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Awesome Bob and Decius! Thank you guys for the insight I will watch the competition unfold to see who gets the crown this year!


SO despite the fact that I have a zero chance of winning anything this year due to not making/remembering the deadline, I feel an obligation to show my work in an effort to gain something out of the time it took for me to make it. I made an item, well three items really and chose the one I thought was better. I want to post it here to get a feel about how well I did in the conceptuals, design, and playability.

So the three ideas for wondrous items was:

1. a bag of repelling/shielding/protective stones
2. a limited time-reversal dial (looks like the antykithera de meccanismo)
3. a nifty gemstone skull with undead powers.

But the first two kinda played out as either over-powered/abusable or Spell In a Can. Here goes my original not-submitted-or-will-ever-win-this-year item.

Garnet Skull
Aura Necromancy (moderate), Transmutation (moderate); CL 10th (WIZ)
Slot Hand; Price 22,000 gp; Weight 2 lbs.

Garnet Skull
This finely carved gemstone skull has magical etchings engraved on the crown and brow. By uttering these necromantic words aloud, the user is capable of summoning 1d4; 4HD skeletons to fight for him or her for 4 rounds. Likewise, if the user casts the command words on themselves they transform into a medium-sized Burning Skeleton (See Variant Skeletons) for one round per hit dice of the caster (10 rounds max) per day. The caster gains the aura as the burning skeleton would normally but not gain the undead immunities; unless the caster is already undead. If the command words are uttered towards a foe of the caster while making a successful touch attack, the effects of a Vampiric Touch spell inflicts 1d6 damage for every two levels of the caster; which the caster gains as temporary hit points (5d6 max). This can be used up to three times per day. The Garnet Skull must be held for any of these castings to work. As such, if the caster drops the skull; skeletons fall lifeless, transformations end and any temporary hit points gained from the Vampiric Touch disappear.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Knowledge (gem-cutting) 10 ranks, Spellcraft 10 ranks, Vampiric Touch, Alter Self, Animate Dead, Necromancy school Wizards only, 3 lb. uncut garnet (2,000 gp value); Cost 11,000 gp.

So here's what I am looking for:
1. Pricing ok?
2. Details, imagery/imagination/interesting?
3. game mechanics ok?
4. Does it break any contest rules?


Ok, so I am at work. The file copy I have is at home for my item, however my item was

Coat of Minions

I did my best at fixing things, but I know I fell flat on some things that could have made it much better.


I like these two saddles. Each one has its own flair for utility, its broad use for all classes (mounted combat classes get the best of them though, IMHO). I will be posting mine once I have tweaked the language a bit. Thank you guys for working on this, it was a lot of fun and it makes me proud to be part of such an eclectic group of gamers! Game on!


Ok so we have three votes for this--

goodwicki wrote:

7. once per day as a full-round action the saddle allows mount and rider to transform into a howling wind, knocking enemies to ground. In a 20' wide line effect equal in length to double the mount's movement, either
A) all creatures are subjected to a hurricane force wind blowing in the direction of movement (quicker and easier, but probably less effective) or
B) all creatures are subjected to a bull rush (again, pushed in direction of movement) which provokes no attacks of opportunity and uses a single combat maneuver check against all creatures at the rider's CMB + the mount's STR modifier (more figuring involved but probably more effective against higher CR opponents). Mount and rider reform in empty square at end of effect range.

My biggest issue here is these effects seem like they could be simplified from my perspective. Transfroming into a howling wind does seem cool in theory, but think about debris pelting your cohorts... Also think about a gust of wind from the "wings" of the steed or maybe a lightning stomp area of effect for the already existing steed. There is two parts here to this item that was discussed:

1. the steed already exists as a companion to the item owner
2. the steed can be "summoned" from the saddle as in the Griffon reference I mentioned earlier

So are we keeping the item with this or scrapping it to make a "summon steed saddle" with effects? I was not sure if we had voted on the two part effects or not.

