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SO despite the fact that I have a zero chance of winning anything this year due to not making/remembering the deadline, I feel an obligation to show my work in an effort to gain something out of the time it took for me to make it. I made an item, well three items really and chose the one I thought was better. I want to post it here to get a feel about how well I did in the conceptuals, design, and playability.

So the three ideas for wondrous items was:

1. a bag of repelling/shielding/protective stones
2. a limited time-reversal dial (looks like the antykithera de meccanismo)
3. a nifty gemstone skull with undead powers.

But the first two kinda played out as either over-powered/abusable or Spell In a Can. Here goes my original not-submitted-or-will-ever-win-this-year item.

Garnet Skull
Aura Necromancy (moderate), Transmutation (moderate); CL 10th (WIZ)
Slot Hand; Price 22,000 gp; Weight 2 lbs.

Garnet Skull
This finely carved gemstone skull has magical etchings engraved on the crown and brow. By uttering these necromantic words aloud, the user is capable of summoning 1d4; 4HD skeletons to fight for him or her for 4 rounds. Likewise, if the user casts the command words on themselves they transform into a medium-sized Burning Skeleton (See Variant Skeletons) for one round per hit dice of the caster (10 rounds max) per day. The caster gains the aura as the burning skeleton would normally but not gain the undead immunities; unless the caster is already undead. If the command words are uttered towards a foe of the caster while making a successful touch attack, the effects of a Vampiric Touch spell inflicts 1d6 damage for every two levels of the caster; which the caster gains as temporary hit points (5d6 max). This can be used up to three times per day. The Garnet Skull must be held for any of these castings to work. As such, if the caster drops the skull; skeletons fall lifeless, transformations end and any temporary hit points gained from the Vampiric Touch disappear.

Requirements Craft Wondrous Item, Knowledge (gem-cutting) 10 ranks, Spellcraft 10 ranks, Vampiric Touch, Alter Self, Animate Dead, Necromancy school Wizards only, 3 lb. uncut garnet (2,000 gp value); Cost 11,000 gp.

So here's what I am looking for:
1. Pricing ok?
2. Details, imagery/imagination/interesting?
3. game mechanics ok?
4. Does it break any contest rules?


Thought this might be fun to do to kill two weeks. I do not want to rock the boat with the competition per se. Judges is this cool? If not delete this thread...