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Hello Jack!

I'm very sorry to hear this and I'm looking into this immediately. We've been having some issues with our communication and hopefully, this can be resolved quickly. We will look into what order you placed and why it hasn't gone out and we will reach out to make sure that you are properly compensated for this long delay.

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Honestly, the Moon Dogs were the worst enemies my players faced. They went to such lengths to catch them, getting Lanterns of Revealing and focusing on See Invisibility, and ways to detect shapeshifters.

Anyway,Shades is INSANE in what it can do. Here are some examples:

Wall of Lava - an erupting death dealing wall that can literally go up anywhere inside their fort? Damn.

Douchebag's Move (aka Trap The Soul) - spell-like abilities don't require components. Including TTS. So, if you really want to douchebag GM your players, have them or their closest allies start to disappear.

Maze - when they do face the PCs, have the dumb ones NOT fight. Bye bye.

Incendiary Cloud - oh the poor mooks. In my games, this slaughtered their mooks, becoming the nexus for the Ashen Cloud (or whatever it was called) event later in the game.

Blood Mist - oh look at all those angry people, fighting eachother. Have fun... once per day.

Teleport Object - I sure hope they're holding onto every piece of magic item they have. My players didn't. They lost stuff from magic chests containing their loot, to important diamonds (used for Raise Dead, amongst other things), to entire traps going missing. Annoyed the crap out of them.

Resurrection - oh you killed someone important? Who hates you? Here, have them back. Again.

Vinetrap - you think you're going into town? Think again. And again. And again...

Maddening Oubliette - sure hope everyone got high Will-saves, because if not, this one will HURT. Insanity is never fun.

Phase Door - not an immediate benefit, but it just takes a few days to litter the fort with escape routes only the Moon Dogs can use. And having players run into walls all day long... well, it is kinda funny.

Fairy Ring Retreat - This has the potential to divide and conquer the players, since the caster is the one that opens the exit portal.

Wall of Iron - oh did you have a door there? Or a hallway? Or servants somewhere? Let me rectify that for you.

Acid Fog - ruins all their stuff, and most of their mooks. Poor stuff. Poor mooks.

Have fun. Poor players.

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Looks like we missed something - it should be a move action to transform.

I'm pretty sure he has Psionic Meditation, which reduces it to a Move Action to regain psionic focus.

Pretty much what was said here above - free enhancements don't count for customization points, but they do count for how many times you can have a single customization dependant on level.

Awakened Blade's "path of the warrior" ability describes which classes it affects - Soulknife and Psychic warrior. No other classes gain benefits from it.

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Well, taking the "High Level Logic" to it's extreme will end you with a Tippyverse powered by a Wish-economy.

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Skylancer4 wrote:
Casual Viking wrote:
Skylancer4 wrote:

It's actually new writers brought in to work under the DSP name, who have very different thoughts on what "game balance" is supposed to mean. They come from a forum where optimization is standard and have stated outright that classes like the Fighter are bad design and feat chains are horribly bad design. They have no intent on making it play "nice" with core options.

I'm stating this as, I'm not of the opinion DSP's products aren't quality material, but to say that who is actually writing the material might be something to look at from this point on if your expectations are not being met.

The point is, you now have two separate design philosophies from the same company. One which has always "played nice" with core rules and now, one that is pushing the boundaries. Depending on what you are looking for, you need to start checking who writes what from them, as the "quality" of work will be different.


When we design, we design for a very specific, and tight, area. We want our classes to land in what is sometimes called or defined as "T3" in most cases (the unavoidable T2 for Psion/Wilder is pretty much due to backward compatibility). For those unaware of what that means, it means that a class should be REALLY GOOD at one thing, and atleast be able to help out or add to the rest of possible focuses.

For example, the Marksman is REALLY GOOD at ranged combat, can do melee combat, skilled encounters, some sneaking/scouting and social interactions fairly well. You can expend resources, such as gold or feats, to gain a broader ability set (like Expanded Knowledge), or to focus even more (like Precise Shot).

