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So i played with your -3/3/6/9/13 and charted it into a excel i created to play with this and for the most part it sits similar to mine except in the outlier areas of L vs U or L vs T. If your attacker is U and the defender L by your array, then the chance to hit is -55% or a 32+ required to roll. with mine a U can still hit a L but he needs a 26+ or -25 % chance so he needs stats or buffs to achieve it and that's assuming the defender doesn't have buffs. I feel yours has to much distance between the high end and the lower ends turning the few classes with L defense or attack into powerhouses where as classes like barbarian who cap at E would be to far behind.
I also feel as T is the default you have basic training in it should always be lvl or half lvl +0.
I tried to get pictures of the spreadsheet but i don't know how to upload it.

So like many legendary proficiency doesn't feel legendary compared to Untrained/Trained to me, so i played with some math and feel personally that if Proficiency equaled 1/2 level rounded up plus U -4 / T +0 / E +2 / M +4 / L +6, it would show this better.
I did some math on it figuring out percentage chances of hit etc. first column is proficiency of the weapon attack and the rows are proficiency of the armor the bold is when the proficiency match.

So this math is based on a lvl 20 character with Str/Dex 10 (+0), a +5 Longsword, and +5 Full plate.

Prof | Atk || Def | U | T | E | M | L |
U | 11 || 27 |16+ 25%|20+ 5%|22+ -5%|24+ -15%|26+ -25%|AC
U | 11 || 23 |12+ 45%|16+ 25%|18+ 15%|20+ 5%|22+ -5%|TAC
T | 15 || 31 |12+ 45%|16+ 25%|18+ 15%|20+ 5%|22+ -5%|AC
T | 15 || 27 | 8+ 65%|12+ 45%|14+ 35%|16+ 25%|18+ 15%|TAC
E | 17 || 33 |10+ 55%|14+ 35%|16+ 25%|18+ 15%|20+ 5%|AC
E | 17 || 29 | 6+ 75%|10+ 55%|12+ 45%|14+ 35%|16+ 25%|TAC
M | 19 || 35 | 8+ 65%|12+ 45%|14+ 35%|16+ 25%|18+ 15%|AC
M | 19 || 31 | 4+ 85%| 8+ 65%|10+ 55%|12+ 45%|14+ 35%|TAC
L | 21 || 37 | 6+ 75%|10+ 55%|12+ 45%|14+ 35%|16+ 25%|AC
L | 21 || 33 | 2+ 95%| 6+ 75%| 8+ 65%|10+ 55%|12+ 45%|TAC

So common modifiers to this are:
Flanked | AC -2 | +10%
Light Shield | AC +1 | -5%
Heavy Shield | AC +2 | -10%
Dex Mod +1 | AC +1 | -5%
Str Mod +1 | Hit +1 | +5%
Str Mod +2 | Hit +2 | +10%
Str Mod +3 | Hit +3 | +15%
Str Mod +4 | Hit +4 | +20%
Str Mod +5 | Hit +5 | +25%
Str Mod +6 | Hit +6 | +30%
Str Mod +7 | Hit +7 | +35%

This creates a larger gap between the legendary attacks and defenses compared to trained, and flanked now essentially drops you 1 grade in proficiency instead of 2 grades. According to the math i'v played with a character gains 5% chance to succeed for each proficiency rank gained.
EG. L 3+20+5(28) vs L 10+3+20+11(44) = 16+ to hit or 25% chance to succeed.
OR. L 3+20+5(28) vs M 10+2+20+11(43) = 15+ to hit or 30% chance to succeed.
OR. L 3+20+5(28) vs E 10+1+20+11(42) = 14+ to hit or 35% chance to succeed.
OR. L 3+20+5(28) vs T 10+0+20+11(41) = 13+ to hit or 40% chance to succeed.
OR. L 3+20+5(28) vs U 10+-4+20+11(37) = 9+ to hit or 60% chance to succeed.

