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5/5 Venture-Agent, California—San Francisco Bay Area North & East aka Pirate Rob

Any clues? Was expecting a release and foolishly scheduled a session for this Sunday...




Discossion goes here.

I'm looking to get my first Gameplay post up around noon (pdt) on Monday so I'd like it if all our character stuff is finalized by then. In the mean time feel free to introduce yourself further, discuss character options etc.

As always if you have any questions please feel free to ask etc.

Once you've figured out what you're bringing please make a post with.


I'm looking for 4-6 Pathfinders for 1-06 Lost on the Spirit Road (1-4).

This is a replayable scenario and will be a bit different every time you play it. While I'm not quite as fast as posting as I used to you should be able to post a bit more often than the 1/day standard for many games on these forums.

I'll be finalizing my decision on who to take by Friday the 8th and getting started on the game by Monday the 11th, giving us the weekend to finalize any character stuff needed and get a fully functioning profile etc.

To apply please post here with the following information:

1. How experienced are you with PFS2/2e/pbp so far (0 for all is a totally fine answer, I'm mostly just curious and try and include at least 1 new player in all my low level pbps)

2. Something awesome about yourself.

3. A link to the profile or at least a very brief description of the character you're most interested in bringing.

As always if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to post those as well.

5/5 Venture-Agent, California—San Francisco Bay Area North & East aka Pirate Rob

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Welcome to Gameplay, today's game starts in Absalom, the City of the Center of the world. Each of you receives a handwritten note from Janira Gavix, who's text is available below. Each if you has likely at least met each other over the course of your Pathfinder training.


I do hope you’ll join us at the Grand Lodge for the celebration to congratulate the most recent group of initiates—yourselves included! A good time is certain to be had by all, but it’s more than just a party. Gatherings like this are an excellent opportunity to rub elbows with the Society’s leadership and get to know them. That means you’ll always be quick to know about the best opportunities as soon as they arise. I hope you’ll take advantage of the event to put your best foot forward.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there!
—Janira Gavix, Pathfinder Society Head Initiate

Please feel free to introduce your character, interact with others etc.

Yarr, welcome to my recruitment for PFS2 1-01 The Absalom Initiation for Gameday VII.

I'll be accepting up to 6 Pathfinders of my choice by Monday the 26th. Gameplay will start the evening of Monday September 2nd (end of Labor Day weekend)

Posting expectation is a bit faster than 1 post most days. You'll need a character sheet I can see as well as header information with things like AC etc.

To Apply: Post here with a link or very brief description of the character you'd like to bring most. Also please let me know if you've played/GMed/read etc this before.

As a note I tend to care much more about the player than the character when recruiting, so no need to worry about overlapping with other characters, and you'll have at least a week from the end of recruitment until needing your character sheet filled out.

This will be my 6th running of PFS2 1-01 but my first time running P2e as a pbp.

As always please let me know if you have any questions, and looking forward to running this.

5/5 Venture-Agent, California—San Francisco Bay Area North & East aka Pirate Rob

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Do GMs get downtime days?

5/5 Venture-Agent, California—San Francisco Bay Area North & East aka Pirate Rob

Protoplasmic Extruder.

This creates oozes, this is pretty cool.

Unfortunately their stat blocks are not included in the scenario, and the PRD bestiary lacks rules on their attacks as well.

Gelatinous Cube Example.

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Yarr, after spending a few hours trying to wrap my head around basic character creation I thought I'd share my notes in the form of a pair of miniguides.

1. Starting Ability Scores. Turns out you can have whatever ancestry you want and make a competent anything.

2. Background. Each comes with a skill feat but those skill feats vary massive in quality.

Ability Scores


With Widen Spell p210 we've got 20ft cones and no guidance on how to draw them.

I think This this the answer that makes the most sense but I'm not entirely happy with it.

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Here is where the game is played.


Yarr and welcome.

Discussion goes here, please feel free to finalize your character decisions and any final shopping etc.

Once you're ready please add an icon for your character as well as filling in the initiative/Perception/Sense Motive fields on the slides.

Beautiful and influential, the Blakros family rose to prominence in part thanks to an ancient pact they at last broke nearly a decade ago, drawing the ire of the sinister Onyx Alliance. Ever since fighting off these foes, though, the Blakroses and Pathfinder Society largely assumed their enemies defeated—at least until spotting Alliance fetchlings wielding treasures stolen from the Blakros Museum. At considerable cost, the Blakros family has hired the Society to identify the thieves and learn of the Onyx Alliance's plans. Can the PCs separate truth from illusion as their investigation takes them to gloom-shrouded Shadow Absalom?

