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[*launches a super delicious belgian chocolate in Snow Jade's open maw*]

Fshhh ! Fshhh ! Get away, cat ! Let me my win !

[*basks in the radiant heat of a won thread*]

I reign supreme !

I, Supreme, reign !

I - Supreme - reign !

Reign, "I" Supreme !

I. Reign. Supreme !

Eye reign supreme. Also, France, Gnome, and Karl Sittersold

Ha ! I knew you were in cahoots with the demonic Karl Flufferbold !

But I shall vanquish, nonetheless !

And so, I win !

I deny the winning existance of gnomes and France.

Also, I play Blackjack and I win everytime.

I do know the difference between Snake Eyes and Box Cars. Snake Eyes are better is all.
That is why I win.

Lantern Lodge

Seriously, M. Serpent...

You botched the contract. That's what you did... It happens to the best of us.

[*passes his hand in his jet-black air*]. Though not to all of us.

[*marks a pause and straightens his collar against the bitter cold wind*]

If I were you, I'd cut my losses.

[*fetches a pack of cigarettes from his poly-morf jacket*]

And the only one who's left still standing...

[*lights a Chinese contraband cigarette*]

Just because you have legs to stand on; that will not stop me from WINNING!

Lantern Lodge

[*shakes his head*]

Too personal... can't say I'm confortable with that.

Serpent: you've got no feet... are you sure you want to dance ?

[*smiles politely and disquietingly*]

Sometimes, losing is the better course. Of course, I'm not speaking about me.

Could have fooled me.

"Get back in my Belly."

Lantern Lodge

Yeah. "All good things..." and all that jazz...

[*hands a handful of neo-yen to Nasty Orc*]

For a job well done, friend, if not well understood.

[*inhales his cigarette smoke deeply, then releases it, as well as all the invisible tension built during the last minutes*]

I must go now. An appointment...

[*hops in an armored hovercraft which seemingly materialized out of thin air ; the hovercraft glides away, disappearing in the belly of the urban sprawl*]

All that mumbo jumbo just to lose

YOU lose !

Muhahahahaha !

Not so fast

The Eye ! It burns in my flames ! My beautiful flames ! Victory ! Victory !

And I thought I was having a bad hair day.

You thought correctly.

Worst hair day ever.

I suspect it happens to you a lot.

Man your not kidding

...and I'm a slaad.

High and tight soldier! Commoner FTW!

And I am angry I will give you high and tight. just above your shoulders looks good so I won't need to see that ugly mug of yours anymore.

I win. Again. You just have to acknowledge my win.

Come on ! You know you want to do it ! That sense of closure !

Now that's what I call a bad hair day. Maybe you could do an eyebrow comb-over.

Well, Waterhammer, nobody could accuse you of having a bad hair day - you seem pretty hurricane-proof. You must spend a fortune on hair styling?

Look who's talking...

Come one, Sissyl: if you acknowledge my win, I will acknowledge yours. Sometime. In the future.

The future is now

Well, bowling ball, I am not prepared to offer you that. If you acknowledge my win first, however, I can acknowledge yours. Sometime. In the future. Sweet deal huh?

Oh Sissyl B De Mille, you so crazy!

My offer is rescinded !

My righteous fury of winning will be unleashed on those who refused my generous offer of co-winning !

Practically speaking, it means that I win now. Alone, proud and well-dressed.

Except you don't win real winners are not called Quiche.

Seriously, the onlywins I acknowledge are win. Seriously...

I smurft the smurf and the smurf won.

I smurft the smuft.

The smurf won.

To Burning Straw Man: man, that's a straw man argument.

To the blue creature with a red bonnet: look into this nice Bag of Countenance... "Hooo, here at the bottom [there's no such thing in there] ! It looks like a Sphere of Annihil... !"

And I win !


takes bag and pulls it down over the gnomes head

I win.

You're not winning !

Go back to your secret socially advanced lesbo island and let me my win !

Seems like she intends to take you with her. I have no idea why, really, but if I had to guess, they are starting up a bowling alley?

No, a rugby franchise.

Ah, of course. Thing is, though, his head has the wrong shape for that...?

[*muffled sounds from the bag*]

"Let me go out, you witch ! I'm afraid of the dark !"

Well, well, well...

It has been a long time since I paid a visit to this delusional thread and its megalomaniacal residents.

This is not a judgment value, of course. I've been professionaly trained to not do these (and it's a good thing for you, too).

You are obviously all uncomfortable around a strong mother figure...

Who would like to talk first ? You don't need to be afraid.

Silver Crusade

Tsk tsk tsk.

Fred, Fred, Fred...

Well, brother, for all your constraining goodiness, it seems I've won this thread !

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