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So I posted a raw/untested version of this class a while back, but have since playtested it and gotten it to a more refined I thought I would finally share it with you all here. A few late edition spells and talents that where added after its initial playtesting may not be fully balanced, so if you find anything off balance-wise please let me know!

Anyway, the Executive is a corporate-themed spellcaster who is fluffed as an important and influential individual in a megacorp, or the business landscape in general, who uses their wealth and pull to gain access to highly expensive tech hoarded by megacorps that let their owners/shareholders and top employees gain spellcasting ability without the years of study needed to pick up Technomancy or the deep awareness of cosmic forces required to become a Mystic.

Mechanically, they are a highly versatile spellcaster with a prepared-spontaneous form of casting akin to the PF 1e Arcanist (As they download their spells from company databases each day instead of actually learning how to properly cast them themselves.) and themes of both spending credits to do magical things and using others to to their bidding (whether that be fellow PCs, summoned creatures, raised undead or even NPCs) They can be built into a number of different roles via their magic hack-like class talents, which run the gamut from monster summoner, to necromancer, to support mage + healer, to debuffer/controller and even magical trickster-infiltrator/corporate spy. The class also features a healthy amount of custom spells flavorful to the class, for those who like that in a caster. Anyway, for those interested, the class can be found here: EZls/edit?usp=sharing

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For those who don't like prepared-spontaneous arcanist-style casting, or feel it is too strong for Starfinder as a system, I have created a version of the Executive that uses the traditional spells known-spontaneous casting model of the Technomancer and Mystic. The traditional "spells known" version of the Executive can be found here: PTaE/edit?usp=sharing

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"Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist.

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There is a extra space in both urls. EZls/edit?usp=sharing PTaE/edit?usp=sharing

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linkified, arcanist version

also linkified, regular spellcasting version

Really nice work!

I love it, and am now retconning a major NPC in my campaign into this class.

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