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Has making a pocket edition subscription ever been considered? If it was a thing that would definitely be something I could get behind. It would definitely be in more peoples budgets, I would think.

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Does anyone know if this Special Edition Hardcover is the second printing or first? There's a lot of errata to keep track of if its just the first...
Because the Special Editions are released at the same time as the regular editions and are not reprinted, they are always 1st printing.
Not reprinted? This gives me anxiety about the Special Edition Core Rulebook I got at GenCon 2019.
You bought a copy of the one and only printing of the Pathfinder Second Edition Core Rulebook Special Edition! All Special Editions are Limited Editions.

Question with the recent rise of interest in PF2e has there been any talk about a second print of the Core Rulebook Special edition?

Is there any plans for this to be converted for Foundryvtt?

Will this change be included in the Adventure Path Interactive Maps you get with the PDF? Oops ignore didn't even see the post above mine :)

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I am wondering if there has ever been a reason given for why there isn't a cancel button for subscriptions, why do we still have to go through email to get things canceled?

I have posted in the thread on the product which is the Extinction Curse Siege of the Dinosaurs, the problem I am having is that when I try to open up the interactive maps in Adobe or any pdf viewer it is not working. I was curious and tried it with my pdf image extractor and it is telling me that it is not a pdf so it wont work. Please help!

AJCarrington wrote:
I did not experience that issue; I did not try to extract any of the images from the interactive maps, but the file opened fine.. Have you tried re-downloading the file and/or downloading the multi-chapter file?

I have redownloaded it multiple times, both the single file and per chapter file. It just doesn't open.

Has anyone had problems getting the interactive maps to open? I can get the actual book to open just fine but the maps just wont open. I just tried to pull the images out of the PDF to use in Roll20 and it told me it wasn't a pdf? I am confused!

I am also missing Feb. PFS Scenarios 1-14 and 1-15. Those seem to be in the store for purchase but I have the subscription, just wondering if there is ETA on the release of them??

I have ordered Paizo stuff from Amazon and everything has been on time as well Corebook, bestiary 1, World book and Character Guide all came on time. However, the Bestiary battle cards are late, Pawn box real late, Gamemastery Guide not scheduled to ship until March 10th. OH and I have yet to receive my God's and Magic book yet from Amazon. Ugh oh well Guess I will have to continue to wait. :)

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Rysky wrote:
I believe they’re currently in the single file per chapter download? I could be misremembering though.

Awesome that was it thank you so much!! ;)

I just received my PDF for the subscriptions and when I downloaded it it didnt have interactive maps like the previous books, is there going to be some for this book?

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Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! This season has been fantastic, and this can only help get pathfinder 2nd edition to a wider audience. I am so excited!!!

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Kingmaker Bestiary for Pathfinder First Edition: Does your group prefer to stick with First Edition? We’ve got you covered with the hardcover Kingmaker Bestiary for Pathfinder First Edition, a 160-page monster and NPC resource that converts the new companions, NPCs, and monsters unlocked by this campaign into old-school Pathfinder First Edition. Play along in the new and updated encounters with this helpful conversion guide featuring back-converted stats for the entire Kingmaker campaign, plus other rules conversions, tips and tricks to run the campaign as smoothly as possible. Not ready to convert to 2E? Already running the campaign with your First Edition group? This add-on book is your ticket to playing Kingmaker in classic style!

It seems they are giving the ability to stay in first edition..
Atleast that is what it says on the campaign site:

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Provide stats for both 1e and 2e, and I will happily pay $100.

2e only = $0.

It's ironic if they'll be more willing to support a competitor's 5E than their own 1E product.

I do have to second this especially with 5E getting in on the action.

I am sure you wouldn't be able to put all the changes from 1st to 2nd on one sheet, but I guess I was just thinking like they could list some if any of the combat changes that kinda stuff.

Do you think Paizo, will release a quick guide to the new rules for 2nd edition prior to launch so players can have basic understanding of the rule changes before they start reading through the corebook.

What I mean by quick guide or quick rules sheet is just like a one page pdf with just a brief overview of what is changing in 2nd edition.

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Is there at least a relative timeframe for when they're available to preorder?

They are available on Amazon now, I don't know whats going on on the website.

They are up on Amazon: PDKIKX0DER&psc=1

ok The link thing didnt work but if you copy and paste the link it will take you straight to the amazon page for it. it has the two basic editions hardcover and soft cover. It does not have the special hardcover edition.

I just really excited about this, I am not really familiar with much table top I have just started playing 5e instead of Pathfinder. I like 5e because of everything being streamlined but I do think that it is to dumb down in some area's, however I think 1st edition Pathfinder is way to complicated so I am hoping that 2nd edition will have be in a good place right in the middle of both..

But But I want to panic, i Must be first I have to be first oh wait your right i have atleast til May 1st so all is good. :)

6 hours :/ dont they open at 8 am PST which would be like 1 hour from now unless I got my time stuff wrong. Are they not in Washington State?

Hello, I have been keeping track of the Playtest for Pathfinder 2.0 I saw that the preorder purchase option on was being pushed back to March 27th, I am wondering since today is March 27th where on the site and when will it be available?