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Solivala wrote:
Aananda wrote:
Solivala wrote:


You know Solivala would be happy to make you a new arm, I should warn you he may add things like retractable blades or guns. ^.^

Dude. So retro. Lasers are much better. ;P
Lasers are to easy to reflect, seen to many mirror related counter attacks :D

Oh, I'm sure we could find some way around that little problem.

*pulls out sketchpad*
If we just did this, and changed this here, and a little design modification here....

Solivala wrote:


You know Solivala would be happy to make you a new arm, I should warn you he may add things like retractable blades or guns. ^.^

Dude. So retro. Lasers are much better. ;P

Headmaster Ryo wrote:
Aananda wrote:
Ummm...just the arm...and the nanites I accidentally programmed badly may have er...invaded the rest of his body too. Oops. ^.^

On the bright side, he doesn't age anymore....

Spin wrote:

It occurs to me we've never seen Ryo out of his office... or out from behind his desk.

he's animatronic, isn't he?

Ummm...just the arm...and the nanites I accidentally programmed badly may have er...invaded the rest of his body too. Oops. ^.^

Marra Ironbound wrote:
Still trying to figure out an actual race for Marra but I'm here! I'm leaning a bit more towards my combined Warforged/Earth Elemental type being idea unless anyone has some other cool suggestion. and if taht does not work i'm cool with being an Oread. Otherwise I also need some help with a class I suppose since nothing really seems to fit the style I want with Marra.

If you go for warforged be prepared to fend off tinkering attempts. ^.^

(Don't let that discourage you...more o a friendly heads up.) :D

As for the class thing....I ended up using a mish mash. I went with monk as the base cause that had most of the right feel, but pared off some monk abilities and added in the rock stuff as spell-like abilities. The spell transmute rock to mud and vice versa and the psionic powers involving telekinesis make a good base to give you some idea of what you could expect to be transforming/ tossing around at what level. I don't think per day limits are really fitting with the earthbender theme, so don't worry about that.

Kar Whitefall wrote:
I'm alive at least, I cannot speak for the others.

Still here, but we've lost Tam, at least for now. Not quite sure where to go from that.

Taron Sunwake wrote:

I'm so bored I've started writing! Do something less boring than nothing already!!!!


Sorry, son. Mommy's been feeling a bit ill lately.

Cardcaster Ryo wrote:

So back to nonlethal then... Hmm.

"Well, since morning sickness isn't all that serious, I suggest we all go back to bed. I'll get the children back home in the morning, explaining that I'd been asked by other parents to find their son. Seers do that often enough that it won't attract suspicion."

"I don't think they'll remember much off tonight, which is really for the best. Those poor kids.."

"I'm going to enjoy destroying the phylactery."

"What's a phylactery?"

Cardcaster Ryo wrote:
Tamrin Sunwake wrote:

"Um...hello? What about m.....crap. Nevermind...."

"Frakkin' ears...." :)

I understand your frustration. You see, until just recently, I too thought I was human. Turns out I'm actually a hotel for micrscopic mechanical insects that were injected into me without my knowledge. I'm forming a support group called "The Previously Human" that might be able to help you cope with your frustration.

Hey, I thought I was human too for most of my life. Well, I wasn't, but I thought I was. You guys at least actually were....;)

Razule Yrrum wrote:

At this point, it's actually become selective-memory. ;)

Nodding as he leaves the room, Razule heads for the medical section(a newly added section, an addition prompted by memory and common-sense) and begins his search.


Oh.. my.. Alchemy. It seems I've also had time to go to my lad and make up something to settle her stomach.

He returns about 10 minutes later, carrying a book and small cup.

"Okay, turns out is isn't serious. This little drink I whipped up should help, but it's probably not going to remove the morning sickness entirely. And, believe it or not, there may be some foods that will make you sick if you see or smell them."