Path of War, Akashic Mysteries and pretty much any other material we release tries to adhere to that. So no, there are no "other" writers than all of us DSP writers. Do we make mistakes? Hell yes. We try to fix those as best we can. We listen as much as we can, at as many different places as we can, for the feedback our fans give us. Listening doesn't always mean agreeing. We had many vocal fans during our very first initial playtests of Psionics Unleashed. We listened. Sometimes we changed things, sometimes we didn't.

If we set the bar for something different, we'll tell you. Upfront and clear.

- Andreas Rönnqvist
Dreamscarred Press

We tired of the subsystem and freeformed their organisations. Because of all the above reasons.

I'll raise the idea for a Tactician as the entrypoint into Thrallherd. Their ability to boost allies is appreciated, the constant telepathy through the Collective even more insidious with a Thrallherd and you can make even lower level minions dangerous by boosting them.

A vitalist, like you entertained, is also nice, depending on how horrid you want to be in siphoning health from minions into allies.

I've had my players go from "Converting people to the rightous cause of freedom from oppression" to "F~!#er was disrespectful, I shoot him in the back three times with my gun" within WotW.

The AP assumes a certain stealthy approach, which my players have now thrown out the window completely and thus made things insanely hard for themselves. To be honest, there might be a chance that the AP ends because of how hard they stacked the hand against them.

Warning, Spoilers!

By being proactive about random murder and being spotted numerous times, the enemy has a deeper insight into who they are than they are "meant to" in the book. They've also accelerated enemy responses through their actions, which means that they're now facing an Inquisitor, an Arch Priestess and a Mythic Young Adult Silver Dragon together, instead of spaced out. That makes it something like a CR14-15 encounter. To their defense, they're seven players with 4 of them with the first Mythic level, but still... this is about to become very painful for them.

I'm sorry to hear that. With Occult Adventures releasing soon, we'll be looking over the major changes and then working as fast as we can to finish it and release it so people can enjoy both. :)

That was a mistake on our side - update pending.

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Just wanted to thank everyone who mentioned us here first.

If I would recommend anything, it would be the following:

Anything Midgard by Kobold Press, as well as Deep Magic. I haven't checked out Advanced Races, but it looks great.

Malefactor (TPK Games), Tinker (Interjection Games), Direlock (Forest Guardian Press) and Machinesmith (LPJr) are some of my favorite 3PP classes and they make tons of great additional material worth checking out.

Legendary Games make awesome additions to the Adventure Paths and a wide variety of other game books (and a Kickstarter right now for their Adventure Path!).

In the Company of Dragons from Rite Publishing is great, as is their 1001 Spells book.

I can't forget Pact Magic Unbound, from Radiance House. They do what we did for psionics, but for Pact Magic. They're AWESOME. :D

Oh yeah, the Nightblade by Ascension is a new, but beautiful addition to the 3PP flora.


- Andreas Rönnqvist
Dreamscarred Press

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mangamuscle wrote:
Jeremy Smith wrote:
# of hours available / # of projects to get done = some projects get put on the back burner for a while.
If a project is announced and then sits a whole month in the back burner, maybe it is time to add personnel at Dreamscarred Press or cut back on the announcements until they have been been allocated with a reasonable amount of man hours.

I can only agree. Good thing this wasn't announced at all and that we have heroic authors, editors, artists, layouters and FANS who help us make these books as good as they are! :)

The number of people who pour their hearts into the books is amazing, and that we manage to keep up this number of releases of this SIZE, is a miracle if there was ever one.

If you would like to join the heroes above, feel free to tell us! :D

What SkyLancer4 said essentially. Range does not matter.

The main idea is to provide an updated Core book that isn't as expensive, that is accessible, that looks beautiful AND to get those errata out there in a printed format!

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A psionic archetype for it would be awesome, but I don't know if that is in the books for it?

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Well, if you were a 7th level sorcerer with money and power, would you NOT have guards or a backup plan when inviting a bunch of serial-killer psycho-cultists into your house? Unless they manage to utterly surprise him, they won't have a chance. Even a bunch of low-level guards are a problem when they get in the way to taking out the dangerous sorcerer.

