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I could do without the Plane of Fire stuff, but they are exploring a star, which means Fire-themed monsters will likely be prevalent, the description only mentions one Efreeti, and an army of undisclosed race/species. Space-themed series have quite a history of dimensional invasion/incursion. The fact is, there are things in the sun, some of them native, some of them extraplanar, some of them extrasolar, and some of them just as confused as a whale who finds itself falling from the sky would feel.

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First Smurf to crash the message board Hahahaha!

In all seriousness, though, this AP seems legit from the descriptions

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"Business People" could mean a Barathu Corporation, and I'm pretty sure the next word is most likely Archipelago, but don't quote me on that.

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Cough...Cough... Wandrei's Fire Vampires and Long's Space Eaters (among other things, Muwahahahahahahahahaaa!) would be welcome Additions to the Golarion/Absalom Station Universe.

Product Description wrote:
evil elder entity

Fthaggua? Cthugha? Edit:a previous volume I didn't notice called it Malikah

Ron Lundeen wrote:
This is the most Lovecraftian fun I've had since writing for the Strange Aeons AP!

Ron, I know you guys at Paizo do well with Lovecraftian themes in Pathfinder with the Carrion Crown, Carrion Hill, and Strange Aeons, as well as several Bestiary entries, so I expect big things, and since you said you had fun writing it, I think it might have some dire implications if the players lose. Also, I just want you to know that Strange Aeons had the most well-rounded Aberration-heavy bestiary of every six-part AP I've ever read, and that's saying a lot, you guys were only missing three creature types after volume 6.

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A few questions, since the store I frequent won't be getting copies for another two or three weeks

Is there anything new with the Gray subtype?

Are any of the creatures part of the Azlanti Star Empire?

Are there any details on what the aberrations are? (my tentacled overlords are curious)

Did Space Linnorms or Giant Psionic Starship-eating Hamsters make it this time? (fingers crossed on this one)

Are the pictures for the Mi-Go enough to make me say "Adios! aaaah! Mi-Go!"? (sorry I should be PUNished for such a terribly written pun)

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Anything related to the Dominion of the Black or Aucturn?

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yeah, fey are cute, but they can't hold a candle to the totally ADORABLE mothers of monsters (Lamashtu, Yamasoth(?), and dear old Shub-Niggurath)

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ratcatbo, that would stifle the main purpose of the book, though. namely that DM/GM's are the intended users of the book, with players as a secondary market. if the races are separated from the other creatures, it would pose a significant problem in layout design, particularly in placement of redundant pages explaining why they changed the layout of their book series. besides, if the players use their knowledge of rules text in-game to kill a monster/NPC their character doesn't know about, you can just drop 6 great old ones on the party as "Divine Punishment for use of Metadata"

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Speculation on possibilities taken from the pages of the Core Rulebook (take this with a grain of salt):

Edit: Sorry for the Length

The Sun:
Whale-like fire elementals
plasma oozes
Jungle box sentient plant monsters
the "deep cultures" of the sun

other Aballonian constructs

other varieties of Formian
Sky Fishers (already in AP)

trash-eating Kheftaks (similar to Otyughs?)
tusk-winged Noraska
ghostly creatures called Khulan
winged creatures from Qidel

"Diaspora Wyrms"
Twisted figures in yellow rags (from the House of the Void)

Glass Serpents
Semi-intelligent grub-swarms
variety of undead
Elebrians (already in AP)

(note to self, look at Pathfinder sources for ideas)

Liavara (and Moons):
Air Plants
Giant Bacteria
Keji Swarms
Predators (vampiric tentacles, magical fields, acid-coated web-nets. suggested to be separate beings)
Dreamers (variation of Barathu)
sentient arthropods
Philosopher worms
mortal incarnation of Hylax
Lights of Hallas (already in Alien Archives 1)

Bretheda (and moons):
Barathu (Alien Archives 1, although variations would be appreciated)
living tools/tailored viruses/semi-intelligent servitor races (created by Barathu)
Kalo, Maraquoi, and Urogs (all in Alien Archives)

