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It's funny because I had forgotten I started this thread. Then, the other day, I saw it on here and thought.. that looks like a neat thread. Then I clicked on it and realized it was mine. Haha

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Eberron has changelings that can morph forms at will. Different ancestries, male to female. Sharn is a megalopolis with every kind of person imaginable. I don't think a transgender character would be a stretch, by any measure.

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keftiu wrote:
I love that world... and the 4e Realms, and the broad ideas of Dark Sun.

Dark Sun is where I first gained my love for psionics. We played that back in AD&D 2nd edition. I loved that Eberron embraced psionics as well. As well as some Dark Sun stuff like half-giants.

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My old gaming buddy from the 90s recently got back into gaming and was running a Forgotten Realms campaign using PF2 rules. Disappointingly (for me) he eventually decided he wanted to move over to 5E. So we had to redo our characters into that system.

Even tho I know the market is flooded with podcasts, we've decided we're actually going to start one soon for PF2. But most likely going to be using a PF1 AP. Not 100% sure yet, but probably Second Darkness. I don't know of any podcasters doing that one.
I know we'll definitely be busting out some older sourcebooks like Into the Darklands for that one.

Ravingdork wrote:
The OP must have died while finalizing the thread title. XD

But if he died, how would he take the time to type out augghhhh.

DRD1812 wrote:
Barnabas Eckleworth III wrote:

There's actually a thread here in general somewhere about the biggest things you didn't know worked differently in 2E.

My google-fu is weak today. Do you have a link for a fellow seeker?

Here is that link for you. It was buried a bit.

For home games, since it says sneak attack works with unarmed attacks, I would see no reason to not allow it for the ruffian or thief. Obviously PFS is a different story.

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Can we just all agree that no one shares my opinion and move on? I buried this post so it would go away, but it looks like it got moved back to the top.

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Ubertron_X wrote:
Movement feels wonky sometimes as you can not combine individual movement types, e.g. when you are starting your turn 5 foot in front of a stepladder and need to waste 1 action to cover the distance before you can actually climb using your next action.

Eh. I'd let that one slide. As long as you didn't go more than your move speed, who cares if 5 feet of it was overland and 15 feet of it was going up a ladder.

There are established, agreed upon names.
Pathfinder 1st ed (or Pathfinder Classic)
Pathfinder 2nd ed.

Hadn't thought of that.

Think Warhammer Fantasy 4E was on here too.


The better to stab you with.

Cool preview.

I hate spiders.


Like Leaves from the Inn of the Last Home.

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3.5 wasn't Pathfinder. It was 3.5.

I like monks.

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Quicker is better.

Infinite is a lot.

I like monsters.

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Ugh. I didn't say they were better healers than clerics. I just thought the heal that also gave a save was awesome.

But they get the +2 vs mental effects that can be sustained for a minute.
Okay, so situationally better.
I still say they're awesome.

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I loved PF1 bards. I would've played one in every game if I could've gotten away with it.
I haven't had the chance to play a PF2 one, since I'm running all the games. And a player for my upcoming game chose a bard as her character. And I got to looking at them.
They get a healing spell that is a better single-target heal than clerics even get!
And if they make it their signature spell to spontaneously heighten? Forgetaboudit!
Combine that with giving allies a +1 to hit and damage with inspire courage.

My conclusion is that, when I can be a player again, I'm going to play a bard in every game that I can get away with it.

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Tarondor wrote:
Everything from Monte Cook’s Ptolus.

Did you hear he's updating it for both 5E and Cypher System?

For PF2 purposes, 5E and CS versions don't do me any more good to have than a 3.5 version.
But I love Cypher System. And I'd actually play that.

Since undead don't sleep, they seem to be able to get a lot more done in the same amount of time as real people.

I'm going to play an illuminati anadi.

With it being so easy to dip into cantrips, I'd imagine Charisma would be the new stat bump. Since cantrips level up automatically, even for a fighter. That Cha is damage, baby,!

I'm running two PF1 APs using PF2 rules. It's not hard at all to run as a GM. The players love it. They feel challenged. It's dangerous. It's gritty.

I don't have tons of house rules. But one I do have is for the bless spell. As written, no one ever took it. The whole 5 foot aura, then increase by 5 feet every round with concentration...
So I just house ruled it's a targeted effect with a 50 foot range. Lasts 1 minute. Give the party their +1 bonus and move on with the combat. You can only get a few bonuses anyway. So this doesn't change anything except to make the cleric happier.

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I remember playing Everquest with my level 100 dark elf necromancer. Sometimes I'd leave him in an old world zone and go afk for the afternoon. Not even feign death or anything.
I'd come home to him surrounded by 13 orc and 6 bears. My chat screen would be filled with "A bear bites you and MISSES"
"A bear bites you and MISSES"
"A bear bites you and MISSES"
"An orc swings at you and MISSES"

Haha. Good times.