In my game, the guests were asked to leave their weapons and wands at the entrance, but some smuggled them in anyway. The Baron, knowing they were coming had cast Detect Magic before they entered the room and surveyed them as they entered, were presented and seated in a highly formal way (one by one), giving him time to ascertain that they were using illusions of some form, most probably to hide who they were, but also leaving the opportunity for smuggling weapons into the room. He can have detect thoughts up too if he wants to, giving him the ability to read them much better. Finally, he has Sense Motive +14, not unreasonable to have him read them well enough to guess their actions.

Not only this, but Tiadora is handling the introduction, making it dangerous to so casually throw away what the Cardinal has provided.

Finally, he has a dust of disappearance, giving him a fair chance to turn invisible on round 1, neutralize enemies and make his escape, giving them a powerful enemy and giving them very little.

That is the idea (offering a discount), we're not just sure exactly how it will be set up.

I'm thinking an Age of Exploration - starting as explorers on a ship, settling, expanding the colony, trade and interaction with the natives, some ancient evil stirring, huge conflict happens.

Thanks for the mention, we're looking forward to what people think of Lords of the Night!

That said, you could manifest the aegi armor after merging...

Look at Pathfinder Unchained - it presents options that radically change alot of premises in the game, yet it is obviouosly a PFRPG product.

Nyaa - No.

Yigg - we lost a bunch of errata when we had to transfer to a new host and CMS for our website. We will be rebuilding that over the coming months, such as in errata documents for the books.

We generally upload at all storefronts at the same time - but Paizo has a manual system for adding more books, which means that it depends on Paizo. Sometimes it's within 24 hours, sometimes it takes a week.

Wilder, Mythic and Lords of the Night should be up anytime soon at Paizo.

Wilders - yes they're supposed to loose health when there is no PP left.

Thankyou yourself for supporting us! We're happy to hear our books get read and used in all those games out there! :D

It is ALWAYS the plan, with every character, for me. :D In some games it's a mine, in others a ruin and a third, a pirate ship :D

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We have a project underway, but with only the two of us, some things take time. :)

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We're stuck waiting for art, which right now clogs a few of our releases from getting out. Once that is solved, expect Daevic ASAP.

Andreas Rönnqvist
- Dreamscarred Press

We will strive to clarify these things!

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We love you fans for contributing to the playtests, and your feedback helps makes things better.

That said, I'd be superhappy if we were judged by the book we actually release versus a book no-one has seen yet. :)

Psionics Unleashed is getting a revised edition soon, with the additional new races and final 0th level rules.

Ultimate Psionics has everything except the monsters from Psionics Unleashed, Psionics Expanded and Psionics Augmented Vol 1.

Best deal is to get Ultimate Psionics and Psionics Bestiary, in full color.

In addition, if you want to expand your game, Augmented continues with Wilder, and we have Psionics Embodied for more NPCs. Currently in the pipeline for Augmented is Seventh Path (new psionic discipline for dealing with spirits and ghosts), Psicrystals and a few more class-specific releases.

1. Read ALL the six (or seven) books to get a good grip on the story and the twists, it will ease setting things up.

2. Expect people to die and plan for entry points. Since they are bound by the contract, it needs to be prepared. Right now, there are 3 original members left who signed the contract in a 6 player group.

3. The players are evil - that means they'll steal s~#!, murder people that might be important and otherwise go slightly off the rails. Plan accordingly.

4. The second book - keep up the pace, or the players will get restless and either go totally off the rails, tear eachother to pieces or just abandon s@&% altogether.

5. Ignore the subsystem for minions introduced in Book 2.

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To all of you, especially Dale - a huge thankyou for the praise. We are humbled by your words!

Skylancer - with regards to PoW and balance. On some level, we have chosen a slightly different balancing point. You can't really open up for martial initiators without making the Fighter a little sad since they thematically and conceptually work in the same "area".

That said, compared to Casters, PoW punches below them and roughly ends up where the Magus/PsyWar is in terms of power and versatility - which is what we wanted.