Ilee (survivals from a past age?)
Drow (Alien Archives)
Fleshwarps (augmentation sold by Drow)

Great Old Ones (possibly itself, at some point)
Elder Mythos/Old Cults (Great Old Ones, Outer Gods, any number of spawned races, and races dedicated to the worship of the Great Old Ones)
Dominion of the Black
Nyarlathotep, incarnate as the Black Pharaoh
Carsai the King
inhabitants of the pre-gap warships/madness-inducing hulks in the atmosphere
Orocorans (Alien Archives 1/First Contact)
the Midwives
Aucturn's child, Great Old One

long-necked, six-legged antelopes
four-winged birds

Azlanti Star Empire:
inhabitants of Thenekral
17 officially designated "sentient alien species"

Daegox 4:
the Daegox (possible name for the humanoid race that rules the Daegox Corporation and Daegox 4)

Empyreal Lord, Duellona
skinless, eyeless creatures

mask-faced Embri
Levaloch devils
Occhiorasoi (Malebranche)

microbial mats

(Inhabitants not described in Core Rulebook)

Hub Geese


Psychic Gas Oozes
Xystrian Brotherhood

Riven Shroud:

Shadari Confederacy:
numerous races including:
Draeliks (Alien Archives 1)
Aeon, The Unmaker

Tabori Cluster:

the Vesk
cave-dwelling snake-people
jackal-faced arthropods
stranger creatures
squid folk of Vesk-2
ant like beings of Vesk-5
feline humanoid barbarians of Vesk-6
pacifist Frost Behemoths of Vesk-7 and Vesk-8

Cult of the Devourer:
Atrocites (AP)

Dominion of the Black:
Dominion Starships
dozens of races


The Unseen:
formless, ethereal refugees
shape-shifting drones of inter dimensional brood-mothers
manipulators of interstellar commerce clad in convincing skin suits
fungal parasites
Grays (Alien Archives 1)
(potentially aligned with Shadari,as reptoid opened a weapons vault to Shadari Pirates)

other races:

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Just thought of something. J, Q, X, and Z have a noticeable lack of Aberrations (alphabetically speaking... using both Pathfinder and Starfinder as reference).

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if they do it should be called the "encyclopedia of Vhaeso's tears" in homage to the Dominion article in Iron Gods

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any monster you've worked on. Sorry, I worded that weird

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yes, I especially like the Plagued Steed and Lava Children on the Placeholder Art

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nice Calvin and Hobbes reference, Opsylum.
and I do hope it's related to Neh-Thalggus, but it has two mouths. Do Neh-Thalggus have two mouths?
Dominion needs a whole Alien Archives to itself in my book.

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To: the Office of Expectation Management

Will there be Ewoks?

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if Yamasoth shows up, I'll be glad. Any monstrous outsider that turns people into things is alright in my book.

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no, no, no, we need more high stakes campaigns, bring on the ravening horde of 800 Qlippoth plus obligatory Qlippoth Lord Cameo. I mean, it is still okay to occasionally run from a fight, isn't it?

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so when is Paizo going to talk WizKids into doing Starfinder Battles? if they start now, they can do most of Alien Archives in the first set ;)

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Would it be too much to ask if you have a top 30 preference of monsters you made using Outsider Groups as single entries?

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Soooo............ Space Linnorms?

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Let's start wondering about the description, shall we?

Want to play an intelligent, multi-legged centipede? An emotionless, mask-wearing mollusk? and Uplifted Bear?

Not gonna lie, I want to take that "uplifted bear" and make a character called "Yogi" or run around yelling "only you can prevent forest fires". Can't wait to see them.

the centipede seems like an odd choice, but I'll roll with it, as long as it isn't tiny.
and the mollusk just sounds awesome.

Just in time for me to have birthday money to buy it with, although that means I have to wait 6 months (not including this month) and come back every weeks looking for possible questions that Jason or Owen might answer excitedly at 3 in the morning when the coffee pot has run out.

On that note, here's hoping for Mattresses! those of you familiar with towel wielding earthmen and editors from Betelgeuse might know what I mean.

