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Silver Crusade

@lantzkey - tieflings and aasimars are their own races. They are not half human. You may be thinking of half-celestial/fiend templates, if applied to a human. If they did, aaismar would not have to take the alternate racial trait Scion of Humanity.

Silver Crusade

The Comsognathus does have arms, and two fingers, but no thumbs. So gripping anything is out. As would be the finer manipulaiton required to grab an object in a bag and drop it on the ground.

At higher levels a generous GM may allow you to equip him with a ring or two - assuming he has the INT to use them, if they have activated abilities - but I don't really see any tactical advantage to this guy over a scorpion.

Robe of Needles (1000g) might be fun if you can 'milk' your familiar for a poison ranged touch attack.

Aegis of Recovery (1500g) is one of my favorite 'oh crap' items.

If its a magic heavy compaign (ie you'll be up against other casters) Brooch of Shielding (1500g) might be a worthwhile investment.

If you need new clothes on the go Sleeves of Many Garments(200g) are an absolute steal.

Ioun Torch(75g) is an experienced adventurers staple, if you don't already have Dark Vision.

Thats all the cheap stuff I can think of off the top of my head. More details - level of magic in the campaign, your character's likes/dislikes, etc - would all be useful.

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Be careful you don't 'dump' your strength too much. Your L sized light crossbow is going to weigh 8 lbs, with your bolts weighing in at 2 lbs/10. 10 STR only provides a 33 lb light load. Anything over this will give you a -3 to hit (via ACP). Unless you're taking very short trips, own a mule or your GM handwaves encumbrance rules, your 'backup' weapon is going to - by mass - be a third of your gear.

If you find this too much fun to reconsider, you may have to buy all darkwood, just to give yourself the ability to carry treasure.

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Consider switching Paladin to Ranger. Favored Enemy and Combat Style should let you gain the melee edge you want this guy to gain, and it avoids the PC's crying 'foul' when they discover a LN Pally.

If this is a re-curring NPC vs a one-shot I strongly encourage more tactical spell choices. This guy is going to want to disable and hamper his opponents - and escape, if necessary. Wands/scrolls/potions could also be used here (flight and hasted teleport come to mind).

Otherwise, seems like a decent challenge to a good adventuring group (4-5) of level 16ish PC's. Maybe level 14 if you have a few optimisers. I would say lower, but you mentioned he's going to be starting with all his summons in place pre-combat; this significantly ups the ante.

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That makes perfect sense, Kazaan - thanks very much =D

Silver Crusade

If your GM is cool with the flavour, try a Maenad. They're psionic, but such things can simply be re-tooled or taken away.

The other option is to gain as many Pally levels as your build requires, then go Chaotic to take Barbarian. You only lose your Pally Power for willingly committing an evil act.

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That makes total sense as a houserule.

I guess I was looking for an official ruling, because to me as RAW it looks like it just doesn't apply.

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@ Darksol - I guess the point I'm making is that you'd never say "Pass me my suit of shield" as you do say "What a lovely suit of armor, Madame."

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The feat Twin Thunders talks about applying your off hand damage dice a second time after a successful hit with your main hand.

Flurry of Blows is a pre-req, and it specifically works with blunt weapons.

How does a monk benefit from this feat, since he has neither MH or OH attacks while using FoB?

Silver Crusade

Armor Expert
Benefit: When you wear armor of any sort, reduce that suit's armor check penalty by 1, to a minimum check penalty of 0.(emphasis mine)

Even though shields and armor can give you an armor check penalty, this trait only reduces it from 'a suit of armor that you are wearing'. Some shields are custom built to be part of a suit of armor, but even then you'd apply it your ACP when wearing the suit of armor.

This would be different if the benefit merely read: Reduce your ACP by 1 to a minimum check penalty of 0.

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Have you sat down with your GM and presented a high level build of what you intend for the biped mount? He may be worried about game balance of a caster on a self propelled gun turret.

Make its base form Serpentine and take the Limbs(Legs) evolution when you can. Then it can legally gain the Mount evolution.

I guess the only other real option is to go Quadruped base and if anyone asks, "Where are the other two legs?"

"Oh, they're really small."

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Yeap, the only requirements are 'While using the Snake Style Feat' and 'You must be aware of the attack and not flat-footed.'