Yarr, welcome to my recruitment for PFS 10-18 The Daughters' Due.

I'll be accepting up to 6 Pathfinders of my choice by Monday the 24th. Taking the rest of that day to get characters etc sorted we'll start by the 25th

Posting expectation is a bit faster than 1 post most days. My hope is for everything to go smoothly and finish prior to GenCon. If that's not the case we'll unfortunately need to take an intermission there. You'll also need a character sheet I can see as well as header information with things like AC etc.

To Apply: Post here with a link or very brief description of the character you'd like to bring most. (We can always swap out the character later).

As always please let me know if you have any questions, and looking forward to running this.

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We went over this when there were boons associated with the Emerald Spire campaign.

Please don't do this. I find this just as objectionable now as I did then.

My Previous thoughts.

5/5 Venture-Agent, California—San Francisco Bay Area North & East aka Pirate Rob

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I know at this point we're at the mercy of GenCon to add the events to the official schedule but is there any chance we can get info on what's available?

AL schedule as well as adventure descriptions is available there even though it isn't up on the GenCon page yet.

Any chance we can get something like that? The complete unavailability of information other than the specials is driving me bonkers and making it difficult to coordinate with friends.


Here is where the game is played.


Yarrr, welcome aboard.

Feel free to introduce yourselves and sort out your characters and subtier etc. Once you've settled on what you're playing I'll need...

PFS #-#:

My hope is to get the VC briefing up midday (PDT) on Monday which'll still give us another day or so to finalize any character bits. Feel free to dot into the gameplay thread in the meantime if desired.

PFS 02-03 Rebel's Ransom (5-9)

The Ruby Prince of Osirion sends you to the Parched Dunes to find what became of a secret Pathfinder expedition sent there to recover artifacts for the Ruby Prince himself. What you find there may very well end the Pathfinder Society as you know it.

Yarr, with tax season over and some of the faster pbp Game Day games wrapping up I'm ready to GM my next play by post. Please note that this adventure is generally consider to be deadlier than average for season 2.

What I expect from you:
You should be able to post 1+ times most days including weekends.You should have a PFS character level 5-9 with a character sheet that's easy for me to access. Additionally some basic stats should be available at a glance via clever use of profiles. I can help you get the formatting right. I understand that real life happens but I would very much appreciate the courtesy of a quick note if you're going to be unavailable. (I will let you know when I'm busy)

What you should expect from me.:
I work ~3 nights a week but post multiple times during most days, and will let you know when that's not expected to be the case.

I am an experienced GM however this is my first time GMing this particular adventure. No matter how much time I spend staring at rulebooks, I will still make mistakes. If you do notice anything you think is wrong or even questionable please feel free to bring it up in discussion. I love learning new things.
I will do my best to keep the game moving quickly and to be as fun as possible.

I will not softball the challenges, nor will I increase their difficulty. I will bot your actions as requested or when we've been waiting for close to 24 hours.

If you are interested please make yourself known here along with the character you're most interested in bringing. I'll be accepting 4-6 Pathfinders of my choice by Sunday the 21st with the game beginning on Monday the 22nd.

Thank you for taking the time to read down this far, and as always let me know if you have any questions.

5/5 Venture-Agent, California—San Francisco Bay Area North & East aka Pirate Rob

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I been closing in on 1000xp earned in Pathfinder Society for a bit now and have been feeling reflective.

So here's my long rambling story about my personal history with Pathfinder Society. I've tried to break it up into spoiled chunks to help with readability.

Warning: I'm sure there are some spoilers littered about, shouldn't be anything too bad.

Personal Background:
Let's start with some organized play background: Prior to getting involved in Pathfinder Society I had played a lot of D&D 4e's Living Forgotten Realms as well as a handful of adventures in Xendrik Expeditions (3.5 Eberron). I'm also an avid boardgamer and once qualified for the Magic:The Gathering Pro Tour way back in 2002

I helped judge Monte Cook's Plotus/Arcana Evolved Crossover Tournament at GenCon, but had never played Living Greyhawk, like many of the people I was meeting in the early days of Pathfinder Society.

