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Shisumo wrote:
I'm looking forward to homebrewing an Eberron conversion. The new rules for ancestries are going to make so many things so much easier.

Ahhh. I thought I was the lone one thinking of Eberron campaign uses for PF2.

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I don't think he should give up the spoilers without the 100th one.
He's rolling in full view of the players. Let the dice fall where they may.

I'm all in on Fantasy Grounds. Hoping for a FG packet of the upcoming Plaguestone adventure, just to get PF2 going. Once we have played it a little bit, will do Age of Ashes.

I'm fine with there being options available to let people use Charisma, even if it isn't built in to be rewarded for a high score.
I like the house rule about using Cha for Will.
If there are feats or items that reward people for having a high Charisma, while the rules don't punish someone for having a low one, that works fine for me.

Never heard of Nurgal until I saw your post. I need to read my Gods of the Inner Sea books closer.

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I only worry about a high level item's price insofar as calculating treasure drop values. I don't care about it being "affordable" because I don't let my players shop out of the magic chapter of the core rulebook. There are tinkerers and the occasional entrepreneur who has located a few items of power. But there is no Magic Walmart. They can't go in and put a cloak of the montebank on layaway.

So, did they get the ones posted in time to get the big spoiler dump from Jason?

What is gish? Is that the asian call girl?

Only one letter difference!

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I always liked the eternal wands of fill-in-the-blank in Eberron. I think those were usable twice or three times per day. I think something like that would be okay. But I'm good with it either way. Maybe staves will be better versions of wands? Who knows.
So, not sure if I understand it correctly. Pluses to hit on your weapon will come from weapon quality still? Like expert quality, master quality, etc. And more damage comes from runes? Or do I have that totally wrong.
I really liked all the rules reveals.
Super excited. Just over 2 months to go!

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Sell your kids' PS4. Eat mustard sandwiches for weeks. We must have these books.

Thank you. Carry on.

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I need this to be clear, with no misunderstanding or twisting of words.

Please, take my money.

Thank you.

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I'm in the please-take-my-money camp. And have all the books on pre-order, etc.
But I can understand folks who are wait-and-see.
But the PRD launching on day 1 just gives me a they've-totally-got-their-$&!t-tògether vibe.
Like having a campaign guide on day 1, instead of a month later.
It just adds to my anticipation.

TriOmegaZero wrote:
The fact that your allies provide soft cover, which prevents AoOs.

I've actually seen it posted in a FAQ that your allies do not provide cover from AoOs.

I wasn't able to locate this info anywhere. But why is Dan not hosting Pathfinder Friday anymore?

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Matthew Downie wrote:
Note, though, that 300 archers with +7 to hit fighting an ancient dragon with 37AC would land 15 hits per round. (Exactly the same as if it had 28AC.) There are going to be certain weird tipping points between 'invincible' and 'has to fight extremely cautiously to survive'.

Actually, in this case, the archers would all still miss.

20+7 = 27. Which misses by 10. A critical miss. The nat 20 upgrades it to a miss. The AC would have to be 36 for your example.

But I loved this rule reveal when I heard it.
The span of critical fail to critical success on most things is one of my fav PF2 rules things.

They ought to just do kickstarters/crowdfunding for projects people ask for, but that they aren't sure the viability of.
For instance, I'm sure people will want RotR for every edition of the game until the end of time. Not sure? Use kickstarter. If it gets funded, they're already paid before beginning. If it's not funded, they know there wasn't enough interest.

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I read this topic too fast. At first I thought it said "before lunch."

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I'm all on board with this new FG Unity (#pleasetakemymoney).
So hopefully, with PF2 coming while Unity is in Alpha, it'll get Unity treatment from the ground up.

