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Still epic cool. Bump for pixels.

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I like the PF Open Reference a lot. I've had some luck incorporating cloud services into my app. (alternate shameless plug, "Pathfinder Assistant") My old version used to sync with a dedicated server but while this worked for live local sessions I still need to recreate a solution for disconnected systems (push notifications and such).

Combat Manager for PC/Android also has some good tools for GMing (initiative etc) that I highly recommend as well.

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I made a conversion of the Android Crafting Station for Windows 8. Helps craft a variety of potions, scrolls, etc.
http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/app/pathfinder-crafting-station/392f5ecc- a0d7-433b-8f86-c93e68def5c3

Getting ready to roll out a Windows Store (8) version of the Pathfinder Assistant as well.

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I made a conversion of the Android Crafting Station for Windows 8. Helps craft a variety of potions, scrolls, etc.

http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-us/app/pathfinder-crafting-station/392 f5ecc-a0d7-433b-8f86-c93e68def5c3

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Looking good! Oddly I found it always very difficult to develop for the "desktop" as the traffic just was never there for me. The unified store model you get with Windows 8, Android, iOS, just sends through so much more traffic. Keep up the good work.

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Could always try Pathfinder Assistant for Android (and soon Windows 8.0/1). It's a bit buggy in spots, as it tries to be a complete automated character sheet, with management for all aspects of the character, calculates stats and tracks buffs etc. I've heard it's not as intuitive as it could be, but may be worth a try. Oh and I'm the author so, selfless self promotion and all that.


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Avatar-1 wrote:

Just installed the lite version; I'm a bit lost as to where to start? Looks like you go Characters (3rd button down?), then the + icon to begin with, go through each of the tabs and then make sure you hit the save icon. Autosave would be handy here.

Not sure what the Editor does, seems to be the same as Characters? But only edits?

Also the splash screen on startup stays up for about 30 odd seconds, is that normal?

Thanks for the reply, the feedback helps a lot in improving the application. Sorry for the late response, I don't monitor this post very much as you can see your the first person in a year to respond here. ;) Send me an email if you have additional questions at lancer1977@gmail.com, to your questions:

1. The splash screen stays up that long because it's building the databases when you first run the application. I should have realized some more feedback was needed to let the users know what it was doing. I'll make sure to address that in the next release.
2. The menu icon at the top, and the characters button serve the same purpose. It takes you to the list of saved characters you have on your device (if any). It will allow you to reset to a empty character if ones already loaded.
3. To use the application, you need to go into the editor and fill out the stats, and selections for your character. The equipment page also needs to be updated (in the combat menu, probably could use a link in the editor screen as well honestly.)

Once you have all of that updated, I'd advise going into your character menu and saving. It does try to save the character if you make a new one, or leave the application but if it is terminated early it may not save. After this the combat menu becomes useful. Roll skills, attacks, etc.

Good hunting!

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The pro version is now on sale for .99 for 3 days celebrating 5k installs on the lite version. Thanks for the support!

http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.polyhydragames.pathfinderp aid

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A bit past due, but v22 is up on the googles. Corrected link

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Shameless self promotion here, I wrote (continue to write) an app for Android that's a character generator/manager/sheet/etc. Supports almost all classes (working to add the new playtest ones atm), races, racial traits, traits, feats, skills, multiclassing, spellbooks, equipment, effect (spells etc) tracking, potion/wand/rod/scroll tracking (number left etc). Attack rolls, list goes on really.

Have a free version to try out that works up to level 5 and a "pro" version. I don't know that I'll ever call it out of beta since I'm constantly adding features and trying to keep up with Paizos relentless assault of new material.

If it's missing something you need let me know I try to implement requests ASAP. Also have a crafting app on here too, and perhaps a Words of Power companion in the future.

http://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Polyhydra%20Software&hl= en

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I added a new app to the Google store for calculating crafted item cost and time. Supports wands, scrolls, potions, weapons, armor, and I plan to add staves, wondrous items, and whatever else I can fit into it in the future.

Fixed link here http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.polyhydragames.PFCraftingC alculator

Edit:fixed link

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I don't maintain the PC version anymore but I did release a Android version. It does a lot of the auto-calculations and incorporates most of your class/feat/trait/buff/item/etc choices. You can try the free version here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.polyhydragames.pathfinder &hl=en

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v9 availiable on the app store now. Spells are working better as well as a ton of new feats and class option tracking.

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I posted a beta version of my pathfinder tool set I've been working on for a little bit now. This ones geared towards players but what sets it apart from some other character sheets is that it automatically calculates bonuses, keeps track of different stats, automatically. It pulls in data from various databases for spells, classes, weapons, armor, effects, items, conditions.... list goes on.

What it does well,
Tracks classes, feats, traits, stats, skills, equipment, hp, spells, and makes rolling skills and attacks fairly easily. Things like calculating your 9 flurry attacks and prompting users to either attack with weapon, unarmed, shuriken, trip, sunder, disarm.

