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Shadow Lodge 5/5

Praise in public, and punish is private is Mike Brock's guidance.

Tell us more about your awesome experience.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

Note that controlling them for more than say an encounter or so still requires bargaining as per planar ally.

There will be some variance in cost here as there's some GM interpretation in "an especially hazardous task might require a greater gift." and "if the task is strongly aligned with the creature's ethos, it may halve or even waive the payment."

So your GM could rule no extra cost to get them to help.

Normal cost for the Planetars to work for hour/level would be 17*500*2 = 17,000gp

So, that gets us up to 8,400 + 10,000 + 17,000 = 35,400gp.

Could be a hell of a way to retire.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

So, using gate to call an outsider costs an additional 10,000gp

Also, the Solar isn't under your control because it has more than 17HD.

While as a GM I would almost certainly let you win whatever encounter you happened to be in. The Solar would not follow you around for the rest of the adventure and stomp on everything that looked at you funny.

Instead it's got a whole city to save! There's Balor out there. Surely it can do much more good saving hundreds if not thousands of other crusaders and innocent non-combatants instead of following a single group of clearly competent Pathfinders.

Depending on how things were going, I'd give you lots of extra flavor as it flies around kicking ass. Might even cross paths with it again from time to time and get more help from it.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

Candle of Invocation:
Aura strong conjuration; CL 17th
Slot none; Price 8,400 gp; Weight 1/2 lb.

Each of these special tapers is dedicated to one of the nine alignments. Simply burning the candle generates a favorable aura for the individual if the candle's alignment matches that of the character. Characters of the same alignment as the burning candle add a +2 morale bonus on attack rolls, saving throws, and skill checks while within 30 feet of the flame.

A cleric whose alignment matches the candle's operates as if two levels higher for purposes of determining spells per day if he burns the candle during or just prior to his spell preparation time. He can even cast spells normally unavailable to him as if he were of that higher level, but only so long as the candle continues to burn. Except in special cases (see below), a candle burns for 4 hours. It is possible to extinguish the candle simply by blowing it out, so users often place it in a lantern to protect it from drafts and the like. Doing this doesn't interfere with its magical properties.

In addition, burning a candle also allows the owner to cast a gate spell, the respondent being of the same alignment as the candle, but the taper is immediately consumed in the process.


Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, gate, creator must be same alignment as candle created; Cost 4,200 gp

Shadow Lodge 5/5

This FAQ is relevent.

FAQ wrote:
Just like with non-firearms, a creature cannot wield a weapon that’s far too big or small for it.

Shadow Lodge

Know: Nature: 1d20 + 8 ⇒ (11) + 8 = 19

Zandu will take a 5ft step to further him away from the wolves and begins chanting in Varisian while rose petals slip from his fingers.

Casting Sleep, will finish at the beginning of my next turn. Will save will be DC 15.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

The choice of all 3 seems like an awesome compromise.

Shadow Lodge

All specific magic weapons on pages 150-163, except bastard's sting, blade of the rising sun, blade of the sword-saint, cutthroat's apprentice, dagger of doubling, dragoncatch guisarme, earthenflail, hellscourge, lash of the howler, nine lives stealer, pistol of the infinite sky, polarity hammer, spider's fang, and ten-ring sword, are legal

Good catch Kigvan.

Shadow Lodge

My previous character who tripped used a fauchard, although he didn't have any of the tripping feats, just a big strength and a reach weapon. Due to changes in heirloom weapon it looks less exciting than it used to.

If I had known about the flying tripping guisarme thingy I might have built this guy with that instead.


Checking my records Gyre -16 appears to have GM credit from The Confirmation and Master of the Fallen Fortress, prior to playing Emerald Spire 2- The Cellars


Just remember, your sthick won't always work, and even if it does try to vary things up a bit. Remember, variety is the spice of life.

Shadow Lodge

I decided to go with the horsechopper over the guisarme for better damage while enlarged, I get funny looks and goblin jokes though.

Shadow Lodge

Here is the very basic mechanical outline I'm using for my current tripper in PFS.

He's reasonably balanced other than being about as likable as malaria. He's been quite enjoyable so far despite actually tripping something like 1 foe in 5xp earned. He's going to be my primary Emerald Spire character I think.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

Hmmm, I'm not sure.

It's written into the module, so quite possibly yes but without any guidance it's troubling on exactly how.

Taking guidance from PFS scenarios with 5/6 players I would suggest adding additional creatures to raise the CR of the encounter by 1.

Meaning a fair amount of encounters will be hard to easily adjust due to the creatures present. I would only do this if you have a strong understanding of the CR system.