Back when I started in April of 2010 I was going to community college, having recently quit my job as a game store manager. Since then I've gotten a bachelor's degree, started a new job, started my own business, gotten married, had a kid, moved across the country to Iowa and eventually back to the SF Bay Area.

Somewhere along the line I went from new kid to old salt.

My first session of PFS was all the way back in April of 2010, part way through season 1. During season 0 I had played Living Forgotten Realms, vaguely curious about 3.75 having played a decade of 3rd edition.

The end of my LFR play, warning replay discussion:
I loved LFR, I played multiple times most weeks, driving to whatever store was hosting an event first. I loved being able to replay adventures, trying out new characters. I even bought an expensive GenCon boon from ebay so that I could play a Gnome.

I had realized though that I didn't mind playing with other people who were replaying as long as I had played it before, but I hated playing an adventure that I hadn't played before with somebody who had. They always ruined the excitment, the sense of wonder of the unknown, so I doubled down on getting to whatever local venue was hosting any given scenario first.

Then it was finals time for my AA degree, and my father was ill with Cancer, so I missed several months of LFR releases. And I realized I had missed my chance to play those first. Every time afterwards they'd be filled with replayers and I'd never see the magic again.

I think I only played LFR once after that, a special interactive release at a Convention.

I played PFS with friends at their houses, I played PFS at two local venues, Endgame and Black Diamond Games. For awhile I was frequently playing/GMing 2-4 games a week. Back then you got xp/gp for GMing but no boon access and could play and receive credit for a scenario once per faction.

I still remember my first game... 0-11 The Third Riddle (A now retired Clinton Boomer scenario)

First Play:
I loved it, things were crazy, Painlord was GMing and crit me 3 times with shortbows in the first encounter. It's full of other crazy Clinton Boomer goodness. It's not balanced, it's full of potentially deadly encounters that were overcomable through shrewd play and clever solutions.

Towards the end of Season 2 I was so hooked that when I heard PaizoCon was going to be hosting an exclusive Grand Convocation scenario I had to go.

Story Time Grand Convocation:
I got in a van with Azmyth, 3EyedSloth, Josh Archer, Cherry Pie, and one more and we drove for some 14+ hours to get to PaizoCon in Redmond Seattle.

That was a cool location, there was a nice 2 story pedestrian mall nearby. A farmer's market in the parking lot.

I had a really good time, the convocation was super special and had awesome plot implications...

Check out below for pictures (I think if you change pages you get to pictures from my unrelated China trip)

Pictures! (Scroll down)

Highlights include: Project Swallowtail Playtest (Adventure Card Game)
Thursty as Nigel Aldain
Awesome costumes!
pbp legend GM Lamplighter in the flesh.

After that I got engaged and moved to Iowa with my then fiance.

PFS in Iowa:
PFS was a lot more sparse in Iowa. I could drive almost an hour into Des Moines or 2 hours for another monthly game day.

Over the course of the year in Iowa I realized there were a lot of small midwestern cons I could visit and get my PFS fix that way. Sure it took 3 hours to drive to one, but I was in the middle of Iowa, it took 3 hours to drive anywhere.

I remember being worried about finding roommates at far away cons where I didn't know anybody, then I found out the con hotel rate was $34.95 a night, and just "splurged" and got myself a room.

I think I GMed Siege of the Diamond City 5 times that first year... It was a blast every time, although I've still never run the middle tier.

I went to PaizoCon again at the end of next season and had one of my most memorable experiences playing Waking Rune on hard mode.

Waking Rune Spoilers:
Facing down Krune while wildshaped into a large earth elemental to ignore his poisonous clouds and push through the stony walls of his chamber led to a desperate Krune unleashing his big guns and hitting us with a maximized, empowered horrid wilting. Failing my save left me precariously low, only held up by the extra HP from my Sihedreon. Krune stares me down as a swift, dropping me into the negatives. Ready to be done with my shenanigans his spear takes the coup de'gras action and finishes me off. A suitably brutal turn from a Runelord on hard mode.

I attended Paizo con for one more year before it was moved to Memorial Day weekend, conflicting with our local flagship convention KublaCon.

the VC years:
Some time after that I stepped up and took over the mantle of Venture Captain of the SF Bay Area for about 2.5 years. In that time I got more involved with pbps including running the first ever ACG pbp. (I ran that literally by hand with a box set up on my desk typing up cards as they came up and shuffling real piles etc.) I went to GenCon twice and got to see old PFS friends and meet some new ones and say goodbye to Mike Brock who had brokwn the curse of the PFS org play coordinator that had shifted something like 5 times in the first couple PFS

After starting my own tax business and having an awesome daughter I needed to step down from my position and missed out on lots of seasons 7 & 8

As I started getting back into things, mostly finding times to play pbps I unexpected received a campaign coin. A true honor and perhaps my possession I am most proud of.