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Yeah, this book isn't for those of you who own Ultimate Psionics, unless you want to support us ;).

That said, it's a perfect gift for GMs to look through, an intro book to psionics for new players or people who are interested in Psionics and don't want to go spend 80$ straight up for Ultimate Psionics.

For expanded psionic materials, we've got Seventh Path in layout as we speak and more being developed.

An awesome idea, for example, is to link all suggested errata into this thread when you come across them, or questions that need clarification.

We think we got most of them, but like this, we can make sure it's as close to perfect as you want it to be! :)

Kevin_Video: The Path of War Expanded will be open for pre-orders in April, unless something untoward happens.

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When we started on the path we find ourselves on, we were a small 3PP with an artbudget slightly smaller than 0$. Since then, we've gone on to release more books and Ultimate Psionics, which is a milestone for us. Yet, as a starting book, at 80$ in print, it's a hefty investment.

Because of this, we're releasing Psionics Unleashed Revised, which brings the premier core psionics rulebook a new, improved look, we add all the important errata, make sure 0-level powers are consistent and also add in the two new races from Ultimate Psionics to round it out.

Check out the cover at our website and tell us what are the most important errata to include in the Core Psionics Book? Maybe we missed something!

Psionics Unleashed Revised will be available in PDF, softcover, hardcover and in both black/white and full glorious color. And at a pricepoint that is easier to justify ;)

- Andreas Rönnqvist
Dreamscarred Press

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Soon as in this week! :D

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To encourage all of these fantastic reviewers, if you've written a review for one of our products, send me a mail at and tell me what book you'd like and I'll send over a PDF for free.

Andreas Rönnqvist
Dreamscarred Press

As has been pointed out, we missed that particular errata. As has been noted, you can "de-Hulk" if you need to.

The following are beloved classes that deserve an iconic for me:


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I just want to come in here and say that, both as an author, publisher and customer, I'm highly grateful for all of these reviews! First of all, as an author, even if the book has been reviewed before, hearing another persons opinion helps us understand what was good or bad and thus, in a way, makes the next book better. As a publisher, I can't stress it enough that we're a small publisher, with people doing this because we love it, and when those reviews come in, it helps! Finally, as a customer, there is nothing better than to see what another person feels about a book, even if it is negative, because it gives me something to reflect around when buying.

So, triple thanks!
- Andreas Rönnqvist
Dreamscarred Press

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The author had some personal events that influenced his ability to partake in the playtesting for a few months. I'll leave it to him to share if he feels it is necessary, but we are still working on this, albeit at a slower pace due to his inability to partake in the past months.


The damage is added onto the gun damage yes, and is tied to the bullet. So it requires expenditure of ammo, isn't a touch attack beyond the first range increment and anything else related to guns.

Nope, size does not affect it.

The way we themed it when we playtested it (we are, for natural reasons, also heavily invested in Psionics), was that the Kineticist was refluffed into an Elementalist - he was the incarnation of the Elements. The rest of the classes were similarly drawn from a more "occult" than "psychic" springboard - spirit powers, ouija boards, making dreadful deals with strange forces.

And that is essentially the divider - Occult Adventures represent outside influence (elements, spirits, strange forces) while Psionics represent internal power (your own spirit, mind, soul)

I'd actually consider taking a level of Armored Hulk Barbarian instead of Feral Hunter - nice heavy armor, lots of bonuses for taking on chargers, Rage is in truth his TRUE potential, but he can only keep it up for so long before getting winded because of his girth.

Consider picking up some Chakrams for good ranged opportunities.

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I'll try to be clearer.

Slow and Steady works to remove the movement penalty of Obese.

- Andreas Rönnqvist
Dreamscarred Press
Author of both the Aegis and the aberrant.

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And for those that don't know - Seventh Path is a reference to the six existing psionic disciplines and how this opens up an entirely new one - Athanaism.

This is the power of the mind over the spirits, seen in cultural references in everything from Mediums to seances. The Psion gets a new practicioner called the Conduit, who gains access to these powers. If you see a lingering mention of the Medium, that was the initial internal name before the Occult Adventures playtest released.

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