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I've played with people who have said Neutral means, "I can do good or evil, because I'm neutral." To which I was like, "Um..no. That just means you're evil." Only an evil person thinks it's okay to murder and pillage as long as they do an equal amount of good.
I've also played with people who think Neutral means you "must maintain the balance" at all times. So if goodness & mercy were too strong in a certain area, they felt it was their duty to do the opposite until it was all fair again.
Both of these views are ridiculous to me.
Neutral just means you don't have any strong views one way or the other. Most people are neutral. You don't want bad things to happen, but you're certainly not going to go put on armor to stop it. That's dangerous. Leave that to the Good Guys.
I don't see a "champion" of Neutral.

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I'm sure all the right people are on top of the right things.
But does anyone know the latest word on whether everything will keep rolling with Fantasy Grounds on PF2 content. And if they'll be rolling out companion files for the core books when they come out?
I love how we can get official pre-made versions of adventures in Fantasy Grounds, with discounts if the PDf is already owned.
I'm hoping for Age of Ashes for Fantasy Grounds pretty soon after launch.

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Excited for this. Have to catch it in replay. I work night shift, and probably won't be awake in time. But I'm checking it out later in the day, for sure.

For PDFs, I use the Xodo app on my 2-in-1 Windows PC/Tablet.
If I'm on Android, I use Orion viewer. Both load instantaneously for me. Although, Xodo is easier about adjusting screen size and all that.
Xodo is fantastically searchable.
Also, I like using the physical books. Books aren't bad. You just don't like them. So it's a preference thing. But PDFs are a lot more portable, I admit.
Try those apps, tho. You might find them useful.

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The schools of magic are too hard-baked into the setting. Each school is tied to one of the 7 sins. And each of the Runelords was a specialist.

masda_gib wrote:

My first character will be a Dex-based spirit totem barbarian wielding an elven curve blade.

The rage will be reflavored to his ancestor spirits coming to give him tips and help in battle. That makes his strikes deadlier but the talking of many ghosts at once makes it impossible to concentrate.

That sounds like a lot of fun.

That's a great example of a player doing something because it's neato. And not because it's the best/most/highest bonus or whatever.

I feel that if someone's torso explodes, they should have to fall prone. Just saying.

True. It does offer advantage. But for purposes of the discussion, it could be broadened to anything not directly combat related, I would think.

I'm okay with milestones. I don't use XP as a reward, generally. I award the XP, but not as a reward. But keeping everyone on the same track, XP-wise, or even just milestoning everyone is fine for simplicity.
So, if someone misses for his wife's birthday, he's not penalized. But I usually give out other rewards for participation, mainly hero points.
I just don't know what I'll do for that now that hero points will be by session in a use-them-or-lose-them format.

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Ha. So now there are folks clicking to post what they're drifting towards, and by the time they read everyone else's ideas, it gives them a new idea. Even happens to Mark. =P

Yea. Obviously spells got upgraded. Proficiencies changed things. So no one knows what we don't know. Just what you're gravitating towards or looking forward to trying out.

I heard a lot of people say they liked shields. I haven't tried them out. I know those got a few changes.

Obviously, opinions may change once the official book is out.
But just for funsies, what is the first class you're looking forward to playing in your first real PF2 campaign.

For me it's either wizard or bard.

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Pretty anxious for April 4th.
Then we've got May, June, and July to wait thru.
-Mutters like Inigo Montoya-
"I hate waiting..."

I'm wondering how a monk's role will play out over 20 levels. With flurry of blows in a 3 action system. I think it should work like the hydra. Lots of damage and attacks of opp.
Or something. I dunno.

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I definitely want certain characters to be better at certain things. I want the fighter to physically manhandle monsters the wizard wouldn't dare try. But, at the same time, I don't want the gap in Saves at level 20 between a good Fort and a poor Will to be so big that one character always makes it while another always fails.
Plus, I hope this opens it up for easier designed Epic level content (fingers crossed).

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I honestly feel like a very significant portion of the problems of PF1 were the players, not the game. I understand all of it. I remember which bonus types stack and which don't. I can make characters. I can design monsters and design encounters. It all makes sense to me.
But a lot of new players (and not-so-new) players didn't get it. And, unfortunately, if the GM wasn't on top of things, players who love the munchkin style of play could roll all over him with illegal combos (and sometimes legal ones).
I love PF1. But if this new game helps new players understand the game faster and easier, and helps keep things even longer, I'm all for it.