To use Snake Style you must use a Swift Action to enter it. So if you haven't used another Swift Action, you can enter Snake Style as a part of your first action in the combat, gaining its benefits and options.

There is no mention of being armed, a snake, or wearing pants for that matter.

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IF you feel your group is dividing up loot unfairly - and it is troubling to one or more of your players - perhaps think of a 'vow of poverty' type benefit they could receive.

I'm saying announce it to the group or anything - but maybe keep track of some bonus you feel that player deserves in exchange for getting less 'shiny toys'.

If someone in the group notices, lay it out for them as a houserule, and make it clear the PC has no say in what the benefit will be - preventing anyone from abusing it.

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This is the pic that has inspired the concept.

Was looking at a Holy Tactician, with a mounted combat/charge focused build, thus letting my allies gain as much of a bonus from Weal's Champion as possible.

Worth noting, this would be a campaign with 8-10 PC's, and we'd be starting at level 10.

Hard part is getting a playable character that is small enough to ride a monkey. Monkey is a tiny creature, so to mount it one would have to be diminutive.

Is the best way to achieve this a Sprite born Aasimar? Re-stat a diminutive monster as a balanced pc option? Cursed human baby? What other options exist to become so small?

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I highly recommend checking out JourneyQuest. Its a webseries that makes up an Orcish language - the actors speak it and its subtitled for our benefit - havn't had much luck tracking down a translator, but I'm sure a fan somewhere has gone fancrazy.

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The answer is, don't make it invisible. Don't make it there. The bridge is out of phase with the Prime Material Plane, and only summoned to that location with some specific event/item/ritual. Can't detect something magically or otherwise that isn't there.

Silver Crusade

Okies. Everything enlarges with you. Your throwing weapon would be appropriate for your size (and gain the increased damage of it as well), until you threw it - in which case it reverts to its normal size.

The only way around two weapons, that I can think of, is to use a throwing weapon one size larger. Most of the 'throwing' weapons are light, so next size up they count as One Handed.

Ofcourse you'd have to deal with the -2 inappropriately sized weapon penalty...

Lead Blades is not lost if you throw a melee weapon. It just needs to be a melee weapon to have the spell cast upon it. This applies to Agile as well.

EDIT: Lead Blades cannot be used with a thrown weapon, I was thinking of the weapon enchantment Impact - but it cannot be used on Light Weapons, which excludes most thrown weapons...unless you're throwing a Trident...

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As a Paladin? I would RP the hell out of that. "I weed the garden outside of the orphanage.", "I pray in the chapel all night for our fallen comrades.", "I write letters to the Duke, begging him to reconsider his sentance concerning...", "I carry a footstool to a known corner where 'women of loose morals' are known to 'advertise their wares' and I speak to them of their life choices.", "I compose prayers in rhyming couplets concerning the salvation of each of my companions."

The only benefit is 'you do not need sleep'. Ring of Sustenance reduces the time necessary to gain benefits from sleep. Anything with a requirement 'and x hours of sleep' you can ignore. Other then being the guy on watch, what are you hoping to get out of this half feat?

Silver Crusade

OP wrote:

Does a 1HD (evil) tiefling register to a paladin's detect evil? Detect evil normally doesn't work on low-HD people, unless clerics, antipaladins, undead, and outsiders. Tieflings are outsiders, but they are native outsiders. Does this affect DE?

EDIT: Should be noted, a non-evil tiefling wouldn't ever detect. It comes from their actual alignment, not their heritage. So it seems to me it should work as it does with anybody else.

A 1HD evil Tiefling would ping. According to Detect Evil's chart, as an Aligned Outsider would have a Faint Evil Aura. Of course, so would a 1HD evil Aasimar. Tiefling are Outsiders. The Native subtype only allows them to be raised, reincarnated, or resurrected and specifically notes unlike true outsiders, native outsiders need to eat and sleep.

IF it was a good 1HD Outsider but was subtype(Evil) it would still ping, because of the drawback as quoted above by Gauss.

But now I'm thinking a Chaotic Evil Angel - Outsider(Good) that is not a cleric or anti-paladin would make one hell of a BBEG. Sending some poor group of mid-level adventurers on 'quests' until they find out he's actually evil, since Detect Evil would register him as good every single time.