I've gotten back into things in the last couple years although there's still a few adventures I'm missing from recent years. I got a second job as a Game Guru at a board game cafe (I recommend and teach boardgames)

I've made great new friends, both locally and online and even made it to PaizoCon somewhat recently.

Just this weekend at DundraCon came the big 1000th XP for me in PFS, and I got to have a memorable experience with it.

Greg Vaughan Bio:
Greg A. Vaughan had a cover-credit adventure in each of Paizo's first thirteen Adventure Paths, an honor he alone holds. He is also one of the Pathfinder Chronicles campaign setting's most prolific contributors outside the Paizo editorial staff themselves.

Greg Vaughan GMing the module he wrote 'The Witchwar Legacy.'

He wasn't going to give anything away. He didn't hint an inch, making us figure out every bit of Baba Yaga's treacherous plan on our own, no matter how long it took, and long it took. (9am to 2am)

I got to play Farak, the Most Powerful Mage in *All* Absalom. A character who's largely defined by what they aren't. (An arcane caster)

Farak's background:
Farak is a tribute to Rand(Painlord) who GMed my first PFS game. One of his characters Thorne, the Most Powerful *Mage* in all Absalom (who is not an arcane caster) taught me the difference between character mechanics and character presentation. A lesson that's resonated with me for years. With other characters like Chun Hei, Paladin of Yaezhing. (LE deity of horribly murdering minor criminals)

Farak's like an old school rogue but without any sneak attack/backstab. He's full of weird powers, magic items and consumables to get him and his allies out of unexpected trouble, all while declaring himself to be something else entirely. He's been one of the characters I've most enjoyed playing in PFS, even or perhaps especially since he's largely useless when compared to the power of other high level characters.

That brings me to today. I'm anxious about the future with with upcoming changes but am looking forward to making new friends, playing with old ones and shenanigans, lots of shenanigans.

So here's to the friends we meet along the and the indelible memories forged upon my soul by the ever wondrous PFS community.


5/5 Venture-Agent, California—San Francisco Bay Area North & East aka Pirate Rob

Hey Big Purple Golem. You've recently made a change, and I'm upset about it. It feels like you're cheaping out on what's been a cool reward in the past.

Obviously Paizo isn't required to provide convention support, but I'm rather annoyed at this recent undocumented change.

Rather than receive $10 gift certificates as part of prize support (which I use mostly to buy scenarios) at a Convention this weekend they've been replaced by Coupons for $10 off a purchase. (No minimum purchase required, although for purchases less than $10 any remaining value is lost)

Instead of a cool reward, they now seem like a marketing ploy. Not only do I have to hold on to these little sheets of paper instead of adding them to my account, I can't use them to buy scenarios one at a time.

Note that that Organized Play policy page still lists gift certificates. wrote:

Convention Support

Rewards: All GMs receive their scheduled scenarios for free as PDFs added to their account. Events also receive a package of player boons, GM boon(s), and gift certificates to based on the size of the event. Gift certificates and player boons need to be distributed in an egalitarian, unbiased manner, with all attendees having a chance to win. GM boons are intended for those individuals who GM at least one session.


I'm looking for ~4-9 players to race carpets in Diobel.
Expected Posting Rate: Minimum 1/day, preferably more when possible.

No experience necessary, rules are not overly difficult and I'm happy to help answer questions and provide clarifications.

If things go well, I expect to run several more races and keep track of some ongoing scoring.

If you've ever played Formula D(e) you know exactly what you're getting into.

If not...

Formula C is a turn based racing game in which the carpets top speeds are limited by having to end a certain number of turns in each curve of the racetrack. This can be tricky, because although players can regulate their speeds by choosing which gear to be in and each gear allows a certain range of movement, the exact amount is determined randomly.

There are some small rules differences from Formula De, mostly for pbp necessity. Overly detailed instructions are provided in the link below.

Racecourse + Rules

Brief rules summary:
Every round, you can change what gear your car is moving in. Roll and move, making sure to handle the corners well. Cars have a small number of resources to help deal with mistakes for when you push your luck a little far.