Also I think a pillar effect like a tornado seems cool as well. I know the slot is a non-slot and the aura for me at least appears to conjuration and I would have to say that it appears to be a strong aura from our dialog.


Ok so what we have here for powers is Unlimited flying, wind resistance (I'd vote for two category sizes high makes it almost impossible to move the steed/rider with wind) and it makes sense based on the item.

So unlimited flying is the major power and wind resistance I would consider a major power too except that it appears that the benefits and utility are limited in the nature of wind itself. So we can make that one a minor power. So onto stormy stuff which is the last minor (or two powers). A combat related one and maybe another defense related one would be fine from my perspective.

Also has anyone agreed that a Griffon Stormsteed sounded cool to use for a visual concept?


Serpent wrote:

Yep, just like Joshua's. Firstname Lastname aka ArchMageMyrrendor (RPG...

If my item is on the list of 32 (or one of the alternate golden tickets)
It should be noted that the alternates get no title unless someone drops out and you actually advance. *grumble*

*casts illusion at a golden ticket holder* *waves hand in a mindtrick fashion-this one is not a golden ticket holder*



Serpent wrote:

Yeah, Nate's ideas seem alright.

However, I'd advise against the lawful stuff. Storms are usually associated with fickle and/or chaotic deities (Urxehl, Gozreh, etc.) rather than lawful ones. And what are "chaotic actions"? That's even more vague than "evil actions" and always requires DM fiat.

Ok so then we should have two minor powers and one major power. And yes I thought the chaos v. law thing was a bit on the difficulty but it would have made sense in the theory of it, just not superstar perhaps.

The major power should be the stormsteed effect and the two minor powers should encompass an already existing steed. Just my opinion as it makes sense to me anyway.


ANebulousMistress wrote:

<.< >.> Actually, I probably don't but someone had to quote the song.

I can't think of any reason why you wouldn't unless somehow you know you do not, chin up mistress and let the fates decide. Do not send bad energy in such a manner =)


So then I will see my name, like yours is above Josh? Instead of my Myrrendor namesake?

nate lange wrote:

personally, i like the idea of having one or more minor powers that are constant plus one or more better powers that are limited to once a day or a number of rounds/minutes/whatever per day- that way its always useful but you have those periodic uses that make it really cool (without being op or super expensive).

one potential example (just off the top of my head)- mount can move at normal speed over ice and snow, counts as one size larger for all wind-related effects, and riders can't be blown out of the saddle; 1/day for 10 rounds mount gains fly 60(perfect) and electricity aura (natural attacks do +1d6 electric damage and anything hitting it with natural attack or non-reach melee weapon takes same), if used "outdoors and in a stormy area" the duration extends to 10 minutes.

I like these ideas can I get a second vote on each of these? I also thought an arc effect on creatures with evil alignments or law (since storms are a chaotic thing) dealing 1d6 electrical damage. But this is all conceptuals.


Ok so have we settled on the military exotic saddle then? Next we can move onto powers that involve the stormsteed and the "storm" itself. What would we be willing to add to the saddle that does not make it OP? Limitations on the storm effects or breath as mentioned above? Other ideas?


OwlbearRepublic wrote:
I'm not dead set against a saddle that works both to create a mount and to buff an existing one. I do think that such an approach dilutes the concept. It'll eat word-count, too.

Yes it will eat words...hmmm simplifying the language may be helpful too.

OwlbearRepublic wrote:

At this point, I suggest we come up with some really good crunch for the storm theme or drop it. It keeps popping up in various forms, but so far without a really good mechanical hook. If we can come up with one, we should build to that (because the visual impression of a storm steed is really cool). If we can't think of a mechanical hook, we should drop the storm idea and broaden our search.

The mechanical hook could be an area lightning storm while the steed is flying vs. evil aligned creatures or something akin to that. Give it something with pinache'. Or perhaps grant the steed lightning breath once a day something like that maybe even electrical damage when it attacks. Perhaps a wall of fog effect, something with a tied in neat visual. Just my take in the use of the storm effects.