Silver Crusade

A) If fatigued, does the Tiefling just need to rest (I'd guess at least an hour) since he doesn't need to sleep.
He needs to do whatever he needs to do to overcome the fatigued condition. ie, a typical Barbarian coming out of a normal rage would have to wait 2x rounds raged.

B) A spell caster wouldn't need to sleep, and so would just be under the 'can't recover spells cast in the last 8 hours' restriction.
Will Pratt got this one.

C) Obviously, this is the perfect watchman. :)
Unless -again see Will above - he's a caster in need of 'rest', and/or his Wisdom is 5 and/or has 0 ranks in perception, or he's secretly Chaotic Evil...this list can keep going.

D) How does this affect his 'work day' since he doesn't need to sleep? Which is kind of related to (A) above.
RAW it doesn't. Working a profession or crafting isn't just a calculation including the hours the one working is awake. It takes into account the mental and physical effort the task requires, the availability of clients, the malleability of the materials in question, the durability of the tools necessary, etc.
If I was GMing and feeling 'very' generous I might allow a reduction of 1/3 crafting time to any non-magic, non-mastercraft items. This is an alternate racial trait, not a "ermagawd, kwafding!!1!" ability.

Silver Crusade

Also a fan of (Anti)Divine Hunter/Zen Archer. A Lawful Evil big bad can be a very potent antagonist - especially if very self-righteous.

Silver Crusade

I'm a fan of the classics - with a twist. You'll have a hard time finding anything as versatile as the Wizard, and as your big bad he/she/it will have to to prepare for any encounter. So I'm a fan of versatility.

Start Fighter/Wizard,
level 3 go Soul Knife/Wizard until,
level 6 switch to Soul Knife/Eldritch Knight followed by,
level 11 take Adaptive Warrior/Eldrith Knight until finally,
level 16 Adaptive Warrior/Wizard until level 20.

This total package is Fighter 1/Wizard 10/Soul Knife 8/Eldritch Knight 10/Adaptive Warrior 10.

Bab is 20, 9th level spells (caster level 18), effective level 18 for determining your Soul Knife blades power's, not to mention a plethora of mimiic abilities that will drive your PC's crazy.

Silver Crusade

This is a homebrew Archetype for the Monk, based of of the Zen Archer
Zen Marksman
May be what you want to avoid multiclass shinanigans. Although for a mid-high level campaign, five levels of Gunslinger could go a long way to aid your damage with a Dex build.

Silver Crusade

1) Lion charge target: Pounce applies.
A) Do I get a free grapple check from Grab on the pounce?

No, Pounce does not trigger the Grab. Great Cats have Grab specifically triggered by their Bite attack. You can only bite once, so you only Grab on a successful Bite - which will be part of the Full Attack pounce provides.
B) Does my rake damage applies even if I miss that grapple check?
Yes. Pounce specifically triggers Rake attacks.
2) Lion make full attack: Grab applies.
No. Again, the Grab is triggered by the Great Cats' Bite, it doesn't have to be a full attack.
A) Do I get additional rake damage if I got the target grappled on first hit?
No. You only apply Rake damage when you began the round grappled. If you initiate the grapple with your Grab on your attack, as fast as it is, its still too late. You can however, if you maintain the grapple, apply Rake damage the following round.

Silver Crusade

Grappling Hooks.

Barbed Arrows with ropes on them.

Small sized creature being thrown by Med - Large sized companion.

Monk can Dimensional Door onto their back, then grapple (I've seen this done twice, with the same GM, hilarious)

If the flyer is also meleeing, ready a grapple action.

Silver Crusade

If you can, look into Aegis.
If your GM is psionics shy, then mebe a Divine Defender Pally who goes Living Monolith.
Or a Armor Master or Unbreakable Fighter from Osirion with 'celestial' themed armor.

With a 30 point buy the sky's the limit. From the pic I would suggest Human or Aasimar.

Silver Crusade

Would it hurt your build to consider a 2 level dip into Barbarian? +4 morale to Str would stack. And the Rage Power Reckless Abandon lets you trade AC for +hit at a rate that scales with level as Power Attack scales with BaB.

Silver Crusade

Ah, I see, because RAI they're assuming your arm with the buckler also holding the off-hand weapon - otherwise the entire thing falls apart, IMO.

Silver Crusade

I'm assuming Crash is referring to the recent FAQ that you can't use your armor spikes while wielding a two handed weapon, thus meaning you can't execute an AoO with them.

