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"With this Shield, I Defend. By this Blade I Avenge"

Settlement Name: Ozem's Vigil
Alignment Lawful Good: Range allows LG, NG, and LN
Internal Leadership Structure: (Listed here in sync with the structure of Ozem's Vigil.)
*Keeper (Seat on the Council of Companies)
*The Hand and The Knights (Designated Deputy of the Keeper and Officers)
*Freemen (Membership Body)
We are dedicated to Ozem's Vigil's vision of "Servant Leadership" and will practice it within our own structure as well.

Whether through community outreach programs, keeping the peace in our territory, or assisting allies, Fidelis strives to build community through compassion, cooperation, and mutual effort toward goals that promote understanding and the common good for our members, allies, and neighbors. Fidelis embodies the commitment to oppose evil with the discipline to fight relentlessly, helping those in need, and speaking out against injustice.

Mission: Ensuring the safety of our Citizens as they work around the Settlement or move beyond. Fidelis will focus on providing for the common good by building the community through public outreach initiatives, including assisting new players and operating social hubs such as shrines and inns, protection of Ozem's Vigil from monstrous escalations, and PVP incursions. When provoked we will seek to avenge our citizens.

Accepted Roles: We welcome all who wish to fight for the good of others, whether through adventure, crafting, hosted events, roleplay, defense-oriented PVP, and much more. The people of Fidelis strive to set a good example and be paragons of righteousness in the chaotic wilderness of the River Kingdoms. Criminals are not acceptable members of society and should be actively hunted wherever they may go to roost. Any role or gameplay within the range of Lawful Neutral, Lawful Good, or Neutral Good will be welcome. Get in touch, you might be a perfect fit.

History in Brief: The chronicles of Fidelis are extensive and growing. Their story is as complicated as any group's currently setting up a home in the River Kingdoms. The origins begin with Pax Aeternum, as the Stalwart Shields, and are a meloncholy triumph. The road and journey had been hard. Aeternum evovled into a more pragmatic and Trade oriented group and allied itself to another (Golgotha) with a darker aspect. A certain number of the Shields and others tried but failed to guide Aeternum back toward a more compassionate stance and formed Fidelis (Faith). When it became clear that it was not possible to do so from within, they made the difficult choice to distance themselves and join a new city (Ozem's Vigil), more fitting to their beliefs. Being welcomed by Full Metal Syndicate and Peace Through Vigilance, Fidelis now stands poised to do much good for the River Kingdoms. And the story is just beginning...

A listing of our members may be found: Here

Company Website: Pax Gaming
Voice Chat: Teamspeak
Settlement Website: Ozem's Vigil
Settlement Voice Chat: Mumble

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We know that Pathfinder Online will have a time based experience system similar to some other games out there, such as Eve Online. We know that there will also be some interesting differences: 1. Your earned experience points do not need to be "pre assigned" to anything while you are earning them. 2. You need "achievements" pared with your accumulated experience points to qualify for some things that you may want to buy with exp pts. (skills, feats, etc...).

Other things, such as ability score requirements and requisite "skills" are similar and typical in most games.

We know that we can always mentor new (incoming) players with our knowledge of what skills, feats, etc... work well together. What, where, when, and how to do the things that they need to do. Even down to who is friendly, who is not, and how to muck about "the world" in the safest or general way that they will find the fun they are seeking.

What I am wondering is, how the "achievement" recognition system will work? If I party with players newer than I am, and go after their wanted achievements, will that hamper their gain? Will my actions, while grouped with them, count toward their gain? Assume that I already have these "achievements" and just want to help.

Is it right or wrong to "power level" new players this way?

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We can pretty much assume that settlement managers can set tax rates within their domains, and that local markets will generate local taxes.

What about private trades that bypass the market? They will generate no taxes. It may be possible that taxes can be auto applied in the cases of contracts, but should they?

Should private trades that bypass markets and contracts be "illegal" or "chaotic" actions or be possible to set as such (at any or a limited level) by the settlement where they take place? Perhaps, small trades would not be a concern, but what about bulk dealings at a certain threshold of units?

Is this smuggling in some form?

Is this too much control?

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We know that experience points are a "gain over time" or a purchase from the cash shop in lots of some amount system. We know that they will only be earned at a certain rate and that they will only be spendable on certain skills that require "merit badges" and certain other prerequisites.

Some of the prerequisites are previous purchased skills and some are minimum ability score. Some require in game activities or accomplishments. Most a mixture of all those.

My question is for the Developers:

What is the current thinking on the "average time of play" that you would like to see required to be able to meet the requirements for spending experience about as fast as it is gained?

For the players:

What do you feel the "average time of play" would be, that you would like to see required to be able to meet the requirements for spending experience about as fast as it is gained?

Edit: If this is already laid out, please correct me with some appropriate quotes or links. :)

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I am a relative newcomer to these boards compared to some here. My first post here was only March 27th, 2013.

When I first started posting, I admit that I was a complete train wreck of confused ideas, concepts, and misconceptions about how I wanted to see PfO turn out.

Since that time, my ideas and philosophies about what will make PfO a "good" and "playable" game for me have changed a great deal. Now I have stepped back a little bit and would like to see it turn out that way for more than just myself.

I was in all manner of disagreements over things with any number of you and probably will be in the future. There have been raging debates back and forth between many of us.