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The Gleeful Grognard wrote:
(on a side note, I still hate the +level system and really wish they had gone for a 5e style bounded accuracy, it screws with the +10/-10 crits but still)

I'm glad they didn't. I don't want another 10 years of a copied game system.

I loved 3.5 and PF1, but it's time to move on.

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Charlie Brooks wrote:
All of the Monsters Revisited books from the Chronicles line have a permanent place on my shelf, whether the game is 2nd edition, Starfinder, D&D, FATE, or any other brand of fantasy.

Classic Horrors Revisited is so good.

Like Captain Morgan was saying way up top of the thread. Hit points are an abstraction. And I don't see someone being healed or patched up in 6 to 10 seconds while someone is swinging at them. It is probably more of a shot of adrenaline or just pulling them away for a second and getting their sweat out of their eyes.
But saying you can do it without touching them? How tf do you do a medicine check on someone without touching them.

If applying it to a low level creature, I would double check the adjustment versus the charts in the Gamemastery.

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Blocks natural 1's and other crit fails!

Luckily, they all understood what you meant!

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Ohhh. Okay!
I generally don't read a lot of things until they come up in my game. No one has actually worn heavy armor yet, so this is new to me.
A lot of the reason I lurk on the boards so much is to see where other people ask questions and, if it's a question I had too, I can see the answers people gave them.

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Eldritch Might was a good series of books.
I'm wondering if I dig thru my old Complete Scoundrel from v3.5, if the Skill Tricks in that chapter would spark any ideas for Skill Feats in PF2.

graystone wrote:
And heavy armor requires it and also bolsters ref saves

There's still stuff I'm learning. How does Str bolster Ref saves?

One thing I've figured out about armor- it doesn't really matter what type of armor you wear. Armor that gives higher AC has lower max Dex. So characters are all going to be within a couple of points of each other, whether they're in light or heavy armor. I mean, it matters a little bit, but not a lot.

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"In many cases, you can make relatively minor adjustments, called elite and weak adjustments, to their statistics to make them function 1 level higher or lower than presented."

I wrote an adventure for level 20 characters for PF1 that was on... Akiton? I think. (Obviously not to sell or anything, since that's a copyrighted location.) The Distant Worlds book, as well as the article from Second Darkness, were a great help.
If I ever update it to PF2, I'll probably reference the same books again.

It's possible, Cabbage. It's possible.

Ubertron_X wrote:
You have a point though that due to the usefulness of each stat for any given character/build, many martials might start dumping STR and CHA if DEX to damage would be a general rule.

Yea. Like Mark said, Str to damage is basically its cherry on top. If all it did was lessen your encumbrance, there'd be little point.

Plus, there needs to be ways for things to be special by being uncommon or rare. If it was something everyone could do, they'd have to come up with something else cool for the Thief racket.

Iarsenex wrote:
Fantasy grounds can let me fudge things on the sheet as needed so this helps.

Oh, you use Fantasy Grounds, huh. I run all my games using that. Everyone brings a laptop, and their maps are right there on their screen with Fog of War on. It's really great.

Squiggit wrote:
This is pretty much the same debate we had over the Thief rogue and the answer from on high was Interpretation 1.

Yea. A bunch of people were saying they could flank with a cantrip from 10 feet away because all it says is you're "wielding" a melee weapon or able to make an unarmed strike. So someone decided that they could just hold a dagger and get flank from 10 feet away with acid splash since, they were technically wielding a weapon.

I side in the "nope" camp with that one.

Yeah. Use some goblin traits mixed with another small race, maybe. And when APG comes out, let the player switch over and build the character using the actual official kobold rules.

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Sir NotAppearingInThisFilm wrote:
Book of Vile Darkness is awesome. I used a lot of inspiration from that to up the creep factor for a necromancer in Age of Ashes.

Yea! Even if you don't try to recreate any stats from it, just giving him some of the creepy appearances and personality traits is shivering. I think a villain could definitely make use of some of the spells updated to PF2 sensibilities. Stuff that is Rare and Evil and your players definitely wouldn't be using themselves. But would make a creepy encounter even worse.

Puna'chong wrote:
I also reference Eberron stuff constantly... It just really jives with me.

For real, for real. Eberron remains my other favorite setting of all time (besides Golarion). The arcane tattoos in Lost Omens Character Guide would work perfectly reskinned as Dragonmarks.

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This is strictly a conversation piece. So, feel free to derail this thread all you want!

Now that PF2 has gone its complete own direction, and PF1 & 3.5 stats don't work at all. What books do you still use concepts, backgrounds, descriptions, fluff, and whatever else from?

Personally (and I'm not an evil GM, I swear) I will never not use 3E's Book of Vile Darkness by Monte Cook. Just the ideas in there of horror and truly scary villains for the PCs to square off against are still great.
Of course, any adventures from any system are converted with little effort (see Ediwir's conversion guide in the section below). Like AD&D 1E's Egg of the Phoenix even!

What about you guys?

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