"Morning sickness? But it's the middle of the night...that makes no sense. And thank you, Razule," she added, sipping the drink he handed her. "Actually this does seem to help. I'm feeling quite a bit better."

"And if food is going to start bothering me, how am I supposed to know which kinds of food to avoid? Especially since I'm so hungry all the time."

Tamrin Sunwake wrote:

Cursing to himself briefly, Tam switches to looking in Aananda's pouches and finds a small pack of transdermal nausea patches. He tears one open and slaps it on her arm, activating it.

"It's alright baby, we're gonna get this to stop..." O.o

I hope :)

The vomiting slows down as the medicine works its way into her system. It takes about ten minutes for it to stop completely, and Aananda looks pale and exhausted.

Vomits more.

Aananda couldn't answer any questions due to continued vomiting.

Kar Whitefall wrote:
"The truth?" He says confused, "Look, if you don't want to tell me I don't want to know, whatever it is it's deeper than I usually like to get."

"Okay, right, don't tell the guy who doesn't like to get involved cause he can't take any more rejection. Got it."

"Wow. That sounded harsh. I'm sorry. That did not come out the way I intended it."

She sat down abruptly. "Something's wrong."

She started vomiting.

Kar Whitefall wrote:

Kar looks at her skeptically for a moment at the mention of tiny robots. "If it works and won't hurt me then I guess I'm ok with it." Kar says.

"I don't mind hanging around for awhile. I don't have anyone else, not anymore." Kar says, "I know it's hard to trust a shapeshifter, especially one like me, but I hope you can learn to trust me. I'm not a bad guy."

"Oh, they won't hurt you, I promise."

"Huh? No, it isn't the shapeshifter thing. Actually, that's a point in your favor. You might actually understand a little. And I don't think you're a bad guy. I just have to be really careful about who knows the truth."

Cardcaster Ryo wrote:

You forgot the "t" in abruptly. Guess it's a good thing you've got that Caster, huh? I don't want to think about you and verbal components right now!

"Come on brother," Ryo says as he grabs Tam's arm to keep him steady. "Let's go see if Raz has some of that wonderful blue drink made." He pauses. "We should also make sure none of the kids have a different hair color..."

"Hair color?" she asked confused.

Kar Whitefall wrote:

Kar smiles at how unconcerned they are, "Hehe, you'll be really disturbed when I look like you!"

Looking back at the house, "That would be good. My shapechanging isn't a magical thing. I don't know how I can do it, I just always have been able too. Maybe you can use some of that stuff you had earlier and find out how. My clothes have never changed, that's why I usually carry more, but I found myself without." He says, smiling sheepishly.

She tilted her head as if considering that thought. "I'm not sure you could. An interesting conundrum. But possibly useful if we were ever trying to fool someone."

"Anyways, you're kinda stuck with us now, since the guy we just fought probably just went to tattle everything he learned. You don't have any problems with the idea of nanites, do you? Teeny tiny robots you can't see with the naked eye? Cause I bet I can make you some self repairing fabric. The clothes would still get ripped up, but at least they'd put themselves back together too. It should at least do until we can get you something magical."

She bit her lip. "I want to trust you, Kar. I really do. But it's not just my life I'm gambling with. And I'm not sure you wouldn't just freak out. I'll think about it some more. You'll probably find out the truth eventually anyways. Wow. That's got to be surreal for you. You're probably usually the person giving that speech. Well, except for the not just me part. Unless there are other shapeshifters like you that you need to protect. But it sounded before like you were pretty much alone."

She rubbed her forehead. "Sorry. I get a little incoherent when I'm tired."

Kar Whitefall wrote:

"Well I'm not exactly rolling in gold." Kar says, sheepishly, "The shorts alone cost me more than I usually make in a few years. And so far most of my loose change has gone to buying my self-defence items, though they are just as useful for offense." He says.

"Well, now you know. I'm a shapeshifter." Kar says, "I can appear as..." He says, his form flowing slightly until he appears quite alike to the appearance of Tam. "Just about whatever I like."

