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Ravingdork wrote:

I can't believe I've never heard of this build till now. It is a positively brilliant idea and the OP has absolutely earned my respect for his creativity and game mastery. I will definitely be putting a version of this in my Crazy Character Emporium if the OP doesn't mind. It will totally fit right in.

Thanks Ravingdork. I would be honored for you stick a variant in to your Emporium, I'm a big fan of a lot of your builds in there.

As Taenia mentioned earlier, if you wanted a less magic item reliant character the best option in a kitsune using fox shape. However this does cost an extra feat.

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Taenia wrote:

Keep in mind that you can buy an Agile Amulet of Mighty Fists for 4000k and upgrade it later.

Two levels of ranger get you a bonus feat, for example 2 levels of Two handed weapon style will get you power attack without the needed Str. Though piranha strike does work, its about a bonus feat and the ability of the freebooter to mark a target for +1 to hit/dmg as a move action, at will.

Damage is not a problem, though Halfling race provides a boost with Risky Striker. I have a build I posted in the Bird thread that does 3 attacks at lvl 4 for 1d3 + 17 damage. For a kitsune you could take 2 Urban Barb, 2 Fighter grab Weapon Finesse, Fox Shape, Piranha Strike and Extra Rage and with the Agile AoMF be doing 3x 1d3 + 13 at level 4.

The other key thing to note with the AoMF is that because you'll have a lot of attacks the most cost effective way to make sure you can get past DR is to first buy an Agile AoMF then upgrade it to add fury born, which increases the effective bonus on the weapon by 1 for each time you have hit the opponent.

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So, a few notes. Urban barbarian is nice for getting you some extra attacks and pounce.
The downside of course is that with alignment restrictions there is no way to get that and take any levels of monk or paladin.

If you want to do multi classing, I would recommend taking a lot them in order to stack up a lot of bonus feats and saving throws.

Here is a version of a character I ran up to level 12, with a slight alteration since I also just discovered aspect of the beast won't work.

Level 1: Swashbuckler (Mouser)
Level 2: Fighter (unarmed fighter)
Level 3: Paladin (Iroran)
Level 4: Monk (Master of Many Styles + Kata Master)
Level 5: Monk (Master of Many Styles + Kata Master)
Level 6: Paladin (Iroran)
Level 7: Druid (Eagle Shaman)
Level 8: Druid (Eagle Shaman)
Level 9: Paladin (Iroran)
Level 10: Paladin (Iroran)
Level 11: dip of your choice or continue w/ Iroran paladin

Eagle shaman should give you the extra natural attacks you want.

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Taenia wrote:
Godwyn wrote:
My question that I always have with this is the kitsune. If they take fox shape at level 3, and then dip into ranger to get beast aspect, can they have the claws grow on the fox form? Kitsune are humanoid (shapechanger). They naturally have more than one primary form. Even if the claws can only grow in one form, what determines what form they grow in?

No you can't. The problem is the ability causes you to grow claws in your normal form. These become (Ex) Claws that are natural attacks possessed by your normal form and therefore the application of any polymorph process replaces them with the natural attacks of the form assumed.

You could reasonably talk to a GM about a house rule, but by RAW it doesn't work.

After taking a deeper look at the rules, I agree with Taenia on this point. It's going to take me a while to figure out a workaround given alignment restriction issues which make going Urban barbarian impossible.

One thought is to go kitsune and then spend a lot of money on a wand of Monstrous Extremities in order to get the extra attacks.

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Scott Wilhelm wrote:
Hrothdane wrote:
What do you do when the enemy spellcaster uses Waves of Exhaustion?

Waves of Exhaustion is a level 7 spell! When the OP is facing a level 14 opponent, hopefully he will be near level 14 himself, and will be equipped with appropriate countermeasures: Armor with Spell Resistance, a Scarab of Protection, some kind of Anti Magic Shell dweomer.

Aren't there some fairly inexpensive ways to alleviate exhaustion? A low level spell, a Paladin mercy, something like that?

I would like to answer a more general question than the one you specifically asked, Hrothdane: what kind of defense does the OP's build have against spellcasters?

