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It will have both feats and Style feats. I'm not so sure there will be a Flying Crane feat though.

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And, that said, the last thing we want to do is run SSalarn ragged. He knows he has my blessing to focus on the important things - his life, family and future.

Writing is fabulous, great and fun - but it is also a bonus, not the "core". So he gets as much time as he needs. My input will be when it is "good enough" - because that is just as hard to see once you start down the road of an open playtest.

Since the question has already been answered, I can jump in and say I distinctly remember reading that Invisibility also makes your auras invisible.

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Is that the Warder document I just proofed? Yes it is. So very close :D

The name is not set in stone, but at this point we would rather focus on the playtesting of the material.

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Zhayne: What do you feel got bungled with Path of War and how can we help with that?

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Not unlike our Path of War project, Magic of Incarna takes a look at a familiar system from the old Dungeons & Dragons, Incarnum, and re-envisions it for Pathfinder. Drawing on primal magic, the veilweavers learn to shape and form their Essence into powerful veils, granting them sublime control and magical power.

Headed by the talented Michael Sayre, known as Ssalarn on many forums, we are extremely happy and proud to start the first Open Playtest of the Incarna rules.

Download the First Playtest Document

Note that the playtest document can (and most certainly will) be updated as playtesting progresses. We would love it if you guys took a look at the rules, gave it a once over and helped us create balanced and interesting choices and options for Pathfinder players all over.

Thanks in advance!

Andreas Rönnqvist
Dreamscarred Press

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For the artist question:

1. Portfolio is a necessity. Display your width and depth (ie varied types and level of detail).
2. A sense of what you'd like to get paid (and if that is immovable).
3. Previous publishing experience (if any).

Ultimate Psionics includes all of the latest updates, which means tweaking to some classes, feats and powers.

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We created a number of powers that can be used while psionically focused, for free.

So unfortunately, it does what it says it does.

I would suggest a psicrystal+psicrystal containment. :)

- Andreas Rönnqvist
Dreamscarred Press

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Something worth saying here is that when submitting something, you need to be quick with your replies and open to new possibilities. Atleast one of those who submitted to us started out with one idea but by talking to us got a chance to do another (one he favored).

Might I suggest a post in the Path of War thread too?

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Dreamscarred Press is always open to pitches, either email me directly at stormhierta@gmail.com or Jeremy at dreamscarredpress@gmail.com

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Azten wrote:
It really is great to have you here helping out, Stormhierta.


I think it is important to clear up a misunderstanding that has come about because something I wrote might have been unclear. I hope my answers have been helpful not only to the OP but to others looking for the same answers in the future.

Best regards
- Andreas Rönnqvist
Dreamscarred Press

La'Vantis Tuen wrote:

While I have your attention...

Can I just tell you how much I LOVE your version of the Psionic Warrior!!!

I made one of my favorite characters ever!!! it was for an Epic 6 game, and I never felt so epic!! ( not even with my 20th level wizard)

I haven't really looked at most of the classes that you don't mirror 3.5, but the ones that do we're done very well, very eloquent!

thank you and whoever you worked with for being awesome!

Thankyou! Comments like these and knowing that what we made is being used and played all over the world, is what makes writing it so satisfying!

I owe alot to my partner, Jeremy Smith, who does some of the heaviest lifting in mechanics for Dreamscarred Press.

We're happy you like it!

- Andreas Rönnqvist
Dreamscarred Press

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lantzkev wrote:

Pointing out what they can't do doesn't mean they aren't incredibly strong and versatile without preparation.

So if you build that Psion with mostly energy powers that are equivalent to 50+ powers, you're not teleporting, flying, dominating, charming, scrying or shapeshifting. Yourself, or others. That is one of the biggest costs to the perceived flexibility of energy powers.

So what about the issue that every spell is always effective at every level? Look at sorc guides, they constantly constantly point towards spells lvl 1-2 as making sure they are useful later because as you lvl they are basically worthless to you in a fight... no true for psions as now those lvl 1s 2s can be effectively any lvl you want and their DCs by and large auto scale with it, without any feat expenditure.