"Okay, don't do that again. That's...disconcerting. But the shapechanging thing is cool. I'm surprised your clothes don't transform with you. Mine always do." She shrugged. "Probably just different types of changing."

"Anyways, we really do need to get you some better pants. Money's not really a problem. You could consider it a loan if you like. A....a friend of ours who isn't around anymore...he did that for me. Loaned me the money I needed to buy adventuring type equipment. It took a lot less time to pay it off than I expected."

Kar Whitefall wrote:

Kar whimpers a bit, and his form begins shedding it's fur and decreasing in size. His bones reform and his body soon resembles the one that they saw earlier in the day. The pants that he borrowed lie in tatters, but a pair of shorts have replaced them.

Grabbing the shirt off the ground, he quickly puts it back on. Looking up at them all.

"Ummm....I'm sure that we have more pants around here somewhere. You know there has got to be some way to enchant fabric so it won't rip up every time you do that."

"Along with time to try and figure out where all these kids are from so that we can take them home."

Aananda helps Ruji herd the terrified children inside the house.

"Got it."

Aananda mentally picked up the top half of about a two foot length of the brick wall, shooting those bricks at the huge shadow.

Ranged touch: 1d20 + 15 ⇒ (14) + 15 = 29

Damage: 4d6 ⇒ (1, 3, 5, 3) = 12

Cardcaster Ryo wrote:
Aananda wrote:
"Okay, so what can I do to help?" she whispered back.

"Distract him. We're going to try and get as many children away as we can without that thing knowing. Addy's already growing the plants, and anything that keeps it's attention from those and us will be helpful."

He looks at the creature, and now that she's looking, Aananda can see Ryo's nothing more than the 'mites' she sees when looking for magic...

Sorry I'm logging in so late, it's amazes me how long I can sleep after staying up and watching Zombieland.

Well, it is a great movie. :)

Aananda nods. She steps forward into clear sight.

"Please," she calls out, "just let the children go. They don't have anything to do with this."

She can see something shimmer just outside the wards.

Cardcaster Ryo wrote:

Ryo watches closely as the creature trades blows with Tamrin, then smiles as he taps Aananda's shoulder.

"There are two things right now that can help, but one I'd like your permission for. That thing uses shadows. Addy has a pair of plants that could help, but they'll take time to grow big enough." He whispers.

"Okay, so what can I do to help?" she whispered back.

"No, of course we can't."

She moved her arms and the earth beneath the shadowy forms moved like a wave. But rather than being knocked over they simply floated up, still holding onto the child.

Aananda scrambled to get dressed as well, and raced down the stairs to go and see what was going on.

Outside her eyes were surprisingly obscured by large patches of darkness, but the one thing that she could see clearly was a small female child struggling to free herself from creatures that looked like they were made from shadows.

Aananda sat bolt upright in bed.

"Did you hear that?"

"huh? What? ....oh. I guess I got kinda caught up, huh?" ^.^

She leans her head on his shoulder and yawns.

Aananda will continue working on her calculations until someone takes the datapad away and tells her to go to sleep. Her eyes will revert back to human as soon as her concentration on her work is broken.

Tamrin Sunwake wrote:
Aananda wrote:

"Hmmmm.....that won't work, but if I adjust it like this...yeah, that's it. Not there yet, but definitely on the right path..."

"You're gonna need to build me at least a small lab for this project, Ryo. Even the prelim experiments are gonna require full biohazard protocols. But you've got time. It's gonna take me a while to finish going through all of this. Molecular Biochemistry isn't my strongest subject."

At that, Tam snaps out of his fugue state.

"Oh - I took care of that before we left. We actually scored some nice bits of tech from the supply pallet," he says with a wink. "I just need an empty room to activate it in." :)

That pulled her attention away from the holodisplay for a whole twenty seconds. She smiled at him.