To that I will point out that that the OP's build has a high armor class, including a high Touch AC vs. Ray Spells. The OP's build has Evasion, I'm pretty sure, and although I haven't looked closely for this, the OP multiclasses extensively, and extensive multiclassing tends to lead to very high saving throws.

In my experience this build tends to work quite well against spell casters. With regards to what saving throws can be expected:

These are the saving throws on the kitten variant level 12 character I have with this build:
Base without items:
Fort: +16
Ref: +20
Will: +13

By level 12 I invested in the following items:
+4 cloak of resistance
+4 headband of Cha
+4 belt of dex
cracked ion stone granting +1 to saves.

So the saving throws at level 12 are:
Fort: +23
Ref: +29 w/ evasion
Will: +20

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Helikon wrote:
Sorry but how do you add more attacts to claw, claw, bite?

Take your normal 3 weapon attacks using unarmed strike, then use natural weapons as secondary natural weapons at a -5 penalty.

Creatures with natural attacks and attacks made with weapons can use both as part of a full attack action (although often a creature must forgo one natural attack for each weapon clutched in that limb, be it a claw, tentacle, or slam). Such creatures attack with their weapons normally but treat all of their available natural attacks as secondary attacks during that attack, regardless of the attack’s original type.

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Broken Zenith wrote:

Let's not make this a paladin thread.

Have we calculated the level 12 attack routine yet? What he is attacking at and what types of damage he is dealing for each circumstance? I would be curious to see the DPR.

So here is an attack routine at level 12. So after some thought I would sub out outflank for Combat Style Master granting Snake style up constantly.

This attack routine is assuming that the swashbuckler scarf granting +5ft reach was activated prior to combat. An ideal scenario is envisioned with the enemy being 5ft away to start the round. This does not include sneak attack damage or flanking bonuses.

Step 1: Swift Action activate Monkey Style.
Step 2: 5ft into enemy square.
Step 3: Enemy takes AOO, misses.
Step 4: Use snake fang to make retaliatory strike (cannot make second retaliatory strike because swift action used)
+23 to hit, damage=1d3 + 24 + 1d6 acid (Delisquent gloves) = 28 damage
(Fury born counter raised to 1)
Step 5:
Unarmed strikes:
Attack 1:
+28 to hit, damage=1d3 + 25 + 1d6 acid = 29 damage
(Fury born counter raised to 2)
Attack 2:
+24 to hit, damage=1d3 + 26 + 1d6 acid = 30 damage
(Fury born counter raised to 3)
Attack 3:
+21 to hit, damage=1d3 + 27 + 1d6 acid = 31 damage
(Fury born counter raised to 4)
+24 to hit, damage=1d3 + 18 = 20 damage
(Fury born counter raised to 5)
Claw 1:
+25 to hit, damage=1d3 +19= 21 damage
Claw 2:
+25 to hit, damage=1d3 +19= 21 damage

Total round 1 damage: 180
If you are able to apply sneak attack damage add another 7d6 damage for an average of 25, so 205 DPR. If this is your second opponent of the combat and you don't have to waste an action activating monkey style, add another 33 points of damage for a total of 238.

Should the enemy survive this, on the very first attack against the bird the enemy makes that misses, the following will occur:
AOO unarmed strike +32 to hit, 1d3 + 29 +1d6 acid = 33 damage
If AOO hits, then spend immediate action to make second AOO
+27 to hit, 1d3 + 29 + 1d6 acid= 33 damage

In between 1st and second round possible retribution damage on first strike 66 damage, +33 damage for each additional missed attack. On second round, damage will be higher as you will be attacking with an effective +5 weapon the entire round.

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Scott Wilhelm wrote:
redward wrote:

Regardless of all that, I implore anyone planning to use a build like this to:

1) warn the GM of what you're bringing and what it's capable of doing.
2) explain to the party what your character does, and
3) explain to them all how, in spite of unhittable AC, massive saves and devastating damage, you promise to share the spotlight rather than turning the next four hours (or more realistically thirty minutes) into the Songbird Show.

That's good advice.

I would certainly agree. This character was originally designed because I was going to play all three bone keeps in one weekend at a con, and I therefore decided to design a character I felt would be most likely to survive that.

(On a side note, I will mention that this character was able to solo nearly 3/4 of bone keep 2, so the experiment was quite successful.)

