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Mixed Humanoid Commoner 34y GM-Player-Writer-Babbler.

The last few notes are cut off by Kara Louise's smooth voice, "In this mixed up world, let's enjoy this happy news update. The missing Carollburg students have been found. Word from official sources is that they're recovering well in hospital after several days spent in the forests in the northwest of Mutton County. While the area had been combed thoroughly the evening of the day they went missing with no sign of them, the group was found stumbling out and onto the tangle of town freight yard thankfully during a slow period this morning. Police would like to remind people that while there are no records of predators in those forests, that there are still dangers and that while many of us have enjoyed them from time to time, large portions of them are private property not meant or proven to state standards to be safe for the public. Let's hope for more good news soon..."


Carrollburg is a small hilly town penned in by an old highway, lingering industries, and the untamed wilderness. The local community college is seen by many as a great first step to getting out of here, though fewer get out than the high schoolers seem to think. Most stay here or just leave the closest big city.

There is mixed opinion on the latest good news in town. Many senior locals laugh it off with their own stories of getting lost, or high, or other misadventures in the woods, parents have concerned that not enough is being done to keep their little angels, demons, whatever-mini-thems safe and the kids...

Well, mostly local kids and some teens and college students and sprinkling of others under 30 are even more mixed. Most have heard the rumours and rural legends about those forests their whole lives. They're unsure if it's pranks gone wrong or what, but this isn't the first group to go in, disappear without a trace, to come out one of the various ways out far too many days later with odd stories. Whenever the 'good news' comes, the previous ones are never mentioned, just more rambling about whether or not the woods are 'safe' and who each part belongs to when no one has maintained any of it for decades that anyone can tell.

My favourite parts of Pathfinder lore mostly involve the Shadow Plane. From the kayals & shae to the corruption by Zon-Kuthon & terrain and so on. In working on my characters and game/writing ideas, I've been digging further into and trying to look into similar settings for ideas which is why I'm posting.

I know D&D has Shadowfell and there are plenty of myths of Underworlds and shadowy places. I also know many of the other non-human races we can trace through so many other stories. I guess I'm trying to do that with some of the Shadow Plane races and spaces and hoping others might enjoy the shadowy side as much as I do and can recommend some stories and resources.