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Rocket Raccoon wrote:
That dude there. I need his prosthetic leg.
Star Lord wrote:
His leg?
Rocket Raccoon wrote:
Yeah. God knows I don't need the rest of him. Look at him, he's useless.

That is a rather horrible combo for an enemy, and one mean combo if the player plays it right

Marco Massoudi wrote:

-Is there anything new with the Gray subtype?

Marco Massoudi wrote:

-Are any of the creatures part of the Azlanti Star Empire?

Marco Massoudi wrote:

-Are there any details on what the aberrations are? (my tentacled overlords are curious)

Akata, Dreamer, Embri, Embri Speaker, Haeshi-Sha (haeshi form) & Haeshi-Sha (sha form).
The last is a priestly caste of the Dominion of the Black, which is CR 12 in it's large liquid form and CR 16 in it's incorporeal form.
Another Dominion race, the chyzaedus, is mentioned.

Those Haeshi-sha are something I've been waiting for since Iron Gods, And I've been waiting for Embri since Distant Worlds. I'm glad they made it.

Do Akatas come with Void Zombies in their entries?
Do Dreamers have updated Art, or is it the same art from Occult Bestiary?

Marco Massoudi wrote:

Creatures which could also be of interest to your overlords are:

Bodysnatcher Slime, Color out of Space, Living Apocalypse, Mi-Go, Moonflower & Moonflower Titan & Shantak.

My tentacled overlords are grateful for your generous offer of extra information, when my copy arrives, I shall read those entries first after my first perusal. I might have to have my character purchase a Living Apocalypse trapped inside a Bag of Holding :D

Marco Massoudi wrote:

-Did Space Linnorms or Giant Psionic Starship-eating Hamsters make it this time? (fingers crossed on this one)

Sadly, no.

I hope Space Hamsters don't turn into Starfinder's Beholder/Mind Flayer problem ;)

Marco Massoudi wrote:

Are the pictures for the Mi-Go enough to make me say "Adios! aaaah! Mi-Go!"? (sorry I should be PUNished for such a terribly written pun)

Don't know, but there is a picture of a Brain Cylinder next to it (with stats). ;-)

Brain Cylinders! I know what I want to do to my fellow party members in the next evil campaign :D

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I could do without the Plane of Fire stuff, but they are exploring a star, which means Fire-themed monsters will likely be prevalent, the description only mentions one Efreeti, and an army of undisclosed race/species. Space-themed series have quite a history of dimensional invasion/incursion. The fact is, there are things in the sun, some of them native, some of them extraplanar, some of them extrasolar, and some of them just as confused as a whale who finds itself falling from the sky would feel.

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First Smurf to crash the message board Hahahaha!

In all seriousness, though, this AP seems legit from the descriptions

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"Business People" could mean a Barathu Corporation, and I'm pretty sure the next word is most likely Archipelago, but don't quote me on that.

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Cough...Cough... Wandrei's Fire Vampires and Long's Space Eaters (among other things, Muwahahahahahahahahaaa!) would be welcome Additions to the Golarion/Absalom Station Universe.

Product Description wrote:
evil elder entity

Fthaggua? Cthugha? Edit:a previous volume I didn't notice called it Malikah

Ron Lundeen wrote:
This is the most Lovecraftian fun I've had since writing for the Strange Aeons AP!

Ron, I know you guys at Paizo do well with Lovecraftian themes in Pathfinder with the Carrion Crown, Carrion Hill, and Strange Aeons, as well as several Bestiary entries, so I expect big things, and since you said you had fun writing it, I think it might have some dire implications if the players lose. Also, I just want you to know that Strange Aeons had the most well-rounded Aberration-heavy bestiary of every six-part AP I've ever read, and that's saying a lot, you guys were only missing three creature types after volume 6.

Telemnar wrote:
Sooo we are as I type 15 and a half hours into wednesday.. how much more wednesday do we need for the release of the PDF?

You are a little early, my friend. It's still 9:57 PM in the time zone that Paizo Headquarters is in, and Midnight of Tuesday where I am in the Central Time Zone of the United States.

Yes, the Old Cults want to know if we'll/I'll/they'll be making an appearance ;)

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A few questions, since the store I frequent won't be getting copies for another two or three weeks

Is there anything new with the Gray subtype?

Are any of the creatures part of the Azlanti Star Empire?

