Starfinder: Scoured Stars Returns Tonight for Episode 3!

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Join for science-fantasy high jinks and adventure in Episode 3 of Starfinder: Scoured Stars tonight at 6 p.m. Pacific on the official Paizo Twitch channel!

Catch up on the previous episodes on YouTube or listen to the podcast on Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio, iTunes, Listen Notes, Player FM, PodBean, and Spotify!

Starfinder: Scoured Stars | Episode 01 "The Graduates"
Based on Starfinder Society Scenario “The Commencement” by Eleanor Ferron.

The Starfinder Society welcomes new field agents in a bid to fill their shattered ranks. Honoring a long-held tradition, the new Starfinders meet with each of the society faction heads to offer their services and demonstrate the value of their training.

Starfinder: Scoured Stars | Episode 2 "High Society"
Based on Starfinder Society Scenario “First Mandate by Lyz Lydell.

The Starfinder Society's most recent recruits are tasked with rebuilding the Society's relations with Absalom Station's upper crust. A night of feasting and hobknobbing should be an easy win for the society, but dark forces have other plans.

These episodes are based on the actual scenarios written for Season 1 of Starfinder Society. Become a member today at

ICYMI, meet the cast in the announcement blog!

We’ll see you in the stars!

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I can't see the show in live unfortunetly but this is amazing. Thanks for the divertisment and keep going !
A french fan.

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