Probably better to just not make adjustments, I wonder if anybody has written a 6 player conversion for this, like people do for the APs.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

Hrothdane wrote:
Michael Brock has said on the forums that you should never coup de grace unless it's in tactics, so your GM is well-informed.

Note that Mike clarified his statement here.

A GM should not coup de grace unless tactically appropriate. Not a GM cannot coup de grace unless explicitly called out in the tactics.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

Avatar-1 wrote:
Robert Hetherington wrote:
There's a vanity for that, costs 10 prestiege though.

10 prestige just to write things down?! Which vanity is that?

My next Pathfinder will be going for this job.

Chronicler (10 PP): A Pathfinder has a lot to remember, especially if she hopes to report every detail back to the Decemvirate for publication. Some memory-challenged Pathfinders employ ambitious underlings to document their accomplishments, their interactions, and sometimes even their frustrated mumblings for posterity. Once per game session, you may ask your GM to repeat a detail about your mission, some esoteric backstory element, or the name of an NPC that you have otherwise forgotten by consulting with your chronicler.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

There's a vanity for that, costs 10 prestiege though.

Shadow Lodge 5/5


Shadow Lodge 5/5

Best of luck fellow PFSers.

I've escaped the Midwest after 2.5 years and am back in California though.

P.S. let me know how the food trucks are this year.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

Maybe I should start a kickstarter for a pirate raid on John's desk for the Warden's sanctioning material.

Anybody want to donate some limes to the cause?

Shadow Lodge 5/5

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Reasons things are now allowed in PFS:

1: Take too much time/GM input
2: Wealth Imbalance
3: Evil
4: Held back for chronicle access
5: Too powerful
5: Campaign Flavor

While I'm not in charge of the campaign, they've taken to not answering this sort of question, as doing so only then encourages people to arguing details.

My guess is 5, flavor doesn't fit right with the Pathfinder Society.

On several occasions in the past Mike Brock has had his mind changed by thoughtful and concise arguments. If you really think it should be allowed, put together a sensible argument and start a thread.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

I have 2 PCs with access to that map.

One is level 12, the other is remarkably only lvl 11 with 32xp. Too bad it's a 5-9, I was so close!

What really worries me is I was able to remember the correct adventure on my first guess despite my chronicle sheet being from May 2010

Shadow Lodge 5/5

Master of the Fallen Fortress was written as a Free RPG Day Module. Note that modules are not written assuming that the PCs are PFS.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

I made an air-bending Kineticist too.

Mine is from the River Kingdoms where he was ostracized from his Erastil worshipng community for not being able to pick up the longbow.

I also made a Varisian Gypsy psychic who was raised by Dwarves in Janderhoff before leaving and falling in with the Scarzni.

Finally a Dwarven Spiritualist who channels the Fist of Torag.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

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Oh, your response is clear, I just failed my perception check to notice it.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

The question is can you apply the sheet to a single class psychic character, and then later multi-class them and continue to check off lines.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

That's actually a really good question John. I had assumed you needed to be a single classed psychic character every time you wanted to fill in a line, I see how it could be interpreted otherwise.

I'll try and divine an answer by tonight.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

Lots of Thornkeep can work.

Shadow Lodge

Yarrr! I love playing with the exuberance of new GMs.

Sign me up! I've got a Psychic written up on paper and I'll type him up tomorrow (Thursday) morning.

I have both played and GMed the Confirmation before, if that's at all an issue for you I'm happy to step aside.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

I'm always excited to see more events in the Bay Area. Especially one in the San Francisco Peninsula.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

Shasfowd wrote:
The Spiritulist can cast a 2nd level spell at 1st level. Am I the only one who's noticed?

Updates: Here are the official changes to the class:

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The spiritualist is proficient in all simple weapons not light weapons.
First Level Spells Per Day: At first level ignore the 1/day in the 1st level slot, the spiritualist has a base of 1 1st-level spell per day at 1st level, and no 2nd-level spells at that level.
Bonded Manifestation: The first sentence in the 3rd paragraph should begin "At 8th level, and every 5 levels thereafter..."


Shadow Lodge 5/5

Thanks for the clarification, I had thought that only scenarios would count. It's nice to hear that modules and such will as well.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

Race for the Runecarved Key is playable at any level and Siege of the Diamond City goes up to level 15.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

Mattastrophic's Lady Gabrielle made it all the way to 20.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

As far as I know Race for the Runecarved Key is still playable at any level, and is the only PFS legal thing to play at 19.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

Is Inspiration a permanent bonus? No.