The possibility of Always Counts as Offhand, meaning when TWF that it is the designated off-hand makes alot of sense as well.

Which would support that it could be used as a Primary attack, even alternated with another Primary attack (longsword for example) with iterative attacks.

Silver Crusade

You want a really complicated discussion, can a Titan Mauler 3/Achemist 4 with 2 vestigial arms dual wielding Dwarven Dorn Dergars using Darting Viper, TWF and Chain-flail Master change their threat from normal to reach as a swift action with either weapon? What if they're oversized? How does this interact with Lunge? Just thinking of Mutagen+Rage strength on that...bejeezus.

Silver Crusade

If this isn't for PFS, I encourage the use of Improved Buckler Defense

Silver Crusade

I don't think you have to be TWF. But you modify the attack as if you were, so if you have the TWF feat and a weapon in your designated 'main hand' you may as well.

Silver Crusade

1: Can he effectively wield two two-handed weapons at no penalty (minus the one for two-weapon fighting?


2: Do his attacks take a penalty because his "off-hand" attack is not done so with a light weapon?

Yes, but even with TWF his mods would be -4/-4.

3: Do his "off-hand" damage rolls only add half his strength damage?

Yes. "Off-Hand Weapon

When you deal damage with a weapon in your off hand, you add only 1/2 your Strength bonus. If you have a Strength penalty, the entire penalty applies." Core Rulebook.

4: Since the Alchemist is wielding each weapon with two hands (regardless of size), and grated he took Double Slice, would both weapons qualify for 1.5 Str bonus to damage?

This is RAI vs RAW. Double Slice says apply your strength bonus to your off-hand attack, but designers may have never thought about a 2 level Alchemist dip for dual greatsword shinanigans. So RAW would by strength x1, RAI may be x1.5.

Also, decide how Power Attack will effect his off-hand damage, as the condition of using two hands increased it to 1.5 damage, but being an off-hand attack reduces it by 0.5, so RAW it evens out to x1.

Silver Crusade

Ultimate Combat wrote:
Because of its awkward construction, a buckler gun is always considered an off-handed weapon.

emphasis mine.

Always would imply even if you're not Two Weapon Fighting.

If it is indeed treated as an off hand attack at all times, you would incur a -11 to hit, or a -5 if you have TWF. As reminded above it is a 1h Weapon, not light. The extra -1 is because its a Buckler and you're wielding a weapon in the same hand.

And I guess if you ever acquired the ability to shield bash with said buckler (like via Buckler Duelist), Power Attack and Strength damage(and anything else limited by off-hand) would also be limited to the +0.5 bonus.

Silver Crusade

@Aelryinth - no one is ignoring the wordings of the feats in question.

Vital Strike adds extra damage dice based upon the base damage of the weapon, it specifies they are unaffected by a critical hit.

Furious Finish automatically maximizes your damage dice. It says nothing about only effecting Vital Strike damage dice.

I stand by my formula of [Base Damage + mods effected by Crits] + additional damage + Vital Strike damage, and maxing all the dice you roll for damage with Furious Focus.

Silver Crusade

Can anyone supply a link to where this quote is from?

Mark Moreland wrote:
Armor spikes are treated as light weapons for the purpose of threatening adjacent squares. Light weapons require the use of limbs, so you would only be able to make attacks with them if you have a free hand. Thus, wielding a two-handed reach weapon would negate your ability to "wield" (and thus threaten with) armor spikes. This isn't necessarily clear in the rules, but I just discussed it with Jason, and we're both on the same page about the intent.

Out of context its driving me crazy.

Silver Crusade

Lets look at an example with a +1 Holy Flaming Heavy Crossbow.

Your damage using Vital Strike (vs your evil foe) is

(1d10+1) +1d6 Fire +2d6 Holy +1d10 Vital Strike

so using Furious Finish should be

22 + 6 Fire + 12 Holy + 10 Vital Strike = 50 total

Later you could also take Devastating Strike to up your critical damage.

Silver Crusade

I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer, but you've made some errors on your dipping plan that will force you to rejuggle.

When you're a 4th level character, you're a 3rd level barbarian and a 1st level fighter. This means that as a 3rd level barbarian you do not get another rage power.