"Wonderful. That makes things a lot easier."

And then she was back to trying to manipulate molecular structures.

Kar Whitefall wrote:

Kar smiles at Ormarr's snake, turning just when Razule blows past them.

Kar watches with a smirk on his face as Razule ruins Ryo's surprise, not saying anything. But when Aananda sees the holodisplay light up he stands watching it surprised for a moment, not yet noticing the change in Aananda's eyes.

I'm assuming this kind of tech is not unheard of in Agartha. if it is then chalk his normality up to the belief that it's magic in nature.

This kind of tech is totally unheard of in Agartha. She brought back some tech from the Empire and modified it. Effectively it might as well be magic. :)

"Hmmmm.....that won't work, but if I adjust it like this...yeah, that's it. Not there yet, but definitely on the right path..."

"You're gonna need to build me at least a small lab for this project, Ryo. Even the prelim experiments are gonna require full biohazard protocols. But you've got time. It's gonna take me a while to finish going through all of this. Molecular Biochemistry isn't my strongest subject."

It sounds like she's speaking a foreign language to Kar. Agartha tech is more at the steampunk level. Now, imagine dumping Tony Stark into that and you've got some idea of Aananda's technical abilities.:)

Razule Yrrum wrote:

A young boy pushes Ormarr out of the way.

"It wouldn't be so bad if you stopped wiping away the snake-repellent I made. A bunch of your scaly friends curled up next to me is not what I'd like to see in the morning when I wake up!"

"Hi, I'm Razzy." He says as he glances at Kar before handing some notebooks to Aananda. "Here are the notes you asked for." He then turns to glare at Ryo. "I know you got us gifts, where are they?"

"The notes I asked for...Oh! Yes, thank you. I'll want to go over these right away."

She sits down in a corner and starts paging through the notes. She hmms and frowns a lot.

"Okay," she mutters, "so the virus mimics the bonds between the....hmmmmmm...."

She sets down her datapad and hits a series of buttons. A holodisplay comes up and she starts manipulating the pieces of the molecules pictured, trying to see if she has the right idea. Her eyes take on their draconic appearance as she works.

She laughed at Ruji's antics.

"Hi, Ormarr. Ooh, an anaconda. Nice. I don't think I've ever seen one this close before." :)

Sorry for the disappearance yesterday. I was reviewing the thread to make sure I didn't mess up any of the names. I was plotting something evil. Bwahahahaha. ;)

Kar Whitefall wrote:

"Well I suggest we get to work then." Kar says smiling, as he heads out, leading any who will help him, to gather fresh produce for dinner tonight.

"I do enjoy cooking." Kar says as he gathers (only what Adsila will allow him to gather) "I enjoy knowing how the great food got on my plate."

"Well, you'll have to talk to Razzule about that. He's the one that usually cooks. And he seems to be a bit picky about who he lets in his kitchen. Or maybe it's just me he doesn't want nibbling on the food before it's ready.":)

Kar Whitefall wrote:
Kar winces at the realization of his mistake. "I'm sorry." Kar says, "It seems hard to understand, but sometimes these things happen." He says, "Trust me, I know about some of what you're going through." He says.

"Then I'm sorry too. I wouldn't wish this kind of situation on anyone."

Kar Whitefall wrote:
"Well, being possessed by a demon tends to have those effects on people. Is there no way to get it out of him to get your brother back?" Kar asks

"No. He...changed. Before the demon. The demon was reputedly so impressed by Chan's inherent evilness that he decided that he would make the ideal host. I wish I knew what happened, why my brother turned evil."

Kar Whitefall wrote:

Well he's been wandering for around 15 years now, he might have, might not have.

Kar's nose wrinkles with disgust at the idea, "Well it sounds like I'm not the only one who isn't exactly on good terms with some of their family."

