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So i was playing around with the Roll20 character sheet release but discovered that there isn't a space in the creation tab for the floating racial stat boost only the 2 Ancestry Boosts and the flaw.
I don't know if this has been brought up before or belongs here but thought that is should be mentioned in case its something that can be fixed quickly.

I made a thread on it a little over an hour ago. Seems like it's an error and it should be fixed quickly.

Though, I suppose you COULD just add 2 to the score you wish the free boost to go to. However knowing where this bonus comes from would be nice.

I would also like some visual option for signature skills and for the feat tab to work properly as well if they could figure those out maybe add exotic weapon proficiency or a + box for other proficiency etc. and then somewhere for gear or armor.

Seems like I can't add feats. Do you get this also? The '+' isn't reacting to my click.

I had that then i could click on it but when i entered anything into the box and clicked away it immediately closed.

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Roll20 Staff Thread

You may want to post in that thread if you want the attention of Roll20 folks.

Cool, thanks. :)

Can anyone link me to the sheet?

Edit: Found it. That was harder than I thought it would be. So how are you getting things like ancestry stats in the first place?

Captain Morgan wrote:
Can anyone link me to the sheet?

It's on roll20. :)

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