Here is the thing though:

Only recently has all of this lively debate resulted in the removal of posts regularly. It used to happen occasionally, sure, but it is happening more and more now. I am seeing people that I admired for their thoughts, stooping to the level of other posters that are being antagonistic. I am just as guilty of this as any other.

When did the first insult fly? When did the first misrepresentation for sensation get posted to inflame the "adversary"?

Who cares?

Until things are more well defined, what is the use?

We have a lot of collective gaming experience here and a lot of intelligence. Could we have a little more maturity to go along with that? The Dev's want to see ideas, thoughts, and concerns. They do not want to watch us bicker back and forth when we could be doing constructive thinking and posting. There are some points of view that are never going to be agreed on. I do not believe that we will sway GWs plans much for their concept of PfO. We can't even agree on what it is.

I am going to steal something that someone I admire said once: This is a game, not Bushido. It would do us good to remember that it is supposed to be fun (win or lose for that play day) for all of us. This forum is supposed to be fun for all of us, but there really don't need to be winners or losers here. Only opinions and ideas.

This is a Call to Sanity Take it or leave it at your whim.

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A public service announcement from the Nation of Aeternum
Purchase too much to move alone?
Want to sell more than you can carry to market?
Bandits a concern?
You simply want low cost and timely convenience in a busy world?

Then it is my pleasure to offer this, the first of many Aeternum Initiatives, that we hope will make your life in the River Kingdoms safer, more convenient and more profitable!

The Aeternum Parcel Service

This service to the community will run once (or twice, resources and demand permitting) a day from the bustling metropolis of our capital city Callambea. Naturally, our parcel service will be traveling in the company of extremely well armed and well trained forces.

To facillitate this service, The APS will be a Company formed under the auspices of Pax Aeternum. You will simply need to contract for transport through the APS at Our low cost. Collateral secured contracts (for this specific service) will not be possible, due in part to the speedy nature of the contract and the bulk of business that We hope to provide.

For a small fee (based on encumbrance) we will pick up your parcel in Callambea and deliver it to any settlement (subject to entrance restrictions). We will also pick up your parcels in these settlements and for the same small fee deliver them to Callambea so you can take full advantage of our thriving and busy market place.

No amount of goods are too little or too large. The APS will happily provide service for single items as well as bulk.

  • Daily pickup and deliveries
  • A small fee based on encumberance
  • Your goods will be well protected by our guardsmen
  • Shipments of any size welcome

This is a living, breathing concept, subject to change as the game's mechanics change. The APS is confident that We can provide everything outlined herein, according to information released to date.

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There must be some kind of plans for whitelists or something for merchants moving goods to settlements with alignment restrictions.


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I know, the title is corney.

What if certain advancements to a settlement's Library could add a resident Sage?

*Now a Sage is a serious fellow and players would bring only serious questions. Questions require a placement of a sum of gold be put into escrow. Amount determined by type of question.

*Questions sit under "consideration" until an actual game Dev picks one and decides whether to answer. No answer possible = 1/2 gold refunded. Answer is... = gold goes to library. Wait too long and withdraw question = 1/2 gold refunded.

Some Questions and possible Answers:

Q: Where can I find Carl Bloodhand? A: "Sources tell Us that Carl Bloodhand was last seen 1 mile north of the Brickleberry bridge."

Q: Are there any orcs around here? A: "Sources tell Us that there is an orc encampment, newly formed, 3 miles south of Hampton" Dev generates encampment

Q: Where is the closest place to gather Ebony Mandrake Root? A: "Sources tell Us that Ebony Mandrake Root is growing under the giant oak at the top of Cherry Hill." Dev generates Ebony Mandrake Root patch

Q: How can I become King of Bloodstone? A: "The Sources cannot answer that question."

Etc., etc., ad naseum...

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Once a crafter maxes out a certain line, i.e. they are the best they can get at crafting weapons, armor, etc. What about a once per character ability to craft thier "Masterpiece" item. Something truly better than the best normally available. Not game breaking, just an item with one or two more neat features than are available on a top end item?

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Happy Easter!

This is the eve of Q2 2013. "The Dancey" has said that EE is targeted for Q3 2014. That is roughly 1.5 years. (not very long in MMO development terms)The Devs must be finalizing some or all of thier concepts for the beggining mechanics, features, and infrastructers etc..

If you could communicate just one thing that is most important to you for EE, something that you really want them to take a hard look at or include, what would it be?

Please pick just one thing and describe what you mean and or why in no more than 5 lines of text. That way, if they are so kind as to read it and maybe even comment, they won't have to slog through a huge rant. =)
They can also see what is most important to us by common count.

Example Mine: Item Durability

I have seen that salvage kits will have limted uses and that items will likely have buffs wearing off at PC death. Please make weapons/armor etc. repairable a limited # of times as an item "drain" to balance against the item "faucet"

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This has me pretty excited as I love to play a merchant. It looks like loans are going to be a tuff sell though. A criminal flag for defaulting on a secured loan seems excessive. Also, it looks like loans will need to be repaid in one installment? Would it be possible to stretch them to say 3 or 10 payments? That might be more attractive to people that actually need to borrow money in the first place.

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I am not starting this to discuss Gold Farming. That has been hashed and rehashed. I am curious about what ideas you guys might have about what farm steading could be like in PFO.

Player farm steading could open up a whole range of new skills, player interaction, mini game-with-in-game opportunities, product generation, "farmer goes to market", etc., etc...

Would a detailed farm steading option be something that enough players could enjoy?