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So, I would like to be able to build a character whose primary capability is telekinesis. That is, moving things, force choking foes like vader, throwing enemies and objects, possibly even blocking and deflecting attacks with telekinetic force. Problem is, I don't know what subsystem would be my best bet for a satisfying TK experience. Spheres of Power has its Telekinesis sphere and the Incanter class, but would take a lot of talents and levels to reach the point where I'm capable of more than just plinking at folks with a bludgeon weapon.

There's also Psionics, though the Kineticist Psion seems more Evoker than telekinetic, and again would have to level up lots to get telekinetic.

There's also the Kineticist class, which while the class itself and the Aether element are both first-party, there's a lot of 3rd party material for kineticist, and I was wondering how much difference it made for a telekineticist.

Are there any other 3rd party system options that would sate my thirst for mind over matter and being like mewtwo, or m. bison, or darth vader?

So, I'll be making a path of war character for an upcoming game (based off Akuma from street fighter, from my thread a while back), but am unsure how to manage the stats. The thing is, we're on a 15 point buy, and I had planned on going Aurora Soul Mystic, but with needing Str, Dex, Con, and Wis, I feel a little stretched thin. How should I jigger my stats with 15 pt buy to work with, at level 6?

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And for the second time I have misread "Obscuring Beacon" as "Obscuring Bacon"

Working on a character for a game that starts at level 1 and has the houserule of only being able to take 1 archetype for a class, no matter how stackable it is, and I could use a bit of help. I want to make a Hyde type alchemist, centered around shapeshifting, and since the metamorph archetype apparently sucks before level 9 and is too strong after that point, I was thinking Beastmorph. Would Beastmorph without vivisectionist be just fine for an alchemical shapeshifter, or should I look for a different archetype to use?

I've been playing Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter X Tekken, and I find myself wondering, how would one make Akuma in Pathfinder? Well, I imagine the first-party option would be monk, but screw that. How, using Spheres of Power and/or Path of War, would one make the Master of the Fist, Akuma?

Well, this time I want to primarily telekinetic and also able to fight well with it, so I was looking at Electrokineticist (Elementalist archetype) and Telekinetic Warrior. First, when gaining telekinesis from Electrokineticist and buying off the "Metal Only" drawback, would I still only have full caster level when tk-ing metal things, or have full caster level for all uses of telekinesis?

Secondly, it seems like telekinetic warrior doesn't get that much tk-focus over the base symbiat, but also only has the one full CL sphere with everything else being mid, am I wrong? Sell me on Telekinetic Warrior, perhaps?

My group is gearing up to try playing the Kingmaker AP again (our first attempt ended in the second session due to tpk by way of boar, a recurring theme in our group somehow), and we're going to be using the Spheres of Power system for magic as 75% of the group hates vancian casting and the remaining 25% is neutral toward it.

I was wanting to make a character who specialized most in Telekinesis sphere, with possibly side use of Destruction and/or Warp. Would I be better served going for Incanter for the loads of sweet sweet talents, or Telekinetic Warrior Symbiat for more emphasis on the TK, but less ability to load up on talents and use teleportation or hyper beam?

How would I max out my TK mojo in spheres of power?

I've heard time and again that aether primary just isn't as good at combat and downing enemies as the other elements, but I really just want to get my force user/sith lord on with telekinesis. How could I, with only first party (paizo-made) materials, make an aetherkineticist that can crush his foes?

Rhedyn, if you've played such a magus that could "rival a wizard" in casting and still fight well, I would very much like to see your build progression. Not trying to come off as snide or confrontational, I just really want to see what such a magus build looks like.

So, since the blood havoc thing doesn't work for magus spells, is taking a dip into crossblooded sorcerer worth it for a magus at all? And if so, what level would be ideal?

So, I'm toying with the idea of a dimension mage type kineticist idea, and to that end, I was thinking Dimension Ripper, and time as second element, but am torn as to what would work better for the primary element there, a gravity-focused void, or aether. What do you think?

