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Thanks Hawk and Andrew. I've been playing as though that character is wounded. If I needed to draw any cards or discard any from my character deck, I considered it a mortal wound and then would die. Though, if they had at least one card in their hand, I allowed them to play on full well knowing the next turn could be their last.

Thanks again!

So, if I have only 4 cards left with a hand size of 5, and no cards in my character deck, does my character die at the end of the turn during resetting of the hand?

Never thought to get it to Lirianne! That would be a good setup. Though not sure you can turn around and use it again as an armor, unless you had a second copy of it. Or can you use it twice since it is considered a different step? If so, I may have found a new armor to get to my Lirianne!!

Thanks csouth154. That's what I was thinking. That would mean Magic Weapon could benefit Buckler Gun when used as a weapon.


A similar question would be whether or not Magic Weapon can be played in conjunction with the Buckler Gun to add a 1d4 when the Buckler Gun is being played as a weapon. Curious on both of those combinations and deciding which would be more beneficial.

Thanks again!

Since the buckler gun can be used as a weapon, can Instant Armor still be used to avoid burying the card?

The text on Instant Armor states, "When armor is played on any check, discard this card to recharge that armor instead of discarding, burying, or banishing it." makes me believe I can play both. Though, the buckler gun card states that "this counts as playing a weapon instead of an armor."

So, does Instant Armor look at the card category, or does it consider how it is being used? If the Buckler Gun text overrides the card category to be weapon, you wouldn't be able to use Instant Armor.

Thoughts? I could see this being a decent combo early on for spell casters who have armor options. If the Instant Armor can't be applied to Buckler Gun when it is being used as a weapon, it loses any benefit as I intended.


Thanks all, that does make more sense since you recharge right away and then perform the combat!

My guess is that it is with Jemma, since it is a separate line.

On Jemma's card, you summon the ship Shackles Pirate Ship. The next line of text states: "If undefeated, bury the bottom 1d4 cards of your deck."

Does that line refer to the encounter with the ship or with Jemma? If it is with Jemma, you would take combat damage and bury cards? If it is with the ship, you would take structural damage and bury. Any clarification here would be great!

Thanks in advance.

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One that I missed the first time through: when your ship is anchored at a location, all characters begin at this location.

Thanks Brad. I was just coming back to share the same post. Thank you to Erik for sharing the unfortunate news. Though not what many of us were hoping for, it was a solid answer to many questions people had and provided clear next steps.

This now means I will need to curl up with another TT game in the mean time and anxiously wait for my shipment notifications to come through.

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As a first time subscriber, this thread leaves me a bit more than disappointed. I accepted the fact that I'd be paying more than what it would cost at my local shop, even with the subscription discount. I convinced myself the promo cards each month and delivery to my front door were the differentiators.

Now, reading comments about how this happens every August truly sets me off. Some else mentioned the fact that Gencon happens every year and next year's dates are already set. Using this as an excuse for a delay in delivery is extremely poor. Printing errors are something I understand and can accept. So, the delay in the add-on decks I'm okay with...but again here, a notification from the company instead of from another subscriber who did the legwork is also poor.

Depending on how this is handled by Paizo from this point on, will determine my subscription status. I'm finding it hard to come up with reasons for keeping my subscription, at this point. I am currently playing through RotR without any promo cards and truly enjoying the experience. I imagine I will enjoy S&S just as much sans promos.

Paizo, please provide a clear message to your consumer base waiting for their subscriptions regarding the status of our orders.

Provide transparency to the issue(s) causing this delay in shipping of our product(s).

Finally, share steps taken to improve on the guest service and how you will ensure delays and lack of communication are reduced or eliminated from future product fulfillments.

Over/under for seeing my order change to a true shipped status today? Man, I hope this happens today!!! SOOOOOO excited to get S&S in my hands!

Derca wrote:
When are the sheets for S&S gonna be online?

I've heard talk of them releasing the sheets just before or possibly during GenCon. Soon! Can't wait to get my hands on them as well!

Anxiously waiting for my shipment and to start this new adventure!

Just reading through this forum for the first time and became even more excited for this game to ship! 12+ promo cards shipping with the game!!! Awesome! This just solidified my subscription for this base set and possibly many more to come.