This also means your plan to take CAGM at level 12, will have to wait until level 13 (Barbarian 12/Fighter 1). I strongly recommend against dipping in this case - it looks to be sub-par for what you're trying to achieve.

Also, in my opinion, Urban Barbarian is great for a 'Sheriff 'round these parts' kind of feel - if your Captain of the Guard is from somewhere off the beaten path. Extra skill points, Diplomacy and Know(Nobl) will help a Lawman out more then an extra feat.

The Human alt class bonus gives you +1/3 each time you take it, so every three times it actually give you +1 - but in order to take it the first time you actually need Superstition - so you can't start taking it until then. I'd take it starting at level 3 through to 20 for that maximum +6.

Silver Crusade

This is my favorite bloodline to use Eldritch Heritage with a non-caster


Skill Focus: Perception = Great for any character

EH = Improved Senses( scaling with character level

IEH = Resistance & Natural Armor bonus or Breath Weapon, again scales with level. Want both? Take the feat a second time.

GEH = Flight 100(average), Regeneration and a Death Curse - and you guessed it - it scales with your level.

Seriously, what's not to like?

Silver Crusade

Ah, I must've sneezed on reading - nix anything I said about alternate archetypes. Looks like your example would have a 3rd Level Wizard with an EWL of 4 (Wizard 3 + EWL 1 from EH:A).

Double check FrodoOf9Fingers, he's done the math for you, assuming your GM allows your EWL to exceed your character level.

Silver Crusade

I've seen one TPK avoided when an Illusionist dropped a 'flash bomb' type item, but instead of a flash it cast Mass Invisibility, a Project Image for each party member, and Mirage Arcana played out for our enemies - which ofcourse was an illusion of them defeating us.

This was also done back in the days of 3.5(I think some of the spells had different names, but you get the idea), so this item was pretty heavy on the XP cost - earned major kudos from those of us she saved.

Silver Crusade

I disagree with SlimGauge, but this is an opinion. The specification of a 'snag' seems to be fluff - mechanically it states you make a trip attempt, but you modify a successful result. I think its a straight up trip.

edit: removed the other stuff I wrote, double checked Monk, it was wrong XD

Silver Crusade

@ Pundin Fust - Eldritch Heritage is for everyone. It grants a character access to a bloodline power(s, if you go further down the feat chain). You do need Skill Focus in the associated bloodline ability, and you cannot already have the bloodline in question.

Arcane Bloodline's first power Arcane Bond states Your sorcerer levels stack with any wizard levels you possess when determining the powers of your familiar or bonded object.

So, in your example a 3rd level wizard - who must have an archetype that has no arcane bond - can gain one with Eldritch Heritage: Arcane -Effective Wizard Level as granted by EHA is 1. Since his wizard level doesn't grant a familiar, it doesn't add to his total. EH only adds to the benefits provided by EH, so if he has a familiar from another source its a wasted feat (unless its being taken to qualify for further bloodline powers)

In regards to Effective Wizard Level exceeding the character level, the section on Familiars states All familiars have special abilities (or impart abilities to their masters) depending on the master's combined level in classes that grant familiars emphasis mine.

So, if a player finds a way to combine things so they have multiple sources of class levels, and it exceeds their character level, theoretically the familiar can gain benefits exceeding his master's character level. Keep in mind the Familiar Ability table does not go past level 20, so RAW you can't exceed this maximum.

As a houserule, I have never seen an Animal Companion, Familiar, Cohort etc exceed a characters character level. It has always seemed silly that your 'sidekick' could become more powerful then yourself.

Silver Crusade

"Would refusing to interfere while an innocent is being attacked be justification for power loss?"

Lets make some logic leaps.

Paladin is walking through the woods and a young girl's screams brings him to an off the road backtrail where said damsal is being chased by goblins. These goblins weapons are dripping blood, they're chanting to an evil god. Letting said goblins catch the girl would certainly qualify as refusing to interfere with an innocent being attacked, and would definitely result in power loss, possibly even a need for atonement. "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing". Edmund Burke

But a Paladin walking through a crowded city street, while a child is pursued by members of the city watch...maybe the child is guilty? If I had reasons to put a Paladin is such a situation I would hope they would step in - possibly catching the child themselves, but only to make sure any judgements/punishments are fair. Stepping in more may result in the unlawful escape of a shapeshifting murderer, inversely ignoring it may result in the death of child stealing bread for a sick sibling. Both would be a gross injustice and should force any Lawful Good player - paladin or not - to do some soul searching.