Me again, sorry to be a bother, but what elements would pair well with time?

Well, I did get Legendary Kineticists. I probably should've specified that before. Is earth still your recommendation in that case?

For gravity void primary then, what would you suggest for expanded element? More void? Light? Time? Something else entirely?

And what of Void? Is it a good primary element with the KoP triad allowed? What would it pair well with, as a primary or as a secondary?

So, I picked up kineticists of porphyra, how would you make a good aether/time kineticist with that? Would a different element work better with aether?

So, I picked up kineticists of porphyra, how would you make a good aether/time kineticist with that? Would a different element work better with aether?

So, a bit of an odd question: how would one make a good ff-style dragoon (spear, jumping, dragon-thematics)as a warpriest and do it well?

Thank you all for the responses. One other question: if Void is taken as primary element, what would a recommended second element at 7th level be? Air? Earth?

So, dumb question, but how would one go about making an Aether/Void kineticist that didn't suck at their job? It seems like a cool and appropriate element combo, but looking at the guide, they both look a little...I dunno, underwhelming?

I'm looking forward to sample builds. Particularly for a pyrokineticist, since I'll be making and playing one of those soon, and I feel like I have a bunch of stuff I want by level 3 (starting level), but not enough room for it all.

I am continuing to eagerly follow the progress on this guide. So far, I'm thinking I want to play a kineticist of earth, fire, or maybe water, and I greatly enjoyed your alchemist guide and found it useful.

My own wondering for the kineticist: when is it better to double down on your primary element at level 7, and when is it better to take a second element? Like, would an Earth kineticist be better picking up more earth to get things like metal blast and rare metal infusion sooner, or would it be better to grab a second element like aether or water? Would a Fire kineticist always be better off grabbing a second element or is blue-flame blast worth doubling down for? That sort of thing

JiCi wrote:

My take:

Spellblade (Magus): Ok, the recently-released Mindblade is better suited. The Spellblade just grants and OFF-hand weak dagger for ONE minute... what's the point? Sure, you can still use your abilities such as Spellstrike and Spell Combat while wielding the Spellblade, but... pretty sure that a regular enhanced dagger can do the trick.

Just to agree and further emphasize how lame this archetype is, no you can't spellstrike with the dagger, because that archetype trades away spellstrike.

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I'm honestly surprised that noone has mentioned Totem Warrior yet. You know, the Barbarian archetype that quite literally does nothing.

FrodoOf9Fingers wrote:
Sure, I played one that used a fauchard for the 18-20 in a reach weapon. Now, I couldn't use spell combat and use the fauchard at the same time, so it used the feel of a traditional gish (buff'n fight), but it was pretty fun to cast frostbite and live off of it for a turn or two.

This brings to mind another query: how much is a magus shooting themselves in the kneecap by using a two-hander (and thus not being able to use spell combat), because I have oft wanted to make a spear/polearm/whathaveyou using gish modeled after Volga in Hyrule Warriors, and aside from that persnickety one-handed restriction for spell combat, magus seems like a good candidate.

Could one still make a Str based Kensai without effectively shooting themselves in the kneecap?

Well, my guess would be Human favored class bonus (+1/6 Extra Wild Talent feat) taken at levels 2-7, which would enable grabbing up of Impale right at level 7 without needing to double down on element.

Milo v3 wrote:

Interested at all in a Bloodrager archetype that gives them kineticist powers?

In a word....YES

Third Mind wrote:
I'm interested in everyone else's thought on Earth. I feel the defense is very solid, its bypassing metals and blunt / slash / pierce are cool, a little bit of entangling and knocking over isn't too bad and obviously earth glide is great, but it seems to lack in good earlier utility. What does an early Earth build look like? Just extended range and building towards earth glide?

I would like to echo this sentiment of interest, except in regards to aether and fire. Aether seems rife with utility stuff, but not very much in combat, while Fire seems to be exactly the opposite. And yet, those are the two elements I'd be most interested in kineticisting.

