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I'm running this in Fantasy Grounds. And the FG adventure purchased lists all sorts of xp for things the PCs accomplish along the way. 20 xp here, 40 xp there for things like finding the hideout map in the chest, bringing Hallod back alive. So, once I drug all those links over to the party xp box, they leveled up just fine to level 2 by chapter 2, and so on.

Yea. But if I'm fighting something with a -7 AC at level 1, I'm running away.

I haven't got the fumble deck yet. Maybe someone who has one can answer this.
I understand that critical failures are at 10 less than the AC on attacks. But on the 3rd or 4th attack, with it being at a -8 or -10, a critical miss is a lot more likely.
So, are the fumble decks supposed to just be used on a natural 1? Or are people going to be fumbling their 3rd attack all the time?

I also was confused by this. I understand it now. But the wording is very wonky. It should've said a victim up to 20 feet away who is already suffering from bleed damage.

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I can see that. Sense of self being force of personality. I do know a lot of warforged search for their place in the world. Often times becoming soldiers or mercenaries since that's what they did in the war (having been created specifically for that purpose).

And, regardless, instead of focusing on the evil guy's maybe actions.. the paladin is supposed to be better than that.

A vampire? Yes. A soulless champion of Hell? Okay. An evil bartender, tho?

Being evil isn't... evil.
He might be heartless and selfish. But not a murderer himself.
And, as others have pointed out, not giving him the chance for redemption.. attacking him just to find out if he's evil.
Murder hobo paladin.

Not PF1, but 3.5, I'm going to check the Complete Scoundrel to see if any of the skill trick ideas can be worked in.

I always thought it made more sense for warforged to have a wisdom penalty rather than a charisma penalty. Since they are created with AI but no life experience.

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I've been using the Pathbuilder2E app. Makes a first level character in about less than 10 minutes.
And the editable PDF it exports... just great.
(At this point in time, the PDF doesn't come fully filled out. I had to go and check boxes for proficiencies. But once they're checked, the number values change to reflect it).

I am running Plaguestone. My group loves it.
And I'm playing in a PF2 Strange Aeons (we changed over mid-campaign).
So far it's a really exciting system.
Can't wait for more setting books and adventures.

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That's a lot of good points.
The main thing is I want the boss fights brutal but winnable. And I want to reward players who pay attention.
It sounds like it's doable. And with the GMG out long before the Karzoug fight.
I'd just need to concentrate on fixing treasure drops.

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Captain Morgan wrote:

Converting monsters and NPCs is quite easy, DC adjustments aren't much of a problem either. The biggest issue is loot, as it would be in any conversion.

As for how difficult it is for the players, I have a group which has had some real nail biters in book 1 and another that swept book 2 pretty hard. Some fights are gonna be easier based on the new crit math. Your party is less likely to get wrecked because some folks failed a save against a Yeth Hound. But you also can't just optimize your build hard enough to break every encounter.

That's good to hear. I love the degrees of success and failure. I hated how 3 of 4 party members would fail a save vs fear and run away for 3 rounds.

And I swear. For years, 8 out of 10 times, when I heard someone talking about a broken, optimized, overpowered build, I would examine it only to see they were stacking something that shouldn't stack. Or using a feat wrong (because they only read the first half of the feat). PF1 is not nearly as broken as a lot of people think. They just were doing it wrong.
But I feel PF2 is a lot harder to screw up in that regard.

Yea. He was zero levels down. This group was a crack team of battlefield assassins that paid no attention to plot.
Yea. If the adventure is mostly easily doable up to that point, I can use the upcoming GMG to build Karzoug.

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I played this in 3.5 and Pf1, and ran it in PF1.
When I played, we won. Barely.
When I ran it, Karzoug wiped the floor with the party. The zen archer monk, who had been owning the battlefield up to then was useless against the wall of force Karzoug threw out. The time stop and the prismatic wall... they just weren't ready. The group was so depressed and embarrassed afterwards, I had to cheer them up.
I want to make it a brutal, slugfest of a fight like in PF1... but winnable. Where, if the party pays attention, and is on their A-game, they can do it.

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I love this campaign so much. Played it and ran it 3.5 and PF1. My old group has never played it after I got back to town.
I'm torn between running Age of Ashes, written for PF2 and running Runelords for those who've never gotten to experience it.
How easy is it to run creatures not in the bestiary. Like, say, Karzoug?
Thoughts from those who've dabbled in it.

Are there any plans (or could there be) to do some Adventure Paths in the style that Starfinder started. Where there might be some that are three volumes, and some that are six? I thought that was really neat.

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They are kind of getting pulled in 2 directions (the nature of the business they're in). On one hand, they've put out an incredible new game that everyone loves. And the community is screaming for more content.
But on the other hand, while putting out content to appease the fans, they don't want to rush things or make comments, like Jason said, "off the cuff."