However I would certainly not recommend this build for normal PFS play, because it can cause some of those issues you discuss, and tried to add a disclaimer of that fact at the beginning.

This build falls into the same category as some of the other specialty builds like Musket master, Zen Archer, slumber witch, etc... that can ruin the play experience for others if you play it wrong.

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David_Bross wrote:

You will have one natural attack. Also it will be virtually impossible to wield weapons as a songbird. You will still have your unarmed strike I suppose, which will deal 1d3+ a lot of damage, so you could use that (along with any iteratives from it) and your bite at a -5.

PRD wrote:
Claws of the Beast (Ex): You grow a pair of claws. These claws are primary attacks that deal 1d4 points of damage (1d3 if you are Small).
PRD wrote:
While under the effects of a polymorph spell, you lose all extraordinary and supernatural abilities that depend on your original form (such as keen senses, scent, and darkvision), as well as any natural attacks and movement types possessed by your original form. You also lose any class features that depend upon form, but those that allow you to add features (such as sorcerers that can grow claws) still function. While most of these should be obvious, the GM is the final arbiter of what abilities depend on form and are lost when a new form is assumed. Your new form might restore a number of these abilities if they are possessed by the new form.

David, I would argue that the Claws of the beast fit in the same category as the sorcerer claws, which are specifically allowed to transfer when you polymorph.

This build envisions using unarmed strike to attack a well as its iteratives.

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So I am fully aware of the fact that being flatfooted is a danger to this build. However there are some ways of mitigating this.

Here is how in character I deal with that fact.
1. Sit on an arcane casters shoulder and pretend to be their familiar.

2. If you're willing to switch out Iroran paladin and lose the ac and save bonuses you can pick up the Torag trait defensive strategist which makes sure you are not flatfooted before you have a chance to act.

3. If an enemy does have the chance to attack you from surprise use the parrying riposte deed as an immediate action to counter.

Finally a note on the other traditional weakness of these builds. Penetrating DR. In this case I would upgrade the Amulet of mighty fists with the fury born enchantment which gives a stacking +1 bonus to the weapon up to 5 for each time an enemy has been hit.

After one round of full attacking if the thing is not dead all of your attacks are with +5 weapons penetrating all DR.

Another way of dealing with the issue of reach is picking up the lunge feat. If you combine that with the scarf this character can have 10 foot reach and be all sorts of fun.

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Scott Wilhelm wrote:

For the OP,

I love the idea of being a baddass mocking bird, you'll be more feared than Woody Woodpecker and Chester Chickenhawk combined. Also, Snake Fang is my favorite feat in the world. But I have some problems/comments about your build.

Turning into a song bird gives you +1 Natural Armor, +4 Dex, and +2 Size bonus to AC at the cost of 2 sizes worth of Damage and -2 St. Yes? Plus with your increased Dex comes the potential of 2 extra Attacks of Opportunity/round. Might I suggest a level in Alchemist? You can take a Dex Mutagen. Also +1 Natural AC, also +4 Dex, no size bonus to AC, but no size penalty to damage, either. A -2 Wisdom instead of Strength. You'd also have the option of taking a Strength Mutagen, with a -2 in Intelligence instead of Wisdom. In addition, to make your build work, you are talking about acquiring 2 expensive magic items, whereas I am talking about a 1-level dip. Of course, there is no reason why you can't do both. The size bonuses you get stack with Alchemal Mutagens.

Isn't there some redundancy in your build? As a Mouser, you can enter opponents' squares. As a Tiny creature, you can enter opponents' squares. With the Monkey Shine Feat, you can enter opponents' squares. Are all these ways of entering opponents' squares necessary?

If you were going to drop one, you should drop Monkey Shines, I guess, since at this point, you can't use it. The Monkey Shines Benefit of entering opponents' squares triggers on successful use of Stunning Fist. And as a Kata Master, you don't get Stunning Fist. Perhaps you should Drop Kata Master: As a Swashbuckler, you get Panache anyway. Do you need to double up on Panache? I suppose you could take Stunning Fist as a Feat, but since you already have so many ways of entering opponents' squares, that seems unnecessary. Or drop Kata Master.

You might consider Dropping Master of Many Styles, too. I love Snake Fang, but with your character's high chances of hitting due to Finesse and Tiny Size, you might really do well...