What it doesn't do well,
Archetypes aren't well supported yet. only a few "abilities" such as channel energy are working, spell casts don't do much more then give raw data, and the interface still needs a lot of work for starters.

Future goals,
Build a at a glance summary of rolls to accommodate those who prefer to roll the dice by hand and don't want the app to do the rolling (on button click), integrate in a DM assistant and network players via a central web server to allow for asynchronous playing. IE push notifications to let you know its your turn to act.

The beta is free and I update it regularly, any feedback is welcome.

https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.polyhydragames.pathfinder &feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwxLDEsImNvbS5wb2x5aHlkcmFnYW1lcy5wY XRoZmluZGVyIl0

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Add +2 Con ( since this is 3.5 rules and you should have a net +2 stats) to represent the health of the Kender race.

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Duck, as you crawl out of the barrel you find yourself in complete darkness, however using your darkvision you can make out the room and see that you appear to be in a storage room surrounded by many other closed barrels. The area appears to be made of wood, walls, a relatively low ceiling, and a door in the far wall with a set of short stairs leading up to it with a ramp to its side.

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Nay, this would be your Kender. Castle amber actually is set way in the future from this campaign.

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Story thus far (from the Facebook posts)
After navigating the trials of the tower you find yourself in a poorly lit room. The area you find yourself able to occupy is a bit cramped, as a hazy light red field separates the room from the main area. A gnome sits at a desk pouring over a huge stack of books. He looks up and notices your party.

"You've arrived!!! WONDERFUL!!! I thought I'd be trapped here forever. Blasted useless half... err... anyhow. Yes yes welcome!! I see you've brought a doll with you. A scarecrow recently enchanted. Peculiar. It will do. Let’s see now." He stands up and begins to pace about rummaging through his belongings. Your comrades look at each other thoroughly confused. Your eyes begin to wander about the room, which is filled with an endless array of riches and unusual treasures. One area of the room is covered in plaques with monsters heads. Dragons and other mythical beasts you have never seen. Some of which you had heard about in tales your mother told you when you were young but you thought were make believe. A treasure chest overflowing with platinum sits just beyond the barrier taunting you.

The gnome suddenly slumps to the floor lifeless.

"Alright then I think I'm ready to leave. Oh by the way, names Breadcrumb. Breadcrumb the wizard. Yes sir. Good to meet you all. Thank you again for responding to my ad. Shall we be off then? Time to find my mind."

You notice the scarecrow you brought with you has disappeared.

With that he begins to crawl down the ladder, and out the tower.

As you egress from the unusual tower, you take a moment to reflect on the passing of the unusual woman and man from the fields. The sky above is still black as night, you have never seen stars so bright. Occasionally debris continues to fall around you. The "gnome" you "rescued" takes a moment to survey the area.

"I don't quite recall the stars ever being so bright around here... nor do I recall so many cattle and bodies floating around the area. In fact, I don't recall much."

He picks up a piece of wood from the ground and inspects it closely.

"A piece of a ship it would appear. I must apologize for the nature of our meeting. I have been searching through the documents and relics in what appear to have been my room to try to understand who I am, and how I became imprisoned in my own tower."

He continues to survey the area round the tower for additional clues.

"I know that part of me is missing, or perhaps no more. Something powerful happened, and I'm not entirely sure why. Nor can I recall who did this to me."

He wanders to a trapdoor behind the tower. As he nears them the trapdoors explode open and a small metallic sphere comes flying out of the lower levels of the tower.

"What in the name of the gods is that!?!" Yelps the gnome as he pulls out a wand an unknown pocket pointing it at the sphere.

A small wisp of steam shoots out from the sphere as it darts towards the wizard. As it darts in circles around the wizard additional plumes of steam shoot out from it as it propels itself around the gnome.

"YES!!" The sphere screeches in a mechanical monotone voice.

"? Yes what you crazed contraption!?" Demands the gnome.

"YES!!!" Replies the sphere.

"Hmmmm. Are you friend or..."

"YES YES YES YES!!!" Interrupts the sphere.

"Well, I guess it means no harm. Can you say anything aside from yes?"

"YES!!!" Happily chirps the sphere.

"Well? What else?"


"Well that's useful.... do you know me?"


"Well I suppose you can come along then. Maybe you will be of some assistance."

"YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!" says the Sphere as it dances about the gnome.

"Is there anything useful in the basement Sphere?"


"Well, my new found friends" says the gnome with an evil grin, "Shall we?"

Yes the scarecrow disappeared. One of you had grabbed the gnome and pulled some straw from him which he took back.

Breadcrumb, "I'm afraid i do not recall who they were specifically. I've found that many of my memories are gone. From what I've discerned they are probably the occupants of that farm. I don't recall the sky being so black and the stars so bright before... but again I don't remember much aside from what I've discovered from my writings, which mostly encompass information on planets, unusual creatures, magic rituals, and so forth.

Speaking of rituals, here is an important ritual that you can perform in the off chance this body is destroyed. If you have noticed your bodies have been etched with a spell fragment."