Anthony Adam wrote:
james knowles wrote:
Whoever can quote the most Chuck Norris facts in one minute wins.

Chuck Norris allows us to play World of Warcraft, cos Chuck Norris says so.

If Chuck Norris jumps, he never lands because the Earth gets out of his way.

Chuck Norris has a secret identity : Neil Spicer - so if you don't make Top 32, it's because Chuck Norris (Neil) says so.


Yay! Perhaps in my greatest hopes I may have the opportunity to continue on this quest which by all accounts is an amazing opportunity just for submitting to round one. Round two or more would just ad a pat on the back from my wife for being a gaming nerd and that would be amazing too! And for some reason I am taken back to the the chocolate factory and wanting to return the everlasting gobstopper...


nate lange wrote:

hmmm... i think owlbear makes an interesting point...

while an item that boosts an existing mount might not seem as "superstar" as something more extraordinary its certainly more practical. someone commissioning or buying a magical saddle would almost definitely have a mount already, and someone creating one would (unless they're very creative but very foolish) make sure they had some easy means of moving it around.

I cannot muster any reasoning why you couldn't have both effects with and without a mount. Such benefits would make it truly wondrous as players horses or other steeds can die, it praises benefits of knowing you would always have a saddle and a steed.

nate lange wrote:

i'm still voting for a regular military saddle but i think it should either:
a.) have some simple function like a permenant (possibly dismissable) steed spell that becomes something fantastical with a command word- probably with weather related effects, based on the direction the conversation seems to be headed; or
b.) grant benefits to a real mount based on prevailing weather conditions.

i know the advice columns warn against alliteration but Saddle of the Stormsteed has a nice ring, if we can conjure enough mojo to invoke rule #27 (enough mojo trumps all other rules).

Role 1: With a steed the saddle functions as a masterwork military saddle that grants the rider an +10 to all ride skill checks and the steed gains the ability to fly (average) at its normal movement rate for up to five rounds creating a storm cloud as it moves through the air. The rider cannot be knocked from the saddle while mounted on any steed under the saddle.

Role 2: If the owner has no steed for the saddle upon uttering the command word that is burned into its outter rim a brilliant white Griffon steed manifests under the saddle. In this role, the saddle grants the rider mounted combat with a +4 bonus and cannot be knocked from the saddle.

Ok so who is up for a griffon stormsteed?


If Chuck Norris fought himself he'd kick his own arses and unravel the universe.

artofcheatery wrote:

How about the SRD?


Saddle, military - 30 lbs.
Saddle, pack - 15 lbs.
Saddle, riding - 25 lbs.
Saddle, exotic (military) - 40 lbs.
Saddle, exotic (pack) - 20 lbs.
Saddle, exotic (riding) - 30 lbs.

Type is actually kind of important here. Pack would be kind of a delivery item, but depending on whether we want it to be a combat oriented item versus a quick movement item.

Cool good info. Thank you A.O.C. Yeah the weight would be a problem for say a wizarding class. But what would it be crafted from could make the difference too. (i.e. design it to be amazingly light-magical properties, etc.)

Serpent wrote:

The size and weight will be an issue if there's no horse around to carry it. Maybe we should change it to a bridle. They don't weight a lot, and after all, it is the bridle (which includes the bit and reins) that you use to control a horse. While holding the reins, speaking the command word causes a steed of wind and thunder form under you (so you're mounted right away).

I agree! Anyone else second this for simplification purposes? Also a cool name like Bridle of the Stormsteed *riders on the storm...*


Really_Seamus wrote:
Saddles can easily weigh 25 pounds or more. Working and roping saddles in particular can weigh between 40 and 50 pounds.

Oh wow, never realized. Shows how much I know about saddles..lol. Never rode on horse so the knowledge set is just not there. Ok does anyone have a a reference link for types of saddles so we can work with some real figures? I think all magical items play a role in the real world so I always aim to provide realistic weights/measurements when I do item creation, even if its an estimation of a magically "light" heavy shield, etc.