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there is no such thing as "bloat", only people who think that we have too many of "good things"
I for one love the strength that the diversity in all mechanics has given Golarion. ten years have made it a unique world, and while not as diverse as a "real world", it certainly got close.

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or a gun that shoots oozes at people, for my new "favorite", space goblins!

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Awahoon, I don't believe based on what has been said by in other forums that an "overhaul" is likely. I don't want to trawl through a thousand pages of forums, but the developers are keen on Golarion being as close to 1E Pathfinder as possible, plus a few rules changes.
I for one like the "Science-Fiction" creatures. The Horla was one of the best creatures in Bestiary 6 in my opinion, and I rather enjoy the nods to A.E. Van Vogt when they developed the Coeurl. they add a flavor to roleplaying that gives people a taste of great literature, if they chase down the original source. I'd love to see a few D&D creatures make the jump. I'm not to keen on seeing Balors again, but I'd love to see a lot of the AD&D2E monsters (Spelljammer, Outer Planes, Fiend Folio and Planescape in particular)

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I'm anxious to see what Todd is excited about, I think it might be chaotic and fun

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Bloodplate Burster? sounds like someone's been watching Alien ;)

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I like flumphs, even though they inherently try to stop the "Cosmic Evils" I advocate. besides, they make useful remarks on forums.

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I guess they might reprint a few from Pathfinder, and maybe a few from the Adventure Path, but I hope they'll stick with mostly original creatures, at least until the third Archive.

If they do reprint a few Pathfinder Aliens, I would hope it was Dominion Creatures (Chyzaedu, Neh-Thalggu, Rhu-Chalik, Lunarma, Neshmaal, Yangethe, Yah-Thelgaad, Shipmind, Intellect Devourer/Egophage, Vespergaunt and Ugothokra) although there are several other Alien races which could be brought forth into Starfinder (all the creatures associated with the Old Cults, Several creatures From Bestiary 1-6, Distant Worlds, People of the Stars, Numeria, Land of the Fallen, and Iron Gods)

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here's hoping they don't pull a dnd and reprint everything before coming up with amazing new content. I'd have preferred they didn't make a new "edition", unless making Pathfinder 2E makes it where they can finally stat up Mind Flayers, Beholders, and Grells... maybe they'll keep making bestiaries with new creatures instead of giving us new blocks for all the same demons, angels, kytons, etc.

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I was wrong, rebuilt are horrifying.

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meant Aucturn, not Aucton

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Here's hoping for all that Auction-ish goodness. I'm really hankering for some of Cthulhu's Calamari

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Wannabe Demon Lord wrote:
AmbassadoroftheDominion wrote:
Hoping the Asura might be a Mukasura, Sumali, or Tarakasura

REALLY wish you would name drop mythical creatures like that more often Ambassador. You seem to know a pretty substantial number, and I'm always on the hunt for more.

I hadn't heard of those three Asuras. So, Mukasura is an Asura that takes the form of a Boar, Sumali is Ravana's father, and Tarakasura is an insanely powerful one that fought the entire pantheon? That's what Google's telling me at least. How would you interpret those three as Asuras for Pathfinder?

Wannabe Demon Lord,

sorry for replying late, I don't really know how I would interpret them, I just think they'd be awesome.

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As long as this manual of the planes doesn't become just another reason to give us between six and thirty new Outsiders. The Transitive Planes and the Abyss have both proven that not everything in the non-material planes have to be outsiders. Don't get me wrong, Outsiders are awesome, but planes that have [b]infinite[b] diversity of life (or unlike) should show in a diversity of creature types. If they decide to make this book, then fiends and celestials should be excluded, since they already have campaign settings of their own. bring on the Transitive plane equivalent of vermin, the sentient echoes of past heroes, the immortal beings created by the sound an avalanche makes, hey I'd even be alright with seeing celestial Oozes.

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Most of them [i]should[i] be.

Most of Donald and Howard Wandrei's works were published between 1926-1987, the vast majority of them were written before the 40's. Clark Ashton Smith may be a little difficult (aside from the ones that are not named, but described.) He started writing in 1910, and was still writing poetry when he died in 1961. Long's creatures should be mostly okay to use as well. His short fiction was largely written between 1920-1994 and are technically more difficult to track copyrights (the only technical contention with some of his usable creatures would be Petersen Games or Chaosium).