Saying they aren't strong is an understatement to psionics in general. Every class that they mimic, they do it either as well or better, or with less preparation required.

The only comparison you can pull out and trot around is the wizard and their precious versatility, but you pull it out in a vacuum, declare them the most versatile, point out the limitations of psionics...

So do me a favor, explain to me just how versatile you can make one, not how restricted they are tell me just how broad a set problems they can solve.... on the fly.

-edit- show me a optimized one, show me one built to be as versatile as possible.

We made our rules freely available at D20PFSRD.com (so there isn't even a need to buy a book/PDF, even though we highly appreciate the support). Look at how many of those powers are augmentable before making assumptions that all powers are augmentable, or increase their save DCs. Look at how many of those are restricted to a certain subclass.

We did a 18 month open playtest. Stuff was so thoroughly playtested it sometimes made me weep from how everything was tested again and again. Our playtesting is still openly available at our forums. Feel free to peruse this tome of information. That way, you can determine if you feel our playtesting and balancing fits your view of how things should be.

And should you find a problematic combination, strange rule or unclear passage, please take it to our forums. HUNDREDS of people have done so before and we have taken apart the problem, polished it and put the rules back together in a better way. If its broken, we'll fix it.

Best regards
- Andreas Rönnqvist
Dreamscarred Press

If you have specific questions, feel welcome over to our forums at www.dreamscarredpress.com - otherwise I think I can answer most.

The Manifester Level Cap and Transparency are, as said before, the main things to be aware of. Psionic focus and Energy powers can use some reading up on incase your player will be using alot of those.

Best regards
- Andreas Rönnqvist
Dreamscarred Press

La'Vantis Tuen wrote:

Well, I'd personally like to say 'Thank You' to the OP. Seriously, it was awesome that your actions brought the actual writer out to make all of those clarifications. I know it's not too terribly rare, but to have them come and make 5 points... excellent!!!

You are quite welcome. :)

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I can't argue with an individual perception and anything I personally bring to the table is just anecdotal evidence.

That said, please take a second to look over the Discipline-specific powers. It will allow you to appreciate that even with some flexibility, a Psion cannot do even the most basic of versatile things a Wizard can.

No basic Psion can both summon Astral Construct, Dominate people (or even Charm them) and Fly. They can't teleport and shapeshift. They can't even cast a fireball or cone of cold (Energy Ball or Energy Cone) while Scrying.

For everyone except Kineticists (the energy-specialists) or Wilders (who already suffer from only ever knowing 11 powers throughout their career), changing your active energy type means expending your psionic focus and reacquiring it, which costs actions and provokes attacks of opportunity.

So if you build that Psion with mostly energy powers that are equivalent to 50+ powers, you're not teleporting, flying, dominating, charming, scrying or shapeshifting. Yourself, or others. That is one of the biggest costs to the perceived flexibility of energy powers.

If you have any other questions about the system, we are all willing to help!

Best regards
- Andreas Rönnqvist
Dreamscarred Press

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The name's Andreas Rönnqvist and I'm one of the two authors of Psionics Unleashed and co-owner of Dreamscarred Press.

Since I see some form of confusion here on some of the rules, lets go through them.

1. If we are, somehow, unclear that the cost for augmenting a power is part of the cost of manifesting a power, allow me to make that perfectly clear: The cost of a power, which is limited by manifester levels, is the total cost (base cost + augmentation cost). Can't get any more clear than that. We will take the feedback towards clarifying this in future printings of Psionics Unleashed and Ultimate Psionics.

2. Questions were raised about the power of the Dread class. Unlike many other classes that can do their "thing" regardless, the Dread depends and works with fear-effects. Since immunity to fear comes online pretty early, it would shut down the class. Based on Paizo's design of the Antipaladin, we gave the Dread the ability to ignore immunity to fear.

