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Lost In Limbo wrote:

I'm a big fan of the Voice Amplifier from Alien Archive.

I'm not sure if anyone else at the table is amused by a gallant robo-knight who keeps forgetting to turn his volume down, but I certainly am.


"oh great you can read my mind." "IGNORE ME! ...ALSO YES."

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SilvercatMoonpaw wrote:
Are there still any plans to release that "akashic druid"?

I thought the radiant with the druid-like veils covered that?

shape veil does not give essence. I'm strapped for time right now, but I'll get back to this in a bit.

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i nominate drop dead studios or dreamscarred press.

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Scott_UAT wrote:

Wear it's skin.

soo... horror?

UnArcaneElection wrote:

Note: This would require prestige class archetypes (why haven't we seen any of these yet)?

Dreamscarred Press actually did a couple of prestige class archetypes in Seventh Path.

So, I am playing a tiefling Soulknife, currently level 1, but level 2 is fast approaching. and the first hard choice comes quickly: What blade Skill to pick!
my stats
ability scores were rolled, background skills from pathfinder unchained are in place. oh, and bastard was taken with DM permission, even though I later found out it was supposed to be human only.

I am essentially the party's tank, so I was initially thinking Mark of the Challenger, though realized it doesn't scale, so at level 6 may become rarely used.
I am also eyeing Telekinetic Athleticism (from Psionics Augmented: Soulknives) which would give me Mental Leap and Speed of Thought feats, which would nicely offset the speed reduction from medium armor.

what do you guys think? what would you guys pick (not just from those two, but in general)?

Louis Agresta wrote:
Air0r wrote:
Blade in space? Playable space vamps? Wait those aren't really questions... I suppose neither is Space Umbrella, even if i add a question mark to it, lol.
Space Umbrella? We could make a Space Mary Poppins class... I suppose... If you really want that? *scribbles notes* mutter mutter... whatever they want mutter mutter

I kinda meant space umbrella as a resident evil style umbrella corporation, in space.

Blade in space? Playable space vamps? Wait those aren't really questions... I suppose neither is Space Umbrella, even if i add a question mark to it, lol.

not sure how fool's errand, unquiet grave, and new one stands, nor chimera soul for that matter.

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I signed up! now to wait and see what form of horror you guys have in mind, cause vampires and werewolves in space sounds awesome, but who knows, lol.

I suppose you could break up the psychic warrior into expanded options for other classes or even an archetype. though I have to say the warrior paths could make for a solid way to make a class viable.

Going to be honest, I imagined you guys fusing psychic warrior with soulknife to make a class anew (though making soulknife available to everyone via a feat/archetype is certainly neat and I like it).

I WOULD be interested in a few of the Athanitism (anathatism?) powers from seventh path making it to your new core, if in a limited way at first.

Emberion wrote: orms


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Awesome! Thank you guys for being awesome!

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I'd like to play, if it isn't too late.

The Ragi wrote:

Back with this week's contribution! My first conversion, first archetype, first psionic, first level 1st. The spoiler tag is there for anyone who might play this scenario in the future, but it doesn't give out much other than “there's a last boss, she'll attack you on this place”.

Character on Google Docs

Ultimate Psionics
Pathfinder Society Scenario #3-11: The Quest for Perfection—Part II: On Hostile Waters
Xiao Wen________________________________
XP 400
Female half-giant thunderjarl (psionic warrior) 1
LN medium humanoid (human, giant)
Init +1; Senses low-light vision, Perception +6
AC 16, touch 11, flat-footed 15 (+5 armor, +1 dexterity)
hp 7
Fort +3 Ref +1 Will +2; +2 vs. fire spells and effects
Speed 30 feet (while psionically focused)
Melee large heavy flail +2 (2d8+8/19-20)
Power Points 4
Psionic powers known (ML 1st; concentration +3)
1st - inevitable strike, stomp (DC 11 or DC 13)
0 (at will, when psionically focused) - blinding flash (DC 12), float
Str 16, Dex 12, Con 13, Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 10
Base Atk +0, CMB +3, CMD 14
Feats Psionic Talent, Psionic Weapon, Speed of Thought, Power Attack
Skills intimidate +4, knowledge (psionics) +4, perception +6, profession (sailor) +6, survival +6...

In the spoiler you mention getting 2d8+7+3d6 damage. but how? the best my math comes to is 2d8+7+2d6 and not being able to swift action Roshan's Inevitable Strike (at level 1 I don't know of any way to have more than 1 psionic focus to expend).

Calm Stance seems to vastly overshadow Guarded Stance.