Is it Crafter's Fortune? No.

It does not apply.

Other "at will" stuff that does not apply:

your familiar/animal companion/eidolon that can't fail to aid another aiding.

24+ poly-morph effects


Other than crafter's fortune, if the effect is not permanent, it does not apply to day jobs.

OP Guide wrote:
Permanent bonuses from equipment, feats, racial bonuses, and traits affect your Day Job check as they would any check for the rolled skill, but temporary bonuses such as those granted by spell effects, other than crafter’s fortune, do not contribute.

It further goes on to use flawed logic on why exactly it works this way, but it's still the rule.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

Guide to Organized Play p. 28 wrote:
Thematically, most Adventure Paths and modules do not assume the characters are Pathfinders. GMs and players are encouraged to create a reasonable plot hook for their characters’ participation.

If you check out you can even see some work that people have already done with creating missions etc.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

Since I've gotten several emails about this recently...

As a reminder the site asks you to choose several things including:

Display Name - This is how the site addresses you, and credits your posts etc.

User Name - This goes in the User Name field when you login.

Password - This goes in the Password field when you login.

Note, once your registration goes through, the site sends you an email addressed to your Display Name. Your Display Name will not help you login.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

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I don't think I made my point well, perhaps a more detailed explanation will help.

In the example given by John, hexes normally have a range limit, Ice Tomb didn't have one listed, so come to a reasonable ruling.

Skirmisher tricks normally have a usage limit, the hunter text doesn't have one listed, so come to a reasonable ruling.

You might reasonably rule that a hunter is allowed to add the following (assuming they know them) as free actions every time their animal companion attacks/hits.

Aiding Attack (Ex): The Ranger can use this trick as a free action when he hits a creature with an attack. The next ally who makes an attack against the target creature before the start of the Ranger’s next turn gains a +2 circumstance bonus on that attack roll.

Distracting Attack (Ex): The Ranger can use this trick as a free action before he makes an attack. If the attack hits, the target takes a –2 penalty on all attack rolls for 1 round.

Hateful Attack (Ex): The Ranger can use this trick as a free action when he makes an attack against one of his favored enemies. The Ranger doubles the threat range of his weapon for this attack. This does not stack with other abilities that increase a weapon’s threat range.

Hobbling Attack (Ex): The Ranger can use this trick as a free action when he hits with an attack. The target of the attack’s land speed is reduced by 1/2 for 1d4 rounds.

Rattling Strike (Ex): The Ranger can use this trick as a free action before he makes a melee attack. If the attack hits, the target is shaken for 1d4 rounds.

Tangling Attack (Ex): The Ranger can use this attack as a free action when he makes an attack. If the attack hits, the target is entangled for 1 round.

Upending Strike (Ex): The Ranger can use this trick as a free action just before he makes a melee attack. If the attack hits, he may make a free trip combat maneuver against the target.

I'm not saying that you have rule a limit. As a GM you could decide that it's reasonable with no limit. All I'm saying is you're not required to do so.

One of your jobs as a GM is absolutely to add rules where none exist.

The answer shouldn't be, well nobody bothered to write a limit so I guess you can do whatever.

The answer also shouldn't be, well there aren't rules for the specific thing you want to do, so you can't do it at all.

The answer should be, well the rules aren't very clear, lets call it animal HD + Wisdom modifier, or lets call it your hunter level + wisdom modifier, or unlimited/day but only 1 at a time, or unlimited all the time.

My point is, as a GM you are absolutely empowered to fill in the rules gaps, you don't have to assume that no written limit means unlimited. You could come to that conclusion as a GM if you wanted to though.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

We actually have guidance from John Compton on how to deal with a character option that's "missing a key piece of information"


and it's not we must allow infiniteness because no limit is listed.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

Dafydd wrote:

Can an investigator use inspiration on his day job check?

I can see an argument for both ways.

Against: the bonus die is not a permanant bonus, and has limited uses.

For: the bonus die is on 1 check, the day job is one check. The inspiration represents you working on a particular problem/task all day and having some insight on it.

If you are in the against camp, are you still there if the Investigator has the Investigator Talent: Expanded Inspiration, allowing free inspiration on all profession checks?

Thank you

Is it a permanent bonus? No.

Is it crafter's fortune? No.

It does not apply.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

Scarab Sages earn Osirion boons.
The Exchange earn Qadira boons.
Nobody earns Scarzni boons.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

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Silverhex reporting does not require any player numbers.