Also, MMCJawa, almost Everything in Book of Imaginary Creatures is either from Mythology, The Old Fearsome Beasts of the Lumberwoods books, or some early weird fiction (Lewis Carroll, C.S. Lewis, Franz Kafka)

On a Separate Note, there is an absolutely amazing creature from Polynesian Mythology that has previously escaped my notice, and since I found out about it a week ago, I thought I'd mention it:

Pe'ape'a-maka-walu (Eight-Eyed Bat)

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Here it Is not as much as I'd thought I'd post...

Alice in Wonderland:
  • Borogoves
  • Bread-And-Butterfly
  • Chesire Cat
  • Hookah Smoking Caterpillar
  • Talking Flowers
  • Mome Raths
  • Rocking-Horsefly
  • Snarks

Book of Imaginary Beings:
  • Antelopes with Six Legs
  • Axehandle Hound
  • Baldanders
  • Calchona
  • Denizens of Ch'uan-T'i
  • Eight-Forked Serpent
  • Gillygaloo
  • Goofus Bird
  • Hidebehind
  • Kujata
  • The Lamed Wufniks
  • the Leveler
  • The Monkey of the Inkpot
  • Musical Serpent
  • Namazu
  • Squonk
  • Talos
  • Teakettler
  • Thermal Beings
  • Upland Trout
  • Zaratan
  • Clark Ashton Smith Some, not all:
  • Abbars
  • Abstract Eye
  • Aihais
  • Alphads
  • Anakim
  • Anthropophagi
  • Baleful Things
  • Blemphroims
  • Boreal Demons
  • Brainless Reptiles
  • Charnel-Worms
  • Colossal Arachnidans
  • Crawling Foulness
  • Cyclopean Fat Lizards
  • Denizens of Ciis
  • Dhjibbis
  • Dog-Headed Devils
  • Empusae
  • Ethereal plants
  • Eyeless Giants
  • Faceless Things
  • Floral Parasites
  • Flesh-eating Trees
  • Floral Serpents
  • Gazolba-Bird
  • Ghlongs
  • Ghorri
  • Grass that squirmed like innumerable worms
  • Great Silver Beetles
  • Half-Begetable Monsters
  • Headless Things like bloated Moons
  • Horses from Hell
  • Purpureal bats
  • Hydra-Bodied Tapeworms
  • Myriad-Tailed Worms
  • Invisible Sluggish vampires
  • Large Centipedal Animals
  • Leprous Larvae
  • Living Parasitic Mosses
  • Long-legged Serpents like Anacondas
  • Macrocosmic Giant
  • Many-Legged Monsters
  • Millipedal Monsters, half a mile long
  • Monstrous One-Legged Toads
  • Moon-Calf
  • Orpods
  • Pilgrims to the City of the Singing Flame
  • Reed-like plants with lip-like formations
  • Scaleless, Milk-white Serpents
  • Strange Legless Mammals
  • Tall insect forms, like Phasmidae
  • the Final Weaver
  • Undying Worms of Fire and Darkness
  • Vegetable Centipedes
  • White Spiders, Demon-headed and large as monkeys
  • Ydheems
  • Etcetera
  • Robert E. Howard:
  • Weeping Obscenity
  • Yothga
  • Yag-Kosha
  • Hooded Shapes of Darkness
  • Thaug
  • Frank Belknap Long:
  • Sea-Vampire
  • Blasphemous Slug
  • Headless Worms
  • Jormungandar
  • Flabby Grasshopper
  • Space-Eaters
  • Chaugnar Faugn
  • Brothers of Chaugnar
  • Fire Mists
  • Miri Nigri
  • Protoplasmic Shapes
  • Conoids
  • Skinned Spheres
  • Geometric Blasphemies
  • Barnacle Masters
  • Donald Wandrei:
  • Fire Vampires
  • Tree-Men of M'Bwa
  • The Master of the Whirling Flux
  • Fthaggua, Lord of Ktynga
  • Disembodied Heads that Roll
  • Pale Avengers
  • Orchids lifting blooms like children's faces
  • Polypods
  • Homoplasm
  • Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy:
  • Hooloovoo
  • Jatravartids
  • Vogons
  • Flaybooz
  • Flolloping Mattress
  • Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Trall

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    I know this is probably not a popular idea, but I thought I would ask, at the risk of drawing the ire of those who don't like the type. The word adorable is interchangeable with Terrifying, Cuddly, Awesome, and other such descriptive words. any and all are welcome to comment.