Ok so I have heard several thumbs up on the saddle and a lot of debate on the functionality of the "chess set" but not true official votes. So I vote to move on the saddle if everyone is ok with that. It does appear to have, of the many ideas (two major ones) to have "superstar" interesting effects. So with that said lets see what we can muster from the saddle based on its utility:

Slot -
Aura Strong conjuration?
Weight 6-8lbs.? (How much does a saddle weigh anyway/type of saddle?)

So I think we can start with this and work into the final product. Next I feel is the specific powers and effects. Remember we are aiming to meet the competition standards so the 300 word count still stands can we get a collaboration on its magical capabilities?

This also means there should be a limitation on its powers (think S.M.A.R.T-specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable, time-based effects). Yeah its a project management term here, but this is a collaborative project here.

Once again I reiterate the awesomeness that is you all for your interest in providing a valuable resource for other users to see creative processes and to drive better results for home-gaming and abroad (item creation).


Really_Seamus wrote:
Remember, Myrrendor, that this item isn't actually going to be part of the competition, and I don't believe true collaboration is even permissible in actual entries. Still, holding one's work up to the Superstar standard is definitely admirable, and I think there's great value in working together to improve.

I agree and that was the whole point of this collaboration. That said I am sure there have been people holding up their own items to get a second pair of eyes to look at it. That in of itself is a collaboration of sorts albeit very brief. I thought the value was working and showing creative processes that could be SUPERSTAR worthy. And yes the due date is well past the point of no return. So yeah its not in the competition, I know, but wouldn't it be awesome to see the judges comentary on this..provided they have any time to do so.

You guys are awesome. And to think twenty-five years ago over-state and country borders collaborations involved phones and other issues...


Ok so here's what we have as good ideas:

the stormrider's saddle
the chess set

This is a good start but what will be Great is the next step.
The stormrider's saddle has some amazing potential in my opinion. I can see it having a widespread desire for all classes especially ones that use the riding skill, but perhaps it could add some ride skill points so the classes without such skills could have use or gain the use in such an item.

I vote for the saddle-it's "slotless" and meets several pre-requisites I had mentioned before in what I felt "could be" SUPERSTAR. Naturally this is my first go at the competition, but I think this is a great start. Can I get a vote from you guys on whether this meets how we feel a superstar item should start out in conceptuals?

Thank you all for your interest it always amazes me on how awesome us gamers really are.


artofcheatery wrote:

The lack of pipes and smoking in modern gaming might have to do with the whole 'it's unhealthy for you' etc etc. Back when LotR was written you could smoke up a storm in a classroom and no one would look at you funny. Ever since the 'truth' about smoking has come out it's all but illegal to show someone smoking in the media.

That said, most of our characters probably do smoke, and probably get over charged my the damn halflings (cause according to Tolkien, all tobacco was farmed in the Shire. Meaning the Shire is really Virginia). Should count as part the monthly cost of living charge (if anyone ever remembers to do that)

I can agree that some of them smoke and given the fantasy nature I can certainly see pipes having a magical use, however tobacco isn't likely what they'd be smoking; maybe colt's foot for a cough or other herbs for magical dreaming (dream scrying) etc. Either way though it's not a wide spread item because smoking tobacco at least does hurt/kill you eventually. It's a PR thing to not touch on that, so perhaps magical instruments like pan pipes?

I am just glad I do not fit into the common themes of items submitted. Cheers folks to those who did something different.

Ok I like the slotless concept. Maybe since slotless are hard to think about utility wise.

@Serpent: the latter is correct, good sir. It is an experiment to see if collaboration would be worth the efforts of submitters in the future (i.e. friends helping out, etc.)

So we have these three serious options to vote on what it will be first:

- a mask
- a headband
- a bracelet

This isn't strata at this point of course.