2b. In case this was also somehow not clear, explicitly ignoring immunity to fear does not add the ability to ignore other immunities (such as mind-affecting immunities or being mindless). So, as clearly as possible - ignoring "Immunity to Fear" only allows the Dread to ignore that specific ability, no others.

3. Remember that spending X power points is the equivalent of casting an X/2 spell level spell. So if you spend 14 power points augmenting a 1st level power, it is equivalent to a 7th level spell. And should be compared to that.

4. While the number of spell SLOTS available to a Wizard is equal to the number of powers a Psion knows, there is a difference. On day 1, the Wizard can prepare 36 spells, just like the Psion. On day 2, the Wizard can completely change his focus and prepare 36 different spells from day 1, while the Psion still knows the exact same ones. Know you are going to face Undead, prepare the right spells, but be stuck with the same powers.

Were there any more SPECIFIC questions about Psionics? I'd love to help! Also, we recommend getting the book itself to get a complete understanding of how to play the game using psionics. An SRD is a good resource for rules, but just like reading the Core book makes it easier, so does Psionics Unleashed make it easier.

If you want to discuss this with more people well versed in Psionics, we can also recommend our forums at www.dreamscarredpress.com to get more views on a question.

BTW, the Fear Made Flesh archetype is best compared to an Alchemist with Feral Mutagen. :)

Best regards
- Andreas Rönnqvist
Dreamscarred Press

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YuenglingDragon - see all that wonderful fluff, it's in the organisations chapter now. Which means all classes can utilize it. Just like now, all concepts can use the mechanical archetypes to portray what they want, without associated fluff. :)

Also, the first of the books are now available:
Path of War: Stalker
as well as the subscription which gets you all the PDFs:
Path of War: Subscription (atleast 4 PDFs)

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I just wanted to drop by and share the fact that Path of War: Stalker is hitting the stores tomorrow! Looking forward to this first of many releases.

(Pro tip: Get the sub, insanely good value!)

Just wanted to say thankyou to all of you who suggest Dreamscarred Press, it warms my heart!

Personally, I use material from Jon Brazer, LPJr, Alluria Publishing, RiP, Kobold Press, Super Genius and Fire Mountain Games (GMing Way of the Wicked right now).

- Andreas Rönnqvist
Dreamscarred Press

Let it stay TarkXT - it is an interesting piece by itself! :)

I'd love to hear what other books are planned for updates in the future!

The 9th level Construct gets 2 Menu C abilities.

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I think they are referring to the Noral, incase you don't know. :)

Download the FREE Psionics Augmented Preview release and compare yourselves? :)

For those interested, Psionics Augmented: Volume 1 has just gone live!

What do you need feedback on? Might I suggest offering a preview PDF as a playtest document?

The Limited Edition includes the Bestiary, which means once the Bestiary is finished, we will compile it into one fabulous book of awesome, print it and ship it.

Psi Christmas!

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We really do need a Cavalier/Warlord PrC that enhances Tactician and Golden Lion maneuvers in particular. :)


So, I've got a problem with the entire concept of the Shoanti going to war against Korvosa. Correct me if I am wrong, the Shoanti are situated in the Cinderlands, north of the river that goes through Kaer Maga. For players in the CotCT, going TO the Cinderlands requires passage through Kaer Maga. A perilious journey if anything.

So, looking at a map, the Shoanti are either going to follow the river to Kaer Maga, take their thousands of warriors and horses down through that city (somehow) and then journey from Kaer Maga to Korvosa, passing atleast two major rivers on their way. Or, they ride through the Mindspin Mountains, passing over a major river without any known bridges to do that, somehow with a mounted army, and descend on Korvosa through that way. This without anyone taking notice, or putting a stop to their military movement.

Even the slightest bit of realism tells me this is a hard thing to do, requiring meticulous planning, scouting, preparing the roads and first and foremost - logistics, something which the Shoanti do not seem to have. Ofcourse, anything can be solved with "magic" - but besides that, how do the Shoanti get an army to Korvosa, in a functioning manner?

