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Full Name

Jordan "Fenix" Davinnian


Half-Elf (Chelexian human & Mierami Elf)


Cleric of Iomedae 3




5'5" (1.65 mts)



Special Abilities

Traits: Sacred Hand, Birthmark; Channel Positive energy, Divine Spells, Orisons, Domains: Glory & Sun


Lawful Good






Taldan, Elven, Celestial, Thaldossian


Eclesiastic Investigator

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Strength 13
Dexterity 10
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 17

About Jordan Fenix

Key skills: Sense Motive +15, Diplomacy +11, Intimidation +8
*Charimsa increases by 2 when usin Breastplate of confidence

Jordan as a priestess of Iomedae, goddess of justice, looks and acts the part.

Her black raven hair is cut in a short and efficient, yet attractive, style. Her deep grey eyes, which some would claim that in certain light changes appear golden or amber, have always a look of stubborn determination and confidence that compels others to believe. Her small lips try to always have a smile for a friend or someone in need, but quickly become a line of disgust while confronting the forces of evil.

But aside of her faith or maybe because of it, the woman feels unnatural. It might be her pointed ears or her big irises, not as big as true elves but big enough, or her aura of peace and rightfulness around her that compels good people to open their hearts to her, while evil ones fear her deeply (mechanically, her Aura of Good is double. as powerful as another cleric or paladin of her level)

Jordan is educated and elegant, yet simple in it, trying to be always clean and wearing her faith as other women would wear makeup. She is a sweet person with a smile to everyone, even those that wish her ill. She loves children and she spends some of her time educating, playing with, and caring for them, yet she is fair and strict when they misbehave, unconsciously this behavior translates to adults as well, caring for them and talking so they might hear and understand and being overly critic when she sees evil deeds going unpunished. She is unable to lie due to a vow made when she was a child... and the fact that she is unable, even if she wanted to... her emotions showing easily on her face, either happiness when helping people, determination when preparing for a quest or anger when confronted with despicable evil, particularly when related to orcs or oppressive authorities.

Because of how her mother died, Jordan despises people who abuse law and power, feeling unable to trust harsh authorities, yet she is disciplined and will defend fair laws and governments without a second thought. She also has a deep hatred for orcs, still she won't kill them on sight.

She loves to keep her body in peak condition, training in the mornings after praying and always keeps herself clean (keeping Irik her husband and party wizard close with a handy prestidigitation for that effect or bathing and cleaning her face continuously).

Jordan is always clean and neatly dressed. In battle she wears her wedding gift, a Breastplate of Confidence, its silvery and always kept in peak condition, its form is tight fitting but leaving space for movement, Iomedae's symbol is engraved in golden in both shoulders and greaves. For battle she wears a simple silvery helmet with Iomedae's symbol in the forehead, but preferring to have her hair free of it before the battle or when it has ended. She carries Faina, a longsword of elven craftsmanship made to beautifully resemble a holy symbol of Iomedae, and Fate her Heavy Silvery Metal Shield, engraved in the center of it is Iomedae's symbol. Below it she wears a simple shirt and breaches of grey linen. When traveling or in times of cold she wears along white cloak with hood, with blue interior.

Outside battle she wears a simple long silvery dress without sleeves and with the symbol of Iomedae embroidered between her breasts, she dresses only white sandals. When in times of cold, she also wears her white cloak. When dressing like this she uses a necklace with a leather cord attacked to a sharpened gauntlet’s little finger, she wears this as other women would wear their wedding ring.

When preparing for an important ceremony she wears a similar dress, but it is made of silvery silk, and instead of the Iomedae's symbol between her breasts, it presents a long cleavage down to her bellybutton, this is to show her birthmark that is a perfect replica of Iomedae's symbol. She doesn't like to wear it, acting shy and a bit embarrassed when she is made to... still she understands that sometimes, in order for people to believe, they have to see the marks of the goddess... and being born with one... its her duty to show it and work in Iomedae's name as hard or harder than others.