All these types of items have slots specifically, and I am ok with slotted items. Personally it gives you an idea where the character(s) will wear/hold said item and can add to the flavor in the descriptions of such player characters. Ultimate utility for all races/classes is the most ideal item in my opinion. That's the way I went with my item when I designed it. All joking aside lets make a real item here folks.
No weapons or armors, remember the rules for the competition that inspired this here..

Some mundane item examples:
clothing (hats, shoes/boots, etc.)
musical instruments
containers- bags, jars, etc.

Pick one mundane item from this list above. Post your vote please.


Really_Seamus wrote:
Seeing the judges' enthusiasm has really opened my eyes to the potential in this contest and this community. Great ideas flourish best in a place where everyone is supportive and dedicated,

Unquestionably correct sir, well put.

Clark Peterson wrote:
B.A. Ironskull wrote:
Has anyone asked if this is fun for you judges? I'm sure you do some eye-rolling during the first round, but do you guys also enjoy the content you receive?
It is an absolute blast. We are all designers--or at least Sean is, and Neil is a freelancer, and Ryan has historically done so, I am the lest impressive of the group from a resume standpoint and I appreciate they tolerate me--and being able to talk design with a serious group of true experts is a great joy. Plus, they just plain love this game and this contest and what it is about. The energy and excitement among the judges is tangible. It is really fun to be a part of, and we couldnt do it without the submissions. Yes, there is some occasional eye rolling but that is to be expected. I wouldnt do it if it wasn't fun. Plus it is supportive of Paizo, a company I very much care about.

Your resume includes demon lord, so it's not all that bad is it? Lol.

ArchMageMyrrendor wrote:
Thought this might be fun to do to kill two weeks. I do not want to rock the boat with the competition per se. Judges is this cool? If not delete this thread...

I will add that I will also illustrate said item with color and provide a deviantart link when it is completed. Perhaps this will add some interest?

I vote for a mask of sorts..

Thought this might be fun to do to kill two weeks. I do not want to rock the boat with the competition per se. Judges is this cool? If not delete this thread...

Neil Spicer wrote:

Basically, what Anthony Adam said. We make an initial pass through all the items, quickly attempting to sort them into Keep and Reject piles. To do that, a majority of judges need to agree it's either a Keep or a Reject. Sometimes, one of us will still override the majority by flagging something as a potential "golden ticket." More on that in a second. But, all you really need to know is that we're going item by item, getting enough judges on record to make an initial Keep or Reject decision, and clearing out the submission folder so we can turn our attention back to the Keeps.

We always have more than 32 items (or 36 counting potential alternates) in the Keep folder. And, when we circle back to assess it, we basically double check how many items had unanimous or mostly unanimous agreement as being Top 32 worthy. Usually, that's a number that's less than 32 items, which means we can quickly cull those items and make them "locks" for a spot in the Top 32. For the remaining spots, we go back and "haggle" over the rest of the items in the Keep folder. If necessary, we divvy up "golden tickets" dividing them evenly between the judges. We then establish a drafting order by which we spend those "golden tickets" and elevate an item we wish to see in the Top 32. And, we go round robin until all the "golden tickets" are spent and the Top 32 (plus 4 alternates) have been filled. The rest of the items still in the Keep folder then get rejected and cleared out of the forum so our guest judges can come in and comment on the items we chose to include in the competition. And, once they're done, that forum gets opened up for the public to...

Fantastic! Thank you for that thorough explanation. A Top Notch Effort to all of you. As GM I grant you 450xp per wondrous item reviewed, unfortunately you will have to do that math yourself to see if you gained a level of experience!


Anthony Adam wrote:

I suspect they mean they have done their personal reviews and now need to get together with their respective keeps and start agreeing and whittling down to 32.

The first pass is their own review and keep list - they now have to generate the final 32 and alternates by getting together is my suspicion.

Ah. I see. I always wonder how this worked out. I thought it might be something like that. Such a daunting task either way you look at it.

