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Really nice work!

Still no answer about this one too.

I pressed FAQ button because I was already doing Cleave with Unwieldy weapons. This is the way I understood the Rules.

And one other question, when I fire grenade arrow, what do I need to Select, Monster or intersection (CA 5)?

Does someone has an answer about how work bolter with grenade arrow?
And one other question, does the dommage pr a bow (1d6) stack with the dommage of an grenade arrow ?

Thanks a lot. So there is another error in the translation!

Hello everyone!
I'm a french guy and I just bought the core rules book.
In my book it's write:
"As a standart action, you can..."

Is "Get'em" a standart action or a move action?
(Maybe there is an errors of translate ) :(

Wahou, Ok thanks for all this informations !

One last question and I think Ill got every things I didn't understand.

Does the extrat dommage from "trick attack" multiplie if I got a crit or not? (Like "sneak attack" in pathfinder )

OK thanks again,
But my question was about "When I made a trick attack" can I use stealth even if there's just an empty place?

Thank you very much for such nice answer and rapidity.

Also about the trick attack, Do I need some particularity to use computers ( if I'm hacker ) or stealth ( if I'm gohst ) Like somewhere to hide or some informatics device?

Hello I just bought the core rule but there is some question I can't figure out myself.
1) The insight bonus from operative's Edge do stack with the skill focus feat?
2) I think I understand how to make a trick attack but When do I use Bluff, intimidate or stealth? And when can I use my specialization?
3) Why sometimes my specialisation gives +4 and sometimes don't?

Sorry for all the mystake I've made in English but I'm french so I don't really speak so fluently.
Thanks a lot.