They Came From Below!

Monday, March 19, 2018

The journey into the Jungle of Despair continues this week with a look at some of the myriad threats that may face your party in the Darklands below the jungle, such as in the final two volumes of the Serpent's Skull Adventure Path.

You've already seen the morlock cleric, serpentfolk cleric, and serpentfolk wizard, so there's no use in trying to tease what monstrous civilizations this week's previews are going to represent. What good is a morlock cleric without a congregation of followers to do his bidding? Look no further than the morlock, a Medium common figure. I expect most GMs to get at least two of these figures to take advantage of their swarming special ability!

Not to be outdone by the degenerate offspring of their ancient Azlanti enemies, serpentfolk are even better represented in this set than morlocks, with two more figures we haven't seen yet. The first is the serpentfolk hunter, a Medium common figure, the perfect component for a serpentfolk warband, either guarding their subterranean domain or venturing to the surface with evil intent.

The final serpentfolk in the set is the serpentfolk rogue, a Medium uncommon figure. I love hand crossbows, and this figure shows off why. Using the vials of poison on its belt, the serpentfolk rogue can envenom both a bolt and its blade, presenting a deadly threat both to enemies within reach and dozens of feet away.

Lastly, we have a brave adventurer willing to travel into the darkness to rid the world of these sinister beasts. The human paladin commander makes a great figure for both a player character or the noble leader of a holy order of knights, such as the Glorious Reclamation in the Hell's Vengeance Adventure Path. The human paladin commander is a Medium rare figure.

Check back next week, for the antepenultimate entry into our Jungle of Despair preview series! Yes, that makes this the preantepenultimate preview, but who's counting?

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Great preview, those look good! Realy liking what I have seen of this set thus far.

Also you make me learn 2 new words(not a native English speaker), thank you!

Two more great additions for my serpentfolk nation! The Paladin Commander is magnificent as well. Jungle of Despair is shaping up very nicely.

Shadow Lodge

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I really hope these show the attention to detail needed in their final painted form. So many of these minis have the potential to be awesome additions to the line.

Since this is a jungle set with Serpentfolk, I hope they include the Grick, Sagari, Syricta, and wolf-in-sheep's-clothing.

also digging that morlock

Dark Archive

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If anyone is interested in the stats of the two Serpentfolk, they are from page 202 & 203 of the "Monster Codex" and are a Rogue level 1 & Ranger level 2.

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