"Yeah, I guess that's one way to put it. I still remember what he used to be like. He liked to play tag, and we'd always race to see who could get to the waterfall pool first after lessons. He loved when he got to read the scrolls in the library. He had a lot more patience than I did. But's like the brother I knew when we were kids never even existed."

Kar Whitefall wrote:

Kar looks out at the map, scanning the area that Chan controls. "This sounds really serious." He says, thinking silently and processing all that Aananda said. "Let me get this straight, there is a demon controlled man who is secretly taking over controll of Agartha? Who wants to kill you? and If allowed to expand unchecked, presumably all manner of evil things will occur?"

I figured as much. I'm just wondring if he's been in the territory controlled by Chan lately it's definitally possible.

"That pretty much sums it up. Except he doesn't know he wants to kill me yet. It's only a matter of time. He'll figure it out soon. He, uh, wants me for his...mate," she added wrinkling her nose in distaste. "When he finds out I already have a mate...he's gonna be pretty pissed. Er, yes, I do know how totally sick that is, that my brother would want...that." She shuddered. "I'm lucky I've been able to keep hidden from him."

It's possible he traveled through that area before Chan controlled it, but not recently. It's not exactly a highly traveled area to start with. And after people stopped coming back when they went that way traffic pretty well dried up.

Kar Whitefall wrote:
"Hey, I'm not one for destroying folk, but if he gets his kicks killing everyone you've ever met I might just get the chance." Kar says, a cocky tone beneath his reason, "I'm no hero, but removing a little smudge of evil from the face of Agartha wouldn't be too much trouble." Kar says.

She sighed and drew a quick map of Agartha, shading in the territory totally controlled by Chan.

"This area and the surrounding cities are completely controlled by Chan. His influence extends even farther. Within his territory he is able to gain information from the ground, though he often doesn't bother. He isn't as in tune with earth as I am. He's spent his time and energy on mentally controlling all those around him, at the cost of some of his natural abilities. He has creatures that patrol the jungle and at least three powerful minions left. That we know about. And then there's Chan himself. If you're lucky he'd just kill you. If you're not lucky you'd end up being added to his minions. No, they're not undead, well, not all of them. He's very adept at twisting the minds of the living. And there's something else about him that I can't tell you without giving away things about myself. Let's just say that our kind has been hunted for a very long time, and it's dangerous to let others know the truth. Make no mistake, Kar, Chan is NOT a little smudge of evil. And yes, I did say demon. He is possessed by a powerful demon."

"But this place is safe from his spying. Mom went to a lot of trouble to add protections to the wards. And since you haven't ever been seen with me in any place he could see, you should be fine."

Dragons are extremely rare in Agartha. What little stories there are about them paint them as monsters that must be destroyed. Not that he would necessarily make that intuitive leap, but that's basic info that any resident of Agartha would know.

Kar Whitefall wrote:
"Sounds like a charmer, maybe we'll dance one day. I'd like to show him how I tango." Kar says, smiling a cocky smile.

"Don't get too cocky," she says sadly. "He was pretty powerful all on his own. And since the demon possessed him....Destroying him is something that has to be done, but it won't be easy."

Just one big extended family." ^.^

Kar Whitefall wrote:
"No reason for you to apologize. Either it's a secret or you don't feel like explaining it, either way it's non of my business." He says, Heading back to his seat.

"Let's just say it's a sibling thing."

Kar Whitefall wrote:
Kar wheels about for and for a moment is shocked to see the mechanical arm, but he recovers quickly and raises from the table. Heading over and shaking his hand (the non-mechanical one) "Yes, Kar whitefall. I'm sorry about the circumstances of my arrival, it won't happen again." He says, "You must be Ryo?" He asks "I've heard alot about you, it takes a kind heart to take someone in from the streets." He says, referring to Adsila, "You must have a big heart."

"Yeah, that he's got. Now if we can just get him to use his head a little more, that would be good," she said wryly.

