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Hi folks, Soraya from Roll20 here! My team and I wanted to swing by the Paizo forums to chat with you about all the projects we've got coming out in August! We're excited to share them and hopefully answer your questions about them. We are new around here but we don't want to be strangers.

Let's start with the Pathfinder Playtest! As of today, the Pathfinder Playtest is now available on Roll20. We've got a character sheet and the flipmats from the adventure: all free and converted to our virtual tabletop, so you can run it straight from your browser! Bring friends. :)

We have not forgotten about current Pathfinder, either: this month, we'll be releasing the last chapter of the War for the Crown Adventure Path on Roll20. Our conversions cover everything you'll need: every enemy has stats, every bit of text gets broken up by chapters, dynamic lighting is on every map - in short everything you need is not only there but organized and spit-shined with nice bonus features like our click-to-roll character sheets.

Finally, we've got something for the Starfinder fans in the audience too! Late last month, we released the beta for our official Starfinder character sheet, and now that we've had some time to test and clean it up, we'll be releasing the finished character sheet to everyone later this month.

I can't give dates for either War for the Crown or the Starfinder character sheet just yet, but if you have other questions I'll do my best to answer them! And yes, we do have other things in the works - for example, we've confirmed that we'll be releasing a Pathfinder version of our Charactermancer which helps you build a character from scratch - but those won't necessarily be out in August and these three absolutely will.

So! Let's chat. :) Anything you want to ask about Paizo and Roll20?

So i was playing around with the Roll20 character sheet release but discovered that there isn't a space in the creation tab for the floating racial stat boost only the 2 Ancestry Boosts and the flaw.
I was also wondering if there would be markers for Signature skills or a fix to the feat tab so we can enter feats and select them as ancestor feats atm i can create a box but it has skill general and class feats as the only options.
I was also curious about if there would be + boxes added to proficiency for things like exotic weapon's or racial specific proficiency etc.
Last thing i was wondering about is i assume the armor box and gear lists sort of stuff is still in development? i have a tab on the sheet that seems like it should be for something like that but doesn't actually exist.

Edit: Should have specified this is for the Pathfinder 2e Playtest Sheet

I noticed while cruising through the Playtest Character Sheet that an option for 1 free bonus is missing.

When choosing an ancestry(a race) you often get 2 set bonuses, 1 flaw and 1 free bonus. Right now the sheet only lets you add 2 bonuses and 1 flaw with your ancestry. There should be an option for 1 more free boost in the ancestry creation tab.

Also, I don't know if this is just on my end, but the '+' to add a feat in the feat list doesn't react to my input. Again, don't know if this is on my end or if something is wrong with the sheet.

Thanks for your time. :)

*EDIT* You're too fast for me, Barizac */EDIT*

Roll20 Director of Communications

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You two dug right in! I'm happy to see it. We have a bug report thread on our forum (which I should have thought to link in the original post, my bad) so you can talk directly to the developer in charge of this sheet.

Here's that thread: ead/?pageforid=6663424#post-6663424

That said, I did a look-through myself. Most of the stuff you two are finding has been reported and I'm happy to say that it's being worked on. To get more specific:

  • No space for the floating boost: Reported, we're on it!
  • Ancestry feat option missing: Reported, we're on it!
  • Equipment section not displayed: Reported, will be patched ASAP
  • + boxes to proficiency: each weapon/spell has its own proficiences to meet unique needs like I think you're describing, but if that's not what you're looking for then I would definitely recommend swinging by our forums to put your request in directly with the developer!

Although this a new sheet, we're still very actively working on it and feedback like this is really helpful, so thank you! We want your playtests to go as smoothly as possible and we'll keep updating the sheet as we get reports in that Roll20 bug thread.

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I'm mostly curious at what AP will get in Roll20 after War for the Crown? Do old APs have a chance? :O Also will Starfinder APs get there too?

Roll20 Director of Communications

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There will be Starfinder APs, yes! We are also going to do more Pathfinder APs after War for the Crown but I can't talk about which ones are on the docket till we make an official announcement. For now, just know that there are more adventures coming!

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