Chariots of the Gods / Stargate adventure themes?


I'm running a group in Osirion campaign loosely following Mummy's Mask but working in plenty of side stuff. One of the characters follows the old God's and I'd like work something in with that, where they came from and what allowed them to be supplanted by the contemporary Inner Sea Gods. I was never a big Stargate follower but saw the movie and watched a few episodes and figured it could be fun to work in the alien origin/Chariot of the Gods type of thing.

Ideally I'd like to reskin something existing, any suggestion on PF/3rd edition adventures that used this theme? I know there was a SG-1 game, or perhaps other Pathfinder material that would fit or could be modified-Ancient Aliens in an Egyptian type of thing

Sovereign Court

Alien theme?

These from the top of my head:
-Iron Gods (AP)
-Strange Aeons (Cosmic Horror)

Don't forget of course to check out the people of the stars, technological guide etc...

Thanks, could definitely go with the crashed space ship theme. Anything with a gate to another world or secret alien visitors themes?

You might want to look at Distant Worlds which offers some connections that might help.


Distant Worlds suggests as an adventure hook putting a portal (which is revealed when a puzzle is solved) to Aucturn under a pyramid.

Later in the book, they explicitly suggest a Chariot of the Gods scenario, saying that some believe ancient Osirion was visited by extraterrestrial life. There's a twist though since some suspect that influence came by way of Aucturn and was tied to the Dominion of the Black.

There's at least stuff to steal from Numeria that would be appropriate even beyond the technology and the crashed spaceships.

If you want secret aliens, check out Hajoth Hakados in the Numeria book.

Of course, that's just setting stuff - no adventures.

Definitely look at the Technology Guide, like Eltacolibre suggested. That will give you energy weapons and stun batons and the like.

It haven't read through Strange Aeons, much less used it, but based on the synopses for the last three books, I strongly suspect there is plenty to be mined there.

Also, Bestiary 5 had some aliens that are probably of relevance. Specifically reptoids and Anunnaki, but there are some other alien type things also.

With respect to third party, while I haven't read it, I suspect Legendary Games' Legendary Planets adventure path will help. Apparently it uses portals a lot. That would probably be most useful if you wanted a jumping off point for actually using gates. I imagine you're looking to keep the adventure on Golarion though?

Not an adventure, just a supplement, but Legendary Games also has Beyond the Void which looks like it might be useful - it has an alien embryo implantation spell...

Sorry I don't have more adventure recommendations, but maybe one of these will help.

Legendary Games' Legendary Planet Adventure Path is very Stargate-y. I mean, you have literal circular star gates the characters can use. XD It's good stuff.

Thanks for the leads everyone!

Heh, you might be interested in this brand new one also: Stargates

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