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I'm missing where in the story it's actually revealed when the usurpers kill him? In beginning of Infernal Syndrome, the Usurpers begin to move against the Loyalist, realizing to late it seems, that the rank and file of the Thieves seems to have sided with the Usurpers. About a week before the PC get to Walencourt, Oberigo is captured. So do you think Vassindo gets it while the PC are underneath the Folly? After that has settled, but before the Council moves on the Mother of Flies?

Related, how do you introduce the idea of Vassindio Drovenge as the head of the Council as to give weight to upheaval that is coming when the PC find out we has been knocked off?

The Nosoi's Haunting Melody has fascinates all creatures within a 60 foot spread that fail a will save. If an allied Nosoi sang its melody among a group of undead, to say give the PCs a chance to turn and run, the PCs would also have to save or be fascinated as well to correct?

Perhaps they would get a save bonus from the DM if they knew the tactic was coming.

Sorry if this has been answered before I'm sure it has, but I didn't see it answered in the threads I went through.

Say a Lamia charms a PC who fails her save. Maybe orders the PC "I'm so thirsty. Could you go get me water from the fountain?" to take the PC out of the battle for the moment. Something a friend might do. The PC fails the opposed charisma check. Another PC grabs the charmed PC and requests "don't do that we need you here". Would there be another opposed charisma check-maybe against the DC set by the Lamia's roll or would the PC make best efforts to fulfill the Lamia's request?

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It starts off pretty solid but by the time they get to the second book it takes off like a rocket. Great blend of humor and drama. They do a great job telling the story while letting you still know it's a game. Best actual play I've seen or heard. Highly recommended.

Just finished playing with my 12 year old daughter. Was a pretty good adventure and I think the story line was pretty good and the players picked up on it well. Good job Legendary Games.

I was little worried when they choose to go to the manor first, but it actually worked out pretty well. The players were pretty novice, but they did a good job planning out the mummy encounter which I thought would be real tough and though the Holy Gun (from the Egyptian Heroes) went down quick, the alchemist was able to do pretty big damage, though she took the Paladin to negatives with splash damage after his smiting shot hit. The bombs against touch AC also were pretty effective against the BBG, who fought them in Yaro's courtyard. The assassin vine or Kapenek as the vulvadaemon might have proved the toughest fights.

Thanks for the leads everyone!

Thanks, could definitely go with the crashed space ship theme. Anything with a gate to another world or secret alien visitors themes?

I'm running a group in Osirion campaign loosely following Mummy's Mask but working in plenty of side stuff. One of the characters follows the old God's and I'd like work something in with that, where they came from and what allowed them to be supplanted by the contemporary Inner Sea Gods. I was never a big Stargate follower but saw the movie and watched a few episodes and figured it could be fun to work in the alien origin/Chariot of the Gods type of thing.

Ideally I'd like to reskin something existing, any suggestion on PF/3rd edition adventures that used this theme? I know there was a SG-1 game, or perhaps other Pathfinder material that would fit or could be modified-Ancient Aliens in an Egyptian type of thing

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This keeps getting better and better. I actually picked up the first three AP books, just to have reference for the podcast. Great blend of story telling and game play.

I probably missed this in the AP, but are Wati citizens that currently die buried in the Necropolis or only those that died during/before the plague?

Bringing this one back up for another Adherer question. I know if a natural attack hits the Adherer and the attacker fails the reflex save its grappled. As a GM if a PC attacked with Corrosive Touch, would you do the same-reflex or grappled or would you rule that the acid would counter the adhesive? Would you treat the acid nature like fire or universal solvent in terms of temporarily denying the sticking ability, or no?

Would most people in the Inner Sea region know that Earthfall was an event? Is it a commonly know part of history and mythology?

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With the steady turnover in sovereigns for the top spot in Thrune/Cheliax, I wonder if anyone important in Egorian even has recollection of the deal with Ilnerik? Perhaps that is why he threw in his lot with the Council? I figured by design that the shadow beast terrorized enough to keep people off the streets to dissuade rebellion and humiliate Westcrown as sought by Thrune and to later allow more freedom to act for the Council. Going into the people's homes might raise too much dissent or force too much of a response. I see their use mixed between being random enough to enforce the "curfew", but targeted when needed to keep attention away from specific Council operations.

Any chance for another pleasant Christmas surprise?

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Any flip mats that have a ballroom type of layout?

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I just stumbled across the glass cannon podcast and it great so far. I started randomly around episode 47 and I just finished 50. It's actually play but i think all the participants purposely add enough dramatic flair to keep it interesting while still keeping the mechanics and game play in the for front. I thinks it's really excellent.

The PCs returned the horses after the rescue of Areal and managed to calm down Thesing. I had him brag about the show and a few of the PCs now want to attend. The PCs want to go and see the performance. One of them reminded me of the theater adventure in the back of the D20 Cthulu book I had run about 10 years ago so it made me want to put something together. Any suggestions on a one session theater based scenario would be welcome ( from the audience side of the stage as six fold is coming up) but specifically any ideas where I can get a theater map and any suggestions for a tentacled monster that would he appropriate for 2nd level PCs?

It works for me. I can't download from paizo onto my fire, but I can unzip the time and than email to my kindle.

For me the greatest part of Taldor is its past and any AP or module that played that up would attract me. Whether through haunts or illusion or some kind of time travel adventures that have the PCs take part at key events during the start of Taldor, the Armies of Exploration, the departure of the hierarchy of Aroden, the loss of the colonies, would be really cool. Maybe it would wrap up with some kind of potential to change Taldor from its eternal stagnation and decline, not by bringing back to a continent spanning empire, but some other future.

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I've had no luck today trying the above methods, downloading the bundle info, or another non bundle purchase I made. Any estimate on when traffic will get back to normal?


FWIW, about 15 minutes after I posted this it began to work for me. I watermarked in chrome. Waited about 5 minutes opened in chrome and then when I timed out I copied the link into IE and it worked.

I've had no luck today trying the above methods, downloading the bundle info, or another non bundle purchase I made. Any estimate on when traffic will get back to normal?

One thing that strikes me as different about Golarion is the vastness of its timeline. Ten thousand years or so from the fall of tha events in Rise of the Lords, Taldor has been in a 700 year decline, small compared to its 4000 years or so on top. What was the thought in making Golarion's timeline so long?

Which nations have the strongest armies in the Inner Sea region? Does any one nation stand out over the others in terms of military strength?

Name: Luminita
Race: Human
Classes/levels: Rouge 1
Adventure: HalfDead City
Location: hall trap
Catalyst: Being tossed over the pressure plate.
The Gory Details: My daughter, nephew, cousin and his girlfriend, all were playing over the 4th. The parties bad dice rolling continues from the dolls to the Solifugids. At various times the monk and fighter go down, only to be healed up and back into the fight. In the last three rounds the cleric and the rouge go negative but stabilize and the monk and the fighter finally get some good hits to finish off the bugs. The fighter is determined not to bunker up and try to rest in the tomb and once he realizes that he has to get the two wounded members over the trap, has the monk try to hold open the door and while he tries to toss the unconscious rouge over the pressure plate. Fumbles, confirms, putting himself into negatives once the arrows hit. The rouge, hurt again, can't stabilize goes before Pharasma. The monks flees and has to beg one of the other parties to help save his friends.

I used to run some 1e for my cousins and at their request was going to run a game New Years eve for them and my daughter (3.5 rules) using bullywug gambit. I was going to reduce the number of combat encounters to fit it in one night and made up some pregens. Do you think 3rd level will be adequate or will the get wiped out at the mansion?