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    also,(off topic). How do you guys post seven things in the time it takes me to write a response?

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    the jeff wrote wrote:
    I don't find "Evil" to be a useful label for any but the most extreme aberrations.

    I know plenty of aberrations that would argue that point. Good and Evil are merely social constructs designated by the ruling society. to an orc, raiding villages and leaving no survivors is good, to a paladin, it's bad. While many aberrations consider themselves above such abstract constructs of morality and ethics, there are plenty that would come to warn us of impending doom.

    To respond to the whole war is evil thing that I have seen in some of the above comments, I would say that war is not evil, but it is a monstrous and destructive thing, which leaves a mark of madness on some. the same goes for Conscription and Propaganda.

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    that sewer blight will be great for augmenting the sewers of all the major cities. Also, with regards to great Old ones that resemble ooze, there are several that could be great old ones, or outer gods (4 or 5 out of the 50+ Great Old Ones/Mythos Deities mentioned by Lovecraft).
    Somebody should ask about Nyogtha, Kuttner may or may not be Public Domain.

    P.S: I absolutely love the idea that the serpentfolk tried to make living weapons and failed miraculously at controlling them.

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    I hope Monday ends soonish. I really look forward to seeing spoilers

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    Finally realized that Charon's presence in a bestiary means I can reenact some of my favorite Ray Harryhausen scenes

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    Isabelle Lee said wrote:
    "does anyone have a list of which organizations have been officially confirmed for this book?"

    the product description names 10 out of the 18 it alleges to be there. I am glad I re-read the product description., because I personally love the idea of more Red Mantis. I've been enamored with them ever since seeing stats for their "god", Achaekek.

    "the Aldori Swordlords, the Aspis Consortium, the Cyphermages, the Gray Maidens, the Hellknights, the Lantern Bearers, the Magaambya, the Mammoth Lords, the Pathfinder Society, and the Red Mantis."

    on a personal note, I am kind of hoping for some juicy Night Heralds info.

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    This ought to be a great book, I will have to figure out how to utilize it in my Ustalav Campaign

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    But Demon Lord, what about plants that lure people into pits by sounding like wounded animals or Lost children?
    If we run out of shapeless blobs to make, there are always protoplasmic entities, Slime Molds, Mucus-like creatures, and an infinite array of Giant bacteria and Viruses to Consider.)
    I have issues with the one thing that has less than oozes, Vermin. There are an estimated 7 billion life-forms on the planet earth, a large percent of that is typically excepted as being spineless.
    Sorry, I lied, Wannabe Demon Lord Coaxed me Out of Hiding *twiddles fingers in shame*