On a similar note to which is most powerful, which elements should get a second one at that opportunity, and which ones would be better served by doubling down on their primary?

I wonder, can anyone here tell me how you'd be an Overwhelming Soul archetype and not basically be neutered? Sure, you can't get burn, but it seems like that just results in your powers not being as strong as a regular kineticist can be?

Except Spell Specialization requires Spell Focus.

To be fair to Mercurial, the FAQ saying that Eldritch Heritage couldn't be used for wild-blooded bloodlines didn't exist when this thread was actually created.

Silent Saturn wrote:
AndIMustMask wrote:
unholy mother of necromancy, batman!

Speaking of, there are plenty of necromancy blasts. Necromancers almost make better blasters than they do minion-creators.

I've been wanting to make an Inflicter cleric for a while now, but I've never had the chance. I figure at low levels you take Selective Channel and negative energy nova until you can get the feats to make Inflict powerful. Combat Casting, maybe Reach Spell or a few other choice metamagics. Once you start getting the Mass Inflicts, you're really onto something.

Best part? You can prepare utility spells in those slots and convert them to Inflictions as needed, while an evocation wizard actually has to load up his spell slots with his blasts. Sure, you can't metamagic on the fly, but it's a small price to pay.

There are feats that make inflict spells powerful? What are they?

Ravingdork wrote:
blackbloodtroll wrote:
Racial Heritage(Ogre) opens a lot of interesting options.

I'm going to make a human magus with Racial Heritage (frost giant) and give him the Born of Frost and Icy Stare feats.

Think I will call him "Loki."


Wouldn't that be better as a bard than a magus?

So, I know that the staff magus starts getting its major perks at around level 7, but what does one do up until that point? Can one do decent damage to fight then, or does it just suck til then, or what?

The section before that says that the magus gets +1 bonus for every additional 4 levels, so for your arcane point you'd get +2 worth of bonus. Or rather, 2 +1's. And the section you quoted says that you use the "bonus" you get, rather than point expenditures. So in this example you'd use one of your +1's to make it magical (+1), and then use the other one you get from that point to add Keen.

So, Ravingdork, I was looking again at Kang Makhai (Staff Magus 18/Monk of Many Styles 2 'Human Destroyer of Armies' tagline), and I was wondering: Why the two levels of Monk in there? Also, roughly when would those two levels be taken in his progression?

So, I like the aesthetics of the Staff Magus archetype for magus, but honestly, I'm not really sure how to approach making or playing one. The crit-fishing with shocking grasp thing doesn't seem as good an idea, as the quarterstaff doesn't have a good crit range. Tripping seems like another option, but there seem to be a lot of things that it doesn't work very well against (things with many legs, flyers, etc.).

In short, with the materials we have available now, as opposed to 3-4 years ago (when most of the threads my search turned up were from), what would be a good way to go about making a staff magus that works well at various levels?

Thoughts I have so far:
Good Strength
Arcane Strike feat for more damage?
Frostbite/Frigid Touch as go-to spellstrike spell?
Hexcrafter worth taking as well at the cost of spell recall delayed til 11?

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Rynjin wrote:
bugleyman wrote:
N. Jolly wrote:
Also as a guide writer, can we get a moment of silence for the Mystic Theurge guide that just exploded thanks to this.

Yeah, that sucks. Sorry.

As observed elsewhere, perhaps this FAQ change is a prelude to revamping the core prestige class entry requirements.

I'll believe it when I see it.

And probably not even then, considering that as we've just proved, a FAQ that' been in place for years can get repealed with the snap of a finger.

Who's to say that a year and a half from then Paizo doesn't just decide to go "Yeah, PrCs are useful and we don't want that. Bye FAQ."

The only thing we have to guarantee that doesn't happen is trust in the company, which they've pretty effectively eroded over the past year or two.

Would you be willing to tell me, even if just via PM, how you feel Paizo has eroded trust in them over the past couple years?