What to do if you're interested?

Post here, I'm hoping to get started early this coming week (Monday or Tuesday) with at least 5 and a maximum of 10 racers.

As always questions are welcome as well, and understanding the rules ahead of time is not required.

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Alright, so we've got this neat 4 levels of success system, but then for one of the most basic actions "Strike" we ignore one of the levels.

Of course the easy thought would be to penalize characters who crit fail, make them drop their weapon or something equally problematic.

D&D 3.0 had that paradigm and I for one was glad to see it go in D&D3.5 as it was unfairly punitive to those that made attacks, especially with weapons.

So instead of making crit fails worse, we need to make misses better to help differentiate them from critical misses.

Stealing Learning from 13th age gives us level to damage on a miss (but not on a crit fail). It keeps fights against high AC creatures from dragging on too long and becomming a slog of misses, it also helps makes even desperate 3rd strikes contribute. This might require adding level to damage on hits as well to avoid corner cases when a miss would be better.

This can of course be combined with other critical changes (such as maximizing crits instead of doubling)

Leaving attacks to be:
S: Hit, CS: Critical Hit, F: Glancing Blow, CF: Miss

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Only hitting ~50% of the time does not feel good. Since every attack bonus increases crit range if we want to have better attack bonuses and keep the +/-10 crit paradigm crits have to become less swingy.


Lets take a look a a big strong melee character who does 1d12+6 on a hit.

Assuming she needs to roll an 10 to hit, on average he's going to miss 9 times, hit 10 and crit 1 out of every 20 swings (given an infinitely large number of swings it'll average out to this)

That means an average damage output of 7.5 per strike.

If we increase her attack bonus by 2 this becomes miss 7, hit 10, crit 3

That means an average damage output of 10 per strike.

While the numbers don't look to big here, a +2 to hit has sudden increased expected damage by 33.3%

This is because every bonus is giving an extra crit so is effectively providing 2 extra hits.


So if instead of every crit being worth 2 hits, they were worth something less having a more variable attack bonus is less problematic.

Empowering is one solution, but seeing players struggle with the empower metamagic and vulnerability suggests that wouldn't be a fun/fast way.

Leaves us with maximizing instead.

If we do that our hitting on a 10 becomes 7.15 damage and we we add +2 to hit our damage is 8.95.

This is instead an increased of 25.2%

A much more manageable value, and one that makes

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So in 3rd edition you could build all sorts of things and feel reasonable (at least at low level).

Example: You could melee with a fighter with a 20 strength, and weapon focus for that juicy +7 to hit.

You could also play a dwarven cleric who liked to hit things and had 14 strength and only a +2 to hit.

Playing the cleric involved a lot more okay, I can't flank this round so I'll cast bless and then move up, planning to step into a flank next round, while the fighter just always moved up and hit things.

Both felt viable though.

In 4e the math was a lot tighter and playing something like a dwarven fighter with 16 strength and an iconic axe/hammer for only +2 proficency for a total of +5 felt really miserable. (I think this eventually got fixed by allowing Dwarves to take +strength at creation) Compared to the other martials running around with an 18 and +3 for a total of +7 it just felt like you missed all the time. It was a horrible slog, I could just tell things weren't working right.

Pathfinder never gave me that sort of feeling. I could make characters that were weaker in parts but they'd get some sort of utility or flexibility in exchange and it felt fine. The math wasn't tight. Sometimes you'd fight sneakly little goblins with above average AC and other times you'd fight orcs, or even just humanoids with +0 or +1 dex and studded leather armor.

Just some yahoo's thoughts.

So in 13th Age, a miss does your level in damage instead of nothing and a critical fail (natural 1 in that system) do nothing.

This helps keep combat from getting bogged down because even if you're missing you're still making progress.

For PF2 it also allows critical misses to be incorporated into strikes. (At the moment it's a little odd that one of the most common rolls doesn't use the 4 tier success system)

The multi-attack penalty is still meaningful, and the change is most notable against higher level creatures where you are more likely to miss.


The game is played here.


Discuss things here:

Happy to run either tier, I'll elave it to ya'll to work out who you're bringing. If possible I'd like it resolved by the 3rd so I know what tier to prep.

Once you've decided please post the following...

PFS #-#:


I'm looking for 4-6 PFS players interested in playing Wonder's in the Weave p1: The Dog Pharoah's Tomb. (5-9).