So a couple of points:

1. Monkey Shine is an amazing feat with this build. The key benefit that you are forgetting is that it grants you a +4 dodge bonus to AC and a +4 bonus to hit while you are in an enemy square.

2. Mouser grants you the flanking from an adjacent ally as well as giving the enemy a -4 on all attack rolls against anyone but you while you are in its square. Additionally it gives you an AOO even if it 5 ft steps away from you.

3. Kata master doesn't trade away anything really worthwhile and it gives you back the dodging panache deed lost from taking mouser.

4. Power attack requires a minimum strength.

The additional CMD comes from items, and situationally from Monkeyshine if you are in an an enemy square.
+1 luck bonus from Jingasa
+1 deflection bonus from ring of 7 lovely colors
+1 insight bonus from ioun stone.
+4 dodge bonus if in enemy square.

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TarkXT wrote:
Can you point me where the rules state you add your Dex to CMB for tiny?

See pg. 198 of the CRB.

Ohako: I have consulted with a couple VCs on the topic and the ruling is that you have to be a worshipper of Irori to play an Iroran paladin, but you don't have to be a worshipper of Desna to use the ring.

As for the familiar idea, personally I would strongly recommend against it. In this build you actually want the enemy to try and hit you so you can counter-attack, so a duplicate would be counter-productive.

Blackblood: This build should be workable with a 15 point buy. Just playing around with things I would recommend the following stat array for a halfling:
Str: 5
Dex: 19
Con: 12
Int: 7
Wis: 14

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Raymond Lambert wrote:
I advise you to post up front with all builds what your point buy is. This uses a 25 point buy, ilrgal for PFS, thus not worth suggestion for use in such.

This is a legal 20 point PFS array. The point array shown above is after racial modifiers have been added.

Str: 8 (-2) -2 racial
Dex: 18 (17) +2 racial
Con: 12 (2)
Int: 7 (-4)
Wis: 14 (5)
Cha: 12 (2) +2 racial
Total points: 20

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Natan Linggod 327 wrote:
How much damage would you be doing as a Tiny sized bird?

By my calculations at level 12 assuming all attacks hit and ideal circumstances, average damage die rolls would allow you to deal 247 damage in one round.

Tark, the CMD in bird form should be quite high. For example, the level 12 character I have with this build has a CMD of 36.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
You can do a very similar build with a kitsune that changes into a fox at bab +3

The current build I that I ran to level 12 is actually a kitsune that revolves around the fox shape feat. The advantage of this build is that you are able to take the halfling racial feat "risky striker" which allows you to effectively apply power attack twice to all of your attacks.

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Covert Operator wrote:

I want to know why you want to go Unarmed Fighter and Monk(MoMS).

Surely you'll qualify for some of the style feats you need without needing three as no-prerequisite bonus feats?

Couple of reasons. First, by taking those three levels you get 3 bonus feats, which is pretty good all on its own.

Second, without the no-prerequisite bonus feats, you would have to wait till level 9 to take snake fang and level 11 to take monkey shine, and wait till level 5 to take monkey style, so those feats allow you to get those crucial parts of the build far earlier.

Additionally, Master of Many-Styles is necessary in order to be able to use monkey style and snake style at the same time.

And then finally, kata master allows you to get back a lot of the deeds that are traded away by the mouser archetype which are all quite useful.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Breq of Toren wrote:

Edit: One additional note. Since you will be battling in a flying form, as long as you enter the combat flying, you cannot be caught flat footed, as pg. 96 of the CRB states that "You are not considered flat-footed while flying"

Thats not what that means. It means you aren't flat footed JUST because you're flying. It doesn't prevent you from being flat footed while flying.

I'd generally agree with you and would probably rule that way in my own game. I just mentioned it because I've seen it ruled the other way on occasions as well.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
Secondly, as a tiny creature, you use dex instead of strength for your CMB.
Can you cite this part? I think I know what you're doing but i want to make sure.

See pg. 198 of the Core Rulebook. " Creatures that are size tiny or smaller use their dexterity modifier in place of their strength modifier to determine their CMB"

On a side note I forget to mention the +1d6 sneak attack damage from slayer level 3. Still haven't gotten everything in yet.