Thanks for the insight.


Clark Peterson wrote:

Don;'t worry. We promise to get to them all. Neil already has (he is a machine) and I should be done today or tomorrow at the latest.

Ok so I pondered this. If you guys are finished (basically) with all the reviews then can I ask another question?

Why the two week delay to "show" who won the top 32 spots? Is there more to this process than reject and pass that I/We am/are not specifically aware of? Is it a round-table this item V. that item for the top spots? Just curious is all.


nate lange wrote:

I would hate to suggest anything that might add even a hint of extra work to any of the great and gracious judges, but is there any possibility that you might post that critique somewhere (even if in a very raw format people had to sort through themselves) so that those who fail to make the top 32 could get a little feedback?

There will likely be a critque my item thread to come so hang on two weeks..=)

Elton wrote:

I learned from a Reliable Source (Margaret Weis) that someone by the name of Monte Cook is writing Fifth Edition. You know what I say to that?

*Takes a look at 4th Edition and . . . *


* blasts 4th Edition off the planet with the Theme for Skyrim playing in the background. *

Yahoo had it in its news reel about revamping it with a "Paizo-esk" community-involved support system. Kinda funny that NOW Hasbro sees this as a good thing. Took a while maybe it will be better than the last iteration.

Sean K Reynolds wrote:

Official R2 rules aren't posted yet. When they are, you'll see them on the official RPG Superstar page. :)

I await patiently, which by my standards is somewhat rough at times. So that said I have only briefly touched on an organization, mostly keeping positive and unwaiveringly hopeful I have a reason to work it into a full deal. Here's to being in the 32 and to all of you whom submitted.

Ok I place two cards down from the deck of many things and ask the judges to pick the one which will provide the information on the volume of entries. The judges unanimously pick the card on the right and it is the vizier card. Who said I had high hopes? Lol. Cheers to you all gentlemen for pouring through AT LEAST 1000. *its in my gut to say thats a safe number to estimate, but likely more; the crystal ball I have is blurry on this*...hmm.

Anthony Adam wrote:
I aimed for a wider audience of wondrous item myself. I didnt want to tie it down to a one or few classes/themes, I wanted it to be more utility item like and something every pc would want - much more fun for the "I want it" moments in treasure divvy up.

My sentiments exactly. I just hope we were right..lol.

I decided that from a design perspective I did have mistakes, and I feel that I only needed one good one really. So for me it was about making something almost common, but unique in of itself by design and blending in as something mundane to be wondrous. Afterall, "wondrous items" the phrase, from my perspective at least; means "causing or creating a completely unexpected magical effect" from a simple mundane object or item.

Wondrous (adj.) wonderful, remarkable.
Item (noun) an imitation; a hint. [older use]

Perhaps my perspective was too deeply rooted in the definition of such things, but I felt my item met the definition as it stood literally. Maybe that's just the inner gamer in retention-mode..eh.

Though I can see pipes and the like definately meeting that standard.
That said the waiting is long..but ultimatley good things come to those who have patience.


Deck of Many Things just because poker got a whole lot more kick-ass when you win the 1e version in a treasure stash of a dragon, that gives you a castle and "kingship." Grants charisma if I recall and is just the perfect swirl of good and bad.

This one can be a simple solve. Have strata characters from pathfinder use the items in a small quest, whichever one has no questions for the dm in its uses/functionality, etc, wins. IMHO that's it.


Vic Wertz wrote:

The number of entries was quite a bit higher this year.

Unfortunately, so was the number of people who didn't follow the basic rules—especially this past week, for some reason. So many items came in without any of the required info!

Ah economies of scale never, ever fail...

Record number...ugh. So here's my take on this. And its been said before. Revealing the numbers would detract from its popularity. Take American Idol for example, tens of thousands vye for the spot to make a good enough impact to make it to just the show, then its a serious brutality of judging (no offense here Clark, Sean, etc.) AND in public scrutiny. So record numbers doesn't phase me that much so long as my quality it there, I will be happy just submitting, but anything further than that would be awesome-sauce!