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    So, I was a good little ambassador and decided to read the whole forum scanning for "this is in the book" quotes.
    Here is my list of what is in (that I know of), based on this discussion, the product description, and the Bestiary 6 art post.
    1. Archdevil, Baalzebul
    2. Archdevil, Barbatos
    3. Archdevil, Belial
    4. Archdevil, Dispater
    5. Archdevil, Geryon
    6. Archdevil, Mammon
    7. Archdevil, Mephistopheles
    8. Archdevil, Moloch
    9. Benchak the Stalker's hitherto unnamed monster that he's excited about
    10. Chesire Cat/Nekomata/Bakeneko (one of the Three. Personally hoping for C, I've been Practicing my Pooh/Kaa Voice since I found out he might be in. *Wink, Wink*). 
    11. Conqueror Worm
    12. Demon, Oolioddroo
    13. Dragon, 1
    14. Dragon, 2
    15. Dragon, 3
    16. Dragon, 4
    17. Dragon, 5
    18. Elder Worm
    19. Empyreal Lord, Arshea
    20. Empyreal Lord, Black butterfly
    21. Empyreal Lord, Ragathiel
    22. Entothrope
    23. Giant, Mongrel
    24. Giant, Shadow
    25. Giant, Tomb
    26. Great Old One, ??? (One Lovecraft made, so Rhan-Tegoth or Yig)
    27. Great Old One, ??? (One typically considered an Outer god, So maybe Yig or Nhimbaloth. Or Chaugnar, If I get really Lucky and My wish is granted [very Unlikely though...stinkin Product Identity, I like my favorite Vampire Elephant])
    28. Great Old One, ??? (Orgesh or Mhar)
    29. Green Man
    30. Hivemind Swarm
    31. Horseman, Appollyon
    32. Horseman, Charon
    33. Horseman, Szuriel
    34. Horseman, Trelmarixian
    35. Kaiju, Varklops
    36. Kaiju, Vorgozen
    37. Kaiju, Yarthoon
    38. Krampus
    39. Living Statues (haunted by Dead Gods)
    40. Mockingfey
    41. Monkey Goblin
    42. Munavri
    43. Naiad
    44. One Tome of Horrors Monster (I hope its the Gorbel, but that's just me)
    45. Protean, Pelagastr
    46. Strangely Sentient Ooze (strange is just used for Consonance, because the almighty James 47. says so [Hopes sarcasm is obvious])
    48. The Horla
    49. Whisperer (the Willows)
    50. Wild Hunt
    51. Yaddithian

    Aside from the Named Creatures, there are several that were mentioned, but not named (quite frustrating, but I'll get over it)
    -Constructs (your guess is as good as mine)
    -Old School Dungeons and Dragons Monsters (Based on the words Old School, I'm thinking OD&D: fingers crossed for Carrion Crawler, Floating Eyes, and Grab Grass)
    -Psychopomps (may haps some reprints, since Ahmuuth, Ember Weaver, Esobok, Kere, Memitim, Shoki, Viduus are all in Inner Sea Bestiary, Inner Sea Gods, or the AP Line)
    -Qlippoth (a lot of people say that they've been confirmed, so I'll say maybe reprints, like Gongorinan and Thognorok)
    -Todd Stewart Monsters (New ones)

    Basically, we know just about 51 of the 233? monsters. Roughly 21 Percent of the Creatures.
    let me know if I missed any other Creatures that were confirmed. On the great Old Ones, That is simply an Educated Guess, as I am certain some of you will ask where I got that Info, I didn't, i just think that's what's likely, (either that or I'm totally wrong and James can say something cryptic about how it's sort of like an avatar of Nyarlathotep, but not... maybe a manifestation of good old Shub-Niggurath? OR, why not look and see if any of the Outer Gods in Strange Aeons have less than five Domains! While we're at it, we can check the Inner Sea Gods, and see who might be included based on the lack of a fifth domain as well. Sherlock Powers, Activate!)

    On a Separate Note, I really hope that there are no Demon Lords in it. I would prefer they allow us the privilege of getting to know Demigods from some of other groups, like Qlippoth lords, Quasi-Dities, and *Cough, Cough* Our Protean Overlords or Primal Chaos (since there's seven of them, we could call them the "Seven Gods of Chaos" *Cough, Cough... Ogdru Jahad*...)

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    Looks like I have a great reason to attend Free RPG day again. I have wanted to see the Haan ever since I read through Distant Worlds.
    Also, you have no Idea how difficult it is not to make jokes about the Borg when the product is called First Contact.

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    So, I was looking through my copies of books one through five of this path, and I realized, this has been one of the most well-rounded bestiaries I've seen. and we were only missing 3 creature types.

    on another note, how do you guys get your copies so fast? I have to wait another 11 days to see all of that Carcosa-ish goodness.

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    Slightly off-topic, but those chains he's carrying remind me of the Muppet Christmas Carol,

    Spoilers for those who haven't seen a Twenty-Five year old Movie:
    when Jacob and Robert Marley (Statler and Waldorf) Haunt Scrooge.

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