Edit: One additional note. Since you will be battling in a flying form, as long as you enter the combat flying, you cannot be caught flat footed, as pg. 96 of the CRB states that "You are not considered flat-footed while flying"

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In Pathfinder, the penalties for multi-classing have been mostly been eliminated except for the favored class bonus. As a result of this, with the appropriate build, one can create an incredibly dangerous melee fighter taking advantage of the many bonus feats different classes give at early levels.

The following build is a bit of theory crafted mayhem that is incredibly effective between levels 5 and 12, so the majority of the PFS career of a player. This character is screwed towards GMs who can apply credits to characters to bypass the first several levels of play, as this character only really becomes viable at about level 4 due to a couple of 4k gold items.

Finally before we begin a warning. This build is should only be played by experienced players who know what they're doing and are willing to incur the well deserved wrath of their GM. This build has a lot of moving parts and is very easy to screw up and take excessive time if you don't know the system well.

First the stats:
Str: 6
Dex: 20 (boost Dex every 4 levels)
Con: 12
Int: 7
Wis: 14
Cha: 14

Level 1: Swashbuckler (Mouser)
Level 2: Fighter (unarmed fighter)
Level 3: Paladin (Iroran)
Level 4: Monk (Master of Many Styles + Kata Master)
Level 5: Monk (Master of Many Styles + Kata Master)
Level 6: Paladin (Iroran)
Level 7: Slayer
Level 8: Slayer
Level 9: Slayer
Level 10: Paladin (Iroran)
Level 11: Paladin (Iroran)

Level 1: weapon finesse (from swashbuckler)
Level 1: Piranha strike
Level 2: Monkey Style (bonus from unarmed fighter)
Level 3: Snake Style
Level 4: Monkey Shine (bonus from Monk MoMS)
Level 5: Snake Fang (bonus from Monk MoMS)
Level 5: Combat reflexes
Level 7: Stand Still
Level 7: Ranger Combat Style: Aspect of the Beast (Claws of the Beast)
Level 9: Risky Striker
Level 11: Outflank

Next the two crucial items to this build:
Amulet of Mighty Fists (agile): This will allow you to have all of your attacks apply your dex to damage.
Ring of Seven Lovely Colors: This will allow you to transform into a tiny songbird for 10 minutes at a time, 7 times a day. Enough that you can be in songbird form for every single fight of a PFS scenario.
Ring of Eloquence: Allows you to speak with your party while in bird form.

How it all comes together:
When in bird form, you will get a +4 to dex, a -2 to strength and a +1 natural armor bonus to AC. In addition as a tiny creature you will get a +2 size modifier to hit and to AC.

Secondly, as a tiny creature, you use dex instead of strength for your CMB.

Third, and most crucially, tiny creatures can enter an enemy square freely, although this provokes attacks of opportunity. This will allow you to take advantage of the special mouser abilities as well as the feat Monkey Shine. Monkey shine is one of the key feats in this build, as it grants a +4 dodge bonus to AC when you are in an enemy square and a +4 bonus to hit while in the enemy square.

Fourth, snake style allows you to consider all unarmed strikes to be piercing weapons, making them qualify for swashbucklers finesse. In addition snake fang allows you to take an attack of opportunity every time an enemy swings against your character and misses. With an AC that will generally require almost every enemy to roll a 20 to hit you, and an almost unlimited number of AOOs, this will be a major advantage, especially since provoking every time you move in to attack will grant you an extra attack almost all of the time.

Fifth, the mouser grants the ability to flank an enemy when you are in their square and an ally is adjacent to you. This means that so long as you have another melee character in the party, you will be flanking nearly every round of combat. Additionally, the mouser can take an AOO every time an enemy leaves the mousers square, even if just using a 5 foot step. When combined with your high CMB and Stand still at level 7, you can pretty much prevent any enemy from run away from you.

Sixth, The dodging panache deed, will effectively give you the step up feat as well as a useful way of increasing your AC. The dodging panache deed allows you to take an immediate action to move 5 ft. when an enemy makes a melee attack against you and add your cha modifier as a dodge bonus to AC for a round. Since the deed does not specify which direction you need to go, you can use this as an easy way to enter an enemy square on their turn if they step back and strike at you. In addition since you should have a high cha, this should be a significant boost to your AC.