Report a session for your GM for every 4 hour block they run. So likely 2 tables for the GM.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

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For anybody curious, I think that means the scorpion whip will be the following:

Scorpion Whip:

Exotic One-Handed Melee Weapon
1d4 x2
disarm, reach, trip

Scorpion Whip: This whip has a series of razorsharp blades and fangs inset along its tip. It deals lethal damage, even to creatures with armor bonuses. If you are proficient with whips, you can use a scorpion whip.

Note that it does not finesse or have a 15ft reach, or work against adjacent targets, but it doesn't provoke, it damages targets with armor and has the trip keyword. Additionally if you are proficient in the whip you get the scorpion whip as well.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

The boon in question specifically excludes paragon surge.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

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David Bowles wrote:
I didn't think GMs had a choice on divine casters. There is no mechanical reason why Kyra can't reslot.

The adventure starts at 3am with Drandle Drenge telling you to go out to the harbor right now.

Your GM could reasonably rule that Kyra is stuck with the slots listed.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

After hitting *** I changed my mind and started running things multiple times so that they could be even better and I would need less work to prep :)

Shadow Lodge 5/5

Chris Mortika wrote:
It is for that GM, at that stage, that I think Devil's Advocate's proposition is most attractive. Right now, she is rewarded for GMing a brand new scenario, because she'll get a Chronicle sheet for it, over re-running a scenario she's already prepped and run. I have argued in the past, and reiterate here, that GMs should want to have a handful of scenarios they know very well -- as in, run multiple times, with reflection -- over more shallow experience -- prepped once, run once -- over a wider oeuvre. So, in that narrow range of GM growth, I'd say it's probably beneficial.

As a piece of anecdotal evidence I made it to *** (60games GMed) while GMing fewer than 5 scenarios a second time.

I also know of at least one venue locally that only schedules scenarios that one of their regular GMs hasn't GMed yet so that chronicle sheets can be awarded to all.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

Viskous wrote:
I can see in the Greater Sacramento region at least two tables of 12-16 play a month, if offered in scenario length segments. From my con attendance within the Bay Area, I'm sure they could field 3-4 or more tables a month throughout the region of high tier play.

As a note, we're unreasonably awesome in Northern California, at last count we made up over 10% of the occurrences of Eyes of the Ten.

That said, considering I'm up to 6 characters level 12+ I wouldn't mind seeing some awesomeness for them.

Current Character Levels:


Shadow Lodge 5/5

Westphalian_Musketeer wrote:
Robert Hetherington wrote:
but the overwhelming opinion of organizers was that they needed new 1-5 options constantly to make their game days continue to work.
Wow, it'd be interesting to see what the level 1-5 bloat is if this is how the demographics are. Have to wonder if it's because people are getting bored of their characters before getting to level 6, or just dying.

So, imagine you've got a small venue, you manage 1, maybe 2 tables on a good night.

You've got the occasional new players coming in, we'll ignore their first night, because they are using a pregen anyway (although I'd argue that playing a level 7 pregen in a 7-11 is not a good intro to the campaign)

So, that player comes back next week having purchased the core book and wants to play their character. The old timers have played all the old 1-5s, and the new player doesn't have any characters above level 1.

There's of course The Confirmation/First Steps, but the old timers have a few characters sitting at level 2/3 from making new characters to play with new players and don't necessarily want to make new level 1s.

A new 1-5 is pretty much the only thing that makes this scheduling work.

Shadow Lodge 5/5

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Michael Brock wrote:
I believe every VO can attest to my vehemence against replay on the VO message board.

We could, if we weren't under an NDA :)

Shadow Lodge 5/5

Hey everybody, I had a thought today regarding the various talks about a new retirement arc and thought I would share it...

Instead of a new level 12 3-5 part retirement arc adding a new tier 9-13 (9-10/12-13).

This has the advantage of being much easier to schedule. Currently Eyes of the Ten requires 4-6 players who are at exactly 33xp and can commit to 5+ sessions of game play.

I do think some of the oddity is it's appeal though. It's an awesome story, it's epic in a way that's hard to do in PFS's normal episodic play. It reveals huge secrets regarding the Pathfinder Society.

Secrets that I'm proud of our community for largely being able to hold on to.

What are we up to with tables played for Eyes of the Ten though, 200? That's like 2% of the active PFS player base.

Maybe it's worth writing awesome stuff for that 2%. They are the most dedicated players/GMs.

Those of you clamoring for a new retirement arc, is it to experience another awesome story like Eyes of the Ten, a desire for more higher level play? Attachment to your characters?

I guess I'm asking if this idea would scratch the same itch?
Thanks for taking the time to read, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts as well.

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