This is a problem I have with barbarians and unchained barbarians too: they get DR far too late and too small amounts to mean much, in my opinion. However, that is fine here because this is a hybrid of barbarian and witch. speaking of:

any chance of a 'universal' spirit power or feat giving you access to a witches hex (pulled from a limited list of some kind)?

I don't know about the balance implications, but I think it would be cool to have a feat or something that let you use two stances at the same time, perhaps with a penalty. Or maybe to allow the benefit of a previous stance to linger for a round or two upon switching. heck, that could be a cool premise for an archetype, lol.

Cunning spirit's Low-light Vision power seems lackluster, considering you only have it while channeling the cunning spirit.

Otherwise nothing hopped out at me as particularly weak.

can we talk about those heads for a moment? so are they broken down by their most distinct trait? would a really lucky person produce a luck spirit? someone known for being agile producing an agility spirit? The naming convention just struck me as accurate, but somehow odd to me in fluff-context.

So, the Luck spirit channel is fine on it's own* (at early levels anyway), though the Fate's Favored trait may be a cause for concern. Then again, Fate's Favored is the problem child here, not the luck spirit.

The Curse Dodger spirit power maybe shouldn't have a level requirement considering the relative rarity of curse effects (unless DSP's path of war expanded [cursed razor discipline, mostly] and malefex class are in the game, which makes curse effects quite a bit more abundant).

*And then you reach the luck spirit powers: Fortune's Smile and Fortunate Stance. Luck bonuses do not stack (to my knowledge), and you must be channeling the luck spirit in order to use it's luck spirit powers...

Still reading, but these popped out at me for... long winded reasons involving such terrible real life luck that a character of mine has bad luck written into their backstory and is currently the primary drive of the current campaign arc.

No offense, but this is a giant Wall of Text. I'll look at it tomorrow (later today? time is weird) though.

I have made a few PoW character and NPCs in the past. swift and immediate actions will likely get used far more than in most other classes as your players use boost maneuvers and counters. remember that in any one round they can't make both a swift action and an immediate action! this easily forgotten rule will make so many headaches go away.

On the DM side, recall that in path of war expanded there is a trait that gives you a single maneuver (not a stance). so tougher monsterous enemies and some bosses I will generally give this trait to them (even if monsters don't generally get traits) and give them a counter or boost or some ability that can throw players for a loop if they know the bestiary just a bit too well.

the problem disciplines are broken blade and thrashing dragon, and part 2 of the Path of War errata should be fixing that.

James Risner wrote:
mberni wrote:
also would like to ask does permanency enlarge person and strong jaw stack?
You can have 1 real size increase (enlarge) and one virtual (strong jaw). Nothing else stacks.

Could you link us up to the sources please? It couldn't hurt.

I'm just going to put this out there: I like this idea. what kinds of recovery mechanics did you have in mind for the classes?
the tricky bit though is adding some limits and a spell ban list because I am assuming you want to keep the power level closer PoW, and limited wish, wish, their divine equivilents, summoning spells in general and a few others could prove problematic is unlimited.

I there a ranged version of Combat Expertise? preferably that counts as Combat Expertise for prerequisites?

the xiao wrote:
Air0r wrote:
any fun mini-releases planned for the halloween holiday? specifically in relation to the dread and scary stuff in general. this isn't much of a serious request, just something that sounds neat to me.
A Freddy wannabe archetype that can stalk dreams would rock!

I imagine that would maybe require fleshing out dreamscape combat a bit more. which, in fairness, they have talked about since 3.5, so that would be a cool surprise.

there is a blade skill that grants psychic strike, but only if you can't have it normally (gifted blades for example). The was in one of the psionics augmented soulknife releases.

Other ways a gifted blade can get psychic strike: Dark Tempest prestige class.

any fun mini-releases planned for the halloween holiday? specifically in relation to the dread and scary stuff in general. this isn't much of a serious request, just something that sounds neat to me.

to save you a few seconds: Hellcat Stealth

is there a short list of stuff (New releases and Errata for previous releases) coming soon or is the stuff in playtest essentially the list for now?

ok, so Psionics Augmented: Soulknife 2 has a thing that may help you out:


The elocator is the type of class that soulknives
would love to have, if they could meet the manifesting
requirements of this class. The emphasis on
manifesting is minor, and soulknives appreciate the
emphasis on speed, mobility, and complete control
over their position. To make this more compatible
with soulknives, we propose these optional, alternate
Prerequisites: Remove the manifesting 1st level
powers requirement. Add in the ability to generate
a mind blade, mind blade enhancement +1, and the
Ghost Step blade skill.
Manifesting: Each level of manifesting increases
the soulknife’s effective level with his mind blade
enhancement class feature.
Transporter: Change this ability to grant the blade
skill Cleave Space instead as a free blade skill. If there
character already possesses this, then the soulknife
may choose another blade skill of their choice that
they meet the prerequisites for"

if that spell wad 2nd or 3rd level, it would be fine, I think. but it is too much as a 1st level.

use skeletal champions instead of skeletons? that is an option too.

in fact, having some unquiet grave discipline for protection from clerics is nice (though in the hands of non-undead, is a good undead hunting discipline).

the cleaned up one is missing the stat block for the lucent.

recall that Craft (alchemy) is also used to make poisons. So, if that is a thing your character uses or has a market for...