Thoughts for anyone that read through all that and can follow my erratic thought paths?

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Bardarok It might have started as a 3e 3.5e spin off but i feel like part of pathfinder 2e is to find their own niche and stop being just another D&D copy. and while they use alot of terms that are standardised to the genre of games attunement in relation to items usable and equippable is a 5e specific thing as far as i am aware and alot more of a direct copy paste (which may get them in trouble i dont know the copy right rules).

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Bardarok wrote:
They could just call it attunement like 5e since most potential new PF players would be coming from 5e anyways. Say you can attune to up to 10 items in a day, attunement takes 10 minutes and is an assumed part of your daily preparations.

I think the problem with calling it attunement is because that's ripping off 5e in a very blatant way.

As for the concept i like the way it sounds and will definitely want to test it if my group finds time.
While i liked the original resonance and thought it filled a good role, this version seems to cover the same role and hopefully sate the naysayers.

Logically speaking whats stopping a wizard in any game book or such setting from donning a suit of armor to keep his insides inside, there are downsides and the are the same as the people who normally wear that armor true, but there made worse because hes not great at moving in the armor it makes perfect sense and doesn't seem to be a dealbreaker. Your wizard in plate can't escape from people breking his face in or trying to disrupt his spells as easily as his mate running around in a robe as his speed is lower on the flip side the steel covering will protect him abit better than the robe.

So i was playing around with the Roll20 character sheet release but discovered that there isn't a space in the creation tab for the floating racial stat boost only the 2 Ancestry Boosts and the flaw.
I was also wondering if there would be markers for Signature skills or a fix to the feat tab so we can enter feats and select them as ancestor feats atm i can create a box but it has skill general and class feats as the only options.
I was also curious about if there would be + boxes added to proficiency for things like exotic weapon's or racial specific proficiency etc.
Last thing i was wondering about is i assume the armor box and gear lists sort of stuff is still in development? i have a tab on the sheet that seems like it should be for something like that but doesn't actually exist.

Edit: Should have specified this is for the Pathfinder 2e Playtest Sheet

I had that then i could click on it but when i entered anything into the box and clicked away it immediately closed.

I would also like some visual option for signature skills and for the feat tab to work properly as well if they could figure those out maybe add exotic weapon proficiency or a + box for other proficiency etc. and then somewhere for gear or armor.

So i was playing around with the Roll20 character sheet release but discovered that there isn't a space in the creation tab for the floating racial stat boost only the 2 Ancestry Boosts and the flaw.
I don't know if this has been brought up before or belongs here but thought that is should be mentioned in case its something that can be fixed quickly.

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I think and i'm still researching so not 100% sure, but i think you needed to have it as a proficiency other than craft to make a weapon etc, so to make a master level katana you would need to be a master of whatever weapon group katana falls into for you as well as a master of craft. I could be wrong but it's how i interpreted it to mean.

I feel like as extinct_fizz said having an armor worn slot with all the details would be nice but having a line for sense or traits in the top right section would be useful as well as they are given by race but there isn't anywhere to put them on the sheet other than notes.
I don't mind that abilities are bottom left once your character is made you don't really need that anymore, and landscape is fine as well for me I just like the way it lets them lay it all out.
But the spell DC and roll box is a bit cluttered and confusing and there isn't really enough room for equipment but that's what my notepad is for anyway.

I think the line in the craft action about having to have the proficiency rank in the item and being of the same level is whats suppose to stop you making any old thing you come across. You also need the formula and while there is a book of all the common item formulas in the store the rest of them would require some research or other knowledge.

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I feel like all they need to give us back our options and customization on skills is give a floating signature skill at lvl 1 on top of current signature skills or a feat to make a skill a signature skill as a general and/or skill feat. I think either of these (or preferably both) would let us make fighters that are able to intimidate or stealth or any other uncommon skill combos we currently can't do.