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As a GM in PF1, I was horrified when one of the players in my group was reading off his spell list and named the spell Blood Money.
He never asked me. It had never come up in the campaign. He had seen it listed on hero lab and thought it looked "pretty cool" so he selected it.
No, no, no, sir. This is not how we do things.
So I like the default rule of not selecting things unless they're common. Saves me hassle down the road.

Draco18s wrote:

Its 6th edition Shadowrun which is unplayable. There's entire sections of the book that were copy-pasted word for word from 5th edition, despite several mechanics no longer being a Thing.

Then there's the wild die which you get "on some tests" which counts as 3 successes when it's a success, or when it rolls a 1 makes all your 2s count for glitches. There's 6 mentions of it in the entire book. 3 are in the mechanic's own description.

Its real bad.

Thanks for the heads up on Shadowrun. I had been considering getting it. I haven't played Shadowrun in years, but thought it'd be cool to check out the latest edition for old time's sake.

When I want some sci-fi or sci-fantasy, I've been doing Numenera or Starfinder.

But, yea. I'd dig some errata. But I figured a first printing would have some janks in it. PF1 went thru six printing. I'm sure that first rulebook had some stuff in it.
Nothing has broken our game yet.

I had thought Pharasma was like... old old deity from back in the day. I need to brush up on my Golarion lore again.

Any chance this would be available for Fantasy Grounds soon?
If not, are the maps able to be pulled off so I could load them in to the program myself?

I can see not wanting a non-caster character to get a free 8th or 9th level spell (regarding Syberis marks). But I wonder if it wouldn't be as big of a deal at 16th or 17th level. Definitely as a focus spell, so it couldn't be spammed.

You'll notice that - to Dex rolls if you're a Dex-based attacker.
But one benefit is it's enlarge any willing creature, not just enlarge person. So, yea, like folks said. Enlarge companions, or whatever. Pretty neat.

Cool! I'll check it out.

Those who play on Fantasy Grounds or Roll20, what do you use for voice chat while you play? Teamspeak or what. I've heard people use Google Hangouts, but I don't see how I'd use that while I have FG going.

Okay. Thanks.
I was hoping that was the case.
Otherwise. I'd spend an action to cast a spell that gave me two actions.

I just posted this 2 minutes ago, and my post just disappeared after I clicked submit post.
Do Ki Rush and Ki Strike cost an action to cast them, and then another action to use them? Or is it all just one action to use them?

Wow. You have taken a lot of time and effort. I really like the backgrounds.
Are you not doing warforged as an ancestry right now? I didn't see them listed.
I'll be on the lookout for the posts of your journal.
Thanks for posting about this.

Hope this is available for Fantasy Grounds!

The Lost Omens world guide appears much thinner than the 1st edition campaign setting. That thing was decently big. So, I'm wondering if that means they're going to give us more meaty detailed books on each continent, for instance.
That Nyambe book was used a lot in the Serpent's Skull adventure path (still one of my favorite AP's, despite it being raked over the coals by popular opinion). So many monsters in that AP cited Nyambe as the source. I thought it was pretty great, myself. That set of adventures taught me that the jungle can be very dangerous.
I, too, would like to see more frozen south-pole type areas. I loved the articles on Iobaria in the Kingmaker AP. That was far north in Avistan. But a south pole area underneath southern Garund could be fun, indeed. Who knows what ancient horrors could be lurking, frozen under the ground or sea.

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I am interested mostly in NPCs. How to make them. How to convert them. And I'd like to have several pre-made. Can't wait for an NPC codex for PF2.

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John Lynch 106. A bit off topic. But it's pretty neat to me that PF2 changed so much from the original playtest... you were constantly critical back then to the point that (I think it was) Erik Mona posted that maybe you should think about trying a different game.
And now that the full game is out, your viewpoints have become some of the most valuable on these boards. You've got a lot of good assessments.
A year ago, I groaned when I saw your name pop up in a post. And now when I see it, I go, "Oh, well let's see what JL 106 has to say. He seems to have a good understanding of things."

Archetypes for dragonmarked characters seems a logical way to go. I really like that. What about Syberis marks?

How would one do the warforged ancestry? They have abilities like... not needing to breathe and stuff like that. It seems strange to have them "pick" those abilities later on at level 9 or something.
Would they be immune to the drained condition? (since they ignored negative levels in 3.5) Or maybe let them ignore one point of Drained.
I dunno. This would require a lot of notetaking. But worth it, imo.

Another way to do Dragonmarks could be sort of like the Runescarred dedication from the Lost Omens world guide.
I didn't know there'd be so much Eberron interest. I love that setting so much.
We used to play a lot of Dark Sun back in 2E. That setting was brutal.
Ravenloft could be fun, too.

Are spell attack rolls agile?

Okay. I knew there had been a thing about it, but I couldn't remember all the particulars. Thanks, Cabbage.

What was the rule of putting abilities boosts in the spot where you'd taken a minus? I can't remember where it was posted.
So, could a dwarf put one of his ancestry boosts into Charisma, even tho he is taking a minus at the same time?
And you can only put one boost at a time into your lowered stat, right? So you can't put two boosts at once or anything.