So I hope I can make it round 4, since map making and myself have a long history...Woot here's to round 4 may the force..erm gods bid my journey long.

Clark Peterson wrote:
Hey now, the only ones who get to come off as arrogant around here are me and Sean!

Hey now, us ArchMage's get that right too! We've made waaay more than our share of wondrous items...

I'd like to add to this too. First off, the user agreement for even being able to post on these boards basically outlines Paizo "owns" the contents within it. So the fact you posted an item for a contest pretty much is a moot point. Hell take it, it makes me smile to see that I even posted one for the contest and, I am published artist over at Rite Publishing. I smile everytime I see my art shine in a map or an item. BIG WHOOP. If you want to keep it, do so. But posting here, item or not "becomes" ownership of Paizo. It's kinda like a digital "trash can" paizo owns the can and anything that gets put into it. Just the way it is.

So here's some ideas to use:

a grappling hook with a magical invisible rope
a turtle golem with amazing speed
A Snail shaped mace that creates a sticky glue that can only be dissolved with "universal solvent"

To stress my point. Paizo may "own" your submission, but nothing in this world can stop you from using the item you created in a homebrew world or in golarion abroad. So why worry, do you think Paizo will hunt you down with demon lords and persecute you for using it at home..I think not.


Tryn wrote:
200 words max is clearly stated in the rules, "no fluff" isn't ;)

Mine was just below that 200 mark, so I think I met the short-length dealing little to no "fluff" mostly descriptors, which I think qualifies as "beefy-crunchy taco supreme" or whatever. Either way you look at it though the length clearly defines the complexity of your item, based on explaining its function to eliminate "grey..erm gray" areas for play functionality. As has been said before, too much fluff in the "story" of the item draws away from its utility and imaginative uses for DMs and Players alike. It's just not needed really.

Though I will say I originally had fluff and a very small backstory on the original item I submitted, I eliminated it from the name and the backstory altogether when I thought about it/read this thread. Names and the likeness of characters/people don't really roll well with wondrous items, look at most of the cannon ones. Notta.

Clark Peterson wrote:
Du Hast? Come on, its one of my preset guitar sounds on my amp downstairs.

I thought you would, St. Pete Times Forum will be a home for about six hours or so in April. So maybe then a wondrous item that gives you a metal head? *Raises a beer to that*

I think I had a similar situation with my item, except the inspiration was on utility and NOT from any other source. It wasn't until i passed it to a friend to review it with that he mentioned a copyright situation. However it has no direct link to it aside from it utilitarian nature and was intended to be just that with far uses for all classes. I am confident though that i measured the distance far enough that it shouldn't pose a problem for an auto-reject, but you never know about these things.


Clark Peterson wrote:
I've seen Triumph in concert. I was at "heavy metal day" at the US Festival. They were awesome. One of the few bands I've ever seen that actually sounds like the record when they play live. Rik Emmett is so talented. And you are right, that whole album rocks!

I will have to look this up, personally i will be going to see Rammstein in April here in Florida, so heavy metal and hard rock is in my alley way, so to speak. So Clark, do you like Rammstein or have you heard of them? Also, I know its too late to change anything on submissions that have been submitted, but I KNOW I would definately add a hard rock band emblem on my item some where...so long as it wouldn't be too "modern" to get it kicked.

Maybe a bonus to concentration checks...since it would provide music through the emblems enchantment..I clean at home well with music on..

Caelesti wrote:

Which boils down to:

<descriptive sentence>. <frequency>, <benefit>, <clarification>. <additional requirements>.

Awesome thank you for the help...I always wondered if there was some methodology behind how the information flowed in the descriptors. It's all too easy to read a hundred of them and never see the semblance of that form. Clearly there may also be exceptions to this format-style, but I think you hit the head on perfectly. Thank you again.


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