 3
Painful Staunching Fluid 3

Recipes: Apprentice's Somantic Wand
Coarse Yarn +2
Disciple's Anarchic Charge
Lesser Vital Gem +1
Novice's Charge Gem +1
Weak Soothing Extract +2

Torn Peasant Clothes 3

100 Undead Uprising:
Coins: 3s 23c
Apprentice Charged Staff
Apprentice Charged Wand

Curio of Vengeance

Fragments: Battle 7
Learning 7
Secrets 7
Greater Token: Armor

Infused Brimstone
Infused Foxfire

Introductory: Holy Symbol
Rogue Kit 2
Trophy Charm

Lesser Token: Awareness 8
Curing 2
Dodging 2
Freedom 3
Mind Blanking 13
Parrying 16
Striking 10

Maneuver: Distracting Powder

Recipes: Apprentice Psychic Staff
Apprentice Ward Gel
Basic Strips +3
Clerks Ink +2
Crimson Crystal +1
Hide Quiver
Lesser Consonant Gem +2
Pine Baton +3
Silvered Iron Spear 2
Steel Blanks +1

Weapons: Steel Greatsword 2

Torn Peasant Clothes 3

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