[Dreamscarred Press] Need assistance on a thrallherd build! PLEASE HELP!

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This is going to be my Third attempt at getting some advice on psionics, from some more knowledgeable players, and I'm beginning to feel ignored. I'm using Ultimate Psionics by Dreamscarred Press, for anyone who wants to help out.

I'm building a Thrallherd character. The group is at 11th level. I haven't come up with the character's name yet, but the build currently looks something like this.

Race- Blue
Class- Psion 5 Telepath(mindbender)/Thrallherd 6
Stats- Str 8, Dex 16, Con 14, Int 20, Wis 14, Cha 10
01- Psionic Talent, Improved Initiative, Endowed Mind
03- Psionic Meditation
05- Persistant Power, Inquisitor
07- Master's Voice
09- Metapsionic Mastery (Mind Control)
11- Twin Power

So far, the only class that seems to successfully build into the Thrallherd is the Psion Telepath. I'm looking for advice on powers, feats, equipment. What kind of Thrall should I have? Any advice is welcome.

You might get better feedback in the third party advice forum, flagged to move there.

Thank you Moderators, for helping me relocate!

I'm looking for some advice on how to build this Thrallherd. I was looking over the Prestige class and I've found four classes that could build into a Thrallherd. The Dread, Psion Telepath, Tactician, and Vitalist.

I'm not sure if the build is proper, or if I need to fix it. But I'm beginning to doubt my idea. Maybe a collective would work. A Vitalist syphoning health from my followers or dominated enemies, to heal my fellow party members, or a Tactician syncing minds together so that they can all fight in harmony.

I've checked out the Thrallherd Handbook, but it seems to only point me in the direction of stuff from D&D 3.5. After looking through it, so many things are getting jumbled in my head.

EDIT: I keep getting this idea in my head. "Maybe build the Hatter, from Batman." Who mastered limited mind control.

I'd really appreciate some feedback here, because I'm lost on the Psionic powers, I can figure everything else out. But I'd really appreciate some helpful tips on powers.

I'll raise the idea for a Tactician as the entrypoint into Thrallherd. Their ability to boost allies is appreciated, the constant telepathy through the Collective even more insidious with a Thrallherd and you can make even lower level minions dangerous by boosting them.

A vitalist, like you entertained, is also nice, depending on how horrid you want to be in siphoning health from minions into allies.

You also might want to try for a higher charisma score than you have listed, maybe swap it for your wisdom. The higher you Cha, the more followers and higher level first thrall you will have. With the Tactician, you will need less dependent on meta-psi feats, than a psion.
With the Vitalist, it's Medic Powers class ability allows the ability to manifest a good number of buffing (and healing) powers over your collective with out the need of meta-psi feats as well. Though it loses out on it's life draining class features. Using the miasmic archetype may be a better ideal, as it loses less on multi-classing past 5th level.

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