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I think PF2 using the Starfinder hit point generating system at level 1 is great. It means your character can actually take a shot and stay standing.

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Rysky wrote:
Barnabas Eckleworth III wrote:
However, baseline is that drow in Golarion are evil. They're all evil. Irredeemably evil. Not even sorry about it.
That is not the baseline, even Second Darkness had non-Evil Drow.

I was basing this mainly on a sidebar from James about people wanting to run around playing non-evil drow, because they just read a novel and now they all want to be a scimitar wielding drow ranger.

He basically said nope. Drow are evil. Don't even try it.
I tried to find it just now, but apparently I'm missing one of the six PDFs from my onedrive. So I could be misremembering. But it seems like that was the basic idea.
It may have been more of a statement about it being problematic for them to try playing drow in a campaign where drow are the villains.

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Midnightoker wrote:

I think this is more of a problem that the assumption as that an Ancestry is "evil".

Now I'm one of those GMs that plays every creature as a person. Good, Evil, Chaotic, Lawful, whatever. Goblin, Giant, Dragon, Demon, Angel, whatever. And in some contexts, they might reflect what is "traditional" or they might be drawn to something else. It depends on the creature/NPC, and it should.

Personally, I think creating a "baseline" color for any Ancestry on the premise of "it looks too much like X" is silly, especially when that color is, well, not a color real people actually are.

But then again I don't really have a problem one way or the other. Drow I run are going to vary in color, and they're not always going to be Evil.

I do think it's a bit weird to consider them in any way as a reflection of real life people, because for starters, they've always come off to me as closer to albino persons than a race of people.

Then again I hate alignment in general, the system doesn't really work at any table that plays with themes of morality.

It's hard to avoid racist connotations when the game assumes racist connotations out of the gate:

"Some monsters are always evil and some are always good."

Until that concept gets thrown in the trash, it will always require tweaking down the line. But given how many people are up in arms about Drows changing colors or Goblins being included in Core, that's probably a long way off.

Starting comment is going to be that of course in your game, you can play it however makes sense to you. This is given.

However, baseline is that drow in Golarion are evil. They're all evil. Irredeemably evil. Not even sorry about it.

Dragons (while not impossible to vary) are almost always aligned by color.

Eberron elves and dragons.. it can be whatever. And often is.

But, again, at your table, what you like is what's good.

The way shroudb has put it together is easy to understand. Thank you very much. And I will look up about ambushes (I kept trying to find "surprise" and couldn't find it).
I appreciate you typing that out.

I know D20 system backwards in my sleep. Which is.. kind of a drawback. Haha. I keep having to stop and think if something is that way because I actually read it in the book, or if I'm making an assumption with no basis (or with a 3rd edition basis).

(standard apologies if I missed a thread that discussed this)

Okay. So I know there is no longer an official term called "surprise" or "surprise round."

Here is what I'm wondering about. So, I'm assuming it's possible for PCs to get the drop on a monster (or group of monsters). And for a monster to get the drop on the PCs. One group didn't see the other.
So, if, say, the PCs spot a monster from hiding, and the creature doesn't see them... They would get, what.. a regular round of attacks against him, simultaneously? At which point the creature would then know they were there and roll initiative? And he'd be flat-footed, because he didn't see the oncoming attacks?
Or how does that work.

The other situation is "kick in the door" type situations. The party knows there are orcs behind the door. They draw weapons and ready spells, and kick in the door. The orcs behind the door just roll initiative and attack like normal? Neither group surprises the other? Even if one group knew the other was there, and not vice versa?

I'm a bit confused because of my old assumptions of how the game worked. And I know the new game doesn't work that way. I'm just... not sure how to handle it now.

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I remade my 9th level maneuver master monk from PF1 to PF2. He is even more cinematic and fun now than he was before. I can't really get behind this OP at all.

It's already been decided that the story is about the exceptional individuals who rose above Fate telling them what to do.
The novels aren't about farmers who farm until they die. They're about the farmer who took up arms against the evil tyrant threatening his village, and ended up starting a revolution.
Merlin and Gandalf and similar characters. The regular townsfolk are in awe of them. A wizard is a legend. Parents tell bedtime stories about them. It's not as simple as a noble going to go hire a "random" wizard to make his investments for him. A wizard has other things on his agenda.

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I'm thinking.... this discussion is going to get shut down real quick this morning. Posts will be deleted, and reminder posted to stay on topic.
Just a guess, tho.

When a monk is using his fists, they're agile (I think). But if he has flurry of maneuvers, i would use Athletics for his attack roll. Would that still be agile, or is it the usual -5 and -10?

In light of all this, I have finished converting my PF1 maneuver master monk to PF2. He has all the flurry of maneuvers and everything. A very cinematic mf, imo.

Oh. Then isn't that like what I said in my post up top?

So, then what DC for Ki powers? I'm confused now.

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