Examining the "tattoo" that appeared on your body when you accepted the contract you notice it glows faintly now, and slowly undulates on your skin as if it were alive.

"This fragment is a conduit for my spirit, soul, chi, whatever you want to call it. So if this body is destroyed simply follow these instructions in the presence of a doll and I will be revived."

Kita Rin

History: Many years ago sailed there sailed through space a terrible pirate ship named the Zeck. It was captained by the infamous Polvan von Chowderwerst the 3rd. Him and his crew decided to give up the pirate life and settle down. They found that they were most unwelcome in all parts of the galaxy however. They decided to make a home of their own permanently in space. Now they have slowly grown into a huge collection of decks, docks, and ships of various types and sizes.

Halls of Darkness

You awaken after your crash into a planet eventually to find yourself enveloped in the darkest blackness. You can see nothing. You hear what you think are the moans of your companions nearby. Behind you suddenly hear a scuttling in the distance. Then to your left... and then to your right...

Episode 6: Fire on the Space line

So as a summary the group found Kita Rin burning. The source of the flames being a group of mages floating on small black disks and exploding everything from above while hellhounds terrorized from the ground. The party managed to clear up most of the intruders, and made their way to the ship / hall of Baron Von Chowderwurst to see him semi-comatose being bludgeoned by metallic looking dwarves and hellhounds. Two wizards in the back of the room lighting him up with their spells, unbeknownst to the assailants his wife hid behind his throne doing her best to protect her husband.

The part arrived and dispatched the intruders but the two wizards escaped and left a nessian hound behind that killed Wowjoshes inquisitor. The party ended its life and went to detach the ship from the city and escape.

Episode 7: Rose of the Desert

The party parted ways with the Barons ship and went on a task to find the cause and cure of the Barons condition that had been stalled but was sapping his life. Their only clue being the two wizards who escaped from his hall appeared on their ship and departed, being noticed by the crew of the parties Spellljamming vessel.

The party "quickly" followed, coming upon a huge asteroid field. Traversing the field quickly turned from bad to worse when the stones began eating the party members. The party quickly found themselves overwhelmed when an obscure ship battered its way through the oncoming rocks and led them to safety.

The ship belonged to a group of Goblins the leader asking for the party’s assistance for helping them escape certain doom. They agreed and followed the Goblins to a small moon base where an outpost was setup by the tenants of Enlightenment.

The goblins occupied the majority of the forces while the party snuck into the back via a move stone spell. They found another Nessian in the courtyard and it appeared the spelljammer of the enemy was no longer in the middle of the base. They dispatched the beast and one of the ballista operators. The door to the tower proved to be of a surprise when it exploded doing significant damage to the party. In the basement they found a horrible dungeon of sorts where cages with soulless husks of people were still chained up. The wizard the goblins asked them to capture sent his giant to intercept the party but with a bit of subterfuge both were brought down.

Episode 8: Loose Ends

The party is escorted up the road for a few hours, eventually you see nestled into the woods along the mountain’s trail stands the Hostel of the Sacred Stone—a squat, sturdy construction with one wall and its chimney carved from a single, massive boulder. Rumors abound this area, the driver says he is bringing his sick wife here because he had heard of the amazing healing powers that are said to heal any who come to the hostel.

As you make your way inside you’re greeted by a gruff dwarf who introduces himself as Madge and inquires how many rooms you will require?

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Posting some updates regarding the toolset I've been coding in my spare time.

The assistant is intended to cover a couple of areas in order to simplify and improve gameplay. It's a work in progress and very alpha.
Players:Character stats, gear, information, status effects, roll attacks, skills, Combat manuvers, spell tracking, class ability tracking, item stats, feats benefits, items with charges (wands) etc.
DMs: Track campaign info, combat tracker, force silent rolls from players, initiative, monster databases, item stats etc.

The software networks multiple players to one DM and assists with transmitting information regarding attacks, conversations, whispers, etc. It's still in alpha, and as of late I've been working to convert from a VB.net to C# to translate portions to android etc.

Some test videos I've made previously regarding the networking and DM Toolsets

DM Toolset

The databases included are fairly robust on their own giving most detail on weapons, armor, feats, traits, monsters, spells, etc. Also feel free to track on facebook at

Facebook Page
Main Page

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Setting: Spelljammer
Rule Set: Pathfinder / D&D 3.75
DM: Breadcrumb
Description: An initial forray into the world of PBP. Expect nothing less then epic fail. A continuation of an in person game spanning mostly crap I made up.
Facebook: Leave a message to be added to the page. Has some summaries regarding previous adventures.

Will add more later.

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Pixel Cube I absolutely love what you've done here. What are your thoughts about people using them in software? I'm a big fan of 8-bit art, and I'm currently working on a project for playing pathfinder (think of it as a combination DM tool/Player tool / network tool) for fun and such. Anyhow I'm far from a graphic artist to say the least and was wondering if I could distribute the pictures for players to use and such? Feel free to email me at polyhydragames@gmail.com or see some info on the project at http://www.facebook.com/Polyhydra.Games