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Okay, I've read the Adherer, and I've read grapple, and I've read threads about grappling. And I still can't figure out how the Adherer works.

It has the adhesive ability, which causes weapons to stick to it and a free grapple against natural weapons and unarmed strikes. It also seems to allow the creature to grapple while not getting the grappled condition. So if it hits, succeeds at the grab, and grapples without getting the grappled condition, can it do this again with its other slam attack? How many creatures can the Adherer get stuck to it and grappled at one time?

That might be the very reason the rules do not say it is in the grappled condition.... so that it may still, "adhere," to any number of opponents that try to strike it or that it strikes.

I know your mind might *want* to go thinking it is illogical to have 8 5-ft spaces around a medium creature all "grappled" if they each had a PC engaged with this thing, BUT...

Tactically, is the rest of your whole party going to get into all those threatened squares and all get grappled when they see it happening to the first guy? (assuming they failed to score high enough to ID the SA's of the Adherer in the first place)

Bringing this one back up for another Adherer question. I know if a natural attack hits the Adherer and the attacker fails the reflex save its grappled. As a GM if a PC attacked with Corrosive Touch, would you do the same-reflex or grappled or would you rule that the acid would counter the adhesive? Would you treat the acid nature like fire or universal solvent in terms of temporarily denying the sticking ability, or no?

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