I may need to see some examples, but I can offer suggestion as to things my wife and I would like to see.

my wife loves horse people, so some centaur-style half-horse-ness would be interesting to her.

In would suggest doing up racial feature sets (templates, I am just going to toss some out till it sticks, lol) for as many races as possible. then do some generic type and subtype racial bio-templates (better?).

specifics can come around when/if you do an open playtest.

so, you are proposing two templates (with each race being broken up into two templates) and an upbringing combined to create your race? if that is what I am understanding then I can totally get on board with that idea.

so, to make sure I understand: to get dwarf, you would pick both dwarf templates and the dwarf upbringing. but to get a tiefimar you would pick one tiefling and one aasimar and some upbringing?

If I am following along with what you are pitching, how are you handling alternate racial traits? will those be additional templates?

that said: maybe templates is a bad term here.

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sounds a lot like Dreamscarred Press's Bloodforge series. Is it supposed to be a fusion of that sort of concept and the Advanced Race Guide creation style rules?

quick question, does the stat block count against the word limit?

Ok, so reading up on it, marytial training is indead tracked slightly differently (and seperately from) initiating classes. HOWEVER, it would seem that most of the prestige classes listed in Path of War specifically note that they still grant you maneuvers if you took martial training:

awakened blade for example:

"At every even-number level, an awakened blade gains new maneuvers known from any discipline he previously had access to (either from a martial disciple class or from the Martial Training feat). He must meet a maneuver’s prerequisites to learn it. The character adds his full awakened blade levels to his initiator level to determine his total initiator level and his highest-level maneuvers known."

That said, I need to look and see if the errata made any changes to this.

Edit: errata

Is there a line in the book that mentions veils like the Loyal Paladin's Spear of Light to automatically act as a philosophy weapon for a guru?

Unrelated, but I recently re-downloaded the book to make sure i have the most up to date version, and there are still some things that I am surprised haven't been corrected (like the alignment section for daevics still saying: Alix`x`x`gnment). Is there some form of planned errata/spelling/grammar fixes in the future?
I downloaded from the DSP site, in case that helps.

I am fairly certain the answer is yes. that said it is late, so I'll look it up specifically tomorrow.

I am excited for this.

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well, starjammer is pathfinder in space. and i have lots of pathfinder stuff.

starfinder is too new and not enough of my friends have it yet for me to run a game, especially with the alien book another 2-ish months out.

If you want my personal favorites, paizo only, then:
Alchemist (I like tossing bombs)
Monk/unchained monk (Thematically one of my favorites, also, I like playing hard mode sometimes)
Unchained Rogue (for when I want to play hard mode, and didn't roll enough decent stats for a monk)
Fighter (for when doing single-ish target damage without complexity is all i care about, and then making up for everything else with RP)
Barbarian/Unchained Barbarian (damage and tanking, but with more number shifting than I generally care for)

If 3pp is open:
Aegis (my single favorite melee class)
Soulknife (while mechanically weak without archetypes, still one of my favorites)
Monk/unchained monk (same reason as above)
Daevic (I love the concept of slowly merging with another being or becoming something else/more. transformative classes are always high on my list)
Stalker or Harbinger (I love fighten' magik)

I am also interested in the status of this.

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I am liking a lot of what I am seeing. on the DM side of things none of my players have tried this angle. and from the player side of things I am excited to problem solve a way to make it work (or watch as it spectacularly backfires story-wise).

psicrystal staves come to mind.

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I realized recently that I wanted a character to have a backstory that wasn't tragic, wasn't too unfortunate, or too goofy. I wanted to create a character who has a family, kids included and adventures specifically to provide for their family (and ensure that they are set for generations to come).
But, then it was pointed out that in order for that to work, the character would have to return home often in order to actually deliver the gold and actually bond with their family.
I sort of imagine it like real life military deployments (which can take months or possibly longer sometimes) but more self-planned and without the convenience of modern banking technology.
Anybody have thoughts on how this could (or couldn't) work? Especially at lower levels?

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