I plan to run the sequel (Wonders' in the Weave p2) afterwards but things could change in between now and then. If so any of you playing p1 would of course receive an invite for part 2.

This is one of the Hao Jin Tapestry scenarios being revisited in 10-00 The Hao Jin Cataclysm so you'll probably get the most value out of this scenario if you're playing 10-00 late enough to complete this first.

Contrary to most recruitments I'll be recruiting players rather than characters.

Posting Rate Expectations:
Please note I tend to run games quite quickly, although I'm not able to run games as fast as I used to (See ~5 day confirmation with ~70 posts a day) I still do prefer a game a bit faster than the 1/day minimum.
That said I understand that real life comes first and with my own toddler sometimes the best laid plans go awry. As necessary I'll Bot players to keep up the pace, likely before a full 24 hours has passed.

Also I'm going to be at a con for Labor Day weekend and will likely take a break from GMing my pbps for that long weekend.

tl;dr; You should post multiple times most days and I'll bot as necessary to keep up the pace.

So if you're interested, go ahead and make a post here, and tell me a little about your experience with PFS & PBPs in particular.

As usual I'll be reserving a slot for a new to pbp player. I'll get players chosen by Monday the 30th at the latest and will get started on August 13th at the beginning of Game Day VII.

Ass always if you are interested or have any questions please feel free to post.

5/5 Venture-Agent, California—San Francisco Bay Area North & East aka Pirate Rob

So, I was recently travelling and GMed a table where I learned a player had an item significantly beyond their fame limit during our pregame setup.
(+2 weapon at level 4)

I then learned that they had not filled out their chronicle sheets, didn't even know how much fame they had etc.

I insisted that they play a pregen.

It seems local culture is to not bother checking these things or even filling them out properly.

The player played a pregen for the slot but clearly wasn't very happy about it and was quite surprised that I cared about the numbers on their chronicle sheet

Did I do the right thing? How do you deal with culture differences when travelling, especially if those differences have rules issues?

5/5 Venture-Agent, California—San Francisco Bay Area North & East aka Pirate Rob

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At Victory Point Cafe in Berkeley we've got lots of exciting Pathfinder Society coming up, including several of the new Pathfinder Playtest Scenarios.

Sunday, July 29th 5:30p-10p : PFS 6-22 Out of Anarchy (levels 1-5)


Thursday, August 9th 6:30p-11p : Pathfinder Playtest #1: The Rose Street Revenge (level 1, pregens available, or bring your own)

Thursday, August 23rd 6:30p-11p : Pathfinder Playtest #2 : Raiders of Shrieking Peak (level 5, pregens available, or bring your own)


Thursday, September 6th 6:30p-11p : PFS 10-01 Oathbreakers Die (levels 1-5)

Thursday, September 20th 6:30p-11p : PFS 10-02 Bones of Biting Ants (levels 3-7)

Sunday, September 30th 11am-7p : PFS Module The Midnight Mirror (levels 3-5)


Thursday, October 11th 6:30p-11p : PFS 10-03 Death on the Ice (5-9)

Thursday, October 25th 6:30p-11p : Pathfinder Playtest #3 : Arclord's Envy (level 5, pregens available, or bring your own)

Sunday, October 28th 11am-7p : PFS Module The Harrowing (levels 8-10)

Signups available:

Don't forget about our longer relaxed slots, craft beers, delicious pizza and artisan coffee.



Hi, I'll be your GM for Solstice Scar part B. I'm here to help facilitate an awesome experience for all 7 of us, but I can't do it alone. So please feel free to help make up details regarding the world around you.

Example: You see a tree you want to climb. Tell me it's an oak, or a pine, or whatever, we can make an awesome detailed world together.

We are in a special and need to keep things moving at a fairly brisk pace but the pbp format should still leave us time to describe things. I generally post 2-3 times most days and will be botting people as needed if unresponsive for ~24 hours. I'll do my best to pick what I think your character would do, but feel free to leave notes in your profile or otherwise let me know upcoming plans if you expect to be unavailable.

I know way to many rules for my own good but still make plenty of mistakes. If something seems off please feel free to mention it here in discussion, sometimes the answer might be you're right but it's not important so we'll just roll with it, I'll fix things as needed and sometimes you'll just get vague answers like it's something in the scenario.

Here and up above you can find the link to the google slides we'll be using for maps and handouts etc.