"No, don't look like that, Ryo. I'm not mad at you anymore. But we do need to find a way to resolve that um, issue soon. The way things stand it's hurting you both. I'll help however I can."

"Sorry," she said apologetically to a confused Kar, "I'm not trying to be mysterious. We, uh, had a bit of an argument earlier today, that's all."

Kar Whitefall wrote:
"I guess you can never really be free or responsibility, but you can avoid alot of it." Kar says, "And don't worrry, I wasn't raised at all, so I missed out on quite a bit aswell. Had to learn alot for myself." He says, a twinge of sadness in the statement, "But I was better off a street urchin than at home."

"It's sad when that happens. Most of the kids at the monastery were there because their parents didn't want them. I thought I was one of those, but I got to meet my mom recently. It turns out she wanted me, but had to leave me there to keep me safe. I'm sorry you didn't have a nice safe place like that to grow up. I just don't understand how anyone could not love their own child."

"If there's one thing I did learn at the temple it's that family is what you make of it. Some families are all related, but some just sort of come together. So be forewarned, if you stick around you're likely to get drawn into this strange extended family." ^.^

"But that makes no sense. You can never be free from responsibility. Everyone is responsible. For themselves, for the world around them, for making it a better or worse place. It's like trying to get away from oxygen."

She blushed. "Sorry. I did mention I was raised in a monastery right? I, uh, missed out on learning a lot of the er, social niceties."

"It's okay if you don't know yet what you like to do. But you should definitely keep looking until you find something that does make you happy. That's important. That's something you can take with you no matter where you go."

"You want to get away from everything? But....that's not possible. There's something everywhere....I don't get it. Is this one of those figures of speech things?"

She shrugged. "And I told you, trust takes time. Don't worry about it. You don't have to tell us more than you're comfortable with. Although, as long as you're not some horribly evil person, we're not gonna judge you. All of us here have had to hide what we were for one reason or another."

"But you still haven't answered my question. What do you like to do?"

Kar Whitefall wrote:

Kar pauses for a moment, contemplating what she said.

"I guess it would be different if they were mine. I just couldn't stand for them to wind up like I did." He says, and then realizes that he is talking out loud, "Vagabonds and thieves all of them." He says jokingly.

"Hmmm. I don't think you're much of a thief. You seem pretty concerned with paying back kindnesses."

"Don't worry, I'm not gonna pry into your past. We all have our own secrets here. It takes time to build trust."

"So....other than wandering is there anything else you like to do? Me, I'm a mechanic. There's just something totally fascinating about machines. It's so much fun taking them apart and putting them back together in some way that's even more efficient." ^.^

Kar Whitefall wrote:

Kar raises an eyebrow quizically, but then passes on asking, as if understanding that they might not want to divulge such information to a passing traveller.

"Well I wish you great fortune in your child raising." Kar says, "I myself have never been one for children." Kar says playfully.

"Thanks. We're gonna need it. These little ones are gonna be a handful. It's a good thing we still have plenty of time to prepare." :)

"I never really thought of it that way before, whether or not I like children. It's not like I ever imagined having children some day. I was raised in a monastery. All I ever wanted to do was become a monk, but then some stuff happened and I got kicked out. Which is when I met Tam and well, I guess a lot of things changed pretty quick. But I know that I'll love these children because they're ours."

Kar Whitefall wrote:

"Aaah, you are with child." Kar says, "Can't say I know what you're going through, but I can say good for you." He says, smiling for her.

"So who's the father? Ryo, this strapping young elf, or someone I havn't met yet?" He asks, praying and hoping that it was not an akward topic for her, as he was not one for words.

"That would be Tam, my mate. It's, uh, a little strange to hear him referred to as an elf. I'm still getting used to the ears. There, uh, was a bit of a mishap. Thankfully he's better now, just a little bit different than he used to be."

She blushed.

"Er, well, I always have had a big appetite. And it's gotten worse lately. I guess the babies have big appetites too." ^.^

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