FrodoOf9Fingers wrote:

Sure, I already decided to do it, just going through and finding my inspiration at the moment. I've been wanting to try and give suggestions for every archetype of Magus, some being obviously more challenging than others from a min/max perspective (I'm looking at you, spellblade!). So, currently, I'm doing my research on a few (actually, most) of the not so optimal choices to see if there's anything that can be made from them.

I'll send a PM with current thoughts and such.

Speaking of such, I'm rather looking forward to what you have to say about the staff magus. I like the idea of a battlemage wielding a staff (they think he's a squishy caster, and get beat with his walking stick for their assumption), but I don't really know what to do with staff magus since it seems to not really have much going for it at least until high levels...

So, I like the arcanist, because it combines most of my favorite aspects of wizard and sorcerer (and summoner if Occultist archetype), but I was wondering, how does one bolster the low amount of available spells per day (not prepared spells, spell slots) and keep the arcane resevoir topped off to fuel those nifty exploits and summons? I know of the bit with consume spells and consume magic items, but it seems like that only really does the trick for resevoir at higher levels. I know of the Eldritch Font archetype, but setting my highest level spells back another level leaves a horrid taste in my mouth.

So basically, what are other ways for arcanists to bolster their spell slots and resevoir reserves?

So, I have a minor question: For items that require a wizard of a specific specialty, like Amulet of Magecraft (says user needs to be universalist) or Spectacles of Annihilation (says same for transmuters), could a wizard of a different specialization use UMD to use those items without being a universalist or transmuter?

So, my group, next time we meet and lack our rogue and sorceress in our shattered star game (which is actually fairly likely, given the past couple weeks), will be playing a level 15 module as an aside game with the four of us remaining. My problem is, I'm torn on what to play, between a Magus, a Cleric, or a Wizard. The others are a Hospitaler Paladin, a Pistolero Gunslinger, and a Qingong Monk.

Were I to go Magus, I would not take an archetype (I know Hexcrafter rocks, but I'm already playing one in the aforementioned shattered star game), and would be str based wielding a rapier and using precise strike and possibly pool strike arcana.

With Wizard, I would go for conjurer and rely mostly on buffs, battlefield control, and summons (with a bit of save or suck in the form of necromancy and plane shift).

With Cleric, I'd most likely go for a pure caster cleric, again with buffs and debuffs and the like.

Basically, between Magus, Wizard, and Cleric, which choice on my part would best behoove my party?

Only if you can get people to play with and consistently post.

Anyway, Ravingdork, a question about your various spellcasters. When you have them listed as having "All Wizard spells up to X level", is that just a matter of sinking a large amount of money into buying spells, or is there something that you were using to get all those spells into a spellbook easily?

Here is the page for the Vanguard

So, I got ahold of this 3rd party pdf class the Vanguard, which fills the same conceptual niche as the Magus, that is, magic fighter hybrid base class. But what I'm curious of is how the revised Vanguard compares to the Magus. Is it overall stronger, weaker, or around the same? And how would one go about building a good vanguard, particularly wielding a polearm or falchion?

So, I feel like I'm being a dingus or something, but even with "9th level spells at 17th level" classes, how does esoteric/eclectic training become dual 9ths?

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Since at the time of this posting this thread was adjacent to the guide to mystic theurge thread, I accidentally misread the title of this thread as "Shadowdancer's Guide to becoming a nuisance!"

Aside from the Dreamed Secrets feat, are there ways for clerics to cherry pick wizard spells without losing casting levels? I was working on theorycrafting a "Sage" (akin to the FF3 class, able to cast spells from multiple spell lists in one class), and while I've got an oracle that does a pretty good job of it with the Ancient Lorekeeper and Spirit Guide archetypes along with aforementioned feats, I was wondering if it was possible to do the same or better with a cleric?

The goal being to get a bunch of good wizard spells onto a cleric without losing casting levels, kinda like a single classed mystic theurge type, if I'm making any sense.

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