At the moment there's only 1 slide, and it's got a bit for each of you to fill in your initiative, perception and sense motive bonus. (Obviously they may change based on buffs and conditions but it'll be of great help to me to have the base line at least.

In the future it will contain various maps and handouts.


If you'd all take a moment to introduce yourselves (not your characters) and let me know what Solstice Scars you've played and/or GMed before.

Hi, my name is Robert although a lot of people call me Pirate Rob. I'm the former VC of San Francisco and owner of

I've played Solstice Scar A & B (both IRL and pbp) but have not GMed either before.



5/5 Venture-Agent, California—San Francisco Bay Area North & East aka Pirate Rob

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It makes math more complicated.

It makes balancing boons that cost/pay off over the number of scenarios problematic.

It makes it harder for analytics to tell which prestige points are hard to collect.

It introduces fractions.

5/5 Venture-Agent, California—San Francisco Bay Area North & East aka Pirate Rob

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PFS used to have a huge wealth disparity from playing up vs playing down.

Out of tier gold significantly reduced this problem but there we're still weird gold optimization issues like always applying GM module credit to characters at the bottom end of the range,

Rather than having the gold be determined by the scenario just have a charge in the guide to organize play based on your level...

For every xp earned while at level x, gain y gold

1 : 500
2 : 750
3 : 1000

etc. Or however much generated appropriate wbl.

All this assumes that WBL works basically the same as PF1 although given the notes on magic items this may not be true.

5/5 Venture-Agent, California—San Francisco Bay Area North & East aka Pirate Rob

I see this is another series of 5 1 hour quests, organized similarly to House of Harmonious Wisdom.

Is this also re-playable in the same way?

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Ignoring the pair of promotional/charity modules released in between, the most recent Module paizo released was Seers of the Drowned City in November of 2016.

Sadly it has not yet been sanctioned for Pathfinder Society.

Is there something problematic that's keeping it from being sanctioned or has its urgency just not risen to the top of the pile?

I'd love a chance to play the at least sort of sequal to Ire of the Storm

So the Chaos Beast's attack comes with a curse. Curiously it notes that 3 consecutive saves will cure it.

When would you make additional saves though? It's got a bit where you can make an entirely different save to hold your form for a minute.

Is that the save that 3 in a row cures? Or should the original fort save be made at some sort of interval?

Rules text:
Corporeal Instability (Su) Claw—contact (curse); save Fort DC 17; effect amorphous body and 1 Wisdom drain per round (see below); cure 3 consecutive saves. The save DC is Con-based.

A victim can temporarily regain its own shape by taking a standard action to attempt a DC 15 Will save.

Yarrr, I'm currently still working on rebuilding my LoreWarden.

I'd like to still use butterfly sting so I want a weapon with 18-20 crit range.

I'm considering brawler but couldn't find a weapon they could flurry with, that has an 18-20 crit range and is PFS legal.

Only thing I found was the waveblade which is not legal in PFS.

Are there any options I missed? Or any easy ways to get an 18-20 weapon flurry-able by a brawler?

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Hi PFS staff, just as a heads up, I've applied an Extended Travels boon to a level 20 character.

In one year they'll earn 3 more xp and have 60xp and be level 21.

Does the character get a feat? Does anything else weird happen?

Good news is you've got a year to sort it out.


-Pirate Rob
PS. Thank's BNW for the boon to make it happen.


Please confirn that you've read the disclaimers below in your dotting post, game to begin in earnest on Monday.

You've each recently received a written letter delivered by messenger ordering you to report together to the Gauntlet Siege Castle in the hills north of Absalom. The letter states that once they open the red metal doors, you have entered the Gauntlet, and that honor demands that you not leave until you have successfully navigated its many dangers.

The Gauntlet was written as a challenging dungeon for a wider audience, and the background flavor is best suited for an adventure where the threat of character death is very real. That flavor is, however, a more unforgiving depiction of the Pathfinder Society itself and is not representative of the organization as a whole. Embark knowing that the Society will have your back in your future exploits, but today you delve into the merciless depths of the Gauntlet.

The adventure describes the contents of a letter the PCs receive, including the warning that once they begin the adventure, they must finish the entire dungeon. As a sanctioned Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild event, this is not the case; after concluding any encounter, the PCs can choose to exit the dungeon and conclude the adventure. If they do so, though, the adventure ends.

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