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I think they should just make a hardcover of RotR for every edition of the game, plus Fantasy Grounds. It'll sell.
An NPC codex. And "revisited" type books for undead, aberrations, dragons. With templates and variants, etc. I love that stuff.

I loved psionics.

What time does Pathfinder Friday stream on Twitch?

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About the comments with the combo dealing 200 damage per round vs touch AC... I say this all the time. But, I'd say, 90% of the time when a player comes up with something insane, they're stacking something that doesn't stack, or misusing an ability.
I had a friend who was GMing a game. He was frustrated because it had gotten out of control. He invited me to come sit in. He had players doing all this insane stuff. Stomping all over his encounters. I casually walked behind them glanced at their sheets as they played.
I called him the next day. "Your group's monk can't possibly have a 52 AC at level 10. He's stacking 3 of the same bonus type."
"Your wizard cannot possibly be doing 300 damage with his fireball every round. He's using an ability that can only be used once per day every round."
And so on, down his list of players. They were all angry and I wasn't invited back.

1st edition isn't nearly as broken as a lot of people think it is. It wasn't perfect, to be sure. But many "awesome" combos were actually illegal.

The ship has sailed on getting the devs to change the rules to any other certain way of thinking.

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I guess I need to go watch the video. Someone is playing a lizardfolk? It seems odd that they would allow a non-core player race in a preview game for 2e.

I just hope some stuff gets fiddled with to get right the first time around. Like, I didn't like having creature sizes mixed in according to alphabetical order. I wanna look in a spot, see what it is, and go.
And I'm sure a lot of people will have questions about abilities, such as ones that let the monster attack 3 times with 2 actions. As far as multi attack penalties. And all that.
To some people it seems simple. But just to have a thing explaining with no grey areas on that sort of thing, would be great.

Also, I don't ever want to fight a hydra.

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Now if I could ever get a PF2 Eberron game going...

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I'm right out on the goblins. They've always been the monsters. Hard to change my mindset. I'd only play one in an adventure designed for it.

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gbonehead wrote:


I see my mistake. Even though the title of this thread is Pathfinder Second Edition Subscription Questions for some inexplicable reason I came here thinking I'd see Pathfinder Second Edition Subscription Answers.


It's actually, um, right there in the first post. A whole bunch of FAQs and answers. And Erik hopped on and answered a bunch more.

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When I first saw the trailer for a new edition playtest about a year ago, admittedly my first reaction was, "But... but...!"

Now the closer it gets, the more excited and anxious I get. The enthusiasm Erik, Jason, Mark and the gang have for it in the videos is just infectious. I can tell they can't wait for everyone to see what they're unveiling.

And they way they're patiently and painstakingly staying up 25 hours a day, jazzed on coffee and no-doze to keep an anxious fan base in the loop.

Thanks, guys. For real. I've been table topping my whole life. And this stuff is important to me. Can't wait.

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Chief Cook and Bottlewasher wrote:
I expect there to be either a codex (villain or NPC) or a section of NPCs in each bestiary because having stats for low-level guards and the like saves valuable space for writers in adventure paths and modules.

I agree. The NPC and Villain codices were a GM's best friend, to me. And the GMG had a good chapter in the back of NPC stats too.

I'll spend money on those books every single time.

A 2E APG has got to happen. The 1E APG is my all time favorite go-to supplement. As far as future classes, I want a witch, warlock, oracle, shaman. And I always liked the inquisitor too.
I'm stoked to be getting so many books on release, tho. Core, bestiary, and a campaign guide? Please take my money!

As far being quickly outdated, I suppose they could be slim companion volumes tied to books with classes.
Core rulebook strategy guide. APG strategy guide, and so forth. As new options come out.

I, too, found that my players often consulted and found a lot of use for the PF 1st edition Strategy Guide.

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