Key strengths of the build:
Ridiculous saves: Without any items, this character will have the following saves at level 12 as well as evasion:
Fort: +16
Ref: + 20
Will: +13

Ridiculous AC and touch AC:
One of the key strengths of this build is that you will be able to stack many many bonuses to your AC. First you will gain the size bonus, secondly you will get wisdom to AC from the monk. Third you will get charisma to dex AC from the Iroran Paladin (limited by number of paladin levels taken), Finally, you should have a ridiculous dex score from transforming and investing in dex boosting items. This score can be boosted and supplemented by the use of wands. I strongly encourage investing in wands of mage armor, barkskin, and shield. The level 12 character I have who is a slight variant of this build regularly has a 46 regular AC and a 36 touch AC.

Very High bonus to hit:
The combination of gaining a very high dex from changing shape, a +2 bonus to hit from tiny size, being only 1 level removed from being full BAB, and gaining a +4 to hit when in an enemy square from Monkey shine, means that this character should be able to hit most opponents on anything above a 4 most of the time from my personal experience.

Many attacks:
With this character, you will have 3 natural attacks as well as 3 regular weapon attacks at level 12. In addition, you will be able to counter-attack every attack made by the enemy who's square you are in so long as they miss. With your dex modifier, this should be enough for all of them.

High Damage per strike:
The other key benefit of this build is that in addition to having a good damage stat from dexterity, you will be able to greatly increase your damage by applying piranha strike and risky striker on all targets that are at least medium sized, which will be nearly every target you encounter.
For example at level 9, at the cost of decreasing AC by 3 and the bonus to hit by 3 you will get to add +12 to damage on each hit.

Key Weakness: anything with strength drain is a sign to run like hell. However, with your touch AC and the ability to fly, even then you should probably be fine in most cases.

I will continue to modify this and work to answer people's questions on the subject.

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Want: Undine Boon
Have: Ancestral Ally, Expanded Narrative, Ifrit, Oread, Sylph

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Breq of Toren wrote:


Ancestral Ally
Expanded Narrative (GM Star refresh)

Race boons, open to offers


Now have
Ancestral Ally
Expanded Narrative (GM Star refresh) x2

Looking for non-Ifrit racial boons, other good offers.

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Ancestral Ally
Expanded Narrative (GM Star refresh)

Race boons, open to offers

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Have: Ancestral Ally
Want: Open to offers

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Jiggy wrote:
If you're only retraining one level, you only pay for one level. Or am I misunderstanding your question?

I am only retraining one level. I been under the impression from speaking with a VO that you were only allowed to retrain the most recent class level that you had gained. As a result in order to retrain a class level that I took at level 3 even though I am level 8, I would in effect have to retrain level 4-8 first. So I just wanted to clarify that was the case or not.

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Hey guys,

Quick question, I have a level 8 character that I would like to retrain 1 level on. The character took a level of brawler as a dip at level 3 and I would now like to retrain that to ranger. Am I correct in thinking that I only need to retrain that 1 level of brawler or do I need to retrain all of my previous class levels 4-8 as well? Essentially am I looking at a bill for 5 levels or for 1 level?

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andreww wrote:
RSVP's have gone out for this game. Steve, I have had a failure to deliver notification come back to me for you. Can you please check that your email address on Warhorn is correct and let me have a way to get hold of you. Feel free to PM me here.

I just signed up on the Warhorn today after seeing there were still spaces left. Could I still get an RSVP email?



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Here's a link to the main forum where people tend to post online games.!forum/pathfinder-society-online-collectiv e

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Ancestral Ally

Open to offers

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Totally agree. The con was amazing and I love the way these events give people like me who don't have the ability to make it to a live con a chance to play the specials. Thanks to all the organizers and GM's who made it possible.

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So to add to this issue. How should this be treated when you are multi-class brawler and monk?
For the AC do you count as being 5 levels higher in each class?

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I'm just trying to clarify here, as I was not clear from the reading of rules whether the AC bonus applied to touch attacks or not.

I have a Order of the Dragon bodyguard that I'm running to try and maximize aid another AC, so I want to make sure whether it applies or not.

Thanks for any help.