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Thank you

Star*Drive (Alternity setting) was excellent.

I was recently thinking about how much work it would be to adapt Shadowrun to a far future setting. Well Starfinder just saved me a lot of time! Looking forward to it!

Rathendar wrote:
Each Type of creature uses a different Knowledge Skill for that. Dungeoneering covers aberrations for example, while Nature covers Animals. Anyone with ranks in it could make a check.

That makes sense, thank you.

So you can use the Knowledge skill to "Identify a monster's abilities and weaknesses". Do you have to use a specific Knowledge skill for this or can anyone attempt it?

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Bluddwolf wrote:
Nihimon wrote:
How many customers did WildStar have? Might a smaller customer-base have alleviated some of the problems?

If you read the comments, having a smaller community would have made no difference, and that doesn't even mane sense anyway.

Wild Star failed because it was too Grindy, too much a WoW Clone, and was Soulless.

Goblin Works needs to pay attention to this article, because they may have two of those issues on their own hands.

I never minded grinding. After a while it gives me something of a zen state. Lol

However, Wildstars problem, for me, was that if you made an alt you had to grind the exact same stuff. Games like EQ or even SWtOR were a grind too but at least all your characters had a different path and a different part of the world to do it in.

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A stand alone crafting skill is how I read it.

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And contacted today. Wheels are in motion.

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I'm just hoping to get my minis before the que explodes with EE people. My orders been pending for over a month.

So it's been two weeks now. I'm not expecting a resolution that quick but some response that my email was even received would make me feel better. My Order has been pending for over a month.

Maybe have the bandits go on the offensive and send an assassin or two to town. Or set an ambush for when the players leave town.

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My miniatures are still listed as "pending". I added my address (again) and sent an email to CS on the 8th. Still no reply from them.

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Haven't heard anything about PFO but the deal with Obsidian is new. So some Pathfinder video games in the future.

I'm considering using the Short Rest feature from 5th edition D&D. This takes care of some of the healing as I don't like it when healer types feel obligated to save all their spells for heals.

Still waiting for them to choose characters though so we'll see.

Thanks for the reply.

No, there's no hurry. In the past a response has been very quick so I was worried my mail didn't send or something.

I sent an email to customer service last Friday (August 8th) and have not received a reply. Should I wait a week? Two?

Order 3149073

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Kinda lost me at "tablet game". But I like the direction.

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That looks like me when coach would give me laps for jumping off sides.

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Welcome! Hopefully I can raise sheep so I can spam you with "wood for sheep?"

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I feel like I should know this already but are there similiar paths for crafting and harvesting in Alpha yet? Would love to see some of that.

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"Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm" - Some old guy

This tweak is purely for roleplaying and it's puts the player at a severe disadvantage so I'm inclined to allow it.

The player wants to allow his eidolon to remain summoned while the Summoner sleeps and is willing to give up the Summon Monster special ability.

I've played a Summoner myself so I'm aware of how handy that summon monster ability is. I'm worried they're actually giving up too much. They just don't want to summon anything but their eidolon.

What else could I give them in addition to "eidolon remains while summoner sleeps/unconscious"? Or do you think that's a fair enough trade off?

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If you're a member of the guild package, Crowdforger is think, will each member get an invite or only the primary?

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T7V Jazzlvraz wrote:
Aet Rafkin wrote:
...you're limiting player choice which is always a bad idea in an MMO.

PFO, at its heart, is about causing people to make what Goblinworks wants to be "interesting choices". I'm not sure I see how player choice is being limited.

One Settlement offers training for Fighters and Clerics, their friend next door offers Mages and Rogues, and another nearby friend offers Crafting. All players will be able to train what they want, whenever they choose.

Maybe I'm not clear on how it works. Even if I can get training from a neighbor aren't I limited in skills because my home settlement doesn't support that class?

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This training systems seems horrible.

For one, you're limiting player choice which is always a bad idea in an MMO.

Secondly, isn't fighter/cleric going to be better than any other combo?

Third, you want players joining settlements because they want to be social with those people. Because they have similar play styles or goals or they just think they're cool dudes.

You've now made "what classes do you train" the deciding factor in joining a settlement.

I can't even fathom how you thought this would be a good idea.

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I disagree that they've strayed from their original vision. It's been a PvP settlement war game from the beginning.

I've always felt their use of the term "sandbox" was misleading and just a way to say "the game lacks content". At best it's only a sandbox for the 1% leading settlements. But everyone defines the term differently.

The bottom line is the only way this game gets made, with this budget, is to focus on PvP so GW doesn't have to hire 100 people to churn out PvE content as fast as we consume it. Which is a losing battle anyway.

I'd much rather have a game more in line with the PnP game but I understand it's just not feasible in the MMO market without a $100 million+ investment. So I'll take what I can get and make the best of it.

Splinterden could have attacked the Trogs in the past but gave up since the Godbox just summons more Trogs in.

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Read through the first level and I'm happy to see TRAPS! Pretty cool traps at that! Well done!

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Blarg! Back from vacation on the 16th!

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Herdy dur mur flipty floopin. Yer der shmer dor her foomty, der shoopin flerpty dur.

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I think Ryan is as much a victim of perception over facts as Golgatha was. I don't think this thread is appropriate at all.

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Notmyrealname wrote:
More screen shots of the crafting please!!! I will beg if it helps, Please please please, PLEASE...

I don't think that was even an in-game screen shot. Just an artist rendition of what it might look like. They were making a sword but a lot of the info was for armor.

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Welcome! I love to see more Pathfinder RPG people involved.

Hopefully you can bring all those treasure to Callambea to sell.

(Or maybe the UNC can).


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In a game where you can take other players hard earned stuff and Zerg forces can dominate it's going to be difficult to avoid a toxic forum environment.

We've done a fine job so far but it'll be a challenge going forward.

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Typo. Or was it?


You could put a pantry in your house and store food in it.

Guild chat: "Go to my house before the raid. You can have what's in my panty."