Are there any details on what the aberrations are? (my tentacled overlords are curious)

Did Space Linnorms or Giant Psionic Starship-eating Hamsters make it this time? (fingers crossed on this one)

Are the pictures for the Mi-Go enough to make me say "Adios! aaaah! Mi-Go!"? (sorry I should be PUNished for such a terribly written pun)


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Anything related to the Dominion of the Black or Aucturn?

absolutely loved the Smokeshade and the Hive Critter.

on the fence about the Joyful Things, and the Kyton that creeps out other Kytons.

where small sprigging are there are likely to be large ones (size changing monsters are awesome)

John Ryan, I like how you think. every spell caster dumb enough to cast an astral representation of their soul should have possible consequences to that action.

Also, Gold Sovereign, is there a link to where James mentioned the possibility of other campaign setting bestiaries?

James, Thank whoever chose to put an aberration, an ooze, and some plants in this book. My tentacled overlords approve. ;)

yes. yes we do, Thomas. (although we could just add fiendish, devilbound, and warped one to any of the previously existing kanji to make it happen)

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yeah, fey are cute, but they can't hold a candle to the totally ADORABLE mothers of monsters (Lamashtu, Yamasoth(?), and dear old Shub-Niggurath)

after flipping through Pact Worlds and some Pathfinder stuff. they've got about 4 or 5 Alien Archives worth of Aliens to choose from, not including AP Aliens. Congrats, Paizo, you are the masters of fluff books

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ratcatbo, that would stifle the main purpose of the book, though. namely that DM/GM's are the intended users of the book, with players as a secondary market. if the races are separated from the other creatures, it would pose a significant problem in layout design, particularly in placement of redundant pages explaining why they changed the layout of their book series. besides, if the players use their knowledge of rules text in-game to kill a monster/NPC their character doesn't know about, you can just drop 6 great old ones on the party as "Divine Punishment for use of Metadata"

realized this is a MUST-HAVE, since Alien Archives name-drops specific weapons for alien races in the stat blocks, lol

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Speculation on possibilities taken from the pages of the Core Rulebook (take this with a grain of salt):

Edit: Sorry for the Length

The Sun:
Whale-like fire elementals
plasma oozes
Jungle box sentient plant monsters
the "deep cultures" of the sun

other Aballonian constructs

other varieties of Formian
Sky Fishers (already in AP)

trash-eating Kheftaks (similar to Otyughs?)
tusk-winged Noraska
ghostly creatures called Khulan
winged creatures from Qidel

"Diaspora Wyrms"
Twisted figures in yellow rags (from the House of the Void)

Glass Serpents
Semi-intelligent grub-swarms
variety of undead
Elebrians (already in AP)

(note to self, look at Pathfinder sources for ideas)

Liavara (and Moons):
Air Plants
Giant Bacteria
Keji Swarms
Predators (vampiric tentacles, magical fields, acid-coated web-nets. suggested to be separate beings)
Dreamers (variation of Barathu)
sentient arthropods
Philosopher worms
mortal incarnation of Hylax
Lights of Hallas (already in Alien Archives 1)

Bretheda (and moons):
Barathu (Alien Archives 1, although variations would be appreciated)
living tools/tailored viruses/semi-intelligent servitor races (created by Barathu)
Kalo, Maraquoi, and Urogs (all in Alien Archives)

Ilee (survivals from a past age?)
Drow (Alien Archives)
Fleshwarps (augmentation sold by Drow)

Great Old Ones (possibly itself, at some point)
Elder Mythos/Old Cults (Great Old Ones, Outer Gods, any number of spawned races, and races dedicated to the worship of the Great Old Ones)
Dominion of the Black
Nyarlathotep, incarnate as the Black Pharaoh
Carsai the King
inhabitants of the pre-gap warships/madness-inducing hulks in the atmosphere
Orocorans (Alien Archives 1/First Contact)
the Midwives
Aucturn's child, Great Old One

long-necked, six-legged antelopes
four-winged birds

Azlanti Star Empire:
inhabitants of Thenekral
17 officially designated "sentient alien species"

Daegox 4:
the Daegox (possible name for the humanoid race that rules the Daegox Corporation and Daegox 4)

Empyreal Lord, Duellona
skinless, eyeless creatures

mask-faced Embri
Levaloch devils
Occhiorasoi (Malebranche)

microbial mats

(Inhabitants not described in Core Rulebook)

Hub Geese


Psychic Gas Oozes
Xystrian Brotherhood

Riven Shroud:

Shadari Confederacy:
numerous races including:
Draeliks (Alien Archives 1)
Aeon, The Unmaker