Sidequestion: By all accounts, the Shoanti know or atleast suspect Kazavon is waking, how do they intend to get the sword from Scarwall before attacking Korvosa?

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Ssalarn wrote:
Stormhierta wrote:
Cheapy wrote:
Seems at this point, you may as well make Ssalarn the co-designer. He's been pretty helpful.

One thing we ALWAYS do, is have everyone who feels they contributed anything in the alpha/beta stages, send over their names and we include them in the book with a specific thankyou for helping with design and playtesting.

Because you guys deserve to be in there, every one of you.

Wow, thanks! You guys are pretty awesome, you know that?

We honor those who are worthy of honoring - which is all of you guys who help out! We're thankful for having such awesome fans willing to partake in this playtest. :)

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Cheapy wrote:
Seems at this point, you may as well make Ssalarn the co-designer. He's been pretty helpful.

One thing we ALWAYS do, is have everyone who feels they contributed anything in the alpha/beta stages, send over their names and we include them in the book with a specific thankyou for helping with design and playtesting.

Because you guys deserve to be in there, every one of you.

A lance should double/triple the base weapon damage, not any other forms of damage, such as precision damage.

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Speaking of releasing - here is the Paizo Pre-order for Ultimate Psionics. If you pre-order, you get the PDF for free once we release it!

Ultimate Psionics pre-order @ Paizo

You can always pre-order Ultimate Psionics - I would like to think we got a cover artist that is atleast an equal to any that Paizo has ;)

Ultimate Psionics pre-order

It all depends on whether or not there is enough material to warrant a physical book, but that is our goal.

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This is my slightly optimized build for a Barbarian (or actually, it's a friends that he used in our game, downgraded from level 11 to how it looked at lvl 9). He seems to provide fairly well for around 50+ damage output every round (for around 20 rounds per day).

Lvl 9 Barbarian

15 pt build.

Str 22 (Base 16, Human 2, Level 2, Enh 2)
Dex 14
Con 12
Int 8
Wis 12
Cha 8

HP: 73 (DR1/-)
AC: 23 (24 when Raging)

Base attack: +9
Weapon of Choice: +2 Large Bastard Sword

Base Attack: +16/+11 (2d8+11) avg 20 per attack
Rage Attack: +18/+13 (2d8+14) avg 23 per attack
Power Attack with Rage: +18/+10 (2d8+1d6+23) avg 35,5
Extra Bite: +12 (1d4+1d6+4) -> with PA: +9 (1d4+1d6+10) avg 16

Standard Full-Round:
VS AC23: 80% * 35,5 and 40% * 35,5 = 43 dmg
Bite: 35% * 16 = 5 dmg
Crit chance: 20%*80%*35,5 = +6 and +3 (total: 57 dmg)

Standard Charge:
On Charge: 90% * 38 = 34 dmg (extra 1d6 from LER)
Crit chance: 20%*90%*38 = +7 dmg (total: 41)


1: EWP: Bastard Sword
H: Power Attack
3: Weapon Focus: Bastard Sword
5: Furious Focus
7: Heavy Armor Proficiency
9: Improved Critical

Rage Powers:
2: Lesser Beast Totem
4: Lesser Elemental Rage
6: Beast Totem
8: Elemental Rage

Interesting pieces of equipment:

Mithril Full-plate +2 (AC+11)
+2 Large Bastard Sword
+2 Belt of Strength

Average CR9 monster AC: 23

Now, that said, at level 10 his damage goes ballistic with Beast Totem. Also, he is fairly competent attacking with just his Claws+Bite (his fluff is actually that he is a werewolf, and raging is him transforming).

Regarding the per encounter question and that such a thing does not exist in Pathfinder...

Inquisitor Judgement. Sure, it uses the word "until the end of the combat" but that is as wide and open as "per encounter".