"Would a paladin know when he lost his powers? Or not find out until he attempts to use them?"

I've alwasys played 'no' and 'yes' to those questions - it makes it much more entertaining with good players.

Silver Crusade

It sounds like you already have a good idea of how to handle him. If there are encounters the party won't be able to defeat, let him die.

Also, review the rules for Detect Evil - just having an evil alignment isn't enough to get a reading sometimes.

Yes, killing evil things is Lawful Good, unless you're in a city and the person who gets detected is some sort of official, then its called murder. Then your paladin may be on the level with his god, but may have to answer to local authorities.

If a specific tenant in a Paladin's code is 'fight all evil as you find it' and he runs away from a fight, then yes. I'd say he's knowingly broken the tenant. This may result in a warning to loss of power as you see fit.

Whenever I have played or GM'd a paladin, I have only seen powers lost for one reason - the paladin knowingly committed an evil act - and it was usually a second offense. The one time it was a first offense was a Paladin specifically falling to be a Blackguard (this was part of the character concept, and the player had discussed it with me prior to the in game event).

A paladin is just like any other good character. If they make choices that you - as the GM - feel are non-good, discuss it with them. The only real difference is that a Paladin will feel in-game consequences if they continue with such behavior, ie the loss of class features. Be prepared to stand your ground if the player is a stupid as his paladin.

Silver Crusade

Endless Ammunition and Brilliant Energy sound like the combo you're looking for.

You want an old-school ref here it is

Silver Crusade

There are three conditions listed in sneak attack as to when to apply the extra damage.

When the target is denied their dexterity bonus, when the striker is flanking the target and when the target is 'unaware' of the striker.

In the case of Defensive Strategist - if the only condition met is the denial of the dex bonus (ala flat-footed) then yes, it would prevent the sneak attack damage. If there are other applicable conditions (unaware, flanking) then they can still apply it.

Same with Uncanny Dodge.

Silver Crusade

@Nawtyit - Play a druid who selects a domain instead of a companion - and if it fits your theme talk to your GM about switching Wild Shape for Favored Terrain - to represent a closer bond to your natural surroundings then to the animal folk.

A concept that I may never get to play is an elven Barbarian/Brightness Seeker. He's for a campaign thats very 'intrigue' focused and is actually spying on the Humans as a visiting librarian. (He's a Serene barbarian with an agile elven curve blade that is glamered to appear as a cane, and armor glamered to appear as a suit) He has a love for books, but doesn't read them as much as he just enjoys organizing them.

Silver Crusade

If you truly want to optimize a 6th level throwing weapon character - and this will sound crazy - check out a Sohei Monk. Weapon Training gives you some nice passive bonuses, option to buff with Ki is also nice. With proper feats you can flurry + Rapid Shot. Look into a Bandolier of Returning (probably not actual name) as that will save you having to buy too many magic weapons of returning. Also see since a throwing axe can be used as a melee weapon if your GM will let you put Agile on them - thus letting you focus all your buffs on DEX.

Silver Crusade

To answer the OP's question, you should never kill your players - that's murder.

But I believe he meant as many have answered above - notably Skeld and Lord Fyre - that to not let your players feel the repercussions of their choices will only encourage poor playing. Likewise, let them be heroes - they should be choosing the challenging roads, knowing there will be trials and tribulations. Don't coddle them by preventing death - sometimes a beloved character passing can lead to an epic "But We Must Save Them" side quest - but maybe let them get knocked out by the kobold in the bar fight who rolls three crits in a row vs "sorry Ryan, hand me Taldorgs character sheet; his barbarian rage can't even save him now."er

I should mention, as a player and a GM, that players need to understand your game. In early levels make traps non-lethal, stupid monsters should have poor tactics - and for heaven sakes, only ambush the campsite if they forget to tell you who's taking which watch. But if someone falls down the 50 ft pit and no one brought rope...and they fail a Heal-self check...

Also, attempting to intimidate a King into extra reward should kinda be an auto fail - imho, but honestly it comes down to having fun.

If you're all newish find a balance that suits your group, anything we can all provide for you is purly opinion =D

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