Tabori Cluster:

the Vesk
cave-dwelling snake-people
jackal-faced arthropods
stranger creatures
squid folk of Vesk-2
ant like beings of Vesk-5
feline humanoid barbarians of Vesk-6
pacifist Frost Behemoths of Vesk-7 and Vesk-8

Cult of the Devourer:
Atrocites (AP)

Dominion of the Black:
Dominion Starships
dozens of races


The Unseen:
formless, ethereal refugees
shape-shifting drones of inter dimensional brood-mothers
manipulators of interstellar commerce clad in convincing skin suits
fungal parasites
Grays (Alien Archives 1)
(potentially aligned with Shadari,as reptoid opened a weapons vault to Shadari Pirates)

other races:

wonders if the Mutterer is good company... re-reads poem... nah, more like a misanthropic shut-in.

Proteans need to be a reflection of the infinite chaos the maelstrom embodies. if anything, they limit themselves by taking on a familiar form for us mortals. I'd love to witness the Cerulean void, or maybe the deep end of the maelstrom, where even proteans fear to dwell

wonders if the Mollusks in the description are the Embri. must dig through the rest of the Core rulebook for further speculations. after I hibernate. I've used up three of my brains already by staying awake this late.

Monthly is better. (for those of us who would like to be able to engineer massive intergalactic conspiracies where the Great Old Ones created the Devourer, who turned around and made the Dominion by eating their planets (as per Chyzaedu article from Occult Bestiary)

Edit: the bit about Great Old ones is mere conjecture, although the laughing black hole that ate the homeworld of the Chyzaedu is reminiscent of the Devourer

Rune Drive (Starfall?)

Just realized I goofed. the title suggests that my previous response was unnecessary. oops

playfully/casually wondering what all those tentacles and wings could be attached to on the temporary cover

anyone have a list of sources that mention sandpoint? I'd like to dig through them and play sleepless detective. the one's I know to look through are Inner Sea World Guide, Rise of the Runelords (Anniversary edition and original), and the Brinewall Legacy.

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Just thought of something. J, Q, X, and Z have a noticeable lack of Aberrations (alphabetically speaking... using both Pathfinder and Starfinder as reference).

I hope we have to break out of the "Prison Moon"

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if they do it should be called the "encyclopedia of Vhaeso's tears" in homage to the Dominion article in Iron Gods

also digging that morlock

Since this is a jungle set with Serpentfolk, I hope they include the Grick, Sagari, Syricta, and wolf-in-sheep's-clothing.

So who's gonna make a Bestiary 2E wishlist thread? my computer freaks out when I try to start a thread for some reason. if someone puts one up, I PROMISE I'll trudge through all the Bestiary wishlists and Bestiary Comment Sections and compile an archive of wishes, pointing out potential copyright issues where I notice them.

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any monster you've worked on. Sorry, I worded that weird

except Termagant

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yes, I especially like the Plagued Steed and Lava Children on the Placeholder Art

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nice Calvin and Hobbes reference, Opsylum.
and I do hope it's related to Neh-Thalggus, but it has two mouths. Do Neh-Thalggus have two mouths?
Dominion needs a whole Alien Archives to itself in my book.

I think he's referring to a location on Aucturn mentioned in the Starfinder Core Rulebook that releases a pheromone of some sort that causes all sorts of beings to do all sorts of things even Eros wouldn't do. (entendres intended)

so, any idea as to what that beautiful monster on the cover is?

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To: the Office of Expectation Management

Will there be Ewoks?

All-Seeing Orb, is Aucturn a good summer home for my budding Star-Spawn?

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if Yamasoth shows up, I'll be glad. Any monstrous outsider that turns people into things is alright in my book.

the Last one is going to tie up ALLLLLLLLLL the loose ends from the last 136 AP booklets! (he says in a completely convincing, but totally sardonic voice).

maybe we'll get some (insert favorite movie alien that needs a stand-in)

is a suffragan kyton based on the assumed root word, suffragette???

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no, no, no, we need more high stakes campaigns, bring on the ravening horde of 800 Qlippoth plus obligatory Qlippoth Lord Cameo. I mean, it is still okay to occasionally run from a fight, isn't it?

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so when is Paizo going to talk WizKids into doing Starfinder Battles? if they start now, they can do most of Alien Archives in the first set ;)

And maybe we'll see the real master of Zon-Kuthon... the Smurfs!!!

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