Now, that said - this book is meant to be an extension of the Tome of Battle, and while we might explain a bit more what should define an "encounter", we'll probably not deviate from that mechanic.

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First of all, just like Psionics would never depart from a power point system (atleast not with us), the Path of War will not depart from the "per encounter" mechanic. This is for a number of reasons, but let me start with the basics.

When we wrote Psionics Unleashed, it was meant to allow people to convert their existing characters into Pathfinder as well as to take the chance to smooth out any small problems that existed and rejig internal balancing problems. Path of War is meant to allow people to convert their existing Tome of Battle characters into a system that works the same way, and take the chance to smooth out some problems.

Now, the big difference is that Psionics was almost 100% OGL and Tome of Battle wasn't. So that means no Warblades, Crusaders or Swordsages (atleast not fitting the same niche) or the exact same Disciplines. For those with ToB, this is a net win (keep the ToB classes and Disciplines, add scores more!) and for us this allows us to rethink how the classes were made. Yet, the one thing that does remain, is the system underneath.

For all of you who have a problem with immersion, have you ever trained in martial arts? Because when I was young I did ALOT of Karate, and "Kata" or "maneuvers combining individual punches, kicks and throws" were essential to that. Each Kata that we trained on for hours, allowed us certain options. From Kata 1, you could go into Kata 2 or 3, both of which allowed you to either circle back to 1 or either 4 or 5 (depending on which Kata and your momentum). I hear the same thing coming from practitioners of escrima, wing tsun and taekwando. Each set of moves puts you into position for something else, which very rarely is "the same thing again".

With that said, all feedback and all ideas are taken into account. We might not rejig the entire system to use "Focus/Stamina" or cooldowns, but that doesn't preclude that we create an archetype or something else where your ideas fit in.

Frerezar wrote:
Jeremy Smith wrote:
Eric "Boxhead" Hindley wrote:
I am intrigued about this project, especially since I thought the Book of Nine Swords was all closed content. Is this going to be a similar, but distinct system?
Yes. No swordsage or the like, but the same type of options. Bo9S was not open content, so this was all developed from the ground up to match the concept, but not the specific implementation.
Does this mean it would be possible to have options for regular fighting classes using maneuvers? Because if that is the case, it would be an instant buy for me.

We intend to playtest this and if it works to our satisfaction, keeps the balance and makes things more interesting, then yes definately.

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We are proud to present a new line of products, called the Path of War, introducing martial classes and disciplines once popularized by the Tome of Battle: Book of Nine Swords.

The Path of War will take our dedication to balance and functionality that has graced Psionics Unleashed, Psionics Expanded and Ultimate Psionics and apply that to one of the most loved and controversial systems from the Dungeons & Dragons-era.

Chris Bennett has been brought in as Lead Designer for this ambitious project which will go into Alpha Playtesting as soon as possible. We believe in the spirit Paizo set fort when it playtested the Pathfinder Rules and we followed in their footsteps with everything we have produced since.

We look forward to your thoughts and ideas and hope that the Path of War will introduce you to new and interesting mechanics for your Pathfinder game. Naturally, there will be some new psionic material in these releases as we strive towards material that supports eachother.

Read more about it here at our forums

Andreas Rönnqvist
Co-owner Dreamscarred Press

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Bite of the Wolf is under a slight revision for Ultimate Psionics - it is (as far as we have determined so far) meant to work as a Natural Bite Attack.

- Andreas Rönnqvist
Dreamscarred Press

Just wanted to share that the green sculpt is finished and we've gotten the Kickstarter approved!

So, what would YOU want to see as a miniature?

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As a Publisher - thankyou! As a customer - thankyou! As a fellow gamer - thanks again for making books better by talking to the publishers!

You do this community, both fans and authors, a major service and one which should be recognized.

We looked at updating Complete Control for Pathfinder and the problem is that Pathfinder changed the XP system around, which makes it a much harder venture - which includes creating a new XP system that adds balance to it again and isn't as much "plug and play" as Complete Control was.

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